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An Unexpected yet Enchanting Date

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He's been thinking about it for weeks and now the day has finally come. It would be a nice adventure for the two of you, being even more in touch with the source of both your hydro powers, although both of you wield the power of two different elements. Making you into quite the power couple as well.

However, powerful or not, nature was always going to be a force to be reckoned and could not be stopped. Childe hovered over your bed, pressing his lips on your forehead only to find your forehead so warm, almost too warm for comfort.

"And here I thought I was going to treat you to an amazing date for all the hard training that you've done, beautiful. Yet, you go and push yourself too hard. Meaning a thorough scolding is in question."

With a warm smile curved on his lips, he brushed away a few strands that had stuck to your forehead, Childe taking a mental note that you seemed to be sweating out your fever.

"What am I going to do with you, dear?" With a small peck on your temple, Childe didn't like the thought of leaving you alone, especially when you were overworked, exhausted and too damn stubborn to admit that you were too weak to do anything yet still pushed yourself, as usual.

While he rushed to Bubu pharmacy, Childe made a quick stop by Xiangling's restaurant, having her whip up something warm for you while he purchased a special potion concocted specially for you by Gui. All those in Liyue who knew him well could tell by the deep knot between his brows that he was worried, despite carrying himself with his friendly and approachable exterior.

If there was anything that could throw Childe off, it was when something was wrong with one of his loved ones, and you were his most prized treasure. Thus, he would do everything he possibly could to take care of you, nurse you to health and put every effort he could into making sure you were back to being the pretty lady that snatched his heart right out of his chest when he found you almost burning an entire forest down.

That memory seemed so distant yet it was only a little while ago. So much had happened since then and he reminded himself every day, that he was lucky to be the one that found you, becoming your guide and helping you control both pyro and hydro simultaneously, as he did the same with his electro and hydro skills.

He never thought that he would find love that way, not the familial kind that was an essential part of his life, but... true love. That of which poetry is written, songs are sang and countless tears have been shed.

If anything, this little mental trip down memory lane only made him want to reach you faster, probably making Childe the fastest 'errand' runner in Liyue, not even missing to grant Xiangling a thank you kiss and a pat on her head for the basket of Archons' know what delicacies, he was certain.

It was a mere fever, that's what he told himself, reassuring himself while his long legs somehow carried him from one end to another of the city in a mere few minutes. Practically storming through your house once again, as quietly as he could manage, he entered your room with a tray comprised of a mini-buffet of all the things that you loved, Archons bless Xiangling for being the absolute blessing that she was, along with a glass of water and the medical potion.

Placing it on the desk in the corner of your room, Childe plopped himself on your bed, wrapping his arms around your waist and nuzzling your warm neck just enough to rouse you from your sleep, pulling away as soon as he felt you stir lightly, not wanting to crowd you or make you feel any hotter than you already did.

"It's time to wake up, beautiful. Our date starts now." While you turned around, feeling awfully groggy and icky to even respond, you were met with your boyfriend's bright grin, the tip of his gloved fingers brushed your sticky hair away from your face.

"There's no way I would miss spending quality time with you. Even if it means spending the day taking care of my beautiful pretty  lady who worked herself too hard." Planting a kiss on the tip of your nose, his eyes narrowed almost accusatorially but it was all in good humour. "Despite all my warnings."

1 - You were way too tired to come up with a witty response to that.

2- Good thing that you were only napping or else your mood would be too shitty for you to deal with your boyfriend in the current moment.

"But Ajax~" You pouted, your eyes still full of sleep, your voice raspy and low and just enough to make your man feel like his insides were going to turn to slime. Booping your nose with his index, he couldn't help but chuckle happily, knowing that you had enough energy to use your cuteness against him meant that you were going to be just fine.

"Come on now, pretty lady. We need to get you out of bed." Quirking an eyebrow at him, you threw him a questioning look.

"Uhm, I think that's the opposite of what we should do, baby." Shaking his head, he clicked his tongue and helped you sit upright, the smile on his face a telltale that he was up to some sort of scheme. What though? You had no idea.

