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Sworn Enemy, Defiant Lover

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Nicky licks his lips, his fangs getting caught on his bottom lip as he does. Joe whimpers from his place on the bed, quiet enough that no human would have been able to hear. He smirks and Joe narrows his eyes.

“So it’s going to be like that tonight, hm?” he asks, dragging his gaze over Joe’s naked body. He feels a surge of lust and power overtake him. He’s not hard; he won’t be able to, not until he drinks from Joe and gets blood flowing. But the sight of his sworn enemy, naked and pliant on his bed…

Joe snarls at him, snapping him out of his thoughts. He raises an eyebrow and grabs Joe’s chin, faster than Joe can even think to react. He raises his lip but doesn’t growl at him again. Nicky will take it as a win, for now.

“Oh, don’t worry,” he teases, “I’ll take care of you, puppy. No need to beg. Not tonight.”

Joe jerks out of his grasp but doesn’t lean away. “As if I would ever beg for you,” he snaps.

Nicky doesn’t dignify that with a response. He just drags a finger down Joe’s cheek, taps it on the hinge of his jaw and neck. He knows damn well that Joe is thinking of the other night when Nicky had brought him to his knees, made him beg for Nicky to feed from him, allow him to suck his cock…

Nicky doesn’t want that tonight, though. He knows it’s not what Joe wants, either. 

He smiles and steps back, watches as Joe falls forward ever so slightly before righting himself. His eyes are wide in surprise, his lips parted. His cheeks are pink. Nicky can practically feel how fast his heart is beating.

He unbuttons his shirt slowly, fascinated by the way Joe’s eyes gradually glaze over. As if he would ever beg for me, indeed, he thinks. He can’t help the snort that escapes him, causing Joe to snap back to reality.

“What is so fucking funny?”

“Oh, nothing,” he says, “Just thinking of the other night.”

Joe squirms slightly, “What about it?”

Nicky grins as he shrugs the shirt off. “You said you wouldn’t beg for me, so it just makes me wonder…” he strips the undershirt off, throws it across the bedroom. “...what exactly you were doing when you sat so prettily for me…” he unbuckles his belt, slides it out of the belt loops, “...and pleaded for me to drink from your throat to get my cock nice and hard for you, hm?” 

He stops and waits for Joe to respond, wrapping the belt around his hand leisurely. The leather feels good on his skin, and idly he thinks about how nice it will look striking Joe’s ass. He saves it for later, if Joe decides to keep going the direction he is, tonight. He watches Joe’s eyes linger on the belt and stifles his smirk. Oh, yes. They’ll definitely be exploring that soon.

“Well?” he prods after a moment, “No response to that?”

Joe fixes his gaze on his, unwavering in his silence. He doesn’t even snarl at him.

“That’s alright, I don’t need you to talk,” he leans in so that his breath just barely drags across his ear, “I just need you to be a warm body for me to use. Blood for me to drink, a cock for me to fuck… You’ll be a good little puppy for me, won’t you?”

Joe snarls and pulls back, but Nicky was expecting it. He grabs him by the back of the neck and pulls, tilting his head to the side. Joe’s breathing is heavy but he maintains eye contact defiantly. For most wolves this would go against their instincts entirely, but Joe is the leader of his pack. The only reason Nicky is in charge here is because Joe lets him be, and that sends a shiver down his spine like nothing else. 

Down,” he growls out, flashing his fangs. Joe doesn’t back down, so he twists his fingers into the curls at the nape of his neck and pulls. “Down, Yusuf, or I will leave you here naked and wanting, do you understand me?”

Joe holds his gaze for a moment so Nicky tightens his hold again. He’s prepared to take it a step further or ask for his color when Joe averts his gaze and relaxes. Nicky loosens his grip incrementally, watching for Joe’s reaction. He searches his face for any resistance or discomfort, and when he finds none, finally releases his grip to lightly scratch the base of his neck and hair soothingly. 

“Beautiful…” he murmurs. He doesn’t even realize he’s said it until it comes out, but it’s too late to back out now, so he does his best to save face. “You go down so beautifully for me, little pup. And you do it just for me, don’t you? No one else gets to see you like this. Only me.”

Joe whimpers and tilts his neck, inviting him to bite. His fangs throb insistently, ready to bite down and feed. He shifts so that they’re laying down, pillows stuffed under Joe’s head to cradle him gently. He makes sure his weight isn’t crushing him, then leans down so that his nose grazes the jugular. Joe shivers beneath him and his pulse races, anticipation lighting up the senses. He smells incredible.

“Are you ready?”

