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Following the Rules

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Not following the rules was weird. Liberating, but weird. Ever since the District Nine mission had told off the mission president and joined the local village to preach their own hybrid of The Book of Mormon and Elder Cunningham's fanfictions, the boys had found themselves in an odd place. They wanted to disobey the rules, throw caution to the wind, and live their lives to the fullest; but it was hard.

Nobody simply shakes off a lifetime of religious conditioning, and even doing their day to day chores they would feel off, guilty or wrong. In time, however, they got more and more comfortable. Elder Price routinely chugging locally-made coffee in the common room was probably helping, he really was the bravest of them all in this regard even if what they considered a "sin" was a common practice most people outside of Utah never thought twice about in this day and age.

Slowly but surely, the other young men in the mission would partake in similar mundane pleasures they'd never allowed themselves to have. There was one thing, though, that nobody dared to do. It went unspoken, and even the thought of it would make the bravest missionary shake in his slacks: The pills.

Starting at the age of thirteen; even younger for some, every boy in that room was given the pills once a year in the springtime. It wasn't a sin according to the church not to take them, but to act on the urges such a choice would create was. And that was a very, very hard thing to control.

Any eligible missionary was required to take them, it was part of the rules. Without the pills to reign in the natural hormones created during the breeding season, any mission would be a disaster. Most of them had wondered how it was done before the drug was developed, but shook off the thought the moment it entered their mind...that was a slippery slope of depraved fantasies any good and pure missionary should repress instead of wonder his silly head about.

It was one of the last remaining things the boys in District Nine still respected and followed. Not for the church's sake, but out of fear of the repercussions. No matter, month by month ticked by and soon the winter was almost over. Being that they were now in the southern hemisphere, it hadn't been anything like the fluffy white season the boys had experienced in Utah, or Wyoming or wherever else in America they hailed from. Even the southernmost states experienced some kind of temperature drop. Here, however, winter was the hottest month of the year. It threw their perspective of time all off. On top of that, some of the boys had stopped paying attention to the little checklists and notes they'd made for themselves about rules to follow, chores to do...medicine to take.



Kevin Price groaned as his eyes blinked open to the sunlight streaming through the cracked window. He didn't move under the cover (It really wasn't much more than a thin cloth...but it was cozy). It felt like he'd been hit by a truck. Throbbing headache...a slight burning at his cheeks and even down his chest.

"Gosh...what's wrong with me..." he shuffled slightly, flipping over onto his right side. Arnold was still fast asleep, back facing towards him. Suddenly, a smell hit Kevin's nose. He inhaled deeply, letting out a pleased noise from the back of his throat as if it gave him some kind of buzz. "Mmm..what the heck is that?" Kevin cocked his head and furrowed his brow, sitting up a little bit more as he sniffed at the air. It didn't smell like food, or air freshener, or anything that he could place. As he focused, the smell almost seemed to turn a little unpleasant. It was a musky, strong odor that stuck in the air like a haze. Kevin laid back down, wrapping an arm around his companion and burying his nose into his curly black hair. He inhaled once more, pulling Arnold closer with a soft noise. Being touched stirred his companion, who shifted slightly as he woke up, stretching and groaning slightly.

"H-hey buddy what's up..?" Arnold mumbled. As his eyes focused and he processed his surroundings, a different but similar smell invaded his senses. “Mm…is someone making breakfast…wait…that smells like sweat. Buddy did you shower? What is that?” Arnold blurted out every thought as it popped into his head, as he normally did. Suddenly, Arnold’s eyes widened as Kevin grabbed him, pulling him close again. He gasped, feeling something against his backside.

“Y-you smell really good…” Kevin whispered softly, feeling a little odd as he said it. Not something he’d ever expected to say to another man, let alone his mission companion, but it just was so…nice. He couldn’t help but verbalize the thought.

“I smell something good too…” Arnold looked confused, looking around to see if there was anything new in the room that could be causing the odor. He was suddenly jolted out of his thoughts as he felt whatever it was rub up against him again. “Kev…is that you?”

Before Arnold could even get the question out, Kevin had already answered it. Tightly gripping onto Arnold around his torso, Kevin gently rutted his hips against his friend. He didn’t know what was possessing him to dry hump his companion but god it just felt so good. The pleasure that shot through him every time he rubbed up on Arnold’s butt was causing sensations he’d never felt in his life. Sure, despite what he’d tell you, Kevin had touched himself a few times over the years. But this? This was on a whole other level of pleasure. He felt like he was getting a buzz from his own brain telling him 'Keep going, this is what you need, Kevin!' every time he felt the friction on his groin. Naturally, he was already fully aroused. Before he’d even woken up the blood was already rushing but now there was a full sized tent pitching in his garment (Most of them hadn’t stopped wearing them quite yet). Right at the tip of it was a wet spot that was spreading ever so slightly as he continued.

