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Scarlett Wine

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The nightclub was vivacious and exotic all the way up to the darkest hours of the early morning. Jeongguk was, albeit reluctant at first, dragged by his best friend, who claimed it was a night to feast ! Jeongguk wasn't even a vampire, but he didn't want to tell Taehyung no. And now they're here.


Although they are slightly underage, they drank, danced, and overall had a great time--especially when a rapper joined the stage and Jeongguk was squashed between people in some sort of makeshift mosh pit. He didn't care about the close proximity (or lack thereof) and instead found that screaming chants was the most thrilling part of it all. He even laughed a little when some random flustered boy was hauled up onto stage for the encore. He looked a tiny bit constipated for a moment, but Taehyung and Jeongguk were still hyped as hell and screamed fuck all outta their lungs for the pair on stage. 


By the time their evening ended, Taehyung and Jeongguk were screaming into the night as they walked back to the older's house. Jeongguk's mind swayed drunkenly and the street lamp lights were distorted into fizzy lines that looked the way soda pop tastes. He swore he was walking on a tightrope but at least he wasn't tripping and falling into the street like one sophisticated Kim Taehyung was. 


Taehyung's house was huge. Like, the biggest one in town. He lived with his older brother who helped--and by that, I mean he paid the majority of the bills. Technically, Taehyung wasn't even supposed to be out this late, so to avoid getting caught, they snuck in through the window to the living room and tiptoed up the stairs. Well. That's what Jeongguk thought they did. Really, they nearly broke the window sill, a giggling mess, and stomped, tripped, stumbled, whatever you call it, up the stairs and down the hall. 


At least they went to bed without getting scolded, assuming Taehyung's older brother even heard them. Though how could he not when they sounded equivalent to a cut-throat gang of dangerous five year olds. 




When Jeongguk wakes up, he's lying on the ground in his clothes from last night. He thinks: damn, that's unfortunate, and shit, I really gotta pee. 


As he stands up, reaching above his head and twisting at the hips, producing quite a few popping sounds, he searches the pigsty of a room for his best friend. He pulls back the covers to his large bed. Nothing. 


Then he realizes he doesn't exactly care to find Taehyung, he's a big boy, so he leaves the bedroom and carefully shuts the door behind him. He treads down the hall on soft feet, looking at the nice landscape paintings on the wall. Painting is maybe the one thing Taehyung can do perfectly besides getting completely shit-faced. He's great at doing that. But these paintings are stunning, so Taehyung's brother insisted on hanging them up in their home. Jeongguk always teases Taehyung for them but honestly, he can see the talent. He wishes he was talented at something besides video games and working out. 


At the end of the hall, Jeongguk yawns and rasps his sore knuckles against the bathroom door.


"Come in."


In Jeongguk's half asleep, fully hungover mind, he failed to register the extremely high pitched tone of Taehyung's voice. Or the fact it wasn't even Taehyung's to begin with. 


"Oh shit-"




Jeongguk squeaks. He sees skin. Lottsa skin. And Seokjin's face. Fuck. He whips around so fast he hits his face on the sharp edge of the door. Immediately, his nose starts stinging like a bitch bee.


"Jesus, I thought you were Tae." Seokjin chuckles. Jeongguk, clutching his nose and silently praying to heaven that it's not broken, speaks through the gaps of his fingers. 


"You'd still let him in here even though you're naked??"


"I'm not naked." Seokjin says. Which. Oh. Jeongguk thought he was. He turns around and yeah, Seokjin is wearing a towel. Which is basically naked, but whatever. 


"I just needed to use the bathroom," Jeongguk says. "Despite me being extremely and obnoxiously gay , he doesn't care if I piss while--oh shit." 


A momentary tickle in his nose. Jeongguk freezes, and then like a tsunami, he feels a warm liquid trickle onto his hand and then full on splash against his palm. Now he's more embarrassed than anything. He walked in on his best friend's older brother, proceeded to run into the door, and is now bleeding all over his hands. It would've been hilarious if it were Taehyung instead, but no, it was his super handsome older brother that Jeongguk had never properly met before. Who cares about first impressions anyways? Certainly not Jeongguk. He can't afford to after this morning's events.


Suddenly, Jeongguk feels a cloth pressing against his hands and he curls his fingers into it, letting it soak up the thin blood leaking steadily from his left nostril. 


"Look up." Jeongguk sees Seokjin standing beside him. He seems a little worried. How nice. "I know you're technically not supposed to because you could choke and die, but I think you'll be fine. Here, sit on the counter and I'll wash your hands before you get blood on your shirt."


Since Jeongguk is still looking up, he lets Seokjin guide him to the counter. He slides onto it easily and lets the cloth rest against his face as he holds his hands out. Seokjin worked carefully to wipe the dried blood on Jeongguk's fingers. The blood draining down the back of his throat is disgusting and Jeongguk shivers as he swallows a thick glob of it, but this is nice of Seokjin to do at least.


When Seokjin finishes with one hand, he grabs a clean cloth and folds it into Jeongguk's palm so he can switch it with the blood soaked one. Jeongguk sits impatiently with his eyes trained to one single spot on the ceiling. The silence is a little awkward and he wishes his damn nose would stop fucking bleeding so he can go pee already, but at least his hands are nice and not blood stained anymore.


"Is it done?"


"I think so," Jeongguk says. He slowly looks down and removes the cloth. There's only a tiny red dot amidst the sea of white and he no longer feels any more oncoming torrents of blood. 


"Your nose is a little pink. Does it hurt?"


"Uh... no." Nicely done, Jeongguk.


"Okay. Now if you'll excuse me, before I go insane," Seokjin says and Jeongguk doesn't get the chance to ask him what he means. It doesn't matter, though, because he figures it out while finally emptying his bladder. 


Taehyung is a vampire. So by theory, Seokjin is too. Right? Or is Jeongguk stupid? Probably. Who knows.




Taehyung is in the kitchen with Seokjin when Jeongguk makes it down stairs. 


"Jin told me what happened," Taehyung says as Jeongguk sits down at the counter. "You're literally the world's biggest dumbass."


"Says you." Jeongguk rolls his eyes. Maybe it's not wise to bleed in front of a vampire but it wasn't on purpose. He didn't plan for it to happen. So. Jeongguk isn't really at fault here. Seokjin seemed to handle the close proximity well anyways. It could've been worse.


"You two kids hungry?" Seokjin asks, already shifting through goods in the large pantry across the kitchen. Jeongguk wants to protest and say he isn't a kid, but like, Seokjin is in his early thirties in human years, so maybe, in comparison, the two teenagers really are simply just kids in his eyes.


"Can you make bread n' blood?" Taehyung asks as he sits down beside Jeongguk. Jeongguk and Seokjin both crane their heads towards him, giving him a look that says what the fuck makes you think that's a good idea? 


"How about I make something human friendly?" Seokjin says and Taehyung grumbles in disagreement but nobody cares to give his pout attention. So Seokjin makes eggs and toast.


"So, Jeongguk, tell me about yourself since Tae doesn't bother discussing anything with me before bringing home strangers." 


"Hey! He's literally been my best friend for a year!" Taehyung defends but his words fall on deaf ears. 


"Well, uhm, I don't know. Humans are boring," Jeongguk says with a shrug.


"Oh please." Taehyung scoffs. "You're like, the coolest human." 


"Shut the fuck up. I literally do nothing." 


"You went crowd surfing last night."


"They almost dropped me."


"'Cause you've got all those glorious muscles."


"Sure Tae, sure." 


The two start bickering about Jeongguk's rigorous workout routine and Seokjin knows he won't get anything more out of Jeongguk, so he finishes eating and doesn't bother staying when he finishes. Jeongguk eventually shoves Taehyung out of his stool and the older lands on his ass, to which he tugs Jeongguk down onto the floor and a round of ferocious wrestling ensues. It's not anything new.




The next weekend, Jeongguk goes over to Taehyung's place to "study for their upcoming exams". However the day before they concocted plans to game well into the night, but Seokjin got word of semester exams and how swiftly they were approaching. He went all big bro mode and made them sit at the table. Jeongguk didn't mind that much--he wanted to do well on his exams since this was senior year and he couldn't afford to ruin his 4.0 GPA. (Yes, Jeongguk's smart, he just doesn't have common sense most of the time. Nor does he need to study, he absolutely aces everything just fine.) But if he's going to college, he knows he should start to form the habit before it's too late. 


Seokjin provides them with drinks and snacks while they relax in the living room, nose deep in textbooks and paper packets. Luckily they have exam skeletons for most of their classes, so they can work together to answer all the questions and check them. They study until dinner, and only occasionally does Jeongguk's mind drift to no good outer space. The only thing out there in no good outer space is unimportant things like what would happen on the next episode of The Bachelorette and if Jeongguk was going to chuck his laptop at the wall again. Like, seriously, did Clare not understand she was bombing the entire show?! Who cares about stupid Dale when a literal Clark Kent by the name of Bennet 'I went to Harvard' Jordan existed?? God he looked so good in glasses.


You know who else looks good in glasses? Kim Seokjin. Yes, he's working from home on his laptop today at a desk in the larger-than-need-be living room and he's wearing thin framed circular glasses. Jeongguk chokes on the gay that jumps out of him but he reels that in as quickly as possible and slams the thought shut. If he's about to simp for someone, it certainly will not be his best friend's older brother. Whom, by the way, is nearly double his age. It doesn't help that Jeongguk loves watching age gap porn. Or the fact that Seokjin has been on his mind all damn week. Like, Jeongguk didn't really care when he walked in on Seokjin changing because his fucking nose started bleeding and that was the main focus of his mind at the time . But then, oh but then, Jeongguk looked back at the memory of that moment and saw details he didn't see before. Like Seokjin's flat abdomen and his wet, disheveled hair and the way his eyes were tinted red when he gave Jeongguk that first cloth. 


From then on, Jeongguk thinks he developed a crush, but at the same time, he's also refusing to believe such a possibility. Because there's just no way he would ever exercise anything between his best friend's thirty two year old vampire brother who's actually God knows how old. It's just not gonna happen.




Studying really did help. Jeongguk feels confident after he takes all his exams. Not overly confident, because that usually means he didn't do as good as he hoped, which leads his conscience into making him feel good while he still could before the self-disappointment sunk in. This time, he truly and honestly thought he aced every single one of them. Except maybe his language class. He isn't sure about that one, they're always up for interpretation and he never liked the vagueness.


He hasn't hung out with Taehyung since he was too focused on his newly formed study habit. It was a great chance to clear his mind. And he realized, thankfully, that he didn't have a crunch--crunch? No, he meant crush . Yes, that was a typo--on Seokjin. No. He concluded that he was merely impressed by his maturity and great work ethic and his mind twisted it all into some different feelings that didn't matter now because he didn't like him. He's sure of it--


"Hey, asshole!"


"You're gonna get in trouble." Jeongguk sighs as Taehyung crashes into him. 


"And when I do, I'll drag you under the bus with me."


"I can't afford a detention," Jeongguk says, looking panicked, but then he sees the joke on Taehyung's face and he laughs. Taehyung really is an understanding friend. He never complains about Jeongguk being human or striving for good grades or being gay. Never once has he judged him, and Jeongguk's thankful. He won't say that to Taehyung's face, but he's thankful. "What do you want?"


"Jin said he'd take us out to eat after exams. To celebrate."


"We don't get our results until-"


"Shh!" Taehyung says, slapping his hand over Jeongguk's mouth. "It's more of a gift. Because we worked hard and he's proud. Let us dine while he's offering, alright? It's free!"


"Alright, I guess," Jeongguk says. Taehyung smiles and ruffles his hair and Jeongguk can't help but smile in return. 




"Jeongguk, what the fuck are you wearing." 


"Uhm. What?"


Jeongguk is thoroughly confused as his best friend forcefully drags him to his obscenely large closet and starts throwing clothes at him. Seriously, what's wrong with his current outfit??


"It sucks ass," Taehyung says as if he can read minds. For a moment, Jeongguk fears that he can, being a vampire and all. But Taehyung doesn't have any abilities. Not yet. Not until he's older. And not like Seokjin older, but ancient older.


"I literally wear the-"


"Same thing every day. Yes, I know." Taehyung groans. "But you go to the same place every day. Not this time. We're going somewhere nice, so you gotta dress the part."


"You could've told me this. I own nice clothes."


"Doubt it." 


"Excuse me?" 


"Moving on~" Taehyung sings while pushing Jeongguk into his room. "Try these on. They might be a bit tight since you work out and shit but I mean, you'll look good."


"Could you not watch," Jeongguk says. Taehyung laughs and retreats to his closet.


"I thought you were gay!"


"Not for you!" Jeongguk yells. It's all fun and games with Taehyung. Never hard feelings. That's what Jeongguk likes most about him, he thinks, that Taehyung can make him laugh no matter the situation.