Joe nods ever so slightly, just enough to confirm. But Nicky’s in a mood, now, after Joe’s brattiness from earlier. So he shakes his head and says, “No, no. Use your words.”

Joe whimpers and nods again. “Yes. Yes, I’m ready. Bite me, Nicolò.”

He could never resist Joe, even on his best days. So, as he did for God in his first life, he gives him everything and more. His fangs sink into his neck and he drinks. 

It’s no small thing, giving oneself to a vampire in this way. Werewolves and vampires lived in harmony once, according to Quynh and Andy. With the wolves’ fast healing and the vamps’ need for blood… well. The wolves had something to offer that humans didn’t. This connection devolved quickly into resentment, though, and now here they are. Fighting over territories, hating one another blindly. 

And here Joe and Nicky are, pretending that animosity is still there, even as Nicky drinks Joe’s lifeblood. Even as Joe gave his permission for it, and asked for more still. Even as Joe allowed him to take control, and Nicky gave him anything he asked.

Even as they loved one another, and pretended that they didn’t.

He pulls back roughly, though not so rough as to cause permanent damage. Love each other? Where had he gotten that? Sure, his own feelings he could admit to, but Joe’s…?

There was no way Joe felt that way for him. Even if he did, they couldn’t… No. He has to stop that train of thought before it starts. He can’t allow himself to think that way.

Joe’s neck heals over and he looks up, something like concern in his eyes. “Somethin’ wrong?”

Nicky shakes his head, “Your pulse got too low,” he lies, “Don’t want you dying on me. Might bring trouble down on my head.”

Joe snorts and rolls his eyes. “So, what? You done then?”

“Oh, no,” he purrs, “I’m not done with you yet. Don’t think I’ve forgotten your bratty attitude from earlier. You’re looking for a punishment tonight, aren’t you?”

Joe arches his back and smirks, “And if I am?”

“Then you’re going to fucking get one.”


Before Joe could even ask, Nicky had him flipped over and pinned down on the bed. He grabs the belt from where he’d dropped it earlier-- when had that happened?-- and runs it down Joe’s spine. He can feel his cock hardening in his trousers, but he ignores it, for now, knowing it will be all the better later. Joe shivers under the weight of the actions, anticipating what is to come.

Nicky pulls away, leaving him cold and bereft on the bed. “Get on all fours. You know what to say if you need me to stop.”

“Aubergine,” he confirms breathlessly, quickly getting into position. His head hangs between his shoulders, not daring to look back lest Nicky change his mind. 

“How many do you think I should give you?” he considered, “10? 15? Perhaps 20?”

Joe whimpers, “Whatever you want, please-”

“But can you take it?”

Joe growls in defiance, arching his back and twisting his head to make eye contact. Nicky meets him head-on, not backing down and not giving an inch. Joe huffs and rolls his eyes before twisting his head back and relaxing.

“Good boy,” Nicky praises. He watches as Joe shudders before relaxing again. “I want you to count as we go. If you stop, you’re not coming tonight. Understood?”


Nicky palms Joe’s ass, admiring the dips and swells of it. The way his lower back dimples, the curve of the cheeks… The sound of the belt whipping through the air pierces the tense atmosphere, the crack of it on Joe’s ass almost comically loud.


Even so, Joe is still calm and composed. Nicky will have to fix that.

He hits a little harder this time, on the other side. Joe barely twitches as he counts out the second hit. Nicky hums, taking in the fading pink of Joe’s skin. His healing makes this a little easier for him, so Nicky will just have to go a little harder.

He keeps it up, hitting slightly harder with each hit to see how Joe reacts. On the 3rd and 4th hits, he jerks, but his voice is steady. He manages to stay still for the 5th, but his voice trembles slightly as he counts. On the 6th, he moans and almost forgets to count until Nicky raises the belt in the air again for the next hit. It isn’t until he gets to seven that Joe screams, and he pauses for just a moment to see if Joe needs to safeword out.


“So good for me, puppy,” he whispers, “Such a good boy.”


Joe’s balls pull taut between his legs and Nicky tsks. He lowers the belt, brushing across the seam lightly. Joe sucks in a breath and Nicky taps on them, rough but not too painful. Joe whimpers and sinks further into the pillows, a picture of perfect submission.

“Just a few more,” he says, “You’re behaving so well, so good for me.”

He hits him one, two, three more times. One on each cheek, the last dead center. Joe’s trembling where he kneels, his red skin fading slowly into pink. He rubs his cool hand over his ass, soothing the aches.

“Color,” he says, affecting a tone of command.

“Green,” he says. His voice is hoarse and his breathing is heavy.

Satisfied, Nicky unravels the belt, “Good boy,” he says, “You take everything so well for me, hm?”

