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Hypnovember 2021

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A lower hum joined Patton’s tune, expertly harmonizing with his melody. He stood, pivoting to face his boyfriend.

He pulled the sucker from his mouth with a pop, watching as Roman’s eyes locked onto the shining candy.

A few words and a couple snaps later and Roman was kneeling at Patton’s feet, eyes bright green glazed and tongue working at the candy like it was his life’s purpose. The blue staining his mouth sent shocks through Patton and he had to remind himself to keep things subdued for now.

He settled for palming himself, eager for the night to come.

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Roman’s grip tightened on his katana, heart threatening to force itself from his chest. Remus looked in his element, all cocky and relaxed, a blank-faced Logan resting against his side.

“You want me to step away? Fine, he’s all yours.” Remus stepped away, flicking Logan’s temple.

Logan swayed but held his stance, face slowly but surely clearing. Roman shot forward, enveloping Logan in a bone crushing hug, staring down Remus all the while.

His mouth split into an unhinged grin and Roman’s stomach dropped.

“He’s all yours.”

The moment Remus disappeared Logan’s eyes rolled back, knees buckling as he collapsed.

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“Please.” Janus clumsily gripped the shirt of the beast; eyes dim and glowing red. “Please.”

Patton watched, cold fear turning to swirling hot anger at the sight of Janus begging the vampire—the creature he was sent to kill—to drink from him.

“You’ll have to try harder than that, songbird.”

Janus fell to his knees, staring upwards at the vampire. “I give my life to you. I’ll be yours to keep, to use, I swear it. I shall sign my name in blood if I must, just please, please drink from me once more.”

Fangs gleamed. “As you wish.”

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Roman kept his footsteps light, his hand resting on the hilt of his blade. The beast was curled atop a pile of trinkets, camouflaged effortlessly.

Behind it lie knights that had come before him. Each of their faces equally blank, eyes a sunshine yellow.

The drag of scales on metal drew Roman’s attention, the dragon waking from its slumber. Both heads rose, hissing at the knight; its eyes began to glow.

Roman thrust his sword from its sheath, forcing his gaze away. A crash and Roman peeked, speechless at the sight of the dragon having fallen under its own spell.

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Virgil curled up on the couch, fingers tapping Roman’s shoulder thrice. Immediately Roman paused his game, setting his controller aside and faced his partner.

“Need help relaxing?”

Virgil nodded.

Roman smiled understandingly, retrieving a lavender candle from his computer desk. “Platonic today, yeah?” He asked as he fished a lighter from his desk drawer.

Again, Virgil nodded.

Roman lit the candle and waited as the gentle scent of lavender filled the air. Slowly, Virgil began to relax. Roman guided him into his lap, running a gentle hand through his hair. “That’s it, just let your thoughts and worries wash away.”

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Logan took Patton’s offered lemonade glass, nose wrinkling at the suspiciously spicy scent.

“Are you sure this is safe to drink?”

“Positive.” Patton insisted. “No go on, tell me what you think!”

With a heavy sigh Logan downed the liquid. He shuddered, face contorting as the odd mix of lemons, paprika, allspice (and was that celery?) lingered on his tongue.

“So? What did you think?”

“Well, it wasn’t the most delightful concoction you’ve made to date—”

Patton clicked his fingers and Logan’s attention snapped into place. Patton grinned, patting his cheek before speaking a command.

Without a question, Logan obeyed.

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Janus smirked as Virgil struggled against his bonds, spitting curses.

“I hate to break it to you, Virgil, but I’m not the one keeping you trapped. That’s all you.”

Virgil gnashed his teeth. “Liar!”


Virgil stopped immediately, still bound by hypnosis but no longer struggling. “What’s wrong?”

Janus shifted. “Let’s… not call me that, alright?”

Virgil’s face melted into understanding. “Alright. Noted. Wanna take a break?”

Janus shook his head, “No, I’m alright.”

He rolled his shoulders, taking a breath. Janus leaned back in his chair, languidly crossing his legs.

“Struggle all you like, darling, I have all night.”

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Remus whistled as Logan led him down a dead-end path in his memory labyrinth.

“So what’s this field trip for, anyway? I didn’t take you for the ravishing type Lo—"

“Someone needs to reign you in.” Logan interrupted coolly. “And it appears that I’m the only one who can.”