It takes an extra five minutes to squeeze into Taehyung's pants, but he manages before buttoning up the shirt. Taehyung comes out with a pair of shoes in hand while Jeongguk's doing so. He drops them by Jeongguk's already socked feet and stands with his hands on his waist. When Jeongguk finishes, he glares lazily at him, then slips on the shoes. They're comfy. 


"You gonna tuck that in or..."


"Do I have to?" Jeongguk whines. This is already too much work for a celebratory dinner that's only the three of them. It's like Taehyung's trying to make him look like a model for no reason!


"You're such a baby," Taehyung says and lifts Jeongguk's arms. Jeongguk gives up his petulance and allows Taehyung to tuck the shirt in. He almost whacks him when he nears the back and compliments his ass. 


"I'm just saying, you got cake."


"No, you have cake. I have a fist that's gonna go up your ass if you don't shut up."


"Uhm no thanks, that's really gay and you're the bottom."


"Taehyung I swear to god I'll-"


"Are you two finished arguing? We have a reservation in half an hour." 


Both boys turn quickly to see Seokjin leaning against the door. Fuck, they left it open and he probably overheard that entire conversation. Fuck, he looks good in formal clothes. Fuck, he's wearing his glasses . Fuck fuck fuck--is Jeongguk drooling right now??


"Yeah, as soon as this dumbass stops moving so I can do this correctly."


Jeongguk's comeback dies on his dry tongue. He just stays silent and still as Taehyung finishes tucking in his shirt and zipping up his pants. Jeongguk actually swats his hand this time and buttons them himself. 


"Never touch my dick again." 


Taehyung just snickers and joins Seokjin at the door. Jeongguk searches for his phone, which he left on Taehyung's bed, and then the three leave for their reservation. He ignores Taehyung talking about his tiny waist. Honestly, most people might think he's the gay one, and Jeongguk wouldn't be surprised if he is.




"Thank you, Seokjin," Jeongguk says as they sit down at the table the waitress walked them to.


"Of course. I figured you guys would like a treat after the stress of exams."


"I didn't know you knew how to be nice," Taehyung says. Then he yelps and Jeongguk assumes Seokjin kicked him under the table. Sibling quarrels, eh?


"And here are your menus," The waitress says as she comes back and passes three around. "Can I get you gentlemen started on some drinks?" 


"Can I get a glass of O negative, please?" Seokjin says and Jeongguk senses a shiver crawling up his spine slowly. Mayhaps he's a little squeamish.


"Straight?" The waitress asks. Seokjin nods.




"Alright, and for you two?" She says after scribbling down on her little notepad. 


"Do you guys have AB negative?" Taehyung asks and Jeongguk sees Seokjin glare, but what's the issue?


"Yes, but due to the rarity, it's quite expensive," The waitress says and Taehyung smiles smugly. Ah, that's the issue.


"I'll have a glass of that, please."


"Alright, and for you, sir?" 


Oh shit. Jeongguk was too busy in no good outer space to decide what he wanted. 


"U-Uhm, water is fine."


"Great! I'll get those drinks to you soon and then I'll take your orders."


"Thank you," Seokjin says with a sweet though somewhat forced smile and the waitress leaves with a nod. Then he turns a glowing red gaze to Taehyung. "You little shit." 


"I didn't do anything." Taehyung shrugs. "I merely ordered what I prefer."


"You're not some regal prince who deserves all the delicacies in the world. You could've gone with something under A negative, at least."


"But why would I do that when you're paying?" 




"Uh, we should order." Jeongguk says, clearing his throat awkwardly. Taehyung and Seokjin both snap their gazes to him and from their passive aggressive argument their eyes are shimmering with intensity and Jeongguk shrinks into his seat as an immediate sweat breaks out along his shoulders. He feels like a piece of prey under not one, but two predatory vampiric gazes. Like he's the meal that's supposed to be spread out on the dinner table. He gulps loudly. 


"Jeongguk is right," Seokjin says and relaxes, eyes returning to their usual brow shade as he picks up his menu and begins scanning the options. Jeongguk realizes his heart is beating ten times too fast. He doesn't know if he hates it or really really likes it. That terrifying power in Seokjin's eyes, he means.


Taehyung begrudgingly picks up his menu and compares dishes with Jeongguk. Jeongguk's able to calm his erratic breathing enough to talk without his voice wavering. After figuring out what they want, Taehyung and Jeongguk start talking about games and shit like they usually do together and Seokjin just listens with something like adoration in his eyes. 




By the time dessert comes around, Jeongguk is full. Taehyung seriously thinks something's wrong with him because Jeongguk always has room for dessert. Really, though, Jeongguk has just lost most of his appetite after catching a whiff of Taehyung's drink and then continuing to watch Seokjin take a sip of his own. The drink stained his lips a dark red and Jeongguk really thought he would pass out, but fortunately, he hung on to the last bit of spinning reality.


"Maybe we should head home," Seokjin says before they even order their sweets. "Jeongguk doesn't look too good."


"No, no I'm fine." Jeongguk dismisses. He waves a hand as if emphasizing his good health. His arm is heavier than his eyelids on a good gaming night and his throat is drier than the sands of the Sahara and he feels so unbelievably nauseous but he's alright. Yeah. He's just peachy. 


"Are you sure?" Taehyung asks. Even he looks a little concerned, which is strange, because usually, they tease each other instead of actually comforting and caring. Unless the situation is dire, which it's not, Taehyung would be picking on him. 


"Yes, I swear." Jeongguk also doesn't want to ruin their dinner. He's actually having a great time with his best friend and Seokjin. Conversation is easy and they laugh through most of it. He does want to be the reason it ends too soon. 


"Alright... if you insist," Seokjin says. He keeps his eye on Jeongguk as they place their order for dessert. Jeongguk's ears are ringing so he doesn't really know what they even asked for, but when the waitress arrives with pie bites (pun intended) on a platter, Jeongguk feels his gut sink. They're small pastries, golden brown, flaky, and dusted with sugar. Two puncture holes are poked into the top of the crust and Jeongguk's a thousand percent sure that the red liquid seeping out isn't strawberry jam. He masks his queasiness exceptionally well until Taehyung takes a bite and laughs at one of Seokjin's poorly executed dad jokes and there's blood all over his teeth and dripping down his chin and Jeongguk thinks: yep, this is it for me .


With a groan and a thunk, he flops forward on the table. It's silent, save for the insistent ringing in his ears and the background clatter of the restaurant, and then he hears Seokjin's hesitant voice, coming to him through a fog.




Hands on his shoulders. Taehyung lifts him up right again. Jeongguk's all cross-eyed and pale. Slowly, all the weight of his body seems to ascend, just leaving him there all alone with his mind and this awful dizziness, and he slumps to the side, eyes shutting as the inevitable darkness overcomes him. Then it's quiet. He likes the quiet. And he doesn't feel sick anymore. How wonderful.




Jeongguk awakes to hushed voices. When he opens his eyes, bright white light meets him and he wonders: where the fuck am I? And who the hell is going to massage my retinas.


"Oh, Jeonggukie, you're awake."


"Mom?" Jeongguk lifts his head upon hearing his mother's familiar soothing voice. Why is she here?


"Hey, honey." The bed dips as she sits down, her warm presence distracting him from the coldness of the room as well as the odd chemical smell. "You passed out at dinner."


"Oh..." Jeongguk says. At the reminder, the memories come flooding in, accompanied by a loving and welcoming migraine. 


"How are you feeling?"


"I'm alright," Jeongguk says, inhaling deeply, filling his lungs to capacity, holding, and releasing slowly. 


"I know you were planning to stay at Tae's this weekend, but I think you should come home."


"Okay, mom." Jeongguk whisperers and she threads her fingers through his hair before cupping his cheek and kissing him on the forehead.


"Don't go scaring me like this again." She scolds halfheartedly.


"Sorry." He laughs softly. 


"Your friends are outside. Should I send them in?" 




"Okay, but not too long. I want to get out of here so you can rest at home." 


Jeongguk nods and watches as she opens the door and waves to the right. Suddenly Taehyung and Seokjin pop into frame, smiling in relief. Jeongguk's mother leaves and shuts the door, probably to find a nurse and discuss getting Jeongguk discharged as soon as possible. She knows he doesn't like hospitals after spending a lot of time in them when he was younger. 


"You're a dumbass," Taehyung says, what an iconic line, but it's not spoken with sourness and nothing bitter rises in Jeongguk's chest in defense. "You should've let us go home. Or you should've said you were uncomfortable." 


"I'm sorry," Jeongguk frowns. Taehyung sits beside Jeongguk on the bed and lays down beside him. Taehyung only gets cuddly when he's upset or sad.


"I thought you died or something," Taehyung mutters. Jeongguk feels guilty. He shouldn't have pushed his limits. "Jin told me to check your pulse and I couldn't find it. You scared me."


"Good, you deserve it," Jeongguk says. Taehyung slaps his chest but hugs him tighter. "How'd I get here? Ambulance? That seems excessive."


"Well, I mean, it could've been more serious." Seokjin speaks up. Jeongguk spots him sitting in the chair beside his bed. "But no, there was no ambulance."


"Damn." Jeongguk frowns. "That would've been cool though."


"Instead, I picked you up and we ran here. Vampiric speed is much faster than any vehicle," Seokjin says and Jeongguk stills. 






Seokjin picked him up. Clutched him to his chest. Ran down. The street. Probably whispered. To him. That it was okay and he wouldn't die and that he couldn't die because like that wasn't allowed according to Taehyung and shit wait Jeongguk isn't breathing and now the monitors are screaming at him and a nurse immediately runs in and he feels like an idiot because he was gay panicking and--


"I'm fine, I'm fine!" Jeongguk says when his mother--who ran in after the nurse--and Taehyung start asking him if he's alright. Damn he needs space. Maybe he should pass out again. That darkness was inviting at the time. And it sure as hell seems so now. 


"We're crowding him," Seokjin says. "Come on Tae, we should go home and let Jeongguk rest."




"I'll see you on Monday," Jeongguk says. Taehyung sighs and pulls himself out of the koala hug, and then he and Seokjin wave goodbye. Jeongguk misses their company but he knows he needs time away from no good outer space, which seems to consist of nothing but Seokjin recently.




A month has passed since Jeongguk fainted. He's gotten his exam results and did even better than he thought. He hung out with Taehyung every week. It was great except whenever Taehyung wanted a snack, he'd make Jeongguk wait in a separate room. Or when they went out, Taehyung would avoid blood at all costs and Jeongguk hated making him do that and he hated them thinking he was some fragile kid who couldn't handle the sight of blood--which was kinda true, but dammit, it wasn't cool . And even Seokjin. He wouldn't let Jeongguk get his own snacks when he was at their house. Didn't want him to see the blood biscuits or the O shaped gummies for Taehyung school lunches that Jeongguk has literally seen before.


Thus conjuring a thought. Jeongguk decides to do something about it. He knows Taehyung has needles and shit in his house since he talked about drawing fresh blood samples from humans before. It's easy to find, located in one of the drawers in the downstairs half-bath. Jeongguk pulls the kit out of the little box containing all the equipment and goes to the dining room. He passes Seokjin, who's humming while cutting up vegetables with a shockingly attractive celerity for dinner later. He looks at Jeongguk holding the familiar kit, drops the knife in his hand, and races after the younger, who sets the kit down on the table. 


"What do you think you're doing with that?"


"Science, smartass."


"Excuse me?"


Haha, wait. Wait . Wait. That doesn't sound like Taehyung. God, what is wrong with him and confusing their voices?! They're not even remotely similar! Maybe, if Seokjin speaks low enough, then they're on the same octave, but even then their tones contrast each other completely. Taehyung has a voice of mischievous sin. Seokjin's is what you hear when you enter the gates of heaven. Not the same, what the fuck!


"Shit--I thought you were Tae!"


"Jeon Jeongguk," Seokjin says. He crosses his arms. Jeongguk nearly shits his pants. "Step away from the box."


"No," Jeongguk says. He hopes he doesn't sound too nervous. It's not easy staring Kim Seokjin directly in the eyes and saying no .


"Did you just say no?"


"You're not my mom. Grr."


"Jeongguk I-" Seokjin sighs. "Jeongguk, please. I don't want you fainting again."


"And I don't want you two fuckers to keep treating me like a baby. I'm gonna be nineteen in two months, I think I can get my own snacks."


"Jeongguk, the last time you pushed your limits you ended up in the hospital. Stop." 


"You can't change my mind, " Jeongguk says as he opens the box and pulls everything out. 




"No," Jeongguk says. He squeezes his eyes shut and takes a deep breath. Then he opens them and looks at Seokjin with determination and confidence. "You can either help me or go away."


"Fine." Seokjin sighs. "If I can't change your mind, I'll at least make sure you don't hurt yourself."


"Good. Great. Because I don't know how to draw blood."