Joe turns his head and glares, but the heat is fading. Regardless, he knows he can do better.

“I guess we still need some more training,” he says, “Sit up. On your knees. Don’t turn.”

Joe hesitates but ultimately obeys, sitting straight up so that he’s kneeling on his knees. He puts his hands behind his back, and Nicky smiles to himself. He hadn’t even asked for that, yet. 

“Good boy,” he says. He takes the belt and wraps it around his wrists, binding them together. “Now, stay.”

Joe twitches as if he wants to protest the command, say that he’s not a dog or something along those lines, but he remains quiet and obeys. He knows deep down that they have this arrangement with one another for good reason; Joe needs a chance to let go and submit, and Nicky needs blood to live. The sex is just a nice bonus.

Nicky plasters himself against Joe’s back and hooks his chin over his right shoulder. He wraps his arms around, lightly massaging his chest. “You’re so responsive,” he mutters, “I can barely even feel my nipples, but yours do so much for you, don’t they?”

His fingernails graze his nipples and Joe sucks in a breath, fighting to keep still. “It’s a shame we broke that last pair of clamps. You looked so good in them.”

He pinches the right one and Joe moans, tilting his neck to the side so that Nicky can nibble on his neck. He sinks his fangs in just the slightest bit, not too deep, and pulls back to admire the pinpricks of blood welling up. He swipes his fingers through the blood and smears it around Joe’s nipples, admiring the way the red makes them stand out even more. Joe moans even louder, the slick adding new sensation in addition to Nicky’s light pinching. He licks the blood from his neck and buries his nose into it, inhaling his scent and listening to the beat of his heart.

He raises his right hand up to Joe’s mouth. “Lick it,” he says. Joe does so, tilting his head back awkwardly to make eye contact with him. Nicky holds back a shudder and brings his hand down to Joe’s dick. He starts jerking him off lightly, teasing the head at every upstroke. Joe moans and tilts his head back against his shoulder. 

“That’s it, puppy,” he whispers, “Let me hear it. I don’t want you holding back a single sound.” Joe whimpers and he laughs. “So pathetic. You’re so desperate for me to take control, you’d take anything. Even if I were to bring you the edge over and over and over, only to take it away at the last minute, you’d still need it.”

“No, please,” Joe moans.

“Oh, so now you’re going to beg? You think that’s going to get you what you want?”

Joe shakes his head, biting his lip. Nicky speeds up and he groans. A few more thrusts and Nicky can tell he’s close, so he pulls his hand away. Joe whines at the loss, hips humping the empty air, desperate for release.

Nicky tsks. “No, I don’t think so. Your punishment isn’t over just yet.”

“I’ll be good, Nicky, please,” he begs, “Let me cum.”

“Of course you’ll be good, Joe,” he taunts, “It’s in your nature. But I can’t let bad behavior go unpunished, now can I? That would go against our little arrangement, don’t you think?”

Joe doesn’t answer, so Nicky reaches down and squeezes the base just tightly enough to make him twitch.

“Answer me.”


“Good. Now, you’re going to tell me when you’re close, and I’m going to stop and pull away. We’re going to do this until I’m good and ready so don’t bother begging. If you lie to me, I will ruin your orgasm, do you understand me?”


“Good boy.”

He started stroking him again, not too slow but not too fast. He was curious to see how long it would take him to break; how long it may take for him to lie, knowing that Nicky would be able to tell he was doing so. How long it may take for him to beg again.

“I’m close,” he groaned out, clearly reluctant to do so despite Nicky’s instructions.

“Very good,” he said. He kissed his neck and stroked his chest while he came down from the edge. Just as he was about to reach down and start again, Joe nods for him to start. His chest warms, knowing that Joe trusts him to do this despite their initial hatred of one another. 

He brings Joe to the edge 14 more times before he starts crying and pleading for Nicky to let him cum. Nicky smirks and leans back slightly, admiring the twitch of Joe’s cock. The head is dark red, almost purple, and it looks painful.

“One more time, Joe,” he says, and Joe sobs. 

He leans back into him and starts jacking him off, slow to start and then steadily increasing in speed. It doesn’t take long before he can tell that Joe is close, but Joe isn’t saying anything.

“Are you close?” he asks, just in case he’s forgotten in the midst of pleasure.

“No, I promise,” he says.

Liar, he thinks. He takes his hand away abruptly, right as Joe flies over the edge, ruining his orgasm. Joe cries out and practically doubles over trying to get friction as his cock spurts pathetically. Nicky holds a firm hand to his chest to keep him kneeling. He coos as Joe comes down from his unsatisfying orgasm, mocking the way he cries at the slightest touch.

