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you burn me

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“In the crooks of your body, I find my religion.”
― Sappho



They take the brig because it's warm and Catra said it felt safe - plus this is where their first reconciliation took place after Adora saved Catra from Horde Prime. It's a familiar space when they're flying through, well, space. They'd become familiar with the room during their original space adventure, on their way back from Horde Prime's ship to Etheria, so it made sense - and Adora was pretty sure Glimmer and Bow were happy for the privacy too. 


Adora is nervous. She doesn't know why, she just is . Probably because it's Catra and, while Adora can be smooth sometimes, more often than not, Catra manages to just completely fluster her. A well placed purr has Adora eating her own words. 


They had talked about this before though, kind of extensively actually, because Adora just needed the clarity and reassurance. They've been together for months , they've had hot and heavy make-out sessions before too; sometimes Adora thinks it's leading somewhere, and then she chickens out and they cool the jets. Catra is never angry about it, she always tells Adora that it'll take time, that they can take things slow, but Adora is becoming frustrated with herself. 


She's read a lot of books, lots of them, she knows what she's doing in theory but she's never actually... done it. And she's scared, she's downright terrified that she's not going to be any good; or worse, that she'll make Catra feel uncomfortable and destroy their entire relationship. Rationally, she knows that this is unlikely to ever happen, Catra wouldn't cut Adora off just because she doesn't know how to get Catra off, but when Adora's anxiety spirals it's difficult for her to reign it in. 


So they'd talked about it recently and, with five months of being together under their belt, Adora felt like she was ready. She'd been honest with Catra about her anxiety and Catra had laughed, good-naturedly, before she'd kissed Adora and told her to stop being an idiot. Maybe that doesn't sound very comforting, but the way Catra had said it had relaxed Adora almost immediately. 


Adora so wanted to have sex with Catra, she was just nervous about it for all of those reasons and more. They'd agreed that they'd just let it happen, but Adora was already feeling like perhaps tonight was the perfect opportunity to do it - and maybe she had an itch she needed scratching. 


Adora was staring at Catra, waiting for the best opportunity to pounce. Catra was talking about the bed, they had made some improvements to the ship to make their journey as smooth and comfortable as possible. Instead of the cramped single bed in the room, it had been replaced with a double, giving them plenty of room. Adora didn't mind the single in the way that it meant she could snuggle closer to Catra, but a double provided more room for if they wanted to do anything else. It was the same as Adora's usual mattress, but they had upgraded it ever so slightly to provide some more comfort at Catra's behest - apparently back pain from your mattress is not usual, who knew? Catra was pressing her hands against the mattress when Adora decides that's the best moment for her to make her desires known. 


She crosses the room almost too quickly, Adora wasn't even aware she could move so fast, and suddenly has her front pressed up against Catra's back. Catra lets out a small squeak but Adora knows she wasn't surprised - her ears had swivelled in Adora’s direction when she'd started moving, and her tail had started lashing. "Why don't we test the mattress out for real?" Adora whispers - her voice full of innuendo, and her intentions - right into Catra’s ear. Adora feels Catra shudder in her arms. The brunette shifts her hips back a little, pressing her ass into Adora’s crotch


"Someone's eager," Catra teases, she always teases. "I could smell you from across the room, Adora." Fuck . Adora hadn't really thought about that. Adora doesn't know a lot about how exactly enhanced Catra's senses are to her, but she has seen Catra literally sniff people out before using just her nose. It never occurred to Adora that Catra could smell her when she's turned on. Adora is caught off guard, and her smooth arrogance slips her grasp as she stumbles over a response. 


Catra laughs, turning in her grip. "Cat got your tongue?" Catra asks, raising her eyebrows as she smirks at Adora. Adora scowls and huffs a little before she rolls her eyes playfully. She decides to not dignify that question with a response and instead leans in to kiss Catra instead. 


The kiss is pretty chaste by all accounts, despite Adora’s intentions for this to lead to less than innocent times with each other. Kissing Catra is the best, Adora can't believe it took her so long to do it. She especially likes when Catra takes control, deepening the kiss as she wraps her arms around Adora’s neck, and Adora clings to her hips. The kiss develops into a heated one, Adora moans softly as Catra’s claws snap the elastic band holding her ponytail in place. " Hey ," Adora warns, pulling away. "I only have a limited supply of those, remember?" 


"I thought we agreed that you should wear it down more anyway?" Catra asks. Adora is distracted momentarily by Catra leaning in to nip at her bottom lip. "You look pretty with it down." Adora swallows a little. She still isn't quite used to Catra calling her things like 'pretty' , it makes her cheeks warm. 


"It's too long," Adora finds herself saying. "It would get in my face and be annoying." 


"Let me cut it a little." Catra responds and Adora snorts. 


"Do you remember the last time you cut my hair?" Adora asks. "You fucked my bangs up." 


"You didn't hold still when I told you to!" Catra protests. It's not serious, in fact, they burst into laughter at the memory. These are the moments that Adora missed. She likes making Catra laugh, she likes joking with her, teasing her, and definitely play-fighting with her. 


Adora sees her opportunity and takes it, tackling Catra to the bed and pinning her under her. Catra gasps and then gets an evil smirk, and a gleam in her eye. Before Adora knows it, they're play-fighting each other, both trying to pin the other to the bed. It reminds Adora of when they were cadets and in their bunk. 


They used to do this a lot. Physical affection - even if it's trying to pin each other to a mattress - is their biggest love language. It's how they grew up. The Horde didn't exactly teach them how to give love by words, it's always been physical: from patching up each other's injuries, to play-fighting, to holding hands, or brushing fingers, to Catra being pressed up beside her in their shared bunk. It's always been their biggest love language, Adora just didn't realise it until she had Catra like this


Adora is bigger, she's always been slightly better than Catra in strength, though Catra is strong , don't get her wrong, Catra's always been faster. They're actually the perfect match for each other, they always have been, as cadets, as enemies and now as lovers. It feels good to be laughing with Catra again, they laugh so much that they're crying tears of genuine joy. Adora’s heart aches with how much she loves seeing this side of Catra. 


Adora gives in, letting Catra pin her as she loses herself to her laughter. It takes Adora a moment to tame in her giggles but she sees Catra looking at her intently, a soft smile on her lips, her eyes sparkling, her ears at attention as her tail swishes behind her. Glimmer said she looked the same on Krytis. 


Adora lets out a soft sound of contentment as she gazes up at her girlfriend. "Are you sure about this, Adora?" Catra asks softly. Adora is definitely sure, but she knows she's not the only one who requires assurance in this situation. Adora sits up, lifting her torso off of the mattress while her hips are still pinned to the bed by Catra’s hips. 


"Yes," Adora answers. "Just... please don't laugh at me." Catra’s mouth twitches and she instantly smiles. 


"So long as you don't laugh at me." Catra says as she lifts her hand. Adora feels her thread her fingers through her blonde hair and tug so that Adora’s head is pulled back, almost forcing her to look at her, but not pulling hard enough to actually hurt. 


"I promise." Adora breathes. Catra’s face turns from amusement to just simple fondness. 


"What do you want, Adora?" Catra asks. Adora wants lots of things. Like she said before, she's done a lot of reading about this. She wants to try so many things with Catra, but this is their first time, they can try that kind of stuff later. Still, Adora wouldn't mind dipping her toe a little. She just has to know where Catra stands. 