Arnold made soft noises in response, amounting to not much more than a few gasps and whimpers. Between what his companion was doing and the urges stirring inside him he was getting quite aroused himself.

“Buddy…” Arnold was nervous. All of this was so sudden and so overwhelming. He didn’t know what to do or say. He shifted in the bed, facing Kevin. Poor Kevin was panting softly, his face flushed pink. “A-are you—“

Arnold was cut off by a forceful kiss. Kevin ran his hands through the other man’s soft curls, pulling him close. He moaned softly into the kiss, feeling his bulge rub against his companion’s. The friction was driving him crazy.

“Elder…I think..” Kevin sighed, biting his lip. “I think this is what those pills…it’s what they've been keeping us from feeling…” he managed a weak smile before instinctively grinding on Arnold again.

“Wow…that feels…aah!” Arnold giggled a little, an innocent excitement still peaking through. “Feels good!” He sat up a little, unintentionally pinning Kevin to the bed as he leaned over him. Straddling his waist, Arnold smiled down at his companion. Kevin’s breath was heavy as he felt Arnold rub against him. He squirmed, tugging at the bottom half of his sacred, holy undergarment.

“I think I know something that would feel…even better..” Kevin smiled a little as he pulled his garment down below his waist.

“Elder…?” Arnold cocked his head in confusion before his eyes went wide. “That’s your…wow…” Kevin pulled his erection out from his underwear, stroking it gently. He closed his eyes, gently biting his lip and letting out a soft noise as he did it. He looked as if he was in pure bliss, much more peaceful than he had been mere moments ago. Each stroke gave him a jolt of satisfaction and he knew now the only way to relieve himself from his urges.

“Arn…ah..” Kevin sped up the motion with his hand a little bit. “We need to…hah…um…”

Suddenly, that innocent, pure shyness came back onto Kevin as if his mind was catching up with the situation at hand.

“….Make love.”

It was a hushed whisper, as if he was worried someone would hear. Arnold gasped, shocked at the proposition. As if the fact that they’d done this much wasn’t bad enough! Making love?

“I-Isn’t that just for girls and boys? Who are…er…married?” Arnold looked up, as if he was racking his brain trying to make sure he was remembering what his parents told him correctly.

Kevin was still panting softly and tugging at himself, jerking his hand up and down quickly. He’d definitely done this before, but the thought didn’t even cross Arnold’s mind as he got caught up staring at the motion for a few seconds. He even felt himself starting to drool a little bit as he watched.

“U-usually it is, buddy, but…” Kevin bit his lip a little harder. “Ah! Th-this is kind of a special case…I uh…I dunno if we’re gonna be able to…relieve this…any other way…”

Arnold frowned, but nodded slowly in agreement. He started to work at his own bottoms, gently pushing them down below his waist. As he did so, Kevin eyed him up, clearly enjoying what he saw. Arnold’s dick was about average length, but much thicker. Kevin’s was a little longer than average and much thinner than his companion’s. At the present moment, both were practically dripping with precum, much more than they normally would be.

Kevin put his hand on Arnold’s hip, guiding him closer until he was once again straddling his companion. This time, though, without the thin fabric of their undergarments between them, the two boy’s cocks rubbed up against each other. Kevin gasped at the feeling, instinctively wrapping his hand around them both and slowly stroking.

Arnold moaned, surprisingly high pitched. Now he knew what Kevin was feeling before, and it all made sense. The sensation was unlike any he’d ever felt before. Of course, like any teenage boy, Arnold had experimented with touching and playing with himself. However…it was never like this. He moved his hips forward slowly, keeping in time with Kevin’s rhythm. By this point, the air in the room had grown hot and heavy, the smell of the two boy’s musk had gotten even stronger; which only drove them even more wild.

“Nnn…Kev…buddy?” Arnold managed between heavy breaths.


“I-I feel weird inside…like I’m gonna…”

Kevin knew what he meant, and immediately took his hand off of them. This was great, but he wanted more.

At the loss of the feeling of his dick being stroked, Arnold let out a loud and surprised sigh. He’d felt close to bursting a moment prior but it had suddenly faded away. His cock throbbed and he whimpered softly.

“H-Hey why did you…” Arnold trailed off, staring at Kevin as he completely kicked off the bottom half of his garment. After doing so, he raised a finger to Arnold’s mouth, shushing him before pushing it inside. Arnold didn’t question it and began to suck on the finger.