“I told you not to lie to me. You knew the consequences.”

He raises his hand to Joe’s face and wipes his tears away. Joe turns his head, his eyes conveying his confusion at the gentle and intimate act. Nicky clears his throat and removes the belt from Joe’s wrists.

“Lay on your back.”

He can tell that Joe wants to say something. He doesn’t react to the command, his mouth open and his eyes considering. He eventually decides to let it go and does as instructed. He lays back on the pillows and shifts around to get comfortable. Nicky maintains eye contact as he pops the button on his trousers and slides the zipper down over his cock. Joe’s eyes widen slightly and he bites his lip. Nicky grins, and he can feel his fangs poking into his bottom lip. He can never control them around Joe, anymore. He drags the pants down and awkwardly kicks them off. His cock is straining against his briefs, leaving a slight wet spot at the tip. Joe can’t seem to take his eyes off of it as he licks his lips.

“Would you like a taste?”

Joe’s eyes snap up to his and he nods. “Yes,” he says.

He hums, considering. “Maybe in a bit. It’s my turn first.”

He crawls over him and seals his mouth over the right nipple, moaning at the combined taste of Joe’s skin and drying blood. His fangs nip over it a few times and Joe’s panting and trying to squirm away from the overstimulation. He moves over to the other side, repeating the same process. When he’s finished, he starts sucking wet kisses down his chest and belly. Joe’s cock is half-hard against his thigh. 

He makes eye contact as he swallows it down and hums when his nose buries itself into his pubic hair. He has to hold Joe’s hips down to keep him from moving, but once he does, he starts up a steady rhythm of up-down-up, tonguing the head on every 3rd stroke. Joe grows harder in his mouth. His fang grazes the side when he pulls up and Joe whines and tries to pull away. He slaps his thigh and scowls.

“No moving,” he scolds, “Your cock belongs to me, and I’ll do with it what I please.”

Joe flushes and nods. “Yes, sir.”

Nicky huffs and raises an eyebrow. “Pulling out the ‘sir’ tonight, are we? Are you really that desperate for me to take control, puppy?”

Joe squirms and looks away, refusing to answer.

“So pathetic. You can’t even admit to what you need, can you?” Joe shakes his head and the blush spreads further down his neck and chest. “That’s alright. I know what you need. Don’t I?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good boy,” he says. He crawls off the bed and pushes his underwear down, then reaches into his nightstand for the edible lube. He swings his leg over Joe’s head. “Now, get me ready for your cock, and make it good. I don’t want to be disappointed.”

Joe nods and takes the lube from him. He spreads some along his fingers and rubs them together to warm it up. He brings his other hand up to Nicky’s hip to guide him down to his face. Once Nicky is seated comfortably, he reaches around and spreads his cheeks, using his thumb to hook into his hole to hold him open. He begins worshipping Nicky’s ass, soft tongue laving against his hole as he works his first finger in. 

“Ah, you’re doing such a good job,” he says, “Keep going.”

Joe pushes the second finger in and eagerly picks up the pace with his tongue. He’s moaning as if he’s the one being pleasured, not Nicky. “You take me so well, tesoro,” he pants out, “More.”

Joe obeys, as he always does. He’s got three fingers pressed right against his prostate and his tongue is circling his rim, keeping it nice and wet and open. If he goes for much longer, Nicky won’t be able to control himself.

“Okay, that’s enough, puppy,” he says. He pulls away and Joe whines at the loss, pouting when Nicky laughs at him. “Don’t worry, I’ll be sitting on your cock soon. Give me the lube.”

Nicky holds out his hand and Joe hands him the bottle. He squirts some out and tosses it on the bed, then shimmies down Joe’s body and starts to coat his cock in it. He usually likes a little bit of friction, but Joe seems to particularly enjoy sex to be a bit wet and messy, especially when he’s like this. 

He sits on Joe’s cock, enjoying the feel of it slowly sliding into him. Joe shudders but manages to stay still, wanting to be good for him. He’s thought once, and he’ll think it a million times, but it makes his heart melt to know that Joe only shows this ide of himself to him. They may have started off wrong, but they’ve come so far since that first meeting.

“If you come before I do,” he finally says, “I will leave you here hard and wanting, and I won’t regret it for a second.”

Joe nods and brings his knees up to plant his feet on the bed, which Nicky leans back into for support. Joe’s hand goes to Nicky’s cock and he starts stroking as they work together to set a rhythm. Nicky grunts at every graze against his prostate, trying to focus so that he can prolong this, not wanting it to end. 

Eventually, though, he can’t hold back. He gasps as he comes, rocking back and forth on Joe’s cock to stimulate his prostate. Joe keens and comes just seconds after him, just barely managing to obey Nicky’s command not to come before him. 