He pulled a remote from his pocket, clicking one of the buttons.

Suddenly the walls lit up, an all-consuming spiral projected across them. Words flashed in the spiral—too quick to understand and yet slow enough to sink into subconscious.

Remus stumbled, steadily losing his will, one word at a time.

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Logan watched with rapt attention. Janus finished his demonstration with a wave of his hand, Virgil dropping with the movement.


Janus smiled, something shining in his eyes. “It is, isn’t it?” He turned to Logan. “You’ve been paying attention, haven’t you?”

“Of course I have.” Logan was a little offended Janus thought he wouldn’t be.

“Good. Then you know exactly what to do when I do this.”

Janus’s phantom limbs appeared, moving in motions so fluid Logan couldn’t help but follow along. He watched, entranced, as they danced across his vision.

Janus’s hands fell and Logan eagerly followed suit.

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The trio stood tall against the villain, Roman with his sword drawn, Logan with his hands raised, and Patton with vials in hand. Virgil only smirked, fingering a vial of his own.

“You think you’ve won? Well, let’s see what you do without your little hero.”

Deep plum smoke slithered around the trio, obscuring everything. There was a gasp and suddenly the smoke dissipated.

Next to the villain stood Roman, skin pale and cold, eyes sunken and irises a bright, shining amethyst. Virgil grinned, slipping a hand around his shoulders. He turned to Patton and Logan, grin widening.

“Princey, attack.”

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Remus’s pleasant night of drinking and forgetting about his ex for once quickly went downhill when he was dragged to the outskirts of the club and flicked upside the head.

His vision tilted and spun, and though he could feel someone guiding him out of the club, he didn’t have enough of a hold on his thoughts to do anything about it.

A shove and Remus tumbled to the ground, dilapidated concrete scraping up his calloused hands. Someone grabbed him by the hair and Remus’s spinning world was overcome by bright yellow.

Words were hissed and suddenly everything went black.

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“Do you trust me?” The being asked, knuckles grazing his cheek.

He nodded, eyes wide and naïve.

The fae chuckled, acid green eyes shining as their grin widened. “Good. Don’t flinch, Patton, this might hurt.”

Their hands traveled down his plush, bare chest, leaving crimson rivers in their wake. The human watched, glossy eyed, as blood poured down his chest, gathering in his lap. The fae guided him closer, letting him rest against their chest.

Their hands slid up, one resting against his jaw and the other bracing the back of his neck.

A sickening crack echoed through the meadow.

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Roman was fully aware of the shadow creeping up behind him. He always was. But when the audience shouted gleeful warnings, he stubbornly feigned obliviousness.

Janus placed a firm hand on his shoulder. “You most certainly can’t be stealing away my show, Prince dearest.”

“But of course not—”

Snap. “Don’t lie to me, Prince.”

“So what if I am? Maybe I’m tired of being just ‘Deceit’s Assistant.’ Why can’t I share some of the limelight?” Roman pouted, though both he and Janus knew he was quite content with the role he played.

“Careful what you wish for, my darling Prince.”

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Logan’s head fell heavily against his desk, narrowly avoiding his laptop.

“Take a break.” His boyfriend said for the umpteenth time, patting Logan’s arm.

“I can’t, this is due Tuesday.”

“If you work any more right now you’ll just burn yourself out.” Janus’s tone softened. “Want me to make you stop working for a while?”

Please.” He nearly whined.

Janus chuckled, patting his arm. “Alright honey.” Snap.Break time.

As Logan began to relax Janus grabbed hold of him and tugged him toward the bed.

“Now let’s cuddle, I’m freezing.”

“You’re always cold.” Logan refuted but followed him anyway.

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Roman held the ornate necklace in his hands, unable to look away.

“I’ll help you put that on.” Someone said from the room’s entrance. It wasn’t a question, but Roman nodded anyway, eyes stuck on the faintly glowing necklace.

Delicate hands lifted the necklace from his own, slipping it around his neck with expertise. The moment the clasps clicked into place Roman shuddered.

“Yes, you’ll do quite nicely.” The man said, letting his fingers trace curiously along Roman’s collarbone from behind.