"Why are you even doing this? You could've talked to me, you know," Seokjin says. Jeongguk pulls a chair out and sits down, rolling up one sleeve.


"I have no issue with seeing blood in general. It's just seeing you consume it," Jeongguk says while Seokjin prepares a sterilized needle. "I thought, maybe, I could condition myself to not faint."


"And you thought this was the best option?" 


"Yes. Watching the process might help me? I don't know. It's just the first thing I thought of." 


"Okay, well, watch then." 


Jeongguk watches Seokjin tie a tourniquet around his upper arm before he cleans his inner elbow with a square wipe. With gloved hands--shit, when did he put those on?--Seokjin grabs Jeongguk's arm gently and presses his finger to his skin to anchor the vein so it won't roll. Jeongguk inhales sharply as Seokjin inserts the needle at the perfect angle. It stings momentarily. Blood flashes into the catheter. Jeongguk releases a shaky breath while Seokjin attaches a clear vial and blood begins filling it. It's silent, and just when the last amount is left, Seokjin takes off the tourniquet, pulls the needle free, and presses down on the puncture location with gauze.


It wasn't that bad. Jeongguk doesn't feel light-headed or dizzy. He feels normal. 


Seokjin safely disposes of the contaminated materials and sticks a band-aid on Jeongguk's arm. Hello Kitty. How cute.


"There. All done. Do you feel weird?" 


"No, not at all," Jeongguk says, wiggling his fingers and flexing his arm. The puncture point throbs but it's tolerable. "I feel fine." 


"Okay. You say you have an issue with watching vampires consume blood? Were you planning on someone consuming yours?"


"Yeah, I was gonna ask Tae," Jeongguk says. Taehyung's his best friend. He'd make it easier by joking or doing something silly, Jeongguk is sure of it. 


"Ah, alright. Here." Seokjin passes the vial to Jeongguk. His blood is bright red inside the vial. He swishes it around. It appears thick.


"I don't understand how you can drink this straight up." Jeongguk grimaces. 




"It's disgusting. It tastes bad." Seokjin just stares at Jeongguk. Jeongguk shifts on his feet, nervous, for some reason.


What is Seokjin thinking? 


"It's the taste that bothers you?" 


"Just the idea of you gulping it down in large quantities makes me sick," Jeongguk says, and thinking about it makes him shudder. Blood is just gross. Everyone knows what it tastes like, first hand or not. Jeongguk remembers a time when he was little and he was running in the store despite his parents telling him not to. As expected, he fell and busted his lip while also cutting the inside of his mouth. Blood was everywhere and he tasted it and it was heavy on his tongue, like liquid pennies slipping down his throat. 


"You do understand that a vampire's taste buds are different from a human's, right?"


"Well yeah, I know it tastes fine to you guys, but still. It's gross." 


"I don't think seeing Tae drink it will help," Seokjin says. Jeongguk frowns.


"Well why not?"


"Because he's a vampire. He'll enjoy it. And you'll see that on his face and think it's gross," Seokjin says. Which. Is probably true.


"Well I can build up a tolerance, you know?" Jeongguk says, struggling to find a solution to cease his quease. 


"I don't know... I don't think it will work." 


"I don't know what else to do." Jeongguk sighs, melting into his chair. "Even if you guys stop babying me, I might still faint. And I don't want to feel like that anymore. It makes me feel bad, like I'm judging vampires for their diet."


"It's not your fault," Seokjin says, crouching down in front of Jeongguk. Jeongguk briefly thinks he looks kind. Seokjin is always so kind. (To him, at least. Taehyung's a shithead.) He spoke kindly, dressed kindly, held kindness in his pretty eyes. His entire aura was kind. Maybe it had to do with the wisdom and maturity he carried around on his shoulders, or the fact that he played the protective, caring role so well. When Jeongguk isn't simping for him, he's looking up to him and wishing he'll be like him when he's older.


He'll stop aging soon, Jeongguk knows, based on the vampiric facts he's heard from Taehyung. A perk of befriending a vampire is becoming knowledgeable regarding the subject. What a bonus. Seokjin doesn't look a day past twenty-two, which is astonishing as is. How vampires work is just so miraculously amazing. Jeongguk has always found it interesting. 


"I wish I was a vampire," Jeongguk blurts out. His mouth had connected it before his brain did. If he was a vampire, he wouldn't find blood repulsive. The contrary, actually. He'd like it, and he would be able to drink it alongside Taehyung and Seokjin with pleasure. Wouldn't that be nice? To be like them?


"Jeongguk... you can't just become a vampire-"


"What's it feel like to get bitten?" He thinks aloud. He never really considered it. Until now. And suddenly he has so many questions that pique his curiosity. "Vampires can't turn humans without creating a bond though, right? Could Tae turn me without claiming me? Or would he-"


"Stop," Seokjin says. Jeongguk does, because he sounds distressed. And he's not quite sure why. "The only way to turn a human into a vampire is through bonding. There is only eternal bonding for lovers, nothing else. So do not go ask Taehyung. Fuck, don't go ask anyone- "


"Why not?"


"You can't just--you don't make this kind of decision on a whim, okay? Just forget about it." Seokjin stands up. "No one is turning you."


Uh. Since when was that Seokjin's choice?? Last time Jeongguk checked, he was the one responsible for his own choices, thank you very much. 


"It's not your say." Jeongguk's brows furrow. He feels a little. Angry? Is he angry? Is this fire he feels inside his chest rage? He doesn't want to yell at Seokjin. Feeling this way because of him is such a shock already. But he feels mad at him. Why? Seokjin is always so kind, why would Jeongguk ever get mad at him?


"Jeongguk, no. End of discussion," Seokjin says and his eyes are actually red. Burning bright. Jeongguk knows that happens when vampires feed and when they experience intense emotions. What is Seokjin feeling? 


Jeongguk clamps his jaw shut before he makes the situation worse. The room is tense, swirling with it, and he's low-key confused, but that's not new. He always is around Seokjin. 


Seokjin gathers everything and wordlessly packs up the kit before leaving the room. Jeongguk still holds the vial of his fresh blood in his hands. He stays there for a moment, just thinking and thinking and thinking.


Would it really be that bad if he wanted to become a vampire? 




The thought haunts Jeongguk from then on. It plagues his mind every minute of every hour and he can't focus on school, which is bad. The days go by in blurs and a few teachers have asked him if he's okay. Luckily, they aren't doing much since break is approaching. Jeongguk's birthday is soon, a couple days after Taehyung's. They planned to celebrate together this year, wanting to throw a big party and invite all their friends. Nineteen is a big number, you know? Plus, they're graduating soon. Jeongguk has already applied to multiple colleges. He also knows that when they get back from break, they'll start prepping for big tests. So yeah, life is getting busier, yet he still manages to think about the most unimportant thing; what would life be like as a vampire? 


He has many answers to that question. Most of which he thinks are nice. Some, however, like the process of even turning into one, is still up in the air. Jeongguk knows what Seokjin meant when he mentioned the bonding bite. He knows what the bonding process implies, because Taehyung spews random thoughts when he's drunk, and quite frankly, Jeongguk doesn't want to give his precious virginity to a stranger just because he wants to become a vampire so badly.


So yeah, he's in quite the predicament, and he better figure his shit out before his grades plummet or before his teachers send him to the school counselor and he embarrasses himself.  


He wants to settle on something soon so he can focus on enjoying his break to the fullest. He just isn't sure if he'd like anything besides the inevitable thought that brought on this whole mental mess. 


Which again, is a big problem.




School lets out for break and everyone is jubilant. Friends are laughing in the halls, talking about where they are going for vacation. Jeongguk ignores every single one of them and goes to search for Taehyung, who's at his locker, packing up his books and binders while chatting with some girl. Jeongguk grabs his arm and yanks him away, oblivious to the fact that he's the world's best cock blocker. 


"So, we partying tonight?" Jeongguk asks. He needs a little alcohol to clear his mind, if only for a night, and Taehyung happens to always be up for drinks. 


"Fuck yeah."


So they go to the club and get in using their fake ID's--last year's birthday present from Taehyung--and drank and dance on strangers and then with each other because Jeongguk claims no one can throw it back as royally as Kim Taehyung and he couldn't possibly settle for any less. Despite being gay and his best friend acting gayer than he really is, Jeongguk isn't ever attracted to Taehyung. Which makes grinding together more fun because they just laugh the entire time and he doesn't have to worry about popping a boner or something. Jeongguk drinks more than usual, so he doesn't care at all when Taehyung smacks his ass and bends him over in the middle of the dance floor.


Then the night begins to slip down a slope that leads to nowhere good. Taehyung slowly gravitates toward two girls who have been eye fucking him the entire night. Jeongguk lets him go, being a supportive friend and all, but then he finds out Taehyung actually left the club with them and he's pissed for a moment before he drinks some more and it magically disappears. He has no reason to stay, though, so he leaves. In his barely sensible mind, he manages to think hey, Taehyung's house is closer, so maybe I should go there. Yeah. Great idea. Jeongguk, what a genius you are.


Then he thinks hmm, I should make sure Seokjin is alright with me crashing there. I've never stayed without Taehyung there.


He pulls out his phone and scrolls through his contacts, hiccuping almost in time with his sluggish steps. It rings twice before Seokjin answers. 




"Seokjiiin, my man!" He slurs.


"My god, you're drunk." 


"Yep," Jeongguk says, popping the p loudly. "Gonna come see you. M'house is too far."


"Is Taehyung with you?" 


"Nah. Bitch is prolly getting a good fuck right now."


"Jesus christ-"


"Just wanted to make sure you didn't care," Jeongguk says, then hiccups again. The sidewalk is dark and this part of town is a tad too shady. Walking sober, Jeongguk would be scared shitless without his vampire bodyguard. Except right now he's out of his mind and drunk off his ass.


"Of course I wouldn't care." He hears Seokjin say. "Tell me where you are?"


"Uh, I see that corner gas station up ahead. The green one. With pretty green lights. It's green. Very green. I like green." 


"Yes, green is a nice color. Keep talking to me, alright? I'm gonna come get you."


"Keep talkin'? You think I sound pretty?" Jeongguk giggles. "I'll keep talking just for you, Seokjin." 


"Alright, are you at the gas station?"




"Okay, when you g-"


And then suddenly Jeongguk doesn't hear Seokjin anymore. And his side really hurts. He isn't sure why? One minute he is giggling and talking on the phone and the next the entire world is sideways and his head resembles the static of a TV that's lost connection. Oh boy. He might be in trouble. 


"What's a pretty human like you doing out here all alone?" 


Definitely in trouble. Jeongguk doesn't really like the way that person sounds. Sounds mean. And they hurt Jeongguk. That's not very nice. 


Jeongguk tried to push himself up but he feels a sharp pain in his side and collapses again with a grunt. Ouch. He hurts everywhere. His mind is still trying to catch up. What's going on? Did this person push him to the ground?


"Hmm?" Jeongguk blearily makes out two dirty combat boots. His cheek is scraped from falling. He blinks rapidly.


"Stop it." Jeongguk pouts. He heard a low snicker before pain erupts along his scalp and he realizes belatedly his hair is getting pulled. And not just a yank, but a malicious pull that forces him off the ground. He gasps and stands up, wobbling slightly. He gets a good look at the person in front of him. A girl. Surprising, but not to Jeongguk who is drunk and can't register anything but the DANGER! warnings blaring in his head. 


"You're kinda dumb." The girl clicks her tongue and Jeongguk watches the world get a few shades darker as it zippes by and then there's something solid behind him. A wall. He's in the alley now, out of sight. "I was gonna mess with you a little before I fed but you're kinda really pathetic so... maybe not." 


Jeongguk just doesn't know what to do because he was sobering up quickly and with that came more panic and fear and he wished he didn't let Taehyung leave without him. Things like this don't happen to him or to people he knows. Of course he's heard stories about humans getting attacked but it can't actually be happening to him right now, could it? This is just an elaborate prank, isn't it?


The vampire leans in. Jeongguk's body finally wakes up and his mind screams at him.


"Wait--wait no-!"


Jeongguk struggles to push the vampire off him. If this were anyone else, he'd be able to do it because fuck he doesn't spend all that time at the gym for nothing! But vampires are exceptionally stronger than humans. Which is bad. Very bad. Especially right now. 


Jeongguk catches a glimpse of her fangs shining in the soft glow of the moonlight. Then they are sinking into the flesh of his neck and he screams. It burns like hot iron soaking into his skin. It singes, bringing tears to his eyes. He hates it. So much. He hates it and he wants nothing more than to not feel this excruciating, boiling, white hot pain


It feels like eons before the vampire pulls away, blood- -Jeongguk's blood--dripping down her chin and smearing across her lips. Jeongguk is panting, the edges of his vision full of dark splotches. The alley drips around him, echoing in the far distance. The vampire descends on the other side of Jeongguk's neck and this time, when she sinks her teeth in, she clamps her jaw tight. Jeongguk can feel his skin and tendons tearing slowly as she rips out a chunk of flesh. He howls as warm liquid glides down his shirt, legs threatening to give out beneath him. 


