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Happy Freakin' Halloween

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“Your fake fangs ended up where?!” Barry demanded, thinking surely he had misheard because there was no way that Cisco could be so stupid.

“Barry, you are not helping here,” his friend pleaded from the other end of the phone call. He was clearly panicking. Barry couldn’t say he blamed him. Tonight had started relatively normal: it was Halloween, they’d had a party at STAR Labs, Barry dressed as a robot, Cisco as Dracula, Caitlin was a witch… It was fun.

Then all hell broke loose, and they’d needed the Rogues’ help.

But while Barry and Captain Cold were strategising in the warehouse that Leonard was currently hiding out in… apparently, Cisco and Lisa had decided tonight was the perfect time to finally resolve that tension between them.

In Snart’s bedroom.

And in their rush to not get caught afterwards, Cisco had forgotten his fake teeth there, and that was where they remained for the rest of the night. Until he came to his senses about five minutes ago, realised that they were missing, and went into panic-mode.

“Cold’s going to kill me if he finds them. You have to help me!” Cisco begged, and Barry sighed. His night had already been one disaster after another; why not add in one more?

“Calm down. We’ll… we’ll come up with something.”

That ‘something’ involved Barry returning to Snart’s safe house and sneaking in to check the coast was clear. If not, he’d distract Leonard long enough for Cisco to vibe in, grab his fake teeth, and get gone again. It was foolproof!

God, he hoped it was foolproof.

“–You remember the code words, right?–” Cisco asked over the comms as Barry arrived in front of the warehouse. He wasn’t wearing the Flash suit anymore; they figured it welcomed too much trouble. If he got caught snooping, he’d get further in his civilian clothes.

“If you hear me say the word ‘vampire’, then you can vibe in and grab your fake teeth. But if I say ‘Captain Cold’, then you need to get out of there again,” Barry recounted readily with a shake of his head; Cisco really owed him for this one. “I still don’t understand why Lisa couldn’t just grab them for you.”

“–Dude, we literally just hooked up. I am not having my first text to her be about something so stupid.–”

Barry sighed but didn’t argue. “I’m going in.”

“–You’re the best!–”

Yeah, yeah; he’d heard it all before.

If he got shot tonight, he was not letting Cisco live this down.

Barry briefly considered just running through and searching the warehouse at superspeed. If he went fast enough, then Snart wouldn’t even know he was here, right?

But he couldn’t chance that. If he left so much as a spark of lighting, breeze of wind, or a single afterimage in his wake, Snart would know, and he would have a hell of a lot of questions about why Barry was spying on him. It had taken a long time to build trust with Leonard, to break down his walls, to convince him to believe in himself. That he was more than just a common crook out for himself.

And, well, yes… he was still a thief.

But he was more than that. He helped people, too, and he didn’t even always need to be convinced into a team-up anymore; sometimes, all it took was Barry simply asking, and he would say yes. He was a good man. And although they weren’t exactly friends – they didn’t meet up outside of missions or heists, or specifically set aside time for a catchup – they were friendly.

And Barry didn’t want to jeopardise that now.

So, although it would be easier to just run in, grab the teeth, and go again… Barry took no shortcuts. He pushed open the warehouse door and made his way inside. It was quiet within, but he was still only at the front. Whereas it was the offices at the back where Snart had set up his living space, and Barry made his way there now.

He wouldn’t exactly call what he was doing sneaking – he didn’t want to be caught sneaking around any more than he wanted to be caught speeding in and out – so instead, he did the only thing he could think of and announced his arrival by calling out Snart’s name. There was no response.

Barry waited a moment before opening the door that led to Snart’s hideout.

“–Anyone there?–” Cisco asked through the comms, but Barry didn’t respond. Not yet. Not until he knew for sure that he was alone. They had no clue where Snart was right now. They’d tried tracking the cold gun’s cold signature, but it hadn’t been switched on since they’d finished fighting Scudder earlier tonight. Cisco was still keeping an eye on it back at STAR Labs, but in the meantime, Snart could be anywhere. The same went for Lisa or Mick Rory.