Nicky pulls off and moans at the feeling of Joe’s cum sliding out of his hole and down his thighs. He quickly gets up and grabs the washcloth and wets it in the bucket he’d prepared beforehand, perfunctorily wiping himself down before carefully moving over to Joe, who’s still lying there, eyes distant but content.

“You did such a good job,” he whispers to him as he cleans him off, “You always do so good for me, you know that? You’ve never disappointed me, and you never will. So good for me.”

Joe hums happily at the praise, wiggling into Nicky’s arms as he finally discards the cloth and climbs into the bed with him for snuggles. He continues to whisper soft praises to him as they fall asleep, the quarter moon shining through the window and bathing them in soft light.

They’re outside. Joe’s pack surrounds them, snarling at the sight which lay before them. Nicky knows there are vampires there, too, though he can’t see them and he’s not looking for them. He’s only looking at Joe. 

Joe, spread out underneath him, bent over some kind of stone altar. Candles are lit haphazardly around them, and he reaches for one instinctually, letting the wax drip down Joe’s spine. He howls in the night air and it echoes. His hair is longer and scruffier, more fur-like, and it dusts every part of his body. The wax will be hard to get out, later, but Nicky drips more on his back as if he can’t control the urge. 

Joe’s claws dig into the stone and he humps back against him. It’s useless; Nicky is fully clothed. He tuts and pets his flank, calming him down. A wolf approaches and attempts to touch Joe but Nicky hisses, and the wolf backs off with a glare. 

“He’s mine,” he says. His hand splays across Joe’s back possessively, and his fangs protrude from his lips. “You will accept that fact, one way or another.”

He turns Joe around hefts him up on the altar. He sinks his fangs into his neck and drinks, making eye contact with everyone he can to assert his claim. He pulls back and watches as the wound heals, then licks the remaining blood off. He kneels between Joe’s legs and looks up, receiving a consenting nod. His yellow wolf’s eyes glow under the moon.

He spits on his cock then dives in, getting Joe off with his right hand as he mouths at his balls. Joe’s head tilts forward, giving Nicky a clear view of his more wolf-like features. He’s stuck between his wolf and human forms, the two mixing together beautifully. Joe is perfect in any form, but something about this more animalistic side of him…

He hasn’t had enough blood for it, but he’s hard. He palms his dick through his clothes and works a bit harder at getting Joe off. He maintains eye contact with him through the whole thing, and somehow, they come at the same time.

The dream ends. 

He sits up in bed, hard as a rock. He drank recently enough to be able to do so, but usually, he has a longer refractory period than-- he checks the clock-- 6 hours. The dream was vivid, almost as if it was actually a memory. Something about it felt familiar. He hesitated for a minute before grabbing his phone off the side table and quietly leaves for the other room to call Andy, not wanting to wake Joe from his slumber. He needs it, after last night.

Andy picks up the phone and he can immediately tell it’s on speaker.

“Hello?” she answers, voice groggy.

“Hello,” he replies, “Is it just you and Quynh?”

“Yes,” Quynh says, “Hello, Nicky.”

“I had a strange dream last night,” he says, “About me and Joe. It felt… oddly familiar like it’s happened before, but I know that it hasn’t. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I should call you.”

They’re quiet for a moment before Andy finally speaks. “Describe it to me.”

With a slight grimace, he does, not leaving out any details. Andy and Quynh have been sisters to him for centuries, just as they have been for Joe, so they don’t have much privacy between them. However, they do usually try to keep sexual exploits and their details more private for boundaries’ sake. Andy says it prevents codependency, but Nicky thinks she just doesn’t really want to know. It doesn’t disgust or embarrass her; it just doesn’t interest her.

“It’s not like I’m a stranger to sex dreams,” he finishes with, “But the altar, the familiarity, the details…”

“That wasn’t just a dream, Nicky,” Andy interrupts, “It was a future.”

He blinks. “I’m sorry?”

“Vampires have been known to sometimes have prophetic dreams,” she explains, “Although it’s not common, and they don’t always come to pass exactly as dreamt. They’re usually more symbolic than anything so it’s hard to catch, but I think yours may have been a bit more specific.”

“So, what, Joe and I are going to fuck in front of a bunch of wolves and vamps? Why?”

Andy sighs, “I don’t know, Nicky. You two are gonna have to figure that out yourselves. You may not know until it happens.”

He considers that. “Have you ever had one?”

“Yes,” she says, “About the wars. I desperately tried to change the outcome, but no matter how hard I tried, the vampire and werewolf communities continued to split apart. At some point, I had to accept it was inevitable, so Quynh and I left.”