He leaned into the touch, suddenly longing for more.

“Come. You have work to do.”

And so Roman did.

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Virgil had come home from work in a state. Janus had immediately set aside his work to help his partner through their panic attack.

After some breathing exercises and part of an induction, Virgil was calm enough to speak. He explained what had happened at work that day, Janus listening dutifully. He left the room only once, coming back with Virgil’s favourite stuffed animal—a bat named Jackie—and a weighted blanket.

“Can you..” Virgil asked, curling into their weighted blanket, “Can you help me chill tonight?”

Janus smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to their cheek. “Of course, my darling.”

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“I’ll see you tonight.” Janus guided Roman towards the door, hand at the small of his back.

“I won’t remember any of this?”

“It’s for the best, my Prince. My little spy can’t have loose lips, can he?” The villain let his hands slip around Roman’s waist.

“I suppose not.” He sighed, leaning into Janus’s touch. He let his head rest against his chest.

“Very good.” Janus pressed a kiss to Roman’s head. “Until tonight.”

With a reluctant nod Roman stepped out the doorway. With a quick shake of his head Roman’s memories dissipated, leaving even himself none the wiser.

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Remus gasped as he was slammed against the jagged cave wall. Even still he grinned, “Harder, Daddy.”

The drider snarled, lavender eyes glowing in the darkness. It’s voice echoed around the cave, layering in on itself. “Very well.”

Bright amethyst lit up the cave, bouncing around the walls. If Remus were alert he’d be able to see the deadly ridges along the drider’s back and leg joints. Instead he felt himself floating and falling all at once, ensnared by the creature’s gaze.

“Submit to me.”

His mouth moved of it’s own accord, voice dull and lifeless. “I’ll.. submit to you..”

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Virgil should have known better than to take Roman’s advice.

Take a walk he said.

It’ll help calm you down he said.

And now here he was, wandering around aimlessly in the forest, night quickly approaching.

“You look lost.”

Virgil jumped, stumbling back. Nothing.

Weird. “Hello?”

“Over here.”

Virgil turned to the side, breath catching as his vison was overcome with colour. Sunshine yellows flowed into plant greens into cotton candy pinks.

“I’ll get you home, don’t worry.” Someone said, voice deep and resonant.

Virgil found himself nodding. Yeah, he’d get home. He had nothing to worry about at all.

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“Do you really think it’ll work?” Virgil asked, fingering the pocket watch Janus had gifted him.

“I have faith in you, Virgil.” Logan adjusted his position in the chair.

Virgil gave him a grateful smile. “Thanks, Lo.”

Logan responded with his own. Virgil let the watch drop from his hands, the shift of his wrist allowing it to swing back and forth, finding a rhythm.

Virgil began to speak, voice quick and anxious at first, though as time wore on he relaxed, just as Logan did.

And then, with Virgil’s abrupt, but expected, snap, Logan was sinking into the abyss.

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Janus always kept a small bell around his waist. No one knew why, he just did. And somehow, it never made any noise no matter what he was doing.

“Janus?” Virgil asked one evening.

“Yes spiderling?”

“What’s that bell do?”

Janus looked down at him, something sparking in his eyes. “You really want to know?”

Virgil nodded, even more intrigued.

“Very well.” He took the bell from his waist, wrist flicking.

The sound swam through the air, gentle and melodious and absolutely intoxicating.

“How do you feel, darling?”

“Obedient..” He hummed, eyes glazed and smile dreamy.

“Wonderful, now listen close.”

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Long wires rose from the base of Logan’s neck and wrists, his face lifeless. If Roman didn’t know better he’d mistake him for a mannequin.

His stomach twisted as he prodded at the wires. “Who did this?”

Logan’s eyes fluttered open, shining an unnatural green. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” His hand shot up, clamping around Roman’s throat.

He grinned, running his tongue along his teeth. “Ah, it feels so good to have a vessel once again.”

He let Roman drop, Logan’s unnatural smile the last thing he saw before a swift kick to the head left his world black.

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“No one can know about this.” Virgil sighed, his head resting on Janus’s chest. “I hate that I can’t take you into town.”

“I know, sweetheart.” Janus carded his fingers through Virgil’s hair, sharp claws parting his tangled curls.