"Would you be okay... using your claws?" Adora asks. She's pretty sure her cheeks must be dusted pink from that question, but Adora is certain that Catra’s claws will be a game changer for her - and she has to ask if Catra is comfortable with doing that. Catra looks caught off guard but she isn't looking at Adora like she's an alien (which she is, technically speaking) so Adora considers that a good thing. 


"What do you mean?" Catra asks, tilting her head a little. Adora suspects that she already knows but she needs Adora to say it explicitly. It makes sense, but Adora feels awkward talking about it still. 


"I think... I would enjoy it," Adora says cautiously. "The pain, I mean. Not so deep that I bleed out, but enough that it hurts and it... marks me." Catra gets a look. "Only if you're comfortable," Adora says quickly. "I don't want you to do something you don't want to do." 


"I just... I don't want to hurt you." Catra confesses quietly. Adora really thinks she'd like it, but they haven't gone through the semantics of doing things like BDSM, or S&M, and they really should. Aftercare though, Adora knows it's important and she's confident that if she assures Catra during and after she can sate some of her guilt, but only if Catra is willing. 


"I know," Adora says softly, gently cupping Catra’s jaw. "I don't want to hurt you either, but this isn't like when we were enemies." Adora promises. "I want this, Catra." Adora holds Catra’s gaze intently. "Only if you're ready." She adds. 


"Okay." Catra says. "We can try." Adora smiles softly and kisses Catra on her lips. "We need safe words, Dummy." Catra says, rolling her eyes as her tail thuds against the mattress where it touches. Adora is pretty happy that she managed to make Catra flustered like that. 


"Glimmer says the traffic light system is usually the best." Adora responds, maybe a little too quickly - so she’s been thinking about this for a while, sue her . Catra raises an eyebrow. 


"I'm sorry, you talked to Sparkles about our sex lives?" Catra asks. Adora immediately flushes and she ducks her head a little in embarrassment. 


"Well, yeah... You know... gathering Intel." Adora says awkwardly. Catra falls silent for a moment. 


"Stars, you are such a dork. I can't believe I'm dating you." Catra teases and Adora rolls her eyes, letting out a soft huff. 


"Red means stop, yellow means pause, green means go?" Adora asks, rather than back talking Catra. 


"Works for me, Princess." Catra says. Her smirk has come back, she enjoys teasing Adora - Adora is pretty sure it's one of her favourite past times actually. Catra had only called her Princess a couple of times in the past, but she's taken to using it more and it always does something to Adora. 


Catra’s hands suddenly land on her shoulders and Adora lands with her back to the mattress and a soft 'offt' escaping her in surprise. She blinks up at Catra who suddenly crowds her, brushing her blonde hair from her eyes. "What else do you want, Adora?" Catra asks. There's a purr to her voice, and Adora feels nervous all over again. 


Adora swallows. She knows what she wants, she just doesn't know what Catra will think of her. She takes a breath. "What I want, more than anything in this world," Adora says slowly. "Is to make you feel good." Adora confesses. Catra’s eyes widen ever so slightly but she doesn't move from her position. "I want to please you. I want to take care of you." Adora's eyes burn with the intensity she feels building in her as she speaks. She feels on fire with passion and, slowly, she sits up, Catra leaning back to allow her to do so. " Please ." Adora begs softly. That seems to break Catra. 


"Let me take care of you first, Adora." Catra says softly as her hands trail to the hem of Adora’s shirt. 


"No," Adora says, shaking her head gently and catching Catra’s wrists. Catra pauses. "I want you to ruin me." Catra’s breath hitches for a moment. 


"Didn't know you were into all of that, Princess." Catra teases again. Catra suddenly seems nervous. "I'll do my best," She promises. "Some of the more advanced stuff will have to wait until we've done more research, yeah?" Adora nods in response. "But, I would like nothing more than to ruin you." And then Catra concludes that statement with a searing kiss. 


Adora already feels ruined from the kiss alone, but then she feels Catra’s hands back at the hem of her shirt. Adora moans her consent as Catra pauses briefly in a question. They have to break apart as Catra pulls Adora’s shirt up and over her head. Adora feels her blonde locks fall all over her shoulders, but she's far too focused on kissing Catra. Adora feels desperate , she feels like she's been wanting to do this for so long - even when she didn't know it. 


Catra breaks the kiss and Adora whines . She wants to keep kissing Catra, she almost feels a hunger , an uncontrollable need to keep kissing her, but her protests die in her throat as she feels Catra kiss down her neck, nipping at her skin as she does. 


Adora’s hips move of their own violation and she can feel Catra smirking as she bites down harder. Holy fuck. Adora doesn't think she's felt this alive in her entire life. She can hear her heartbeat in her ears, her rib cage is practically rattling with the force of it, and then she feels Catra’s claws , barely extended, but trailing over her back all the same. Adora feels like she might actually implode. She whimpers as she leans back, giving Catra more access to her neck as she marks her with her sharp fangs. Adora did say that she wanted Catra to ruin her. 


Catra’s free hand pushes at the edge of Adora’s sports bra and Adora gasps. If she's honest, she's nervous. Not that they've never seen each other naked before, of course they have, they grew up in the Horde , but it's different now. Now they're grown, they're not skinny awkward teenagers anymore. Adora’s boobs have gotten a lot bigger, her body is a lot different, and they haven't really seen each other naked - except for... that one time after Adora ripped Prime's uniform off of Catra after she saved her. Adora isn't really shy about being naked, but something about it in this context makes her feel... vulnerable


"Is this okay?" Catra asks. She must sense Adora’s hesitation because she's actually asking her for permission verbally. Adora hesitates only for a moment longer before she nods. 


"Yes." Adora confirms and then suddenly Catra is pulling her sports bra over her head. Adora doesn't really have long to think about the fact that her chest is now exposed because Catra is kissing her again, distracting her from her thoughts almost entirely. Then the praise starts. 


"You're so beautiful, Adora," Catra says as she moves her lips to press them to Adora’s jaw instead. Adora moans softly at the gentle praise. "So fucking beautiful," Catra’s tone is almost husky with her desire and it makes Adora shudder. Her hand moves and suddenly Adora feels a hand on her left boob, squeezing . Adora can't hold back the moan that escapes her lips at being touched there by Catra . This all feels almost like too much, and not enough all at once. 


Catra kneads her breast into her palm and it has Adora lifting her hips off of the bed, searching for some kind of friction, anything , to get her off, but, of course, there's nothing. "Be good for me, Adora." Catra coos . "You want to be good for me, don't you?" Adora actually whines at that. She wants nothing more than to be good for Catra. Her thighs rub together and Adora can feel the wetness already gathering there - she'd honestly not be surprised if she had a wet patch on her pants. Catra really is ruining her. 


"Yes," Adora says desperately. " Yes , I want to be good for you." Catra moves down and bites at Adora’s collarbone. Adora has the feeling that she's going to be covered in bite marks from Catra’s kisses, but she loves it. Under Catra’s hands, Adora comes undone. She gets swept up in the moment, completely letting go and giving herself to Catra. She feels safe


Catra gives her a look. It's a look Adora doesn't fully understand, at least not in her current state, it looks slightly concerned, but also proud. Adora feels like a mess , she's sweaty and hot and she can feel an ache between her legs - a strong ache that she needs satisfying by Catra. She blinks at Catra who purrs softly. "You look so pretty like this," Catra says, ghosting her fingers over Adora’s abs. "I'm going to use you, Princess." Adora’s eyes widen marginally as she stares at Catra. Fuck . How is Catra so good at this? It's like she knows Adora. Wait. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense actually. If anyone knows what makes Adora tick, it's Catra. 