Is he dreaming? Is this even real? Things like this only happen in the movies, never to him. He'll wake up soon. He knows it. 


But the pain keeps coming. The vampire attacks him and drinks every last ounce of his blood. He feels woozy, the world just an idea rather than something tangible. He sags to the ground. Someone is yelling. Jeongguk doesn't feel good, not at all. He wants the pain to end and closing his eyes helps a little. It feels as if fire is creeping up his left leg. He wouldn't be surprised if it was broken. But his neck hurts the worst. The source of most of his agony being two tiny tiny little holes on one side of his neck. 


Do vampires have venom? Is that the poison slowly eating away at his insides? That burning, molten lava washing through him and dissolving every living cell in his body? Or is he just imagining it? That's possible. Maybe. He can't really tell the difference between fact and falsehood anymore. Reality seems like such an abstract thought. 


Hmm. If only Taehyung was here. Jeongguk wouldn't mind dying if Taehyung was here with him. He'd thank him. Not sure what for, but Jeongguk thinks he deserves a thank you. And Seokjin, too. Seokjin is so kind. Very kind. 


Jeongguk fades in and out of consciousness as if his body isn't ready to let go yet. He almost hates himself for it, waking up to his own wounds. His head is fairly numb at this point. He's floating. Lifting off the ground, away from the blood soaking through his clothes. Is this real? He thinks he can hear sounds, but something warm is clogging his ears so he isn't sure about that. Voices? Footsteps? 


Fuck, his leg is hurting again. And now his head hurts. Maybe he has a concussion. That's expected, maybe. Maybe maybe maybe. Maybe he is just dying and you know what, that's nicer than feeling this pain. He thinks yeah, maybe that's alright. Maybe I can just let go and go find peace. 


So he does.

Seokjin cares. So much. Yet he never got the chance to say that to him. At first, he was just another friend of Taehyung's. Except he survived hurricane Taehyung, and he kept coming back. He was like another little brother and Seokjin wanted to protect him and watch over him and make sure he was doing good in school and had someone he could talk to when he needed it, whether it be for advice or for a good laugh. But then it... changed. It changed . It changed a lot . Seokjin started looking forward to his visits more often, let himself succumb to his true personality instead of keeping up that older brother front. He started viewing him differently. Started realizing he was proud of him for being a diligent student, proud that he loves himself, and proud for the little things. And with that feeling came the urge to hug him tight and kiss him right on the lips.  


Seokjin made excuses to see him more. Like the celebratory dinner after exam week. And it terrified him to the marrow when he fainted and of course Seokjin started making his snacks and babying him and treating him like a precious little gem so fragile and precious precious precious . He couldn't afford that kind of scare again. No, he just couldn't. 


He should get a gold star for covering up his feelings so well though. He couldn't tell him or let him know because he was well and painfully aware of the age gap. And Seokjin just knew he wouldn't like that. There was no way. And he knew he wouldn't want to date his best friend's older brother. No way in horny hell. 


But it was really hard to pretend sometimes. Especially when he was blindly talking about Taehyung turning him without even knowing what that meant and the situation that would revolve around such a sacred thing. Seokjin got jealous. He got selfish. He hated himself for snapping at him but he didn't want him to think about bonding with another vampire that wasn't him. He couldn't bond with anybody other than Seokjin. Which was so unfair to think of in the first place, yet he still wanted it that way. He still wants it that way.


And then time passed and break barreled in and Seokjin was so damn excited to be there for his and Taehyung's nineteen birthday party. He felt like he was back in high school with a certain youthful joy coursing through him. He knew they'd want to go out and be teenagers first, though, so he waited. And his heart jumped when he got a phone call and it was his name there instead of Taehyung's, whom he had originally expected.


Then he was all cute slurring up a storm because he was beyond tipsy. Seokjin didn't like that he was walking alone in the first place and he was going to scold the shit out of Taehyung for it later, no doubt, but he had to make sure he was safe first, so Seokjin kept him on the phone while slipping on his jacket and shoes and searching for the car keys. He was one step out the door when his voice was abruptly cut off, followed by a loud thud. 


Seokjin didn't even bother with the car when he heard a second voice. He ran straight down the road and good God what he saw when he got there... he'll never forget it. 


And now here Seokjin is, at his side, back in a hospital room. He's already blamed himself for being able to prevent this. Taehyung has done the same and Seokjin was there to tell him no, you couldn't have known and he wouldn't want you to blame yourself, stop it.


Taehyung's currently asleep. Seokjin pushed the only two chairs in the room together and let Taehyung use his jacket as a makeshift pillow. The younger hadn't gotten much sleep since that night, so Seokjin couldn't bring himself to wake him up when he saw him shifting around uncomfortably in his fitful sleep. 


As if on cue, the door opens and in steps a woman Seokjin is all too familiar with by now.


"How's he doing? You've been looking after my son, right?" 


"Yes, of course," Seokjin says. Her voice sounds rough and scratchy. But it's better than it was last week. 


"I, uhm, I've been thinking about what you said a couple days ago." She mutters and Seokjin turns to her, looking into her gloomy eyes with a similar emotion reflected in his own. "He... he told me about his thoughts on becoming a vampire. I thought it was absurd. I brought my baby boy into this world as a beautiful human and... and I wanted him to leave as one too. But. But I didn't think it would be so... so soon? You know?"


Seokjin carefully grabs her hand and squeezes tightly. She sniffles, moving her eyes to her son who lays stark still just like he has been for the past fourteen days. His once beautiful complexion is now a ghostly grey. His hair is frayed and lost its natural chocolatey brown tint. And his pretty lips, colorless and dry. It hurts Seokjin to see him like this. Like he's dead, which he is, because those tubes are breathing for him. The doctors are just waiting for the okay from his mother to pull the plug. 


"I just wasn't sure if that's what he truly wanted. Something was keeping him from doing it when he still could. I don't want him to hate me for making this decision on his behalf."


"He could never hate you." Seokjin consoles quietly. "He'd understand. I know he would."


"You're a good man, you know that?" She says and Seokjin smiles, or something like that. "If it were anyone else, I'd be more reluctant, but I'm leaving him in your hands and I know you'll protect him forever and always."


"I'm sorry, what?" Seokjin says. He's confused. What does she mean forever and always? Is she saying what he thinks she's saying…?


"I'm letting you turn him. Or try too, at least. I know it might not work." 




"W-Well." Seokjin says, clearing his throat because he really doesn't want to raise his hopes right now. "Bonding works well during intimate moments because it requires a certain level of attraction and emotional connection. There's lots of emotions in this room alone. The only reason it wouldn't work between us is if your son doesn't feel the same way I do." 


That idea hurts Seokjin the most. But he refuses to think about it. 


"You said you loved him." She says, looking deeply into Seokjin's eyes. The eyes that woke up that morning brown, and have been a dull red ever since.


"I do," he says without hesitation. He realized it too late, when he saw him lying in a pool of his own blood, but he knows it's true. He loves Jeon Jeongguk with every part of his immortal soul.


"Then I have no doubt he doesn't share that love." 


"Are you sure?" Seokjin asks again. He just has to make sure. Consent is so important to vampires and he can't directly retrieve it in this scenario. He's so unbelievably hesitant despite having thought of bonding with Jeongguk multiple times. The occasions were always completely different compared to this, though. 


"Yes. If it works, I'll forever be in your debt, but I won't even care. If you bring my son back, I swear I'll love you as my own." 


"Okay..." Seokjin says. "We should go inform his doctors first. They'll want to be there to monitor him in the event that something happens--which is a long shot."


"What about Taehyung?" She tilts her head to where he's curled up on the double chairs with a hand outstretched and lightly cupped over one of Jeongguk's own. 


"Let's let him sleep for a moment longer," Seokjin whispers.


But Taehyung had woken up when their conversation first began and he just couldn't believe his brother was about to bond with his best friend to bring him back to life. It would be a miracle if it worked. Jeongguk would be alive and practically his real brother. They'd be family and he didn't know what sounded better than that. 


No such thing as taxes, maybe. Even then it would be a close call.




The next day, staff wait in the room with Seokjin. Jeongguk's mother and Taehyung stay behind because they understand the kind of privacy initially intended for this sort of thing, though Seokjin isn't even sure how it even works. He's obviously never done this before, but he's willing to try. For Jeongguk. 


"Begin whenever you're ready and we'll be here," Jeongguk's doctor says and Seokjin nods. 


First, he shrugs off his coat and kicks off his shoes before climbing up onto the hospital bed and laying down beside Jeongguk. He needs to be comfortable. Needs to feel content in this moment which is particularly difficult considering the doubt squeezing his chest. If Jeongguk doesn't react, then that means it's been one-sided all along. And if that doesn't work, Seokjin hopes his friendship with Taehyung will be enough for the bond. And then that would bring him back to full health. But that would hurt to watch. It would hurt so much knowing Seokjin meant nothing to him, and then having to watch him and Taehyung be together forever.


Deep breath. And then another. Seokjin breathes in time with the continuous sound of Jeongguk's artificial heartbeat on the monitor, trying to sync their systems together, and even goes as far as placing his hand on Jeongguk's chest to feel that much closer to him. 


God, he hopes this works.


Slowly, he opens his mouth and lets his fangs extract from where they stay mostly hidden in his gums. He noses at Jeongguk's slightly cold neck, finding the perfect spot to mark him, just below a half-healed, jagged scar, and then pushes right into there. There is no resistance, only a tiny squelch.


Seokjin closes his eyes and lets himself drown in Jeongguk's company. They've never been this close before. Jeongguk doesn't smell like he usually does, flowers and fabric softener, but Seokjin has never held him like this, so that's alright. He presses his forehead to Jeongguk's jaw, thinking about connecting to him and reaching out for his soul. He gets lost in their little bubble, just thinking of him and Jeongguk and the future of running around together at the speed of light, laughing into the trees. 


He feels a spark. But then it dies down. 


He doesn't let that stop him. He can't. Something's there. He could feel it. Something is there and he'll grasp it and hold it until he doesn't have to anymore. Seokjin kisses his skin and keeps thinking. Thinking of a hundred years from now, maybe on the other side of the world. Seokjin remembers Jeongguk saying he's always wanted to go to the states. Seokjin would take him there and show him everything. He'd do it. He'd do it in a heartbeat. 


The spark lights again and instead of letting his surprise overcome him and distract him, Seokjin pushes through and grabs it. He holds on to this little ball of golden light, moving impossibly close to Jeongguk and focusing on this tiny part of him, so bright and celestial. Love blooms through him and spreads to the ends of his extremities and he falls into it, welcoming this warm light and allowing the world to slowly chip away as one single thing remains in his mind.


Jeongguk .


Everything is simply Jeongguk. Jeongguk's scent, Jeongguk's memories, Jeongguk's emotions and feelings and his heart, beating in perfect unison with Seokjin's own. It's simple. Free. Easy, now that they feel whole. Everything clicks as if the world shifted and things are as they're supposed to be. 


When the brightness dies down, Seokjin pulls back. He's scared to open his eyes. Scared to look and see if maybe he was hallucinating the entire dream. 


But, he does. He opens his eyes.


And he sees red. Bright red. And he sees those familiar stars in a pool of doe beauty. 


Jeongguk is staring at him. 


Jeongguk is staring at him .




He sounds clear and mellifluous. Like his throat really hadn't been mauled weeks prior to this moment that will be cherished forevermore. And his eyelashes are long and dark, framing his pretty ruby eyes like the bedazzled edge of a priceless painting. His hair, where it falls over his forehead, is lucious and thick, pure obsidian and maybe a good half inch longer than Seokjin remembers. His skin is pigmented. Lips a light coral pink and soft looking, like silk, somehow. 


Oh but his eyes. They're open . He's blinking. Searching Seokjin's face. He's alive, and he looks innocently healthy.


"Hey," Seokjin whispers. His voice cracks.


Then he feels something warm touch his cheek. Jeongguk's hand. He knew without even looking. And he's wiping away a glass tear Seokjin hadn't felt gliding down his cheek.


"We bonded," Jeongguk says.


"How did you know?"


Seokjin feels a happiness radiate inside him, far away and right in his heart. But it isn't his. It doesn't belong to him. It's Jeongguk's emotion, and has his name stamped all over it. He feels his happiness inside him.


Seokjin just cries. He cries because Jeongguk is alive and better than ever and he's bonded with Seokjin for the rest of eternity. He can barely believe it. 


"Don't cry please," Jeongguk whispers. Seokjin sniffles and looks up into Jeongguk's red eyes. He knows Jeongguk should be hungry, but if he's still floating in the serene post-bonding paradise, then he knows Jeongguk is as well. 


