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Halloween Prank Calls

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On Halloween Night, a 16 year old Henry Swan-Mills, stayed home alone in the mansion. He was watching a Scream movie and the phone started ringing. He picked it up


“Henry Swan-Mills, you gotta learn to answer with your name rather than just say hello, you take that after your mother,” Regina Mills tsked and shook her head,
”Anyways, I wanted to let you know the meeting is running a little late and I'll be home in an hour.

“Sure mom, I will still be here and I know if anything happens, to call Ma.” Henry rolled his eyes.

“Yes dear, call Emma if it is necessary. Anyway I better get going. Love you.”

“Love you too Mom,” With that, he hung up the phone and resumed watching the movie.

About thirty minutes later, the phone rang again.

“Henry Swan-Mills speaking,” Henry answered in case it was his mom.


“Hello?” Henry repeated.


“Look, if it's a prank call, I will call my ma!”


Henry hung up and shook his head and muttered, ”idiots.”

Fifteen minutes later, the phone rang.

“Henry Swan-Mills speaking,” Henry answered.




“If you call again, I will call the sheriff!” He hung up, feeling annoyed.

Henry shook his head and found another scary movie to watch, Jennifer's Body. He liked the movie because of Megan Fox in it even though there were some lesbian sexy scenes in it.

Ten Minutes later.

The phone rang.

Henry sighed and let it ring this time since he knew it was just another prank call.

The phone stopped ringing after the 5th time.

Henry continued watching the movie, watching the part where Megan flirted with Amanda. Henry smirked and knew that was what his mom did to Emma at times.

Five Minutes Later, the phone rings again.

Henry sighed and paused the movie and answered the phone.


“Henry Swan-Mills speaking.”

“Hey Kid, I tried to call you earlier but no one answered.” Emma said.

“Oh Hi ma, sorry I have been getting prank calls lately so that is why I did not answer. Figured it was them calling again.”

“You should have called and told me I will find out who is doing it,” Emma was getting pissed at the idiots that tried to prank the Swan-Mills phone.

“No No ma, it's Halloween. The kids tend to do that every year. I just ignore it.” Henry replied.

Emma sighed, ”Okay, please call me if they call ONE more time. Got it,Kid?”

“Got it, Ma.”

“Okay, I'll call in a while, the meeting here was hell and your mom should be home soon.”

“Okay, thanks.”


“Bye.” Henry hung up and shook his head.

Ten Minutes later, the phone rang.

Henry sighed and picked up the phone.



“Look! If you keep calling I will call the sheriff’s department.”


“Okay, then why are you calling me?”


Henry sighed annoyed, as he’s losing patience with the caller.

“Okay, who the heck is this?!”



Henry looked at the phone and hung up the phone and shook his head.


A while later, Regina walked into the house.

“Henry! I am home!”

“Over here!”

Regina walked to the living room and glanced at the tv screen and smirked.

It was the scene where Megan and Amanda make out.

“Dear, why are you watching THAT?” She continued smirking.

Henry blushed and paused the movie.

“I like the movie okay. It is one of my favorites.”

“Huh huh. Okay Dear, did you eat dinner yet?”

“No, I was thinking about ordering Pizza maybe I can ask Ma to bring us some?”

“Okay, go ahead and call Emma,”

“Awesome mom! Thanks!”

He then called Emma.

“Sheriff speaking.”

“Ma! Can you swing by and pick up pizzas for us?”

“Sure kid. What do you guys want?”

“2 large pizzas, one Pepperoni and- Hey!”

Regina grabbed the phone.

“One Pepperoni and MUSHROOM and one Vegetable.” Regina glared at Henry.

“Hi Gina! And sure! I will be there in about 45 minutes”

“See you then.”

“Bye Ma!” Henry said in the background.

Thirty Minutes later…

The phone rings.

“Regina Swan-Mills speaking,” Regina answered.




Regina hung up and shook her head, ”Idiots!” she mutters as she gets plates ready for the pizza.

The doorbell rang.

Henry ran to the door and opened the door, ”Hey ma!”