“Don’t worry buddy…you’re about to feel even better, trust me…” Kevin smiled warmly, sticking another finger in Arnold’s mouth. When he felt they’d been sufficiently wet, Kevin pulled them out. Looking into his companion’s eyes, Kevin spread his legs and gently pushed his first finger in. His face contorted into slight pain for a brief moment, but before Arnold could register any kind of concern or distress, it was immediately replaced with immense pleasure. Kevin’s jaw hung open as he fingered himself, slowly pushing in and out.

Arnold watched this eagerly, unsure why exactly he was loving it so much. He moved his hand down to his cock, gently stroking the shaft as he watched. Kevin groaned, biting his lip as he hit a sensitive spot. It wasn't long at all before he'd started using another finger.

After a good while, Kevin pulled his fingers out and looked up at Arnold, his big brown eyes practically begging for his companion to finish what he'd started. Arnold gulped, nervously putting his hands on Kevin's thighs, spreading his legs a little bit more. He lined himself up and pushed just the tip in.

Kevin squeaked, Arnold was much thicker than his fingers. Thankfully, the natural lubricant the boys produced during this time of year did its job and Kevin felt very little pain as he adjusted to the feeling. Slowly, Arnold began pushing his hips forward until he was completely buried deep inside his companion. Kevin sighed, relaxing as best he could. It almost felt too overwhelming in the moment, all these new sensations were making his entire body shake a little.

They'd barely sat in this position for a few seconds when Arnold couldn't stand it any more and moved his hips a little. He'd been being as gentle as possible for the comfort of his friend but his instincts were starting to cloud his mind again. He leaned over Kevin, kissing him gently as he pushed back and forth inside of him. Kevin let out a muffled moan into the kiss, tensing a little bit at the movement. Arnold gasped excitedly, feeling his friend's muscles squeeze around him.

"B-Buddy...ah..that feels so good..." Arnold managed to pant out, looking Kevin in the eyes as he started to thrust his hips faster and harder.

"You're doing great, Arn..." Kevin smiled, patting Arnold's head as his companion buried his face into his neck. "A-Ah-!" 

Kevin was caught off guard by the bite, but it only added to the pleasure. Arnold was ramming against his sensitive spot over and over again and Kevin couldn't help all the moans and gasps that spilled out of his mouth. God, this felt better than words could describe. It was like a relief was washing over him, being taken like this.

Suddenly Kevin noticed that not only was Arnold grasping his body tighter as the moments passed, but his biting grip on his companion's neck was getting tighter too. Arnold didn't need to warn him verbally, Kevin could tell he was about to burst.

"Arn...stroke me.." he panted, petting his companion's curls and running his fingers through them. Wordlessly, Arnold obliged, pumping his hand around Kevin's dick in time with his thrusts. 

Kevin threw his head back with a pleased groan and tightened his hand that was on Arnold's head into a fist, tugging on his hair. Arnold squeaked, screwing his eyes shut as his hips bucked. Both of them were very close and they knew it. Suddenly, without much warning, Arnold nipped at Kevin's neck again (where a few considerable bruises were already starting to form) and held on. His hips twitched and bucked forward, shaking a little as he exhaled loudly through his nose and moaned into Kevin's neck. 

Kevin yelped as he felt it, his cock twitching in Arnold's grip as he finished himself. He groaned as it spurted out in thick ropes, much more than it normally would. Of course, during the breeding season, the boys were a lot more fertile and produced quite a bit more juice to do it with.

After Arnold released his grip on Kevin's neck with a meek "Sorry..", he brought his hand to his mouth and took a curious lick of his companion's cum. He frowned for a brief moment, clearly expecting something different, before shrugging and starting to lap the fluid off of his hand like a cat.

Kevin chuckled at the sight, panting as he caught his breath and rubbing his neck a little. Arnold had definitely left his mark there. Honestly, Kevin was surprised how well he had taken charge; though that might've just been the unbearable need to finish inside of someone.

"Wow...that" Arnold chuckled, still a bit out of breath as he gently pulled out of Kevin. He sighed, snuggling up to him. "I loved that..." 

Kevin smiled, continuing to stroke Arnold's hair. It was just so soft and puffy, he couldn't help it.

"I loved it too, best friend." Kevin smiled. After all that, both of them were so peaceful and relaxed, like a weight had been lifted and a primal itch had been scratched. " time we gotta remember to take those pills," Kevin trailed off mid sentence, before his eyes widened suddenly.

"Buddy? Are you ok?"

"Arnold! The others!"