"Catra..." Adora breathes , it sounds like a prayer, a plea, and Adora can see by the way Catra’s eyes light up a little that it excites her to hear. "I want to... see you." Adora says. "Can I undress you?" Adora asks. 


"Are you asking for permission?" Catra asks. She sounds... She sounds like she liked that Adora was asking for her permission. The way her tail swishes behind her and her pupils dilate. Yeah . Catra definitely liked Adora asking her permission. 


Adora nods her head in answer and Catra hums, grabbing Adora gently by her chin. "Yes," Adora swallows. "I'm asking for your permission." Catra’s eyes widen a little. 


"As much as I love our current position, I need you to stand, Princess." Adora turns her head to the side. She isn't sure what Catra is planning, but she'll follow her every command. 


Catra shuffles off to the side and waves her hand, telling Adora to stand. Adora does just that, standing up from the bed and turning to face Catra. Catra points a clawed finger at Adora’s pants. Adora blushes. Something about stripping at Catra’s demand is... extremely hot. 


For the first time, she glances down at her pants. She doesn't have that wet patch but Adora’s pretty sure her underwear is ruined. She unfastens her pants and pauses, glancing at Catra who is watching her intently, her tail swishing back and forth as her eyes hungrily rake up and down Adora’s frame. Fuck. Is this a kink? Adora doesn't know if it is, but it's really doing something to her - and clearly to Catra. 


Adora pushes her pants down and around her ankles before she steps out of them. She's left in only her underwear - which sticks to her a little. " All of it, Princess," Catra purrs. "And then I'll reward you." Spurred on by the promise of reward, Adora hooks her fingers in the band of her boxers and pulls them down. She was right about her underwear being stained. "I can smell you, Princess." Catra coos. " Mouth-watering ." Adora feels herself flush right to the tips of her ears. She feels very exposed, standing in the middle of their room, completely naked, but she makes no effort to cover up. 


Catra stands from the bed and begins to circle Adora. Her tail brushes against Adora’s skin and Adora is tempted to grab it and pet the soft fur. She remembers doing that a lot when they had been in the Horde, Catra used to let her fidget with it when she was nervous. 


Catra’s hands are all over somehow, they graze over her stomach, her claws only slightly extended, press between her thighs briefly, that has Adora almost quivering , and then press to Adora’s shoulder blades. She moves them to curl over Adora’s shoulders as she presses her front against Adora’s back. "I can't wait to devour you." Catra whispers in Adora’s ear, sending a shiver down her spine. 


Adora attempts to turn and, when Catra doesn't stop her, she assumes Catra is okay with that. Adora is ever so slightly taller than Catra, by four inches if you want her to be exact, that means she has to look down at her a little to meet her eyes. "Your turn?" Adora asks. She wants so badly to see Catra naked. 


"I did promise you a reward, didn't I?" Catra asks, grinning. She pushes Adora back gently and sits her down on the edge of the bed. "Look, don't touch." Adora straightens up a little. She doesn't know why, but she feels like it's important to follow Catra’s orders. She nods. 


Catra called this a reward, but it’s clear that she actually meant torture . Catra strips slowly, devastatingly slowly, yet Adora just can't tear her eyes away. Even when it's trivial clothing items, like a belt, Adora is so transfixed. Catra teases her not just with her body but with snide remarks too. "I can't believe how gay you are." She says. "So horny and wet. All for me, Princess?" Adora believes this might be the longest foreplay ever - and the most cruel. Catra knows that Adora has been ready to be fucked for so long by her, she's dragging this out to be as torturous as possible - and Adora isn't even allowed to touch


Catra finally starts taking off that bodysuit of hers. Adora is kind of glad she wasn't the one doing that, she still doesn't know how Catra gets into it. She probably would have embarrassed herself fumbling for the opening. 


Catra starts exposing serious skin now, lots of it; they could be hurtling towards a meteor, or whatever, and that still wouldn't be enough for Adora to look away. Catra was right, she really is so fucking gay. 


Adora suddenly realises that she's about to see Catra naked . Her blood pressure is through the roof, she can practically feel her blood thrumming through her veins. Catra’s entire torso is exposed, all that's left is the shorts of her bodysuit, but Adora is entirely focused on her chest. She sees Catra chuckle but the sound doesn't quite reach her ears. 


Adora takes it all in. From the fluff on her chest, soft hair that Adora wants to rub her face against, and her rich brown skin that Adora wants to kiss every inch of, and the curves and perkiness of her breasts. Adora wants to touch so badly, but she resists. Adora is zoned in on Catra’s boobs, and she's almost certain it's noticeable. It's taking an extraordinary amount of willpower to follow Catra’s orders, but Adora wants so badly to be good for her. 


Catra steps out of her bodysuit entirely, leaving her completely exposed. Adora stares. She's very rarely been rendered speechless, usually she rambles anxiously, but her brain is empty. Only gay thoughts. "Wow..." Adora breathes. Catra laughs at her, which is fair enough if you ask Adora, and then Catra wraps her arms around Adora’s neck, standing between her legs. 


"You're such a dork," Catra comments, her fingers sliding back into Adora’s hair. Catra doesn't sound surprised by Adora’s lack of eloquence, however, in fact she sounds fond of it. "You can touch me now, Adora." It's one of the times Catra has said her actual name and not used Princess. 


Adora doesn't wait, though she does hesitate, before she reaches her hands out and caresses Catra’s hips. It's like a revelation . Adora doesn't know how else to explain it. She has touched Catra before, usually over the clothes, sometimes under if their make-out sessions got particularly heavy, but she has never touched Catra like this , she has never really seen Catra like this, and a part of her thinks that maybe she's been waiting for this her entire life. 


Touching Catra without speaking feels strange, Adora wants to spill a thousand compliments to her, kiss her body and whisper praise against her skin, but she seems to be at a complete loss for words as her hands squeeze Catra’s butt, coming around to dip between her thighs. She only feels briefly, because she's interrupted by Catra tilting her head back to look at her, but she's pretty sure she felt the same kind of heat Adora was feeling between her own legs also burning between Catra's. "Easy there, Princess. Keep your hands above board for now and maybe later I'll let you touch." Adora wants to protest, she wants to resist Catra’s words, because she definitely wants to touch her now , she even thinks Catra would like her to protest against her a little, but more than that Adora wants to follow her orders. So Adora does as Catra instructs and keeps her hands 'above board'. 


She does, however, kiss Catra’s stomach. She tickles her nose a little on the fluff that lines Catra’s stomach, a happy trail of sorts, before she kisses her warm skin. Catra feels like she might be burning with desire as much as Adora is. "I love you, Catra." Adora whispers against her skin as she touches Catra’s abdominal muscles. Catra is fit . She used to be kind of scrawny growing up, skinny, but now she's hard, toned, and muscular. It's impressive. Adora is proud of her own transformation over the years, eating well in the Rebellion allowed her to considerably grow muscle mass. Adora doesn't know what Catra did, but she's done it very well. 


"I'm still not used to hearing you say that," Catra confesses but she has softened completely. Her expression shows nothing but pure fondness and Adora softly kisses up Catra’s stomach before setting her chin against her, looking up at her best friend turned enemy turned lover. "I love you too." Catra whispers back. "Let me show you, Princess." Adora may be oblivious sometimes, but she knows what that means. 