Barry went further into the warehouse. It was warm in here but still silent.

He moved back and forth, poking his head into the rooms as he went, very deliberately not sneaking as he made noises closing doors and didn’t care how loud his footsteps were on the creaky old floors.

And then – “Barry?” a voice said from behind him, and he heard Cisco swear from the other end of the comms in his ear.

“Oh! There you are!” Barry said as he spun around to face Snart. He was dressed down too – no jacket or parka – he was holding his cold gun, though. But it wasn’t charged. He held it loose down by his side.

That was something, at least.

“I was… I was just looking for you,” Barry managed to stumble out, dragging his eyes back up away from the gun and to Leonard’s face again. Damn, he looked so different without a jacket on.

Not bad!

Just… different.

Snart tilted his head, frowning and looking unconvinced by Barry’s lacklustre explanation for his reappearance in the safe house. “Hmmm?”

“–Come on, Barry. You need to sell it better than that!–” Cisco said in his ear, and Barry was really beginning to regret agreeing to wear a comms unit. It was small – tiny – Snart wouldn’t notice it, but that didn’t stop Cisco from being a nuisance.

“Yeah, I erm… I just wanted to thank you for tonight,” Barry continued, stepping a little closer and hopefully wearing a more convincing smile. “You really helped us out back there. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

Snart was still frowning at him. Still holding that cold gun. “You already gave me your thanks.”

“Well… it doesn’t hurt to say it again, right?”

“Is that so?” he asked, still looking him carefully up and down. But Barry just nodded.

Feeling awkward under scrutiny, he attempted to move the conversation on. “Hey, are Lisa and Mick here too, or…?” he let his sentence drift off, and after a long moment, Snart shook his head.

“It’s just us.”

“Oh, good,” Barry said, breathing a short sigh of relief which made Leonard raise his eyebrow in question. Crap. “I just mean…” Damn. How was he going to get this codeword out to Cisco? “You know, it’s Halloween night; they should be out having fun. Like I’m sure Lisa would make a pretty kickass vampire,” he finished, feeling pretty proud of himself.

“–Roger that, Barry. I’m on my way now,–” Cisco said. “–Just keep him busy for me.–”

“Yeah, well, we don’t play dress-up,” Snart drawled, and Barry scoffed at the ridiculousness of that statement.

“You dress up as a supervillain all the time!”

“That’s a uniform. A trademark. It’s not a costume,” Leonard answered. Then his lips quirked up, and he leant in close, his voice dropping to a sultry whisper as he said: “And I look damn good in it.”

Barry laughed, feeling a blush heating up the back of his neck. He tried to avert his gaze, feeling suddenly too close to Leonard’s vibrant blue eyes. But when he moved his head to the left, Snart moved with him, refusing to let up with that impossibly annoying smirk on his lips.

“Do you disagree?” he asked.

“Well… I mean… uh…” Barry began spluttering while Snart moved back again as though to get a better look at his beet-red face.

“What? Did you just come to my home to insult me?” he asked, and Barry swore that he wasn’t actually offended – swore that he saw a twinkle of amusement hidden deep inside those eyes – but he certainly sounded it. And he was still holding that cold gun by his side.

“–I can’t find my teeth!–” Cisco said frantically through the comms. “–Just keep him talking a little longer while I look.–”

Barry couldn’t respond; he had Snart’s eyes on him, watching him closely, sharply. And he was just now realising that this was the most stupid thing he’d ever done.

He was here to steal fake teeth from Captain Cold!

Why was this his life?!

“You, err…” Barry started and stopped again, feeling the words tangle together on his tongue. “You look…” God, why was this so difficult to say? It wasn’t like he was lying! Snart did look…

Well, he…


Barry cleared his throat and nodded his head. It was all he could manage, but it made Snart grin wickedly. He did drop the cold gun back into his holster, though, apparently appeased by Barry’s floundering that he wasn’t here to do something ridiculous like steal from him.

Which he wasn’t!

Technically, Cisco was the one doing the stealing. And it was actually more like retrieving something that they’d left behind.

It was completely different.

