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A Twisted Mafia Tale

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Again an introduction for this story.

I had this random Idea and was like ,,Maybe I can even finish this one!".
So our dorms transformed into different Mafia groups with one enemy the NRC Bond has:

Yes, our goody people are kinda bad but we will see.
I actually have like a plan and how to use all the characters.
Before you ask, the Mafia AU is nothing new and I just remembered that this AU exists.

In this case, Yuu is ar Reader at the same time.
But I will just say MC or (Y/N).
I will decide later.

Crewel will pretty much take the role of a protective dad cause why not.
I already sexualise him in my other fic so in this one he will be our dad.
Not blood related.
And for protection reasons.

All characters are aged up to at least 18 and can be max. 22.
Except our Fae man.
They are old and young and you just know.

I'm like actually exited to write about some Adult like content.
I won't hesitate to be blunt about certain things in this fic and I'm so exited to make Octavinelle even more illegal than it already is.
Like, I think the will be the most suspicious but at the same time coolest.
But mafia royality will be a different expierence too.

Anyway I hope I could spike some Interest.
I will try my hardest with this but I think it will be fun.
I already have a plan for the end even 0^0.

Anyway see you soon in my new chapter!