Adora nods and then suddenly she's being moved backwards onto the bed. She crawls back until she's propped up by the pillows and Catra is above her. She's under Catra. She never thought she'd ever be doing this with anyone, never mind Catra. Never once, before Catra confessed to her at what was essentially the end of the world, did Adora consider she could have Catra. But here she is, having her completely. 


Once Adora is settled and comfortable, Catra kisses her again. They don't bother with the chaste kisses, these kisses are hot, passionate, kisses that are intended to make you feel a certain way. "What do you like?" Catra asks between kisses. Adora panics a little. What does she like? What does she like? Her brain completely short circuits and she knows Catra is waiting for a response. 


Catra seems to sense Adora’s inner turmoil and prompts Adora in another way. "Just show me how you like to touch yourself." Catra says instead. There's a long stretch of silence between Catra's words and any indication that Adora heard her. Catra looks up at her after a moment and Adora is sure that she is blushing right to the tips of her ears. She's exposing herself. "Adora... You've touched yourself before, right?" Catra asks, raising an eyebrow. Adora is completely flustered by Catra’s words. 


"Of course I have!" Adora suddenly exclaims and Catra nods. Adora knows that still doesn't explain her reaction. "But I've never... I haven't... I usually just..." Adora stumbles over her words, a flustered mess. How does she tell Catra this? It's embarrassing . Catra kisses her softly on her nose and Adora takes the opportunity to steady her breathing more. "Whenever I touch myself, I've never... penetrated." Adora admits, she feels hot and flushed. She doesn't know why the confession makes her feel so embarrassed, but it does. "I usually just focus on my clit." 


"Fast and dirty," Catra comments, making Adora’s cheeks blaze, Catra offers only encouragement when she smiles at her however. "Adora, it's okay, I think... I think you'd like it." Catra explains. "Very few people can come off of penetration alone, I get why you might be kind of afraid to try it on your own, when your clit gets you there pretty fast, but it's about the build up." Catra nips at her ear. "I want to be inside of you, I want to feel you around my fingers as I fuck you... I want to drag it out until you beg me to give you relief." Adora lets out a pathetic whimper as her thighs rub together involuntarily. Gods, she wants that too. 


"Please," Adora pants. "I want that more than anything." The thought of Catra inside of her? Yes , Adora wants that. 


"Okay," Catra whispers. "I had intended to use the strap I brought with me, but we can try that another time. I want to ease you into it without hurting you too much." Adora blinks at her. 


"You... You brought a strap into outer-space?" Adora asks. 


"Duh." Catra says. Adora's brain might as well be white noise after that. She can think of no other thoughts but extremely horny ones involving Catra pinning her down on the mattress and taking her with a strap. "Close your mouth, Princess. You might catch something." Catra is smirking but Adora can see that she's formulating some kind of plan by the way her eyes sparkle. 


"Hm," Catra hums. "Maybe I'll use my tongue first, have to get you nice and ready to take me, don't we?" Catra asks. It's filthy, Catra is good at that: dirty talk. Everything she says is only serving to make Adora wetter . She's pretty sure she's already wet enough to take Catra, but she's not about to say no to her going down on her. 


Catra’s hair has grown since Prime cut it, it's not incredibly long, but long enough that she sometimes ties it back in a small low ponytail at the back. It's short enough that she doesn't have to worry about that when going down on Adora though. If Adora is honest, that's something she absolutely wants to do to Catra. She wants to drown in Catra, she'll raise the question later when Catra finally allows her to touch her. 


Catra kisses down Adora, she spends a moment longer pinching a hard nipple between her fingers that has Adora gasping and rolling her hips. Adora doesn't know when - or if - Catra is going to use her claws on her, but she is so ready for whenever she decides to. This isn't about pain and pleasure though, this is their first time, it's more about getting to know each other in this new setting - they can discuss more kinky activities later when they're more acquainted. 


Adora thinks she knows why Catra chose to use her tongue first, it's soft and less likely to cause Adora immediate discomfort than going straight in with her fingers - although, Adora is definitely looking forward to getting fucked by Catra’s fingers later. Adora has never done this with anyone before and she's nervous . She suddenly feels like she should have showered first. What if she smells? Or what if she tastes bad? Oh god...  


Catra must sense her anxiety rising because she squeezes her thigh. "It's okay, Adora." She reassures. The use of her name soothes Adora a little more and she chooses to trust Catra. Adora also thinks Catra chose to use her tongue first because she can drag this out for longer. She can torture Adora just a little longer. 


Catra spreads her legs and Adora immediately feels herself flush. She feels exposed like this, and she's pretty sure she'd have another spiral of anxiety if not for the fact that Catra starts kissing the inside of her thighs. Catra’s lips are soft and her fangs are sharp , she bites into Adora’s soft skin and Adora can't help the moan that falls from her lips. 


She slaps her hands over her mouth to muffle the embarrassing sounds but Catra simply peers up at her, her mismatched eyes are vivid in the dark room. She sucks on Adora’s thigh, marking her, before she pulls her mouth away, licking her lips. "No, Princess, I want to hear you." Catra says. "Take your hands away." Adora follows Catra’s instruction, letting her hands fall away. "Good girl." Catra purrs. That's such a low blow , Catra knows what that does to Adora. 


Catra's tongue flattens to the inside of Adora’s thigh and Adora gasps. This is how she dies, she's sure of it. Catra looks almost hungry as she looks at Adora with hooded eyes that are darkened with lust. What was it that Catra said she was going to do? Devour Adora? Yeah, that sounded about right. 


Catra continues to tease, she licks up all the slick that had managed to wet Adora’s thighs - telling Adora about how excited she was to drink it from the source. She peppers countless kisses there, skimming her hot breath over Adora’s waiting pussy every time she switches from thigh to thigh, purposely winding Adora into a panting, writhing, mess. 


Adora has never felt this desperate before. She didn't even know it was possible to feel this way, but part of her feels as though she may explode if Catra doesn't put her tongue to actual use. Adora's also pretty certain that her thighs are covered in bruises and teeth marks. Adora doesn't care. She almost loves it. She wants to be marked by Catra, completely. She's still waiting on those claws. 


Catra finally seems satisfied with her torture and settles on the bed, flat on her stomach. Her tail swishes around in the air, which almost makes Adora laugh if she wasn't currently paying utmost attention to what Catra was doing between her legs. Catra pauses for a moment, inches away from giving Adora everything she's ever wanted, and looks at Adora with soft eyes. "Adora, don't overthink it," Catra says. Adora feels like her world tilts on its axis. She knows she has a habit of denying herself pleasure, Catra is encouraging her to let go. "Do whatever you want, be as loud as you want to be. Let go." It scares Adora, but it's also what she wants. 


"I trust you." Is Adora’s response and she receives a small soft smile in return. There really is no one Adora trusts more than Catra to do this with. She's the one person Adora knows she can just let go completely with. 


"Okay." Catra says and then she goes back to what she was doing. The nerves are still there, fluttering about in Adora’s stomach, but she feels more settled now, more reassured. Catra seems to know the perfect balance between teasing and when Adora needs a gentler touch. Speaking of touching…


Catra hovers for a moment and then suddenly Adora has Catra’s face buried between her legs. Adora feels like she's been shocked with lightning at the first stroke of Catra’s tongue. Her strokes are strong and she licks her way up until she reaches Adora’s clit and then flattens her tongue to it. She lets out a moan that vibrates against Adora’s clit. Adora can't keep her mouth shut and, thanks to Catra’s encouragement before they started this, she doesn't. 