"Do you know where we are right now?" Seokjin asks and Jeongguk looks around, studying the room with his newly tuned eyes. There isn't much to look at, which is nice, because then it won't overwhelm the new vampire.


"A hospital," Jeongguk says after returning his eyes to Seokjin's. Home , Seokjin's mind supplies. Already, Jeongguk feels like home. It must be the bond.


"Do you know why?" Seokjin asks.


"No," Jeongguk says softly.


"I'll tell you, but first, I want you to sleep. Can you do that?" 


"But I'm not tired," Jeongguk says. Seokjin sighs and pressed his lips to Jeongguk's forehead. It's been two weeks, of course he's not tired.


"Just try for me, please."


Jeongguk closes his eyes. It's possible for vampires to force themselves to sleep. Or at least something similar. It's more like meditation, placing your mind somewhere else while surrendering your body to the hands of rest. And through their bond, he can tell exactly when Jeongguk fully drifts off. 


He takes a moment to let what just happened sink in. He bonded with Jeongguk. Jeongguk is alive. Jeongguk is now a vampire. 


"Kim Seokjin."


Seokjin sits up. His limbs are stiff

 from laying in such an odd position. The hospital gurney isn't exactly the biggest or most comfortable thing in the universe. He kinda feels upset that his poor Ggukkie was forced to lay here, but he thinks that's the new bond making him think such things. It doesn't matter now, Jeongguk is okay. He's more than okay. God, Seokjin feels so happy. 


Ah, right, the doctor was speaking to him.


Seokjin gets off the bed and shuffles towards the entire team that's still standing at the perimeter of the room. They all stare at him with gentle smiles on their faces. 


"The entire process took about five hours," The doctor says. Seokjin chokes on air. 




"But it worked," The doctor says. "We shut the ventilator off and his vitals are all exceptionally better than before."


"It's unbelievable," one of the nurses says. "None of us here have ever seen anything like it. Thank you."


Seokjin bows sheepishly. It's kind of embarrassing that they watched the entire thing and found it mesmerizing. But he understands. 


"We should discuss more before he wakes up," The doctor says. "We need to avoid overwhelming him."


"And he's going to be extremely thirsty." Seokjin adds quickly. "We should get some blood bags prepared immediately."


"Yes, we can do that. We'd also like to move him to a different room while he's still resting. We should get him in a stable condition before he meets his mother."


Right, because she's still a human and when Jeongguk wakes up, Seokjin knows only primal hunger will be on his mind. 




The new hospital room has pale yellow walls, a small window, a mounted television, and a small potted plant on a table at the foot of the bed. And a fuck ton of medical equipment, of course. Jeongguk is stirring and Seokjin sits beside him, a styrofoam cup with a plastic lid and straw already in hand. 


Seokjin rubs his leg, coaxing him out of slumber. He's so... content. That he can do this. Touch him like this without doubting himself. Especially when he feels the gratitude radiating in their bond coming from Jeongguk. 


When Jeongguk opens his eyes, it's quick, and with a snap, he shoots up. Seokjin gets a hint of his desperate thirst through their bond and it punches him in the stomach, his undeniable hunger for the very thing Seokjin is holding in his hand. 


Jeongguk's ruby eyes zero in on the cup and he jolts, but the restraints keeping him to the bed stop him from lunging forward. Seokjin's glad he requested those and thankful they actually work. Newborn vampiric strength is something else, but apparently it's nothing against the restraints. Seokjin is well aware that Jeongguk can break then if he tries, but he's so focused on the drink he can't even register the fact he's being held in place.


Seokjin steps away and a low, visceral growl vibrates in Jeongguk's throat.


"Do not growl at me." Seokjin scolds lightly. "You may be thirsty, but I'm the one holding this drink." 


"Seokji," Jeongguk says. His tone is demanding. His eyes are as cold and sharp as a glacier. But Seokjin doesn't give in. He knows it's better to train Jeongguk right from the get go, even if deep down he feels bad for denying him the one things he craves most in the world.


"It's only going to get harder if you don't learn control. So sit back and let me do this, alright?" 


"Just give me the fucking drink-"


"I will stand here until you listen and your thirst is going to slowly drive you delirious." Seokjin raises an eyebrow, challenging Jeongguk. "Do you want that?"


"No." Jeongguk sighs. 


"Me either. So please, sit back. I don't want to be mean."


Jeongguk reluctantly listens. He relaxes all the way back and lets Seokjin sit down beside his hip before lifting the straw to Jeongguk's lips. Jeongguk drinks immediately, his hands balling into fists at his sides. Tranquility crosses his features as he closes his eyes and drains half the cup in three seconds. 


"Slow down." Seokjin chuckles, but Jeongguk won't be able to. He doesn't have the strength for that yet. "I thought you didn't like blood? Thought it made you nauseous?" 


"Fuck off," Jeongguk grumbles as he finishes the rest of the cup. The straw whistles inside the empty cup. "Give me more." 


"What's that?"


"Please, damnit." He groans, to which Seokjin smiles and refills the cup with 

another bag.


They go through four bags before Jeongguk finally feels something close to sedation. Seokjin tosses the empty packs and the cup away before returning to Jeongguk's side and clambering up beside him. That's when Jeongguk effortlessly snaps the restraints like a rubber band and instantly wraps himself around Seokjin. Breathes him in and tapers into their shared bond.


That will take some getting used to, that's for sure.


"Doc is coming in soon to tell you why you're here."


"Can't we just go home?" Jeongguk asks and Seokjin exhales deeply because as much as he wants to go cuddle in his own bed with Jeongguk by his side, he knows some things have to be settled first. 


"No. We can't. We have to take care of some things before we can go home."


"Like what? We're bonded and I'm not sick. There's nothing left to get done."


"Ggukkie, look at me." Seokjin says as he tilts Jeongguk's chin up. He's pouting. So cute. "Although I'm so so so happy to be yours, the circumstances for our bonding weren't exactly ideal."


"What do you mean?"


"That's what the doctor is going to tell you, alright?" 


"Okay," Jeongguk says. Seokjin tucks him against his chest and holds him until the doctor knocks upon the door. Jeongguk is then told about the accident and falling unresponsive for two weeks. Seokjin is there to hold his hand, soothing him through the entire thing, especially the part where the doctor tells Jeongguk he really had died. It seems that as the doctor speaks, Jeongguk remembers bits and pieces. None of it any good. But then he brings up the bond and how Seokjin saved his life through it. Jeongguk tells the doctor what he felt while he was unconscious, and tells him about the bright golden feelings and the way he's so connected to Seokjin now. The doctor just smiles and tells him he is completely healthy before leaving to contact his mother.


“What happened to the vampire woman?” Jeongguk asks quietly. Seokjin purses his lips as the memory of the attacker flashes behind his eyelids.


“I took care of her,” Seokjin says, and that’s all Jeongguk needs to know. 


When the doctor comes back to tell Jeongguk that his mother is on her way, Seokjin feels nerves bubble inside him and he runs his hands through Jeongguk's hair to combat that. He doesn't ask why the younger is nervous, only helps him with it. 


When his mother comes into the room, she breaks down into tears and runs to her son. Jeongguk repeatedly tells her he's okay while rocking side to side. He turns to look at Seokjin, smiling, and Seokjin excuses himself to let them speak. While out in the hall, he texts Taehyung, who meets up with him within five minutes. 


"Is he alright?" Taehyung asks as soon as he sits down beside his brother in a pair of chairs outside Jeongguk's room.


"He's even better than before," Seokjin says. 


"Oh thank God. I was so worried. I really thought that-"


"Hey," Seokjin says. Taehyung can detect the serious note in his voice and slowly stops talking. 




"You can say all of this to him. I want you to tell me how you feel about the two of us. Be honest."


"Honest?" Taehyung repeats and Seokjin nods. He's scared of hearing his brother's thoughts. Taehyung means everything to him and he practically raised him when he decided to move in with Seokjin years ago. Taehyung will always be his little brother and he loves him so much. Which is why he needs to know Taehyung's thoughts. "Well, I mean, I was so happy when you agreed to bond to save my best friend's life. But like..."


Oh here it comes. Seokjin can sense it, it's inevitable. He just knows Taehyung is about to yell at him. Hate him. Wish to never see him again-


"I think you two are literally so cute together, and that's shocking. 'Cause you're my brother and he's Jeongguk and who in the world thought you'd look good together?? I sure didn't. But damn. He's like my actual brother now, you know? He could, like, live with us! And it would be so fucking cool!"


"You're really okay with it?" Seokjin gasps. Taehyung makes a 'psh' sound and waves his hand. 


"Of course I am! I've literally already made a ship name."


"Taehyung what the-"


"Jingguk," Taehyung says while making a curved line in the air with his hands and willing his finger for dramatic effect. "Sounds nice, doesn't it?" 


"I can't believe I actually doubted you." Seokjin laughs. Taehyung smiles and Seokjin pulls him into a warm hug. "I love you Tae, I hope you know that." 


"I love you too, bitch." 


"And now you're grounded!"


"God no. Please don't put me on house arrest if you and Jeongguk are sharing a room. My innocence will be torn."


Seokjin doesn't even know how to respond to that. He has a hard time dealing with the fact he can hug Jeon Jeongguk. He can't think about other things right now.




Jeongguk is discharged from the hospital that day. He decides he never wants to go to one again and Seokjin tells him he probably won't have to now that he's a vampire, which comes with the added bonus of not being susceptible to disease and illness. 


Seokjin is elated. He finally gets to know what it's like to hold Jeongguk's hand when they walk to the car out in the parking lot, and he doesn't let go until they make it home. They haven't exactly discussed living situations. For now, they decide that crashing at Seokjin's would be the best option. 


Taehyung isn't happy to learn he has to continue school even though Jeongguk doesn't. He's missed a lot, but the school knows he got into an accident, so he's been excused from most classes. They figured it was best to wait until Jeongguk was better at controlling his thirst before sending him off into a human environment. 


And it's amazing. All this time to themselves.


With Taehyung out of the house all day long, Seokjin and Jeongguk don't have to keep their sappy words behind closed doors. They're taking their relationship somewhat slowly seeing as they weren't exactly prepared for it in the first place. They spend most days learning about each other, and when Jeongguk's up for it, running around the woods in the backyard. Seokjin teaches him how to track, one of the most basic vampire skills. He demonstrates how to read the wind direction, how to trace trails and scents, how to live as a new being entirely. And the doubled feelings in the bond make it all so much better. 


Another month passes and Jeongguk begs Seokjin to let him go to school. The crucial tests are finally here, he's able to control his thirst better, and as much as he likes spending all day cuddling Seokjin on the couch, he misses going to school with Taehyung and his other friends who have yet to see him since before break. 


Seokjin can't say no when Jeongguk starts pouting and blinking up at Seokjin with his big brown eyes full of galaxies. So he drives the both of them to school the next day and goes back to work too. 




Jeongguk drops his bag at the kitchen table to remind him he needs to study later before grabbing some snacks from the pantry. He stands with both doors open, a hand on his hip, plucking things off the shelves that he thinks sound the most tasty at the moment. Then suddenly, weight collides with him and he almost knocks his head against one of the shelves but manages to steady himself. Barely.


"Taehyung! Stop doing that!" Jeongguk yells as he peels Taehyung's arms off him. "This is the third time I've almost hurt myself."


"Bro, I almost forgot!" Taehyung says, ignoring him.


"About what?" Jeongguk sighs heavily, closing the doors and collecting the snacks Taehyung so rudely knocked out of his arms off the floor. 


"I never gave you your birthday present," Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows. 


"Oh god. Did you get me an eggplant dildo again? Do you remember how traumatized I was when my mom found that thing?!"


"No, no, I won't be giving you things like that knowing you might actually be them." Taehyung laughs. "Well, actually, I might-"


"No! Tae, please spare me-"


"Just shut up and follow me," Taehyung says. Jeongguk hobbles up the stairs in Taehyung's trail, arms still piled high with snacks to chow down on while he games. Taehyung leads them to a door at the end of the hall. Jeongguk has never been here before. This house is so big he's sure there are places he's never seen. "So, like, I had to change my idea 'cause the bungee jumping pass expired while you were dead. So."


Jeongguk rolls his eyes.


"I got you something else instead! Well, actually, Jin and I kind of worked together but it was my idea. Okay? MY idea." 


"Okay, okay, I get it." Jeongguk laughs. Taehyung dramatically inhales and pushes the door open. 




Jeongguk drops all his snacks for the second time today, excuse you. His bottom jaw joins them on the floor. Inside the room is nothing special to anyone else, really, but Jeongguk knows that's his bed, his fully stocked closet, his gaming station and his manga collection. What the fuck.


"Taehyung, you moved me in?"


"Yeup!" He says, running in to show off everything. Jeongguk steps over the mountain of snacks (he'd get them later) to look at everything. 


"Holy shit, man." He breathes, baffled.


"Now we don't have to meet up when we sneak out. You'll already be here." Taehyung smiles.


