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Look At Me With Those Beautiful Eyes

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 Akira didn't have a favorite color.


 She didn't stop to pay attention to this kind of thing, she didn't see the world with vibrant and beautiful colors since she was little.


 For Akira, things just had these colors because the universe wanted it and that's it.


 So she didn't have a favorite color.

"Yukishiro-senpai, I bet I can guess what color you like best!"


 Akira looks away from the old script she was reading and looks at Shiori.


 Her Kouhai was looking at her with a small smile, her cheeks smeared with a slight tinge of red.


 It does things to her heart, but Akira can't exactly explain what, she'll probably have to talk to Michiru later.


"I see you got bored" She couldn't stop a small smile from escaping.


"I was thinking about our conversation earlier when Yachiyo-senpai was talking about color combinations and it stuck in my head."


"I see, do your best, Frau Jade."


 Shiori then looks intensely at her for a few seconds, which to Akira seemed too long. The younger girl had a very cute expression of concentration actually.


"I know."


 Shiori was smiling as beautifully as ever and her eyes sparkled with excitement and joy at the little game.


"Green! Got it?"


 Akira didn't have a favorite color, but after seeing Shiori like this the only thing she could do was agree. Anything to keep that smile going.

 After that, green was all Akira could see, it was everywhere, always getting her attention.


 She notices the decor of the family restaurant where she goes to lunch with the Edels.


 She notices the purse of one of her classmates.


 The tea boxes the Edels leave in the student council room for Shiori.


 The fabrics Yachiyo is carrying for the new costume.


 The varying shades of green from the leaves of the trees that cover her as she walks in the park beside Shiori.


 She notices the green-detailed bracelet Shiori is wearing when she holds her hand.


 And it's after sharing her first kiss with Shiori, when the girl opens her eyes and looks at her with those beautiful green eyes that she notices.


Akira actually has a favorite color now.