From there, Catra sucks Adora’s clit into her mouth, alternating between sucking and stroking with her tongue. This is a familiar pleasure to Adora. Not so much the tongue on her clit, she doesn’t exactly bend that way, but the pressure on her clit, the movements, Catra is doing such a good job that if Adora didn’t know otherwise, she would think that perhaps Catra had been between her thighs before - she does wonder briefly if Catra has been between someone else’s thighs, but this isn’t the time to bring that up.


Adora lays back in the pillows, she slowly grinds her hips up against Catra’s mouth, trying to signal that she wanted more . Her fingers thread in Catra’s short brown curly locks, getting tangled almost immediately, but Catra doesn’t seem to mind, grunting when Adora tugs just a little too hard in order to bring her closer. 


“Catra…” Adora moans, tightening her hand in Catra’s hair. “Please… Keep going…” Adora pleads softly. Catra does just that, almost doubling her efforts with her tongue. Adora can’t help the whimpers and moans that fall from her lips. It's never felt like this . Something about having Catra go down on her is infinitely better than Adora’s nights spent alone in her bed imaging scenarios exactly like this. 


She used to feel guilty about that, about imagining her best friend (or ex-best friend at the time) doing that kind of stuff to her. This isn't the first time Adora has come with Catra's name on her lips, and it won’t be the last, but it's the first time she's ever actually had Catra physically with her. 


Catra’s tongue presses inside of her and Adora gasps sharply. Her hand tightens in Catra’s hair and she throws her head back. "Catra… fuck- shit- Ah !" It feels almost too good feeling Catra's tongue trying it's luck by pressing into her. Adora kind of feels like she's close already. She feels like her entire body is on fire, and she can feel Catra smirking into her pussy as she fucks her with her mouth. 


Catra’s hands move to grip at Adora’s hips so hard that Adora imagines them bruising. She doesn't know why, but that turns her on even more. She knows another way that Catra can mark her other than bruises. " Catra… " Adora pants. She can feel her stomach tightening, she knows she's basically on the edge. Catra is good at this. She's really good at it. Adora just needs… "Your claws!" Adora pleads, practically begs . "I need them, please." Adora whines. "Mark me, Catra… Make me yours." Adora opens her eyes long enough to catch Catra’s gaze which has darkened even further with lust. 


Catra must really like the idea of making Adora hers. Catra alternates her strokes again, sucking and even scraping Adora’s clit with her teeth . Adora is barely hanging on, and then Catra deploys her claws. 


Adora is both expecting the pain and not. When Catra’s claws extend, not too deeply but deep enough that Adora definitely feels them, and they most likely draw blood, Adora lets out both a cry and a moan mixed together. Catra moves her hands down, dragging her claws into and down Adora’s flesh. It is the most exquisite high Adora has ever felt. Adora doesn't know why the pain feels really fucking good but she knows that it does and, in the end, it's what pushes her over the edge. Adora thinks she screams but she's also not really sure, she thinks she maybe blacks out a little too, so overcome with pleasure. 


When Adora regains some of her consciousness, she realises that Catra is still moving her mouth against her, lazily moving her tongue as Adora slowly comes down. It feels good, and Adora is sure that Catra is enjoying it by the soft moans she releases in response. 


Eventually, Catra pulls back, her mouth and chin are covered in a sheen that Adora realises is her own juices. The sight of it makes her flush. She's all over Catra’s mouth. Something about that is extremely sexy . Adora wants to kiss her, and taste herself on Catra. So she does exactly that. She drags Catra in for a kiss, instantly deepening it so that she may taste herself on Catra’s tongue. She feels her wetness wet her own mouth as they collide in a hot sloppy kiss. This isn't the most romantic of kisses, but it's one of Adora’s favourites. 


When they part, they're both panting and each covered in Adora’s juices. Catra was clearly caught off guard by the kiss, but she doesn't seem mad about it. Catra softens as she wipes her face a little and then her eyes drop down Adora’s body. "Are you okay?" She asks gently, her eyes flicking back up to Adora’s. Adora can see genuine concern in them, worry, and Adora can see the doubt. Does Catra think she went too far? 


Adora looks down to see the marks Catra had left. They were already closed up, not deep enough to cause permanent damage, they'd probably take a few days before they were gone completely, but that was honestly the best feeling Adora has ever experienced. "I liked it," Adora says, pulling Catra towards her. This is her moment to reassure her girlfriend. "I uh… I like pain." Adora admits quietly with a blush. "Something about it just… turns me on." Catra’s concern disappears and is replaced with a hint of mirth in her eyes as her lips quirk up in a soft smirk. 


"So you're a masochist? Can't say I'm surprised. I bet half of the ex-Hordies are sadists and masochists." Catra comments. "Explains why so many of us endured the misery of the Fright Zone for so long." Adora feels that familiar pang of guilt at the mention of misery and staying in the Fright Zone. Adora left the Fright Zone. She left Catra


Adora is distracted from her thoughts by Catra’s tail hitting her thigh. "Stop thinking about that right now," Catra says. Catra knows Adora, better than anyone, even better than Glimmer and Bow, Catra knows everything about her, of course she knows what Adora is thinking about. Catra kisses her softly on her lips just to sate her more. “I forgave you when you forgave me.” Catra whispers. 


There’s a sparkle in Catra’s eyes and Adora knows she’s about to try and distract Adora from her own tortuous thoughts. "You taste good, Princess." That definitely distracts Adora from her sadder thoughts. "Would you be okay if we tried that other thing?" Adora’s eyes move to Catra’s lips.


“I did say I wanted you to ruin me.” Adora whispers. Catra’s lips curl up and Adora sees the flash of fangs. Adora doesn’t really know why, but she is endlessly attracted to Catra. Everything about her, chemically, physically, emotionally, Catra is her everything


“You did, didn’t you?” Catra asks as she gently rolls on top of Adora. If Adora is honest, she’s still wet , she’s pretty sure she doesn’t need to be warmed up again. 


Catra kisses her anyway, her hands wandering all over Adora’s body. This might be Adora’s favourite position in the world: under Catra, at her mercy and being touched by her warm hands. “I’m going to make you mine , Princess.” Catra whispers hotly against Adora’s skin. Adora wants to protest and tell Catra that she’s already hers but she doesn’t - frankly, she wants Catra to follow through on what she’s saying. 


Briefly, Catra holds her fingers up and presses them gently to Adora’s lips, asking for permission. Slowly, Adora nods and Catra's fingers enter her mouth. Adora decides to make a show of it, sucking on Catra’s fingers while making intense eye contact with her. It’s strange, maybe, and a little gross, but also insanely hot. When Catra pulls her fingers out, they’re covered in Adora’s saliva which Adora knows will be used to fuck her with. That’s all very strangely hot. 


At some point, Catra’s hand trails down Adora’s body, ghosting over her hip before Adora suddenly feels fingers pressed to her clit. Adora gasps and Catra uses the opportunity to capture Adora’s bottom lip between her teeth and bite. Catra has sharp teeth and the pain Adora feels is so good it causes a spark to travel through her - combined with Catra’s fingers between her thighs, Adora feels like she just hit a mini high right then and there. “Inside,” Adora begs softly. Catra seems to enjoy Adora begging. Adora thinks maybe she’d press her for longer, to drag out the begging, if it weren’t for the fact this is their first time and Catra is just as eager to explore Adora’s body as Adora is to have her to explore it. 