Jeongguk feels a big, B-I-G, smile stretching his lips. The toothy one that people say makes him look like a bunny. The one that gave him crow's feet because he's smiling so hard his face wrinkles. 


"Thank you, Tae. Seriously." 


"Dude, it's going to be so cool living with you." 


"You'll probably be tired of seeing me all day." 


"Maybe, but you'll probably be with Jin after school, so it's not like I'll get sick of you that quickly."


"I suppose you're right." 


"Speaking of my brother~" Jeongguk can tell something bad is about to happen. Nothing good ever comes from Taehyung when he sings like that. "I've got another gift for you." 


Jeongguk watches Taehyung's hand dive into his back pocket and resurface with a... credit card? 


"Uhm, please tell me you didn't set up a bank account for me. That's too much."


"Fuck no. You aren't that special." Taehyung snorts. Jeongguk is about to full-blown tackle him but before he can, Taehyung skips over to his computer set up and turns the monitor on. A browser is already open. As Jeongguk gets closer, he sees the items on the online shopping website and his face bursts into flames.


"Kim Taehyung-!"


"Just hear me out!" Taehyung says, laughing despite this not being funny. God, Jeongguk doesn't know if he can live in the same house as Taehyung if he knows exactly how to humiliate him. "You and my brother didn't get to properly bond, and his birthday is coming up, so I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone, ya know? Luckily, I have a backup credit card that Jin can't trace, so it will be completely under the radar!"


"I'm not putting that on!" Jeongguk says, glaring at Taehyung as he points to one of the items on the screen.


"Well, it doesn't have to be that one, obviously."


"I'm not wearing any of it!" Jeongguk whisper-yells, frantically waving his hands.


"Jeongguk, listen, it's about time you suck it up. Literally."


"Kim Taehyung it's not your choice to-!"




Shit. That's Seokjin. Jeongguk quickly shoves Taehyung out of the way and clicks off the browser. Then he sees that Taehyung--classical, classical Taehyung--changed his computer screen to a hentai girl looking completely debauched and he screams, just opting to slam the entire monitor face down on the desk. Taehyung bursts out in ugly laughter and Jeongguk actually tackles him this time. 


"Fucking dumbass!" Jeongguk roars.


"C'mon! It was a good prank!" Taehyung squeals as Jeongguk's fist slams down next to his head.


"I literally hate you!" Jeongguk smacks his face with a pillow. Taehyung makes an 'oof' sound and tries to flip them over. Jeongguk struggles under him, kneeing him in the back.


"Why is there food on my floor--hey!"


Jeongguk feels his shirt tighten against his chest as Seokjin yanks him and Taehyung off the floor, using his vampiric strength to do so. Taehyung laughs while Jeongguk's busy fuming, resisting the urge to reach out and strangle his friend's neck. Which wouldn't really do anything, he's a vampire, but in theory, it worked, alright? 


"What is God's name is wrong with you two?!"


"Nothing, Jeongguk and I were just looking at some-"


"Shut up!" Jeongguk squeaks. God, his face must be so red but he thinks it's mostly anger. Hopefully. "Kim Taehyung, we can get one if you shut the fuck up."


"That's a good deal, but I don't know if-"


"Okay! Two! Alright?!"


"I get to pick one. And it's going to be a complete surprise." 


"Fine." Jeongguk groans. 


"Nice. Qué ganga."


"You two better explain or you're both grounded," Seokjin says, still holding them by the collars of their shirts while choosing to ignore Taehyung's randomly blurted Spanish.


"I think I've got a good deal here, so I'll take the L." Taehyung shrugs. Jeongguk sighs once again. While Seokjin will find out eventually, Jrongguk is leaving that up to future Jeongguk. He does not want to have this conversation right now. 


"I'll take the L too."


"You two apparently don't understand the fun in punishing kids. What's the point if they don't put up a fight? You're off the hook for now, but Taehyung, if I feel anger caused by you come through our bond again, I'll fuck you up. You hear me?"


"Yes ma'am." Taehyung salutes.


"And Ggukkie, no hitting. Okay?"


"Okay..." Jeongguk frowns at the floor.


"Now wait a goddamn minute-"


Seokjin drops the both of them and walks away, yelling at them to pick up the snacks in the doorway. Jeongguk does so and dumps them on the bed, then pulls up his computer chair and opens that cursed lingerie website again. He goes to the men's category and cringes. Fuck, why did he need to exist right now?


"Alright, so, a price range preferably under two hundred, alright?" 


"Let's just get this over with." Jeongguk sighs in defeat. With Taehyung leaning over his shoulder and commenting on different sets, they pick out one together and then Taehyung kicks Jeongguk out of his own room so he can decide on the other. Jeongguk finds it weird that Taehyung knew what fabrics felt better on the skin compared to others or whether certain stylistic choices were actually functional or not. But he doesn't dare question it. 


During dinner--bulgogi and fried rice, so yummy--Seokjin makes sure the nineteen year olds are keeping up with their studies after helping Jeongguk out a while ago. Taehyung doesn't really like studying but it's for a big test so he does it without needing to be told. Which is shocking, to say the least. 


Jeongguk, having spent the entire day with one crackhead named Kim Taehyung and his textbooks, crashes into Seokjin's bed after showering. Seokjin usually cleans up the kitchen and finishes up other last minute tasks before crawling into bed, so he was surprised to see his bondmate waiting for him. Wordlessly, he changes into pajamas and slips into bed beside the younger, who instantly clings to him. It's always nice in Seokjin's arms where their bond feels strongest and Jeongguk feels safest. 


"How are you feeling?" Seokjin asks. 


"Good, so far. I'm sure I'll get stressed soon. These kinds of tests always put me into laser focus and when I'm outside that headspace I'm just so moody and pissed all the time. So I'm sorry in advance if I curse you out or something."


"If you're really stressed just come talk to me. I can help you," Seokjin says and Jeongguk hums into his broad chest. 


"Help me how?" He asks curiously?


"I'll give you whatever you need. A massage, your favorite dinner, a night out at the arcade..."


"A massage sounds nice."






The sheets rustle as Jeongguk shifts off Seokjin's chest and onto his stomach, hands buried under the pillow beneath his head where it feels nice and cold. Seokjin sits up and goes to the bathroom to get some lotion, then straddles the back of Jeongguk's thighs. With gentleness exuding from his touch, he pushes up Jeongguk's shirt and squeezes lotion onto his bare back. Jeongguk exhales heavily as Seokjin's hands spread the warm lotion around, kneading his muscles under the heel of his hand with just the perfect amount of pressure.


"That feels good," Jeongguk says. Seokjin grins. He's well aware of how good it feels. He can feel the low content in their bond coming from Jeongguk. 


Seokjin moves his hands down, pushing his thumbs into the dimples of Jeongguk's lower back and rolling them in circles. Jeongguk's groan muffles into the pillow. This feels nice , he thinks. Seokjin's hands on his bare skin, relieving all his barely pent up stress. If this is what he gets every time school instills stress within him, he'll work harder and take the frustration. This is so worth it. 


Seokjin hits a particularly sore knot and Jeongguk flinches as his teeth sink into the pillow on reflex. Shit. His fangs are out. He can't even recall doing that. 




"Oopsie." Jeongguk moves so Seokjin can see the dark patch of slobber and the torn fabric. "I uh, I didn't mean to do that?"


"It's alright." Seokjin laughs, continuing the massage but this time moving under Jeongguk's shirt to squeeze his shoulders. "Sometimes, when vampires feel good, their fangs sporadically retract in and out."


"Oh. That's weird." 


"It is. But now I know you feel good." 


"Very good," Jeongguk corrects. He relaxes even more, feeling as if he were one with the mattress at this point. He didn't know Seokjin's hands would feel this right on him. He briefly wonders what they would feel like-


"Breathe out."


Jeongguk does so, and then Seokjin pushes against his back and he feels his vertebrae pop. A surprised sound (a moan, let's face it) bubbles past his lips with a gust of air.


"Shit." He gasps. "That surprised me."


"Did it feel nice?" Seokjin asks, resuming small circular motions.


"Yeah. Do it again."


"Alright. Breathe out for me again." 


This time, his lower back cracks and he hums, a dopey smile hanging to his lips. He thinks he might be drooling but don't quote him on that. 


"Can you crack my neck?" 


"Yeah, but you'll have to move."


"Where'd you learn to do this?" Jeongguk asks as Seokjin raises up a little to allow him room to turn over. 


"I have had a lot of time on my hands." 


"Thank God for that." 


Jeongguk moves so Seokjin can stand at the edge of the bed and place both hands on the sides of his head. He twists from side to side slowly, then quick in an instant, and Jeongguk feels his spine pop again and he gasps. 


"Shit. That feels so weird." 


"Yeah, it does." Seokjin whispers while pulling up from the base of his neck to his earlobes. Jeongguk's reduced to putty in his palms now. "Usually you should walk around after that but you're a vampire, so you'll be okay."


"Sweet." Jeongguk grins. Seokjin chuckles and they cuddle up under the covers. Jeongguk leans forward to catch his lips in a kiss. Kissing Seokjin is always so nice. He's so careful and warm and his lips are amazing against Jeongguk's. There's no extra thought that comes to it. They just kiss as if it were second nature and for a moment, a thought crosses Jeongguk's mind. A very fleeting thought. He wonders if maybe Taehyung was right. Maybe it's time he starts exploring more intimacy with Seokjin. 


But not now. No. He's too tired and he doesn't really want to make a fool of himself, so maybe research is in order. 




School came and went. The days felt as if they were dragging on and Jeongguk felt the stress pile high in his shoulders and he was sure their was a permanent wrinkle between his brows. Graduation was soon. Seokjin's birthday was within the next couple months. And Jeongguk was worried about college letters and having to be in a dorm when he just moved in with the love of his life and his best friend. A gap year sounded really tempting, especially considering he was a vampire, but he had already sent out his transcript to colleges and once he got his test scores he knew he needed to send those as well. 


Fuck. Fuck, indeed.


And Taehyung was in the same boat, so he was just as moody and tired. Seokjin had patience with them, cooked them good dinners, and helped them with studying when they needed it. But really, Jeongguk just needed him . It felt like years since he last spent time basking in the warmth and security of their bond. 


That package came in a couple days ago. Taehyung hid it in his closet so Seokjin wouldn't find it and so Jeongguk wouldn't go snooping to see what that second set of lingerie looked like. He had picked one that concealed a lot. It was pink, and sorta like a nightgown. Jeongguk doesn't think that will be too embarrassing to wear.


Currently, he's sitting on the couch in the big living room--yes there are two, who cares?--and Seokjin plops down beside him, takes his textbook out of his hands, and plants a searing kiss on his lips. It leaves Jeongguk a little breathless, if he's being honest. It's the kind of kint-browed, one-second-too-long kind of kiss he sees in movies.


"Seokjin, I need that." Jeongguk says after pulling away. As much as he wants to lose himself within this man, he can't. Not right now. "The test is next week. This score is going to colleges. It's really important that I focus on studying and-"


"Baby," Seokjin says and that shuts him up real quick. He just stops talking. Because Seokjin has never called him that before. And the dull arousal in their bond isn't coming from himself. "Taehyung's out of the house. I think you should take a break."


"I--yeah. That's a good idea." 


Seokjin smiles and smashes his lips against Jeongguk's awaiting ones. Immediately, he licks his lips apart and slides his tongue into the younger's mouth. Jeongguk grunts in shock but wraps his arms around Seokjin's waist and pulls him closer, absolutely loving this turn of events.


"What's got you this worked up?" Jeongguk asks as Seokjin's lips travel down his neck. 


"Remember when I went to the gym with you?" 


"Three days ago?" 


"Yeah. Haven't gotten that sight of you lifting out of my head. I was just thinking about it and then I realized you were right out here and Taehyung isn't home."


"Genius." Jeongguk giggles before tugging his face back up to connect their mouths again. He inhales sharply, swiping his tongue into his mouth and twirling it with Seokjin's, making the older hum from where he's sitting on Jeongguk's lap. "I dunno what you're planning, but whatever it is, you gotta be quick."


"So you don't even wanna go upstairs?" Seokjin tilts his head and Jeongguk shrugs, shaking his head. 


"Nah, this is way more exciting." 


Seokjin sputters a giggle into his mouth before kneeling on the floor and hastily pulling at Jeongguk's pants. Jeongguk lifts his hips, biting his bottom lip as the air touches his bare skin. Fuck, this is fast but that's kind of thrilling too, so he doesn't care. And through their bond, he can tell Seokjin doesn't give two shits either. 


Jeongguk feels his fangs shoot out when Seokjin wraps his hand around his semi and languidly strokes while kissing up his muscular thighs. 


"Fuck--Seokjinie that feels so good." Jeongguk groans as he rests his head against the back of the couch and looks up at the ceiling. "You always make me feel so good."