“Where did you go?”

“Away. It wasn’t really any one place. Just wherever we could go to get away from it all. We helped some people like us, along the way. We’re still not sure what happened to most of them, even now.”

“Maybe your purpose is to unify our communities once more,” Quynh suggests, “What was it that you said to that wolf? You will accept it, one way or another?

“I don’t know, Quynh,” he says, “I’m pretty sure he still hates me.”

Quynh snorts. “Oh, please. You’re a fool if you truly believe that.”

He smiles. “Maybe so,” he admits, “But with the way I feel about him, I can’t imagine ever choosing to do such a thing.”

The door behind him slams shut and he startles, fangs flashing. 

“What was that?” Andy asked.

“I think it was Joe,” he said, “I’ll call you later.”

He hangs up the phone and tosses it haphazardly onto the couch. He approaches the bedroom and knocks gently. When he doesn’t hear anything, he enters slowly, only to find Joe curled up on the bed. He walks around the other side and settles in next to him, watching Joe’s expressions. It’s subtle, but he can see the upset on his face.

“How much did you hear?” he asks quietly.

“The whole thing,” he admits.

Nicky grimaces. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

Joe just shrugs. “Who were you talking to?”

“Andy and Quynh,” he says.

“What’d they say?”

Nicky hesitates, but figures he owes it to Joe, so he says, “Andy says the dream is prophetic.”

“But you can’t see yourself doing that with me? Because of how you feel?” Joe asks.

Nicky’s heart sinks. “Yes. I’m sorry, I know I’ve crossed a line and our arrangement was never supposed to be like this, but…”

Joe’s brows furrow in confusion. “But what?”

Nicky meets his eyes for a moment and steels himself. “I’ve fallen in love with you. I’ll understand if you want to end this-”

Joe looks like he’s about to cry before he suddenly bursts into laughter, hiding his face in the pillow. Nicky’s taken aback, and then he feels rage lift within him and he jumps out of the bed and starts pacing.

“Just because you don’t feel the same doesn’t mean you can laugh at me,” he rants, “We could have ended this amicably, but no, of course not! The great alpha leader Yusuf al-Kaysani had to get the last laugh in. I have no idea why I fell in love with you. Clearly, I’m an idiot.”

Joe’s stopped laughing, but his lips quirk up in amusement. “Clearly,” he says, “We are both idiots.”

“Oh, and why is that, huh? Because you lowered yourself to lay with someone like me?”

Joe rolls his eyes and crawls across the bedsheets, sitting himself to face him as he continues to pace. “Because I love you, too,” he says, “And we could have both saved a lot of heartbreak if one of us had something sooner.”

That stops Nicky in his tracks. “Oh.”

“Oh,” Joe agrees.

He takes a moment to look at Joe, the way his hair is mussed by sleep and last night’s sex. The way his eyes gleam with fondness, his lips curl in amusement. The freckles on his cheeks. The beard Nicky so often loves to pull and dreams of playing with. The curve of his neck, the slope of his shoulders. His soft tummy, relaxed and moving with every breath. His legs, strong and dusted with hair. The memory of him in that half-wolf half-human state comes to mind and he can’t help but smirk slightly.

“Enjoying the view?” Joe asks.

“Appreciating the new angle,” he says.

Joe hums. “Come kiss me.”

He’s helpless to deny Joe anything, so he does. 

He pushes him into the mattress and straddles him, an echo of last night that causes his blood to rush south once more. He covers his lips with his own and is grateful that he drank last night, otherwise his fangs would be causing quite the inconvenience right now. He slips his tongue into Joe’s mouth and sighs.

They don’t kiss very often, and he hasn’t made out like a teenager with someone like this since… well, since he was a teenager, probably. He can’t remember, and he doesn’t care, because Joe is warm underneath him and he can feel him getting harder by the second. He rolls his hips down into Joe’s and they groan into each other’s mouths but don’t bother to stop.

Nicky pulls back to bury his nose in Joe’s neck and inhale. He’s not hungry, but Joe still smells incredible. Like he was made for him, and only him. He remembers the dream, the wolf that had approached and tried to touch him. He growls and bites his neck, careful not to puncture or draw blood.

“You’re mine,” he says.

“And you’re mine,” Joe responds.

Nicky grins at him then pulls his hand up, spits in it, and reaches down to guide their cocks together. He holds Joe’s firmly and lines his up with it, then starts to rock into it. Joe rocks up to meet him and they create a rhythm together, moving in sync like they’re one.

“We’re going to come like this, my love,” he whispers into Joe’s ear.