Barry saw an opening then and managed to slip away from Snart, putting a bit more space between them. He didn’t think of it as retreating, as such – he couldn’t actually leave anyway until Cisco did; he wouldn’t abandon his friend – he just needed room to breathe, to think.

“So,” Snart drawled, still watching him like a hawk would watch its prey. “You said something about thanking me for saving your ass back there?” he prompted, and Barry drew a blank for a half a second before he nodded vigorously because, yes! That was the excuse he’d given for showing up uninvited for a second time tonight!

He was really bad at this, wasn’t he?


He was going to get himself shot tonight.

“That’s right, yeah,” Barry said, trying not to sound too nervous as Snart approached him again.

“And what are your plans, I have to wonder,” he drawled, “if you didn’t want Mick or Lisa here to interrupt it?”

“I… didn’t say that,” Barry hedged, trying not to squirm under the heat of Snart gaze.

Damn, for someone who went by the moniker of Captain Cold, he sure knew how to make Barry’s blood run hot.

“Really?” Leonard asked. He took another step closer, and Barry countered it by stepping away, finding himself quickly backed up against a wall. All too soon, Snart was caging him in between his arms. There was barely any space between them anymore, and when Snart spoke again, he let his voice drop to a low tone, barely above a whisper. “Sure sounded like you wanted to get me alone.”

“–Dude, is… is Cold coming onto you?!–”

Barry swallowed thickly, blushing. He really hoped Snart was far enough away that he couldn’t hear any noise from his comms. This whole situation could turn south quickly if he knew what was really going on.


Not that it was heading in the right direction now.

It was just distinctly better than getting shot with the cold gun, was all.

Barry felt at a complete loss for words, wondering how the hell he’d got himself trapped in this situation. It was supposed to be a foolproof plan, dammit! But now he was pushed up against the wall with Leonard Snart staring him down, looking like he was two seconds away from eating him up but like… in a good way.

And… okay, Barry was just about willing to admit to himself that that wasn’t something he was opposed to. Maybe he’d even thought about the idea of it in the past. He kind of liked it. Kind of liked him.

What he didn’t like was that he was here under false pretences, with Cisco snooping around in another room and listening in on the comms!

This was about as far away from any of Barry’s fantasies as it got.

And yet, he couldn’t deny that the tension was still there, bubbling under his skin and itching to be relieved. He licked at his lips nervously and watched as Leonard’s eyes dropped to track the movement.

Snart’s own lips parted just a fraction, looking soft and pink.

It took him a moment to realise he was staring. Until Leonard’s mouth twisted up at the corners and turned into a devilish grin.

Barry snapped his gaze back up to Snart’s deep blue eyes. He realised they were closer now than before, having drawn together in the moments that passed. His heart began to pick up speed in his chest, beating hard and heavy against his ribcage.

Everything else that was going on just melted into the background then as Snart began to close those last few inches between them. His hand came up to cup Barry’s jaw, guiding him forward. And Barry’s hands settled in turn on Leonard’s hips, not to push away or to pull him in, but just resting there.

His eyes fluttered shut half a second before their mouths made contact.

And for a moment, that was all it was: just a chaste brush of lips.

And Barry relaxed into in, forgetting all the reasons why he shouldn’t enjoy this, shouldn’t want this.

He opened his mouth to lure Leonard closer, tugging on his hips, guiding him forward until they were slotted up against one another.

Snart didn’t need more of an invitation than that as he licked past Barry’s parted lips, his fingers threading into the hairs at the nape of his neck, pulling a soft moan from him.

Barry welcomed the extra pressure against his body as Snart pressed forward, even when there was no more ‘forward’ to go. The heat of their bodies separated by only a couple layers of thin clothing, barely a breath of air between them.

He responded in kind, pushing back, taking everything Snart had to offer and demanding more. More of his lips, his teeth, his hands, his skin.

Barry’s fingers drifted up from Snart’s hips, slipping under the material of his sweater until they were grazing deftly up his hot, muscular torso. And…

Okay, Barry was definitely worked up now.