“Remember your safe words, Princess.” Catra reminds. “Are you ready?”


“Green,” Adora breathes. She is going to die from the anticipation, she swears. She wants Catra inside of her so damn badly. 


Luckily, Catra must be feeling merciful because she doesn’t drag it out for much longer. She starts with a single finger first. Adora gasps a little. It’s a little painful but Catra is tremendous, she goes slowly, listening to Adora intently. Her ears are perked, listening closely to every sound Adora makes. It burns more than it’s painful, like Adora is being stretched in a very satisfying way. Catra is perfect, kissing Adora and soothing her with words of encouragement. 


“There, Princess.” Catra coos. “I’m inside of you.” Adora practically shudders at that. It is so satisfying to have Catra buried inside of her. Adora takes a breath, pulling Catra closer to her. 


Fuck me.” Adora says. Adora knows that she must catch Catra off guard because she takes a sharp breath in and her tail starts lashing wildly. 


“With pleasure.” Catra purrs back and then she starts moving . Adora wasn’t sure it could get better than Catra simply being buried inside of her, but she was wrong - so very wrong. 


This is an entirely new experience to Adora, and it feels incredible . She never really thought it could be better, but it is. Catra kisses her as she fucks her slowly and gently, increasing in speed at Adora’s pleas between kisses. Adora knows that she likes it hard but she also knows that Catra is trying to be careful to prevent Adora from being hurt - admirable, but not enough to get Adora off. 


More ,” Adora insists, rocking her hips a little. Catra looks at her, as though she were trying to gauge if Adora were serious or not, before she nods and adds a second finger. The stretch is wonderful , Adora doesn’t think she could take more but she doesn’t think she has to; this is perfect. Catra’s fingers are kind of magic if you ask Adora. 


“Harder,” Adora pants. “ Please .” Catra is more than willing to indulge her. Catra massages her fingers against Adora’s walls in such a way that Adora’s arms tighten around Catra’s neck, pulling her closer. Adora is aware that she’s loud when Catra does that, but she really couldn't care less at this point how loud she is being. She is filled by Catra , that’s all that matters to Adora. 


Catra takes her free hand and uses it to put pressure on Adora’s clit, rubbing her hard - almost painfully so. Adora will give it to Catra, she figures out what Adora likes extremely quickly and uses it to her full advantage. “Catra- I’m gonna…” Adora says. She can feel the tightening again, the feeling of being held somewhere by a cord, so close to it snapping and flooding her with those wonderful endorphins. 


“Do it,” Catra commands. “Come for me, Princess .” That completely undoes Adora. She comes, saying Catra’s name - and comes around Catra’s fingers that are inside of her. Adora practically sees the stars when she comes, which she thinks is kind of funny considering they are in space. 


Catra stays inside of her, guiding Adora through her aftershocks until Adora mumbles her discontent. She feels Catra slide out of her and just melts into her. For a long moment, they just lay there holding each other, until Adora manages to regain her senses. 


She rolls onto her side, facing Catra and Catra turns her head to look at her. Adora leans in to kiss her on the lips, peppering soft kisses down her jaw to her neck. “Thank you…” Adora whispers. “I… Can I… I want to make you feel good too.” Adora confesses. It is the best way that Adora can figure out how to show her appreciation for everything Catra has done for her - and to her. 


Catra seems distracted, her fingers trailing over the marks on Adora’s hips from her claws. Adora moves closer, taking Catra’s hands and tilting her chin up to look at her. “I liked it, Catra,” Adora reminds her. “I promise.” Catra’s features instantly soften. Adora knows that Catra knows that that is a serious statement. If Adora is promising, it means she means it. 


“Thanks,” Catra says genuinely. “But we should clean those after, just to make sure they heal properly.” 


“You take such good care of me,” Adora says as she suddenly pushes Catra down into the mattress. Catra’s eyes widen a little which brings great satisfaction to Adora. “Now let me take care of you.” 


“What are you thinking?” Catra asks. Her tail, which was pinned to the mattress, was swinging against it intensely. Adora purses her lips as she thinks. 


“I… Kind of want you to use me.” Adora admits. Catra turns her head to the side, signalling for Adora to go on. “I want to drown in you.” 


“Are you… suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?” Catra asks, raising an eyebrow. 


“Sit on my face.” Adora says - far too eagerly probably. Catra laughs a little. 


“It’s our first time and you want to skip straight to the face sitting?” Catra asks, in slight disbelief. 


“Yes.” Adora deadpans. She may be new, but it’s what she wants . If they take it slowly, Adora is pretty confident that they won’t have any issues. 


“What the hell,” Catra says, sitting up. “Why not?” Adora feels a thrill run through her. She wants this, being under Catra, pleasuring her, showing her her worth, letting Catra have her way with her. It’s everything she’s ever wanted. 


Catra flips Adora over so she is back on her back. Adora looks up at her, blinking. Catra seems a little nervous, but Adora isn’t really surprised. Face sitting feels intimate, it can also be kind of dangerous if they get it wrong, but Adora has faith in their ability to communicate both verbally, and in other ways, for them to do this. 


Catra hovers over Adora’s face, using the headboard to support her weight, and Adora licks her lips, her hands reaching up to grab Catra’s hips; Adora massages her thumbs into them. “Are you ready, Adora?” Catra asks and Adora nods her head eagerly. “If you need me to get up, just tap my leg twice.” Adora nods. She can still see Catra hesitating so Adora offers her an encouraging smile. 


“I want this, Catra.” Adora promises. “Please… Let me please you.” That seems to convince Catra and, slowly, she begins to lower herself down onto Adora’s face. 


Adora gets a little frustrated with the pace and decides to pull Catra down the rest of the way. Catra gasps as soon as Adora’s eager tongue wipes its way through Catra’s folds. Adora is by far eager, and the moment she tastes Catra om her tongue her mouth practically waters . Catra is wet , clearly what she had been doing to Adora had been turning her on. Adora isn’t complaining, that makes her job much easier. 


Adora goes to work. This position is a lot more difficult than she first anticipated, it's a little hard to breathe, but not impossible. It feels similar to when you pull a blanket over your head, kind of like the air is thick and Adora’s lungs are trying their hardest to breathe in sweet oxygen. Adora doesn't really care though, she can suffocate like this, with her tongue buried in Catra, and die happy. It's lucky she isn't claustrophobic.


She finds Catra's clit and focuses on that. Catra starts grinding herself down and Adora moans softly as her mouth is flooded more and more with Catra . Catra tastes incredible , she tastes heady , Adora isn't really sure there's a taste to compare it to, only that it's definitely one of Adora’s favourite tastes and she could stay here all day, licking Catra clean. It really is like Adora is drowning. She never thought she'd enjoy that. 


Adora moves down, pressing her tongue into Catra. The angle hurts her jaw a little but she knows it's worth it when Catra says her name in a breathy moan that lights Adora on fire all over again. She wants to make Catra come, feel her come around her tongue, she wants to be perfect for her. Adora’s goal is to draw more of those sounds out of Catra, and to let Catra use her for nothing but her own pleasure and desire. 


Catra is definitely doing that as she starts grinding herself against Adora’s tongue much harder than before. Adora groans, enjoying the feeling of Catra fucking her face essentially. That's exactly what Adora wants. Her nose bumps against Catra’s clit and Catra draws in a sharp breath. 