Joe whimpers and nods. He grabs his face and turns his head to kiss him. They come together like that, their bodies pressed together from head to toe, panting into each other’s mouths. Nicky doesn’t need to breathe but he feels so alive when he’s with Joe that he forgets that, sometimes. He rests his forehead against Joe’s and closes his eyes, soaks in the moment. He doesn’t ever want this night to end.

“Nicky, we gotta get up,” Joe eventually prompts him, “We’ve gotta clean up or we’re both going to regret it, but mostly me.”

Nicky groans and rolls over, waving at the bucket and extra rag he hadn’t used last night. Joe leans over and wets it, cleaning himself first so that nothing gets stuck in his hair. Then, when Nicky expects him to hand the rag over, he starts cleaning him with it. He blinks his eyes up at him, mesmerized by the sight.

“What was that for?” he asks.

“I wanted to take care of you,” Joe says, “You always take care of me.”

“That’s what we agreed on.”

“Yeah, when it was just an arrangement,” Joe says, “Relationships are equal. I wanted to take care of you, so I took care of you.”

Nicky blushes and Joe laughs. He plops down in the bed next to him and rubs his thumb over Nicky’s jaw, feeling the slight stubble there.

“Can I shave you?”

“Sure,” he agrees, although the thought causes him to blush further, “May I ask why?”

“You agreed without hesitation and you don’t even know why I asked?”

Nicky shrugs. “I’d give you anything you asked for, Joe.”

Joe smiles. “Grooming is important to wolves. We do it to show one another we care. I want to do that for you.”

Nicky smiles and kisses him. He can’t help it. 

“What was that for?” Joe asks teasingly.

“I like kissing you.”

They lie in bed for a while after that, sharing secrets and wishes amongst themselves. They speak in hushed tones so as not to disturb the world around them, a sign of mutual gratitude for what it has brought them. Eventually, they become restless, and Nicky insists on feeding Joe.

“You can’t even eat whatever you make me,” Joe complains, “Let me do it.”

“My love, you are in my home,” Nicky says, “I will make you food if I please. Now sit, and stop complaining, lest I bruise that ass of yours for it later.”

Joe shuts his mouth and sits. Nicky smirks and feels his eyes on him as he goes through the motions of making scrambled eggs and sausage. It wasn’t much, but it was what he had to work with. He’d need to make a trip to the store so that he could properly feed his lover in the future. He plates the food and brings it over to him, planting a kiss on his head as he does.

“Now, eat,” he says, “You may shave me when you’re done.”

Joe nods and gets to eating, listening as Nicky describes the book he’s been reading off and on for the last year or so. It’s dreadfully boring, but it’s a subject he wants to learn more about, so he’s been pushing through it. 

When he finishes eating he stands to take his dishes to the sink and starts to wash them. Nicky raises his eyebrows and tries to stop him, but Joe shakes his head.

“It’s the least I can do, Nicky.”

“It’s fine, I’ll do them later,” he protests.

Joe stops, then turns and looks at him, considering. “Please? Let me do this for you?”

Nicky narrows his eyes, knowing the game he’s playing, but he can’t help it. He melts. “Fine. I’ll go prepare the bathroom so you may shave me.”

Joe grins, thanks him, and returns to his task. Nicky shakes his head and walks off so that he can do as he said he would. He’ll need to consider what to do about that, later. Or maybe he’ll let it slide. He’s not decided yet.

He sets a chair up and lays towels out on the sink. He sets his razor and foam next to them, then fiddles with everything until Joe walks in. Joe wraps his arms around his waist and nuzzles his neck, and Nicky feels the tension seep out of him. He leans into Joe’s embrace and basks in his warmth. He’d never thought he could be here like this with him, and now that he is, he’s going to enjoy it.

Joe guides him into the chair and wraps a towel across his chest and shoulders. He turns on the sink to let the water run for a minute, then wets a rag underneath the running water one it’s hot. He wrings it out, careful to let all of the excess water drip out. Once it’s sufficiently damp, he takes the rag and gently wraps it around his jaws, massaging the skin and hair underneath. Nicky closes his eyes and leans into it.

“Thank you for letting me do this,” Joe says quietly, “I know it must be weird for you.”

“Not at all,” he disagrees, “I just feel loved.”

He opens his eyes and sees Joe flush slightly. He clears his throat, “That’s because you are.”

He smiles and closes his eyes again. He drifts into the feeling of Joe’s hands on his face, gently rubbing the foam into his skin, tracing the razor down his cheeks. He loses track of time like that, his mind blank aside from thoughts of Joe.

“All done,” Joe announces. He blinks his eyes open.


Joe laughs, “That took at least 30 minutes, love.”