Still, Leonard was the first one to break the kiss, pulling back for air even as he seemed hesitant to move his body even an inch away. Instead, he rested his head on the wall beside Barry’s, still leaning into his every touch.

“Hmm,” he murmured into Barry’s ear. The sound of it – like it was half a moan – combined with the sensation of breath against Barry’s neck was enough to make him shiver and let out a silent gasp.

Snart didn’t say anything else. He didn’t move in to kiss Barry again, nor did he pull back. And from the angle he was resting – his whole body thrown across Barry, plastering him against the wall, his head resting directly next to his – Barry couldn’t really see him or make any moves of his own either.

Not that his mind was really working enough for him to make any moves. Or, not any that were thought-out, anyway. Because all that was going through his mind right then was how warm Snart felt against him.


Barry did his best to face him. After a short struggle, Leonard seemed to take pity on him and pulled up. It wasn’t exactly what Barry wanted, putting a few more inches of space between them again, but now he could see Snart again, and…

Barry just stared back at him, speechless.

He wanted to say something.

But not only did he have no idea what he wanted to say… his mind just could not focus as his eyes drifted back down to Leonard’s lips again. They were pink, and kiss-bitten, and shiny. And Barry unconsciously wet his own lips as his body was overcome with the urge to lean back forward and recapture Snart’s mouth.

Slowly, Leonard began to smirk, and Barry watched it spread across his raw lips.

“I didn’t think you’d let me do that,” he said. It wasn’t quite like his usual Captain Cold drawl – it was more open and honest than that.

It took Barry a quick second to make sense of the words. But once he did, he finally lifted his gaze back up to Snart’s pleased, blue eyes again.

Then Leonard dug something out of his jeans and held it out for him to see…

Cisco’s vampire teeth!



“You…” Barry still couldn’t find his words.

Wow, Snart had really kissed the senses out of him, huh?

“Know exactly why you’re really here?” Leonard offered up. He still didn’t move away, his face so close that Barry could feel his breath ghosting against his cheek. Could probably count his eyelashes if he was so inclined. “Yes.”

Barry’s stomach dropped.

And then a second later, it freaking plummeted! Because not only had he been caught sneaking into Captain Cold’s safe house to steal some stupid Halloween prop for his idiot best friend, but said best friend had definitely just overheard him making out with the villain-turned-antihero in question. Which, now he thought about it, was probably just some complex game of ‘Gay Chicken’ that Barry now definitely felt like he had lost by simply not knowing that they were playing.

If Barry had the room to, he would have dropped his head into his hands right about now. However, Snart was still standing far too close to do that. Also, Barry’s hands were still resting on his naked torso, which, yeah, he needed to probably pull them back right about now! So, instead, he just hung his head in shame.

Honestly, he took back everything he said about hoping Snart didn’t shoot him tonight. He changed his mind. He hoped Snart would shoot him! It would be a highlight, actually. The best possible end to this mortifying disaster.

Happy freakin’ Halloween.

Except Snart still wasn’t moving back. He didn’t look angry or like he was about to start shooting Barry for trying to deceive him. He just dropped the fake teeth into his palm and grinned.

“You’re a terrible liar,” he said, and Barry shrugged. He could admit that today wasn’t exactly his best performance. He’d been under pressure! So, sue him. “I can see why you have such a hard time keeping your identity a secret.”


“Barry, half of Central knows you’re the Flash,” he taunted. “But that kiss…” Snart’s eyes darkened, and Barry’s stomach flipped. Despite himself, his eyes once again dropping to Leonard’s lips. “Truly the performance of a lifetime.”

Barry let out a short nervous laugh. “Not too bad yourself.”

Snart nodded. Once. Twice. Then straightened up.

His body warmth was instantly missed, leaving Barry feeling cold from head to toe.

A moment later, Leonard was turning on his heel and striding away, walking with that cocky swagger that Barry had always secretly admired and now felt guilty about watching.

“It’s a shame, though,” he called, his back still to Barry as he moved to pick up a glass from where it rested next to an armchair. “For a while there, I thought you wanted me as much as I want you.” He shrugged and took a sip of his drink before lowering it down again. “Guess not.”