" Adora… " She moans. Her hand comes down to thread into the front of Adora’s hair, tugging a little. Adora let's out a satisfied grunt when Catra pulls her hair - seems Adora enjoys pain even when she isn't the one being stimulated. "You're so good… Just like that, Princess." Adora shudders at the praise and moans. Adora wants to tell Catra how good she is but she can't when her face is being sat on.


The praise benefits Catra in the way that it encourages Adora to go harder. She's lapping at Catra like she's her very life force, like she might die if she doesn't get a taste. Catra is significantly wet, and Adora can feel Catra's walls clenching around her tongue already. 


Adora knows that she can't exactly speak to Catra right now, but it doesn't stop her. She speaks into her pussy, mumbling words as she works her tongue. It's nonsense, but the vibrations are clearly doing something for Catra because she gasps, carrying on grinding down against Adora’s mouth. 


"Adora… I'm so close… Keep… Keep… Yes !" Catra pulls Adora’s hair and Adora lets out a sound of pain. Catra must be close because her movements are getting jerkier, her words are getting more desperate . Adora just has to push her that little way she has left to go. 


Adora narrows her eyes in concentration and then she gives Catra everything she has. Adora wasn't even aware she could move her tongue in the way that she manages but she somehow does, drinking all of Catra in. When Catra comes, it's the most wonderful thing Adora has ever experienced. 


She feels Catra spill onto her tongue. Adora’s eyes widen, she feels Catra tense all over, even her tail seems to tense, before she goes slump. Adora really actually can't breathe when Catra does that, but she keeps licking, cleaning Catra up completely. 


Eventually, Catra rolls off top of her and lands on the bed beside Adora. Adora takes a deep breath, able to actually breathe oxygen. If she's being honest, the air almost feels thick, probably from all of their heavy breathing they've been doing in these past few hours. 


Adora stares at the ceiling of the ship as her chest rises and falls. She's glad Catra moved off of her, because she surely would have suffocated if she had not. "Wow…" Adora comments and Catra snorts. 


"Don't ruin it, Adora." Catra says playfully, she sounds a little winded if Adora is being honest. Catra rolls over onto her side, pressing her front against Adora's side. "Still okay?" Catra asks. 


"Well," Adora says, turning her head to look at Catra. "I couldn't breathe for a moment there, but in the best way." 


"Dork," Catra says, a smile growing on her lips. Catra gently brushes Adora’s bangs out of her face and then kisses Adora. Adora thinks it's her way of doing what Adora wanted to do before - tasting herself on Adora’s tongue. Adora loves Catra so much. She loves her so completely. She's so glad they're finally doing this. It's all she's ever wanted. 


Catra gently licks Adora’s face and Adora breaks out into giggles, shoving her. "Gross!" Adora protests. 


"You made a mess, Princess, I'm just cleaning it up." Catra says with a smirk. 


"I think you mean you made a mess." Adora points out, poking Catra on her stomach. Catra laughs before she flops back on the bed. 


They could go right into aftercare now, and Adora does decide to hold Catra and kiss her a little, whispering praise and thanks to her. Catra purrs as Adora kisses her on her cheek and her jaw. "Are we going to do that other thing?" Adora asks. She really wants to do that other thing, like really , but she doesn't know if Catra wants to go another round. 


“I think I’m good,” Catra says. She seems good, if Adora is honest, but she’s still curious about her fingers. “You’re good with your tongue, Princess.” Adora admits that the compliment boosts her ego tenfold. 


“Show me anyway?” Adora asks, holding her hand up. Catra stares for a moment before she takes Adora’s wrist and lowers her hand to her. She begins examining Adora’s hand, pressing her palm to Adora’s, measuring them against each other. 


“Your fingers are so… long .” Catra says. Her voice sounds lower, like she's thinking certain thoughts that Adora just isn’t privy to - but she has a pretty good guess. Her words make Adora blush a little with all of the thoughts that run through her mind at once. “I’m a little jealous.” Adora rolls her eyes fondly. Catra is teasing her.


“Why when they’re for you?” Adora asks. Adora feels immense satisfaction when she sees Catra blush and her tail flick, her cheeks are practically crimson as she clears her throat and pulls her hand from Adora’s. Adora is grinning like an idiot, because she totally just flustered Catra, but Catra is fast to recover. She kisses Adora’s fingers and then uses her hand to lower Adora’s pinky and ring finger, tucking her thumb into her palm. 


“There’s two ways really,” Catra says. “This way is probably better if you're working my clit,” Catra explains. Adora feels herself blush a little. “You can roll it between your fingers.” Catra places her finger between Adora’s, moving them as she makes eye contact with Adora. This is turning Adora on again, this might have been a bad idea. “If you’re going to be inside of me,” Catra says in a way that Adora is certain she knows exactly what she’s doing. “I think you’d be better off using these,” She lowers Adora’s index and pinky fingers, moving her middle and ring fingers up. “Usually gives you better leverage, plus you can use your palm to grind into my clit.” Catra moves closer to Adora’s ear as she whispers. “Plus you can easily add another.” Fuck


Adora looks at Catra. Her throat feels tight and her mouth dry. “Can you show me?” Catra smirks. 


“You want to pleasure me again, Princess?” Catra asks, that purring edge to her voice again. 


“Yes.” Adora answers without hesitation. Mostly she just wants to touch Catra. 


“I suppose I can show you how I like to be touched,” Catra says casually. She picks Adora’s hand up and moves it down. They are face-to-face and when Adora feels her fingers make contact with Catra’s clit and hears the resulting sigh that brushes Adora’s face, she knows for a fact that this isn’t going to end until Catra is coming (again) in her palm. 


Catra’s fingers are pressing over Adora’s as she moves them in strong circles. Adora admits that her moves are a little clumsy, a little sloppy, but her attention is split between what her fingers are doing and Catra’s face. She watches her face closely, Catra’s ears are perked up, her eyes are closed, she’s biting her lip as she breathes through her nose, but it’s also slack with pleasure. Adora didn’t lie with what she said to Huntara: she really is a fast learner. 


It’s not long until Adora learns the kind of rhythm Catra likes and the pressure. She’s a little different to Adora, while Adora enjoys fast and hard as well as a little pain, Catra enjoys heavy pressure with precise movements that Adora quickly gets down. 


Eventually, Catra takes her fingers away and it’s just Adora touching her. Strangely, she enjoys the feeling. She can feel Catra’s wetness already and uses it to her advantage so that she can practically glide her fingers over Catra’s clit. Catra makes quiet moans as she rocks her hips ever so slightly, slowly, providing herself with a little more pressure. “You’re amazing, Catra.” Adora whispers. She feels Catra shudder and her eyes blink open for a moment, as though searching for the genuineness in Adora’s features that she no doubt hears in her voice. 


Adora loves praise, it’s pretty much been trained into her her entire life that praise means she really is doing a good job - and Adora loves it when she’s being good - but Catra also loves praise. They both have a hunger for it, but it also comes from two very different places. Catra’s is a lack of praise, almost deprivation of it. She spent so long trying to prove her worth, to Hordak, to Shadow Weaver, even to Adora, at some point she must have stopped believing she was worthy to herself. Hearing Adora praise her, must really get her going. It was hard to praise her with Catra sitting on her face, but she can do it now.


“You’re enough,” Adora says, her voice thick as she rubs Catra between her fingers. “You’re more than enough.” Catra completely breaks at that and lets out a gasp. Her hands land on Adora’s shoulders and she pulls her forward to kiss her. 


When they break apart, Catra is panting. “Fuck me, Adora.” She begs and Adora’s eyes widen before they become hooded with lust. 