"I know I do." 


Jeongguk laughs, but the end snaps off and he gasps loudly as wet warmth encases his hard cock. He moans, toes curling just slightly when Seokjin flicks his tongue against his frenulum and takes him down his throat even further. Jeongguk did not think Seokjin could deep throat after seeing him choke on rice a million times.


Their bond amplifies every jolt of pleasure, and both of them, completely unfamiliar with the bonding experience as a whole, near orgasm quickly despite Seokjin literally having Jeongguk down his throat for ten seconds and hasn't done anything but palm his own crotch through his pants. Jeongguk isn't used to the fast approaching yet intense as fuck pleasure but that's what felt good so even though he screams out and his thighs shake violently, he has never felt so damn good in his life. And the great thing about bonds is Jeongguk's orgasm triggered Seokjin's and then it was like two at the exact same time and Jeongguk swears he was done fainting in front of Seokjin but right now, he isn't so sure about that. 


"Fucking hell." Jeongguk pants. His limbs are pleasantly numb and glued to the couch. Seokjin's head lies against Jeongguk's left thigh, shoulders rising and falling as he fights to catch his breath. "I didn't think I'd-"


"Me either," Seokjin says. It takes them twice the amount of time to come down from their highs and Seokjin tucks Jeongguk away as he smacks a kiss to the center of his lips before going upstairs to change his pants. Jeongguk stays just like that. Sprawled out on the couch with a bead of sweat clinging to his hairline. When Taehyung comes home not but three minutes later--thank heaven--he sits beside Jeongguk and stares at him skeptically.


"You look fucked. Hard work out today?" 


"Want me to be honest?"


"For once, I'm scared of saying this, but yeah, obviously."


Jeongguk smirks sleepily. "Your big bro just blew my brains out within thirty seconds."


"I-" Taehyung pauses. "I really want to be proud you got your first BJ but thirty seconds is awful ." 


"I know." Jeongguk scrubs his hands down his face. "Bonds are so amazing, though. I didn't even touch him but the link between us just... shit, Tae, you gotta get a girlfriend." 


"About that..."


Jeongguk shoots up. 


"You have one and you didn't tell me?!" 


"What? No. I'd never do that," Taehyung says. "But I just realized you actually think I'm straight." 




"I've literally made out with a man before." Taehyung stares at him with disbelief.


"That was at a party!" Jeongguk says. "And you were drunk!"


"I've literally kissed you , Jeongguk." 


"That was an accident!" 


"I can't believe you actually thought I was telling the truth. Where do you see straight when you look at me?!"


"I honestly don't know," Jeongguk says. Then he thinks… "Wait, what about those two girls you left with the day I died?" 


"Yeah I definitely swapped them out for Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome." 


"You're unbelievable." Jeongguk blanches. Then Seokjin appears, wearing a new pair of pants, and Taehyung just laughs. 


"Alright, well I'm really not about to stay here and watch the two of you go for round two, so, peace out! (≧▽≦)"


"Did you really tell him?"


"How did he just do that face thing?"


God, Kim Taehyung, what a legend in the making. Jeongguk really hopes he becomes a YouTuber or something so people can get a laugh out of him too.




Graduation day. Jeongguk is nervous but he feels the adoration leaking through their bond and that makes standing in line much easier. Tests had gone smoothly and Jeongguk received a score so high he couldn't believe it for a solid three days. Seokjin was so proud of him and Taehyung and this time, when they went out to eat, Jeongguk didn't end up in the hospital. 


He can't help but think of how he got here and the things he went through. Watching his father die in the hospital was no easy thing and his mother being so overprotective of him for so long after that made him resent her for some time, though he wished he hadn't. And then he met Taehyung at the end of junior year and life seemed to turn right side up again. His mother was glad he made a true friend like Taehyung and let them go be teenagers and get in trouble and they almost landed in jail but they dodged that, thankfully. Jeongguk couldn't see his life being worth it without Taehyung there to do goofy things with him. 


And he wouldn't have met Seokjin, who not only nurtured him for awhile there but saved his life. Jeongguk wouldn't be on this stage if it weren't for him, and for that, he's eternally grateful. Especially when it means he gets to spend the rest of forever with him. 


He's happy. He's loved and he gives it all in return and now, when they call his name and the audience starts clapping, he smiles. Fangs out and all. He bows and shakes the principal's hand as he receives his diploma and stands with the rest of his classmates, right beside Taehyung, and when the speakers declare their class as the new graduates, they throw their caps in the air and give hugs all around. Jeongguk is radiating positivity. His cheeks hurt from smiling so genuinely. And Seokjin feels so damn proud. Jeongguk could tell without their bond. 


He just so so so happy. 




"I don't even know what I want to do," Taehyung says while they're in the car on the way home after dinner. It's dark out and the stars are shining bright, promising a good future to those bathing in their light. 


"You've got some more time to figure it out," Seokjin says from the driver's seat. "Plenty of people go to college without knowing what to do. And if you don't like what you decide to do, then change your plan. You've got more time than half the stars, Tae." 


"He's right," Jeongguk says, squeezing Seokjin's hand. "I think you'd do good in the spotlight, maybe. And you're really good at painting, Tae. Those portraits in the house could sell for a lot in my opinion. Create a name for yourself and let the world know." 


"You know, if you two weren't fucking each other, I'd give you fat kisses. I love you guys." 


Laughter fills the car on the way home. Jeongguk knows he has to start getting ready for college soon, but for now, he'll soak up these last bits of youth while he still has the chance. 




A couple days later, Seokjin awakes to a sweet smell. He knows what's happening, because he feels the giddiness inside him that doesn't belong to himself, and when he sits up, Jeongguk kicks open the bedroom door with a tray of breakfast in hand. 


"Good morning!"


"Yes, what a great mornin," Seokjin says while Jeongguk sets the tray up. 


"Happy birthday," He says, then leans down, and Seokjin closed his eyes, fully prepared to kiss the loving hell out of Jeongguk, but the brat pulls away before their lips even touch. "Eat up!"


Seokjin smirks and digs in while Jeongguk skips out of the room. It tastes perfect. He didn't even know Jeongguk could cook. Maybe his mother taught him. 


For a drink, he was given a pink smoothie. Seokjin is not really a fan of smoothies, but this one has something inside it that makes his eyes widen. Like, it's addictive . He recognizes it after spending an entire minute trying to put his finger on the flavor. It's Jeongguk's blood, and he tastes as human as ever.


When he finishes, Seokjin brings the dishes downstairs. Jeongguk's just finished wiping down the counters when Seokjin thinks for a moment that Jeongguk looks really attractive cooking and cleaning??? He's sure why. Maybe it's the calm, domestic idea of him in the kitchen, cleaning like a mother would. (Not that a mother is required to. Bad bitch mom's are accepted in this household too.)


"Thank you," Seokjin says, this time catching Jeongguk's lips before he can slither away. The younger giggles and slings his arms around Seokjin's shoulders, leaning back against the counter. 


"I've got big plans for you today." Jeongguk grins and Seokjin kisses his pretty nose. "I'd tell you, but that would ruin the surprise."


"Should I go wash up?" 


"Yes, yes you should." 


"Hmm. You should join me," Seokjin says, kissing Jeongguk's neck once before cupping his cheek. 


"That's tempting, but no. We're on a schedule today." 


"Alright. I'll be quick," Seokjin says. Jeongguk smiles and when Seokjin pulls away, he sees Taehyung standing in the kitchen, apple core in hand, face deadpanned. 


"That was disgusting. Never do that shit in my kitchen again." 


Seokjin flicks his forehead and trots up the stairs. He can faintly hear Taehyung and Jeongguk joking around downstairs and hopes nobody breaks a bone while they're unsupervised. 


After showering and finishing the rest of his daily bathroom routine, Seokjin dresses in some jeans and a sweater and meets Jeongguk downstairs around eleven. They wave goodbye to Taehyung, who launches a sock in their direction, and Jeongguk drives, which is weird, because Seokjin has never seen him behind the wheel before and he looks oddly hot in the driver's seat. 


"So. What should I expect?" 


"You should turn all logical thinking off and just prepare to have some nice time at the--oh wow--I almost just said where we were going!"


"I was hoping I'd get it out of 'ya." Seokjin chuckles but then Jeongguk makes a gesture of zipping his lips and proceeds to throw the imaginary key out the window. He doesn't talk for the entirety of the rest of the ride and Seokjin just turns on the radio, singing softly until they get there.


The building is unfamiliar considering he's been in this part of town a couple times. The name gives nothing away and even when they step inside and sit down at a table, Seokjin still has no idea.




"Good evening, lovers!" Seokjin watches as a worker begins talking. She smiles at others, who Seokjin assumes are fellow couples, and continues on with explaining this event. They're to go around each table and do little crafty things together. It's such an out of character Jeongguk thing to suggest that Seokjin feels dumbfounded. "Alright, you guys can start crafting now!"


Seokjin turns back towards Jeongguk. He's smiling his big bunny smile. 


"Do you like it? Is this a good idea?"


"It's perfect," Seokjin says. Jeongguk preens with a blush on his cheeks and picks up some thread. This station is for making beaded bracelets. There are instructions on how to tie an adjustable knot, but for now, Seokjin focuses on braiding the string. He's a decent way up the thread before securing some letter beads in the middle and then braids the rest. The threads are so thin and flimsy but he manages to tie them together at the end and effortlessly make the knot. When he's done, he holds it up. "What do you think, Gguk?" 


"I think it looks like mine," Jeongguk says and he holds his up, which is the exact same color. Red. 


"Let me see your wrist." 


Jeongguk pulls his sleeve back and lets Seokjin slide it onto his slender wrist. It looks beautiful against his pretty skin. 


"Baby?" He reads aloud.


"Yeah. Should I have gone with something else? Is that too basic?"


"No," Jeongguk says, fiddling with the beads. Love blooms simultaneously in their chests. "It's perfect." 


"Just like you."


"Gah, stop. That's cheesy." Jeongguk giggles and Seokjin lets Jeongguk put the bracelet he made on his wrist. The beads spell out angel . Seokjin admits he's confused. He assumes it could be a cute pet name but coming from Jeongguk, who's never said this to him before, he doesn't really believe that. There's a hidden meaning, he knows it.


"What's it mean?" Seokjin asks as he looks up and in Jeongguk's eyes he sees love. Just so much of it that Seokjin feels his breath catch. 


"You're my guardian angel. You saved my life." 


Okay so Seokjin didn't plan on crying today, but shit, he just might. 


"Jeonggukkie... I don't think I deserve you." 


"If that were true, then our bond would've never worked and I'd be dead." Jeongguk shrugs and shiiit Seokjin just sniffled. "But you know, it did work, so I think we were made for each other. It was all supposed to happen the way it did because it led us to forever."


"Jeongguk, I'm gonna fucking cry- "


"Okay everyone, it's time to move stations!" The lady calls out and Jeongguk stands, extending a hand for Seokjin to lace their fingers together. 


"C'mon. Suck up those tears and come finger paint with me."


By the end of the day, Seokjin leaves the craft date with two poorly made finger paintings his brother will definitely laugh at, their matching bracelets, two little ornaments, and funky origami shapes. He was so happy with everything that he assumed they were done and were gonna head home and go watch a movie or something but then Jeongguk parks at Seokjin's favorite restaurant and he thinks holy shit I'm so gonna cry before I get home. 


Jeongguk opens his door and stifles a giggle behind his closed lips as Seokjin bows and takes his arm. They walk in like that, eventually bursting out in laughter when they make it to the door. They're waited and they ordered a glass of scarlet wine--blood, it was literally blood, okay, Jeongguk is a child of God and would never drink at the age of nineteen in front of Seokjin. Not to mention he hasn't even bothered to go clubbing since that night--and while waiting for it to arrive, they talk and talk, just about life and each other and exchange word of love and happiness and when Seokjin ends up weeping, Jeongguk is there to wipe his tears and tell him he wouldn't have it any other way. 


"I love you," Jeongguk says and Seokjin doesn't wait to even think before he speaks.


"I love you too."




Seokjin's sure his birthday is over now and he's done with the presents that made his heart feel so full. It's not easy feeling so loved and then taking that and doubling it through the likes of their bond. It's overwhelming and beautiful. Fuck, Jeongguk is beautiful. With his black hair and his big eyes that are red so much because their love is so intense all the time and that naturally shows through the windows of his pure soul. He's so damn sure that they did everything. More than he needed. Yet, when they get home, Jeongguk kisses him hastily and runs straight to the bathroom. Seokjin just sits on the bed, and when he comes into the room, he disappears behind the door of the closet before Seokjin can even ask: what's the rush?


He's confused. And he can feel Jeongguk's nerves. And his electrifying anticipation. Seokjin stares at the closet door, waiting, watching, wondering what the hell Jeongguk is planning that is so secretive. 