Barry stared at him for a moment, unsure where to take this, unsure if he really meant what he was saying. Except why would Snart lie about this? To get back at Barry for lying about why he was here in the first place? That… that was too cruel. Barry wouldn’t believe he could do something like that. The punishment didn’t exactly fit the crime.

And when Snart looked over at him now, his face carefully blank… but his eyes…

In his eyes, there was just a crack of emotion. A flash of fear, a fear of rejection. And above that… hope. The hope of someone who had put himself out there and was waiting for his answer.

And Barry suddenly knew exactly what answer he wanted to give.

He flashed forward – stuffing Cisco’s gross vampire fangs into the pocket of his hoodie as he went – and stopped directly in front of Snart. He waited until Leonard had fully focused on him again, on the new position, the closeness, before he grabbed at his sweater and pulled him forward.

This kiss did not start chaste. It started with teeth and tongue and hands scrambling for purchase against clothing, and it showed no signs of slowing down.

By the time they made it to any actual furniture, Barry had already lost his hoodie and t-shirt.

“Before this goes any further, I need to know,” Snart said seriously while Barry was kissing his way down his neck. He paused and looked up long enough to hear what Leonard had to say. “Is there anything else you’re trying to steal tonight?”

Barry let out a breathless laugh. “Just… you.” That made the corner’s of Snart’s lips tug up into a reluctant grin.

“A little cheesy, but I’ll allow it.”

Barry grinned down at him, eager to continue creating a pattern in Snart’s skin… but the reminder of why he’d come here tonight in the first place also reminded him that there was a comms device in his ear. And yeah, sure, Cisco had been pretty silent on the other end ever since he and Snart started making out the first time. And Barry pretty much just assumed he’d turned it off to give them privacy and called the mission a bust. But what he definitely did not want was Cisco – or anyone else back at STAR Labs, for that matter – turning it back on and overhearing what he and Leonard were about to get up to.

Thinking about it now left him feeling absolutely mortified.

“Just…” Barry shook his head and leant back. “Just give me a second.”

He quickly scootched off Leonard’s lap and dug the comms piece out of his ear to place inside his hoodie pocket, retrieving his cell phone as he did.

Snart just gave him a flat look.

“Were comms really necessary for this?” he asked in the driest tone possible, and Barry shrugged. Apparently not.

But, hey, neither of them could have possibly predicted that all it would take to get Cisco’s fake teeth back was for Barry to resolve his sexual tension with Captain Cold. And that was one mission that Barry was happy to sign up for.

He looked down at his phone, seeing a new text from his friend already sitting there waiting for him.

Received: 11:49 pm
So, congrats! I got out of there once you and Cold started making kissy noises. Figured I might be in the way ;)

Received: 11:50 pm
Oh if you find my fangs, can you convince your new bf not to murder me in my sleep?
Love youuuuuu

Barry shook his head and tucked his phone back away before climbing back onto Snart’s lap. Leonard welcomed him readily, his hands coming to rest on his thighs as he moved back in to kiss him again. But Barry pulled back just a little bit, his friend’s worries still playing on his mind.

“You’re not going to threaten Cisco or anything, are you?” he asked, edging around the actual subject of Lisa and Cisco sleeping together as best he could, trying not to kill the mood.

But Snart laughed.

“My sister can take care of herself,” he said, pausing for a moment before shrugging and adding: “I did care about the bed, but she got me new sheets.”

Barry laughed.

“And anyway,” Snart continued. “If it hadn’t happened, then this –” he gave Barry’s ass a tight squeeze, making him squeak and laugh and fall forward, needing to brace himself on the back of the sofa on both sides of Leonard’s head “– wouldn’t be happening either. And I’d kind of like to see where this goes.”

“Wow, and you called me cheesy,” Barry said. But he really, really didn’t mind. He grinned down at Snart, moving his hand to cup his face. “I’d like to see where this goes too.”

The way that Leonard’s eyes smiled up at him was an answer all on its own.

But still, Snart put a voice to his words as he whispered: “Good… now would you shut up and kiss me?”

And Barry wasn’t about to deny that request.