“I thought this was just a demonstration?” Adora asks, a little teasing edge to her voice. Catra gives her an unamused look. 


“Just do it,” She says, grabbing Adora’s wrist. She moves her hand down . Adora stares at Catra’s lips. They’re so close together, fucking Catra like this might also be one of her new favourite things to do. “Remember?” Catra asks as she adjusts Adora’s fingers. “Use your palm once you get your rhythm.” 


“Two right away?” Adora asks, her eyes widening just a little. 


“I can take you, trust me.” Is Catra’s only response. Adora hears what Catra isn’t saying out loud: Adora got her wet enough that she can easily take both of Adora’s fingers at the same time - despite her comment at the beginning about how long Adora’s fingers are. “Just do what you feel is right. If I don’t like it, I’ll tell you.” Adora nods.


She hesitates for a moment longer before she decides to just go for it. She carefully presses into Catra, listening to her soft mewls as Adora sinks deeper. Catra really is wet. It feels incredible to be inside of her - with her fingers this time. Slowly, Adora sinks deeper, pressing her fingers further. “Fuck… They really are long.” Catra comments as her claws slide out and dig into Adora’s shoulders. 


“Do you want me to stop?” Adora asks, worried that she might be hurting Catra. 


No ,” Catra says quickly. “Don’t stop, just… Give me a minute to adjust when you’re all the way in.” Adora nods in understanding and continues her slow advancement. Eventually, she advances so far that her palm touches Catra. She pauses, as requested, and gives Catra a moment to adjust. 


Adora doesn’t move, just listens to Catra’s heavy breathing. “Are you okay?” Adora asks. She’s worried, okay? She’s never done this before and she is scared she might be doing something wrong. 


“More than okay,” Catra reassures. “You feel so good inside of me,” She says, leaning forward to press herself up against Adora. “Stretching me… Filling me… Fuck me, Adora.” Adora’s breath hitches, but she isn’t about to refuse that. 


Her movements are not the best, Adora will admit to that. It takes her a moment to find the thing that really gets Catra going but, once she does… Adora has never seen Catra so… captured by pleasure before. Her head is thrown back a little, her claws are digging deeper, she starts to move her hips so that she is practically meeting Adora’s thrusts half way. Adora has also never heard Catra be so vocal. Sure, she was vocal before, but this is a different kind of vocal. Catra is clearly struggling to keep her moans in, especially when Adora rubs her fingers against her walls just right. Adora isn’t even sure she knew half the expletives Catra has spilled from her lips in the past few minutes of them fucking. 


Adora decides to deploy that tactic that Catra had mentioned a few times, the one with her palm and Catra’s clit, and does so as she thrusts into her, using her momentum to rub at Catra’s clit. Catra’s fur stands on end and she lets out a moan so loud Adora momentarily worries it might just find it’s way all the way to Glimmer and Bow’s room. She doesn’t really care about that though when Catra starts saying her name like a prayer. Her claws are starting to grip Adora almost painfully but Adora is in the zone and she knows Catra is close by the way she is already beginning to clamp down around Adora’s fingers.


Adora knows Catra is probably sensitive from her last orgasm and that, combined with the praise, is pushing Catra closer and closer towards the edge. Catra throws her leg over Adora’s hip, giving Adora better access and herself a better angle to grind down into Adora’s palm and onto her fingers. Adora is loving this, her fingers buried in Catra’s heat is addicting and the sounds , the sounds are almost better. Hearing how wet Catra is for her and feeling it all at once as her hot breath hits her as Catra pants and moans her name. Adora can’t believe she’s been missing this for so long. 


Adora decides to deploy more of that gentle praise. “Thank you,” Adora says quietly. She sees Catra’s ears flick and strain in Adora’s direction to concentrate on her words and voice. “Thank you for taking care of me, for making me feel good. I love you so much, you’re so good, Catra, come for me, please.” 


“Holy shit- Adora !” Catra curses before she cuts off into a loud moan of Adora’s name. She’s so close, she just needs a little more. 


Adora drives her palm down hard and fast against Catra’s clit, hitting her just right , before she curls her fingers, hitting some kind of spot deep inside of Catra that has Catra completely losing herself. The sound Catra makes is almost a howl, it's so loud. Adora doesn’t know what she managed to hit inside of Catra, but it was the perfect move and she’s definitely going to remember it for the future. 


Adora feels Catra’s walls clamp down around her fingers, twitching almost uncontrollably while joined with warm liquid that practically spills into Adora’s palm. Adora holds Catra through it all, gently praising her and planting kisses all over her at the same time. Catra seems pretty spent, her eyes are closed as the aftershocks roll over her and Adora moves her fingers only ever so often, fearful of overstimulating Catra.


Eventually, Catra feels boneless in Adora’s arms and she collapses against her with all of her weight. Adora feels only slightly smug at that. "See..." Catra murmurs sleepily. "I told you, you had nothing to worry about." Adora laughs softly. She pulls her fingers out and wipes her hand on the covers before she wraps her arms around Catra, petting her softly up her back. Catra is purring, and that's how Adora knows she really is satisfied and content. 


"Thank you for encouraging me," Adora says quietly as she places a kiss to Catra’s jaw bone. "And showing me." 


"Hmph..." Catra grunts back. Honestly? She seems kind of out of it, but Adora isn't surprised by that. If she's honest, she is too. She's about ready to pass out with Catra in her arms. "Your fingers are so..." Catra trails off but she lets out a dreamy sigh. 


"Do you have a fetish for my fingers?" Adora asks with a playful gasp. Catra’s tail wiggles and baps Adora on her nose in response. 


"Shut up, Adora, before I make you." Catra threatens - though her voice holds nothing but amusement. She's still purring, and Adora draws her closer. 


"I want to do that again." Adora confesses. As far as first times go, Adora thinks that was pretty amazing. She wants to do that every day. 


"Already?" Catra asks, laughing a little that her purr becomes louder for a moment. "What have I unleashed?" 


"You have no idea," Adora says, burying her face in Catra’s neck. "But I'm willing to show you." Catra hums. 


"Maybe tomorrow..." She replies. "Now is the time for sleeping." 


"We have forever." Adora says and Catra’s purr increases tenfold, it becomes so powerful that Adora draws back to see Catra was blushing. Adora has learnt that Catra can't really control her purring, it just kind of happens when she's happy, or feels safe and content, also sometimes when she's trying to comfort herself or someone else, but, other than that, it's usually involuntary. Catra clearly likes the thought of them getting to do that together forever - or maybe just the thought of them being together forever - whatever it is, Catra is adorable and Adora loves her more than she has ever loved anything in her entire life. 


Adora leans down and kisses Catra softly on her cheek as she gets the rapid lashing of her tail and her purring somewhat under control. Once she has, she turns a little to look at Adora. "I love you, Dummy." She whispers. 


"I love you too." Adora responds, kissing Catra on her lips this time. Sometimes Adora can hardly believe that they made it here. They both have scars, both physical and emotional, but Adora knows that she has never really seen Catra as her enemy. It was a part she played, her heart has always yearned to have her like this, even if she didn't know it, and now she has her. 


Adora settles down on the bed. She knows that she has some wounds on herself, that could use cleaning and such, but she figures it can wait. She just wants to sleep now, wrapped up in Catra. 


After everything, they're together, just like they promised. Adora definitely wasn't going to make the same mistakes twice. No matter what they face, she will always have Catra. 


Adora was finally, and wholly, happy and complete.