“Oh. I lost track of time.”

“What were you thinking about?”

“Just you,” he says, “Actually…”

He hesitates and Joe raises an eyebrow expectantly. He blushes.

“It can’t be that bad,” Joe hedges.

“It’s not bad,” he says, “Just a little embarrassing, maybe.”

“We’re nearly a thousand years old, Nicky,” he argues, “What could be that embarrassing?”

Nicky takes in a deep breath. “I was thinking about how warm you are, and how warm I feel when I’m with you. I was thinking about you, keeping my cock warm, and…”

He looks at Joe’s face, taking in the interest he sees plainly written there. He nods for him to continue. “Wearing a collar,” he admits, “One I had specially made for you.”

Joe’s eyes flash yellow. “I’d like that,” he breathes, “When…?”

“I had it made months ago. It’s in my wardrobe.”

“Show me.”

He stands and grabs Joe by the hand, leading him into the bedroom. He lets go of him  once he approaches the wardrobe, sliding the drawer open to reveal the collar laying there, untouched. He lifted it out and turned to face him.

“Put it on me,” Joe says, “I want it. I want everyone to know I belong to you.”

Nicky smiles and kisses him. Just a quick peck, enough to tide him over. He unbuckles the collar and slides it around Joe’s neck, fastening it at the front. The soft brown leather looks beautiful on his throat, the golden sun-shaped studs glistening in the moon light spilling through the curtains. The d-ring at the center is silver, intended to echo the shape of a crescent moon. His name is embroidered in the lining of the collar, a subtle mark of possession. 

Regardless, everyone will know who Joe belongs to, now. Collars are a dated thing, something vampires used to use for their wolf partners before the war. Quynh wears Andy’s, and Andy wears a matching leather bracelet to show for it. The bracelet isn’t traditional, but neither was their relationship, even when things were good between their people.

“You look stunning,” he finally says, “I want the whole world to know you’re mine, but I want them to know that I’m yours, as well. I don’t have anything to wear that will show that, but…”

“I will get you something,” Joe assures him, “Perhaps a bracelet like Andy’s.”

“No,” he insists, “We’re not Andy and Quynh. I want it to be our own.”

Joe considers this for a moment. His face lights up with an idea, and he starts working one of the rings off his fingers. Nicky gasps when he sees what ring it is.

“Joe, I can’t ask that of you.”

“You’re not,” Joe insists, sliding his family ring onto his left ring finger, “I’m giving it to you.”

He felt tears spring to his eyes as he gazed at the ring which now sat on his finger. Joe’s family ring, from before he was a wolf. He’s never taken it off in the entire time Nicky has known him, and he’s certain he’s never taken it off before then.

“You put it on my left ring finger,” he notes.

“Where humans signify marriage,” Joe says, “Not when I was human, but now. So even the mortals will know you’re mine.”

Nicky kisses him then, rough and possessive. Joe kisses back with equal fervor, wrapping his arms around his waist. Nicky grabs at his hair with one hand and caresses the collar with the other. They make out heavily for several minutes, losing track of time in one another. 

Eventually, he pulls back, remembering what they’d discussed earlier. Joe tries to chase him but he pushes him back with a hand on his chest. He nods towards the bed, and he can see when Joe remembers, too. He nods in agreement and they quickly resettle. Nicky sits against the headboard and Joe settles in his lap, his pants drawn down just enough for Joe to have easy access to his cock. Joe gives him one last questioning glance. He nods.

Joe’s mouth sinks down onto his half-hard cock. He rests his hands in Joe’s curls and lightly scratches. They just sit there in silence for several moments as Nicky’s cock eventually gets the memo and softens completely. 

“I’ve never felt more alive when I’m with you,” he eventually says, “Even when we hated each other. You bring warmth back into my life. I never thought I’d get to be here like this, with you. Doing something so intimate, being so close with you…”

He sighs. “I love you like I’ve never loved anyone else. I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get here. I suppose we should do something to thank Andy and Quynh.”

Joe huffs out a laugh. He doesn’t move from his position, though, content to be there. Warming Nicky’s cock. Safe under his willing hands. 

“I wonder when my dream will come true,” he says, “Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in a few hundred years. I would like to believe our love will unite our communities once again. I’d do anything to love you freely, to keep you safe and happy. To protect our peoples together.” 

He sees a flash of a vision, gone as quickly as it came. Him and Joe, caring for a young vampire and a young werewolf. Leading the next generation into peace. He smiles at the thought and keeps it close to his chest, for now.

He’ll tell Joe later. For now, he sinks into the warmth of his beloved sun and enjoys the sight of soft moonlight reflecting against his skin.