Emma came in with 2 boxes of pizza and smiled at Henry.
“Hey kid! Your dinner is served!” Emma smiled and walked to the dining room and placed the pizza on the table.

Regina walked in, ”Hi darling.”

Emma kissed Regina and smiled, ”Hi,babe.” She was so happy to be home and it showed.

Regina and Emma then walked to the dining room.

“Okay let's eat.” Emma grabs a piece of pizza and places it on the plate.

“So kid, what movies have you watched so far?”

“Scream and then I am in the middle of watching Jennifer’s Body.”

“Oh my gosh! It has been ages since I watched that! Megan Fox is hot eh?”

Regina glanced at Henry and Emma and wondered who the heck is that fox lady.

“Oh also I kept getting interrupted by so many prank calls. Ugh, it's so annoying!”

Regina asked, ”What do you mean by the prank calls?”

“Oh, whoever it was, they kept on calling every 30 minutes then 15 minutes and now every 5 minutes just with nothing but silence. I hate that.”

“I just got a call earlier like that.”

Emma stopped eating and looked at Regina, ”Wow. I need to find out who is trying to call here.”

Emma stood up and grabbed her cellphone, ”Hey, Dad, I need a favor. Can you track this number down for me… 108-502-6547? Please call me back once you get it, thanks!”

“Thanks ma! But what if whoever calls again? What should I say?”

“I will answer the next one okay?”

Somehow, the phone rings right then and there.

Regina, Emma and Henry glanced at each other and wondered if they were being spied on. Emma stood up and grabbed the phone.

“Swan-Mills residence.”


Emma sighed, ”Look whomever you are, please stop calling here.”

It whispers, ”I am here.”

“What? Who is this?! Who is here?”


“Right now, I am tracking your line to find out who is calling!”

“Don't want you track me.”

“Why not?”

“Because I am here.”

The doorbell rang.

Emma looked at the front door with the phone in her ear, and glanced at Regina and Henry, ”Shh. I'll go answer the door. Stay here okay.”

Henry and Regina nodded.

Emma has her hand on her gun at the side of her hip , walking toward the door, she opened it.

No one was standing at the front door.

Emma still has her phone on her ear, ”Stop playing pranks on us!”

“I am here.”


There was a knock on the back door of the kitchen.

Regina and Henry jumped and Emma turned and shook her head. ”It's not real. It is not real.” She walked toward the kitchen.

Regina grabbed Emma’s hand, ”Please be careful!”

Emma smiled and nodded as she went to the back door and opened it.


No one was there.

“Look! Why are you playing pranks on us?!”


Emma growled, ”I am going to call my dad and find out who is calling?! And you will get arrested for it!!!”


Emma slammed the door, ”Why? Why can't I?!”


“Enough with the riddles! Who are you?!”

Knock Knock!

Emma looked at the front door.

“Who's there?!”

Knock Knock

Regina and Henry walked up to Emma and stood behind her shivering. All 3 of them walked toward the front door.

“I am here.” the caller whispered on the phone.

Emma opened the door slowly.


Regina, Emma and Henry jumped and screamed.

David and Snow were standing and laughing on the porch with 2 cell phones in their hands.


Emma pushed David down,


Regina growled and magick Snow up, dangling her in the air.

“Moms! Moms! Stop!” Henry tried to calm his mothers down.

“I'm sorry!” Snow laughed and shook her head, ”Please Regina put me down!”

Regina drew some breath before putting Snow down.

“Okay guys,” Henry glared at his grandparents, ”Why did you do that?”

“Well it's Halloween after all and since I found out you were home Henry, I decided to play a prank. Using burner phones…”

“Its a stupid prank, Dad!”

“I know,” David smiled, ”I wish I took a picture of you together with the looks on your faces!”

Regina shook her head, ”You got us this time, do you want some pizza?”

David nodded, ”Sure!”

Snow hugged Emma and smiled, ”Happy Halloween!” She came inside and went into the dining room.

Emma and Regina smiled at each other and kissed.

“Whew! Crazy evening eh?” Emma smiled.

“Yes, crazy! Come on, let's join the others and enjoy the evening.”

Emma and Regina walked hand to hand to the dining room.


Happy Halloween!