There was a pause, calm and contented.

“Can you make me forget about all that tonight? I don’t wanna think about anything but you.”

“That can be arranged.” The naga smirked, but Virgil could see the understanding behind his eyes.

The human leaned into his touch, hand running along Janus’s torso scales. Virgil smiled as Janus’s eyes shifted, pulsing bright yellow.

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Patton stared at the screen in front of him, the flashing and spinning oddly calming. How he wasn’t overstimulated he didn’t know, but he wasn’t complaining. The calm draped around him like a blanket, filling up his mind with cotton.

When the screen turned black the feeling intensified, urging his eyes closed and letting him lay in his chair like a ragdoll.

He didn’t know how long he sat there, but when the button on his neck was pressed he sat himself up, mind awake and commands active. When Master Janus beckoned him forward, he obeyed without a second thought.

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“You’re stressed.”

Virgil eyed the soft blanket draped across Janus’s lap. “I need to turn my brain off.”

Janus nodded, patting his lap with a smile. Virgil settled next to him, laying his head obediently in his boyfriend’s lap. The moment he touched the soft fabric he sighed, brain shifting. The Mindscape, aware of his mental shift, gifted him cat ears and a tail.

He tilted his head up at Janus, chirping a meow at him before curling up. Janus scratched at the base of his ears, causing a rumbling purr to ripple through Virgil’s chest, heart warm and content.

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Roman sat next to Janus, engrossed in the movie playing, content to let Janus’s hands roam along his torso. The soft feeling of leather on skin lulled Roman into a contented daze,  Janus’s motions comforting.

Then, without warning his posture straightened, eyes widening. Janus’s hand slipped away from the button at the base of Roman’s spine, a smirk pulling at his lips.

“Go ahead.” He leaned in, hands trailing languidly, sliding up Roman’s thighs. “You know you want to.”

Roman broke quickly and easily, tugging Janus forward into a teeth-clacking kiss. He never did see the end of that movie.

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Virgil lounged in his chair, smirking at Roman—shoulders slumped and dull eyes glowing a faint lavender. He leaned forward, brushing delicate knuckles against his unresponsive face.

“Princey, Princey, Princey.” He guided Roman’s gaze to his own, chuckling at his languid blink. “You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, do you?”

By design, Roman didn’t respond. Virgil stood from his chair, settling himself into Roman’s lap, eyes flashing lavender. Roman’s face didn’t show any signs of understanding, but by the sluggish way he wrapped his arms around Virgil he understood completely.

Virgil grinned, his fangs flashing. “Good boy.”

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Remus waved his hand in front of Roman’s black face. “Is this what I look when I get all trancy?”

Janus rolled his eyes, wiping away the thin line of drool sliding down Roman’s chin. “Yes, though you drool much more than he does.”


A smile tugged at Janus’s lips. “Remus, I love your company, but this is my time with Roman.”

“Well, can I at least watch?”

Janus looked him up and down, face revealing nothing. “If you promise not to interact; no talking no touching, nothing.”

“Dealio!” Remus slumped back in his chair with an eager grin.

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Deceit was calm and cool as the heroes restrained him. Virgil seemed bothered, but Roman was just happy to be done with the villain.

“You’re going away for a long time, Deceit.”

“Not so fast, Prince. Not everything is as it seems.” Deceit flourished, a flash of golden light snapping through the air.

Nothing happened.

“Ha! Your tricks won’t work on me!”

“I wasn’t aiming for you.”

Roman’s head snapped over to Virgil, a wicked sneer tugging at his features.

“I suggest you let him go, Princey. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to our number one hero, would we?”

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Roman ran a comforting hand along the ridges of his horns. “When’ll you be back?”

Janus shook his head through the screen. “I’m sorry, Ro, I’m not sure. Hopefully within the fortnight.”

There was a pause before, “I miss you.”

“Yeah, me too.” Roman muttered, eyes downcast. “Can you—”

“I’d love to, my prince.” Janus smiled, light shining in his eyes. “Get somewhere cozy and close your eyes. This’ll take longer without my magic.”

Roman took a moment to settle into their bed, the dragon plush Janus had given him hugged close.

“Wonderful, my darling. Now, take a deep breath…”