When the door opens, Jeongguk steps out in a robe. A thin, silk robe, and that's it. His face is a little flushed, hair stringy and damp from his shower. Seokjin gulps. 


"Pick a color," he says and Seokjin learns that he really doesn't like being this clueless. But for Jeongguk he'll go with the flow. Yes. He'll pick a color. But there are so many options, how is he supposed to decide?


"Any color?"


"Between pink or, uh, black." 


"Pink or black..." Seokjin thinks out loud. "Hmm. Pink is sweet. It's cute and innocent. Charming, tender, romantic. Black, on the other hand, is sophisticated, serious, powerful, and mysteriously beautiful. How am I supposed to choose?"


"Uh, I don't know? Just pick one, it's really not a big deal…"


"I think I'll go with... black." 


"Okay." Jeongguk breathes out and then he's behind the door again. Black matches Jeongguk's hair, if that meant anything. It was also the color of Seokjin's favorite set of jacks when he was growing up. And black is nice. It's cool. He likes the color black, though he has no fucking clue what it has to do with anything in this moment of time. Should he have picked pink? Would that have been the better option?


Before Seokjin can overthink more, the door opens yet again and Jeongguk steps out in his robe. Again. Does he have to pick a different color now? 


What was going on-? 


Seokjin looks down and notices Jeongguk is wearing transparent black fabric over his legs. Tights. Or stockings. Or maybe just socks...? 


"Jeongguk..." Seokjin gulps, staring at his claves, the only visible part of his legs. He really needs to see what's under that robe. He needs to know. His mind is going crazy just thinking about it. 


"I've uh, uhm, I've got one more present for you, o-okay?" So he's stuttering. That's new. Seokjin feels his gut flip at hearing it but still, he won't focus on anything until he sees what's under that damn robe. 


"You gonna move that robe, Gguk?" Seokjin asks and phew his voice drops lower accidentally. He's also sure his eyes are glowing. God, if he's just wearing cute anime pajamas, Seokjin's sure he'll die of embarrassment. There's no hiding emotions when you're bonded to someone. That doesn't always work in your favor. 


"Yes. I just, uh, I'm nervous?" 


Seokjin knows this. Jeongguk's nerves had peaked the second time he came out of the closet (ignore the pun) and Seokjin wants to comfort him but his mind is clouded at the moment. His eyes are still trained on that robe Jeongguk clutches to his frame like a lifeline.


"Take your time," Seokjin says, licking his lips hungrily, yes, he's so hungry for Jeon Jeongguk. "I'll wait, baby."


"Uhm. Don't laugh. Or something. Okay? I'll probably die of humiliation." 


"I would never," Seokjin says, wishing he could say that right to Jeongguk's face but he couldn't possibly when his legs are right there, so inviting in that sheer black fabric. 


Then Jeongguk drops the robe. 


One look and Seokjin sees leather. Leather straps. And lace. Glittery lace. And tiny goosebumps along Jeongguk's smooth skin. And his waist... the fabric clinging to him like a second skin over the smooth line of his ribs that dips above his hips and runs down his thick thighs. Like an hourglass , Seokjin thinks. He looks beautiful. 


And then it hits Seokjin. It's his birthday and Jeongguk is wearing black, lacey, leather lingerie and FUCK fuck there's no way this is real. 


"Jeongguk." Seokjin gulps in a shaky breath. "You, uhm, fuck. When did you get this?" 


"A few months ago," Jeongguk says, scratching at his forearm nervously and oh god his cute feet are angled inwards and his hair looks so FLUFFY oh boy. 


"So this was planned...?"


"Yes, sort of," Jeongguk says. "I-It's a long story. Uhm. Do... do you like it?"


Seokjin stands up and accidentally uses his vampiric speed to just be able to touch Jeongguk. God. He feels so soft where his skin is and so ajkajskdjsha. Seokjin might go into cardiac arrest, his Jeongguk is so damn cute and sexy. 


"Yes. Yes I love it. I'm just. I'm just speechless," Seokjin says. He wants to look Jeongguk in the eyes but how can he when his pretty body is right in front of him at the mercy of his hands? No, he doesn't love the younger just for his appearance but shit , how can he not worship him in black lingerie? 


"Good speechless or bad speechless?" Jeongguk asks, gnawing on the insides of his cheeks. He's still nervous. 


"Good speechless. Great speechless. You look so fucking good speechless," Seokjin says. Jeongguk sighs in relief.


"Good. I was worried you'd find it weird. But you don't, so... yay?"


"I don't know if I want to rip it all off or leave it on." 


"Uhm. It's expensive. But you indirectly paid for it so... I guess it's your choice, birthday boy."


"Happy fucking birthday to me." Seokjin whistles and quickly, he picks Jeongguk up and Jeongguk, dressed so delicately yet dangerously , squeals and wraps his legs around Seokjin's waist. Seokjin falls onto the bed, catching himself with his hands so he doesn't crush his baby beneath him and he kisses him, for the love of God, he kisses him with every ounce he has. He sucks on his tongue and pulls a string of breathy moans from his chest, plays with his dusty pink nipples just because he can and because Jeongguk is lying there for him, dressed up for him, making pretty noises whenever he touches him like the world's most beautiful instrument. All for him.


"Uhm--S-Seokjin?" Jeongguk calls out, breathing heavily, and Seokjin brings his head up from where he was sloppily sucking against his neck. 


"Yes, baby?" He asks, tucking a strand of ebony hair behind his red tinted ears. 


"Can you take these off?" Seokjin looks down at where Jeongguk's fingers are hooked under the fabric at his hips. "Please?"


"Yes," Seokjin says and he kisses Jeongguk, down his chest and to his tummy--which makes him giggle--before he unclasps the stockings and gently pulls them off his legs. He tugs the rest down and sets it all on the floor in a neat pile. Jeongguk's naked from the waist down and Seokjin kisses his thighs, wishing he could mark right here on the inside, but chooses to do it on his hip instead. It doesn't hurt Jeongguk when Seokjin bites him. It doesn't hurt at all. In fact, it feels good. It made their bond tingle and waver and his entire body shiver.


When he comes back up to kiss his swollen lips, Jeongguk grabs his hand and runs it down his side, over his hip bone where a drop of blood has bubbled out of the love bite, and down to his rear. Seokjin groans as he squeezes his ass, shifting closer to him if it were even possible. Jeongguk just laughs because no, that's not really what he wants but hey, he's alright with this for a minute. 


"K-Keep going," Jeongguk eventually says. Seokjin opens his eyes and looks into Jeongguk's.


"Like this?" He asks as his fingers dip between his cheeks. Jeongguk nods and Seokjin continues, watching Jeongguk face as his fingers graze soft skin and then something solid? Solid ? What could be solid? What is this? What could it be? 


Jeongguk lets Seokjin figure it out. He lets him ghost his fingers around the hilt, lets him slide them under the edge to tug on it slightly to which Jeongguk involuntarily grunts and tightens around it. 


"Jeongguk, you're going to be the death of me." 


"Another good decision, I hope?" 


"Yes. Yes you're so perfect god I love you so much," Seokjin says, peppering kisses all over Jeongguk's face and he giggles, pushing him away. 


"I saved us some time, you know?" 


"I'd have no issue prepping you, baby. No issue at all."


"Yes but I'm impatient and have been for months, so, do something, yeah?" 


"Alright, alright," Seokjin says. "Unless you want to beg for it?" 


Seokjin watches Jeongguk's face freeze. His usually dull heartbeat stops for a moment.


"U-Uh uhm uh-"


"Maybe not this time," Seokjin says, talking Jeongguk back to reality before he slips somewhere he's never been before. Seokjin vows to revisit this later now that he knows Jeongguk might have a subspace. "Are you sure you're ready for this, baby?"


"Yes. Please. If you don't do this right now I think I'll die." 


"No, don't say that." Seokjin laughs, kissing Jeongguk's lips while he slowly slides that godforsaken toy out of him. Seokjin's going to interrogate Taehyung because there's no way Jeongguk is this kinky on his own. No way. Taehyung had something to do with this, he's sure of it. "How about we take the rest of this off?" Jeongguk nods and Seokjin helps him out of the rest of the lingerie, except the matching collar, because the clasp is too small, Seokjin doesn't have enough patience, and Jeongguk looks ravishingly divine in a choker. 


After that, Seokjin takes all his clothes off and he settles right against Jeongguk, pulls his legs back around his waist, tucks his hair behind his ears, and kisses him passionately before lining up and pushing into him. He isn't expecting him to feel so wet inside, but then again, when he put the plug in, he probably used a lot more lube than necessary.


"Oh baby, you feel so good." 


"Yeah? That's great 'cause my ass fucking hurts. I forgot it would hurt oh god-"


"Hey hey hey," Seokjin says, soothing him by cupping his face and rubbing his thumb over his red skin. Tears are swimming in his eyes. "It's alright. It'll go away before you know it."




"Should I keep going?"


"You're not all the way in?!" Jeongguk gasps, lifting his head up as if he can see his own ass at this angle. News flash: he can't. 


"I'll take that as a no." 


"Shit, just go all the way and let me adjust." 


"You sure?"




So Seokjin does that. He bottom out with a moan, hips flush against Jeongguk's, and allows him a second to relax. He can't move with him gripping his cock so tightly anyways, but he likes this feeling of just waiting, warm and tight


"Okay. Okay, I'm good." 


Seokjin rolls his hips carefully. Jeongguk lets out a shaky whimper, eyes fluttering shut, and Seokjin kisses along his chest, tasting his sweaty skin and sucking blotches wherever he pleases. So many times he's thought about marking up Jeongguk, but never did he imagine it coming true like this. With Jeongguk clinging to him, face tucked into his neck, huffing into his ears, rocking back on his cock to experience more burning friction. 


The floodgates to their bond suddenly burst open and they gasp in unison. Seokjin feels everything Jeongguk is feeling bleed into him and he feels himself reaching out for Jeongguk as well. It's sudden and their combined pleasure feels like a climax of its own and it leaves them panting, completely out of breath. But he realizes he's still hard and that bubble in his gut hasn't snapped yet. Jeongguk can't really control the sounds he makes anymore, but he also doesn't care about who hears, so he moans right into Seokjin's ear every time he thrusts forward, mewling out phrases he wouldn't dare repeat outside the bedroom. When he reaches that point, his muscles tighten and he holds his breath because a while ago he realized he enjoys this much more when his lungs feel full too. 


"Don't stop." He mouths, utterly breathless. "Please. Don't stop, please."


Seokjin senses that Jeongguk's right at the edge so he speeds up the tiniest bit and gathers him in his arms because as soon as Jeongguk crashes down, Seokjin will follow suit. And god, it's unexplainable. The moment of suspension and then the heat that hits him just like that. The white hot, blinding pleasure that consumes him and he swears he can't even hear. He can't feel. He's floating. It seems familiar yet different. And when he feels that spark inside himself light, he searches for the other one, finds it right beside him, and he holds it for dear life. 


All too soon, the light fades and Seokjin starts feeling again. He can feel Jeongguk beneath him, breathing softly. Can feel the cold, still air against their bodies.


Jeongguk blinks his eyes open. Seokjin just stares at him, enraptured by his post-sex beauty. 


"Did we bond again?" He wonders and Jeongguk hesitantly nods. 


"I think so. Is that possible?"


"I have no idea," Seokjin says.


"Check the time." 


Seokjin pulls out of Jeongguk. Jeongguk notices he isn't as sweaty as before. Isn't as wet as he last remembered. While Seokjin searches for his phone, Jeongguk sits up. He smiles, reciting the last things he rememberer inside his mind until Seokjin returnes to his side. 


"It's three in the morning, Gguk." 


"Holy shit-"


"We bonded again. Somehow."


"But you didn't bite me?" 


"Yes, I did," Seokjin says. Jeongguk watches with furrowed brows as Seokjin guides his eyes towards the mark on his hip. 


"Oh. Well. I'm already a vampire...?"


"I don't know. Maybe this is our bond finally sealing. We couldn't exactly… do this the first time. We can look into this later, yeah? I'm exhausted."


"We technically just slept for like, seven hours straight." 


"We had mind blowing sex and stayed in that same position for seven hours. I'm tired, so come cuddle me," Seokjin says. Jeongguk grins like an idiot and dives under the covers beside Seokjin. The older wraps around him and Jeongguk thinks, hey, this skin to skin contact is nice . "Did I hurt you too much? Are you alright?" 


"I'm more than alright," Jeongguk says. "You simultaneously took my virginity and bonded with me again. How could it get any better than that?" 


"I'm glad then," Seokjin says, pressing his lips to the crown of Jeongguk's head. Jeongguk then leaps into the story of how this entire plan came along and Seokjin nods sleepily. Jeongguk's aware he's nodding off but he doesn't care. He likes talking Seokjin to sleep and laughs because that makes him sound boring. But he eventually falls asleep too and you know what? Maybe no good outer space is the such a bad thing after all.