"You're just going to have to trust me on this one and help me help you. Can you do that for me?" Pursing your lips and throwing your head back dramatically, trying to emphasize just how sick you were, you giggled as Ajax poked your side, making you yelp.

"Hey!" The sneakiness of his snicker was refreshing, adding to that the smell of food that was oh so delicious but you doubted that you had the appetite to eat all of that.

"Let's just get something straight." Placing the large tray on the empty side of the bed, your boyfriend leaned forward to kiss your cheek. "I'm not taking no for an answer. So now, I need your lovely self to eat your food so I can woo you back to health."

Okay, maybe just maybe you should've called Ajax sooner and told him that you had fallen sick, cause having him around was already making you feel a bit better, in spite of how shitty your body actually felt.

"Is that a new kind of treatment Gui prescribes to those with a fever?"

His ocean eyes crinkled as he smiled wider, saying matter-of-factly with a confident shrug.

"The perfect prescription for you from yours truly."Handing you a plate, Ajax begins scooping up some food on your plate. "Who better than I to find a remedy for the person that I know better than my own myself?"

You didn't have a choice. Ultimately, you would have to resign to your boyfriend's whims and it wasn't like he was saying anything wrong. Here he was, making sure you were well fed and in good spirits, which would definitely help you feel better a lot faster than just dwelling and wallowing over an unwelcome surge of fever.

And that's how your date for that evening began.

There was enough food to feed 5 people but you ate for half a person and made sure that Ajax took care of the rest, and he was more than glad to. Now that he had you well stuffed, or more like, stuffed enough for you to be able to finally take some medicine.

"Hey baby." He said, catching your attention while he handed you a glass of water to wash down the bitter medicinal taste lingering on your tongue. "You think we should do feasts in bed more often?"

Gulping down the entire glass in one shot, you made a disgusted face as you breathed out heavily, casting an unimpressed look at your boyfriend.

"Don't you think we already have a lot of those happening?" Catching on to what you actually meant, Ajax sighed yet the smirk on his face was apparent. Brushing his hair back and away from his face, he groaned dramatically.

"Don't tempt a man like that when you're sick and too tired to take responsibility for your words."

"And who said I wasn't?"

"You really can't get enough of me, huh?"

"When a person has a boyfriend like you, there's not much they can do to resist you."

And just by looking at him, you could tell how bigger his head was getting as you fed his ego, not that you minded it. All the lighthearted talk was good, keeping you distracted, your symptoms somehow fading and alleviated by the second.

"Well, I guess you won't mind if I do this!" Practically hopping over you, Ajax had you pinned under him with his body towering over yours. "I hope you're sure about this, beautiful."

Eyes wide, you felt yourself pulled upright and onto your feet, Ajax looking down at you and shot you a wink.

"Told you I've got plans for us. Maybe not what I initially had in mind but the closest thing to it." As amazing as that sounded, your head felt was too light and your knees buckled under you, your boyfriend's strong arms holding you up before you feel. "I got you. You're good, baby."

Leaning down, Ajax swept you off your feet and into his arms you went, as he carried you bridal style to Archons' know where.

"Care to enlighten me on where you're taking me?"

"And ruin the surprise? Never."

Knowing him, he wasn't gonna break so you didn't bother pressing further, taking the chance to close your eyes and rest your head on his broad chest, listening to his steady heartbeat, the only other sound surrounding you was that of the cicadas singing to the night. Before you knew it, you felt yourself being set down on something soft, plushy.

Looking around, you were finally able to take in your surroundings in the moonlit darkness, illuminated by a star-filled night sky and fireflies dancing in the air. You were somewhere near Lisha, of that you were sure, in a meadow that you've never been to before.

"How long have you been walking?"

Lowering himself down to the ground, finding his place by your side, Ajax leaned over to his side, throwing a blanket over you, his blue eyes almost twinkling with mirth and giddiness.

"Just enough to give Xiangling, Razor and Bennett the time to set this up."

Clapping his hand twice, dozens of orbs lit up around you as fireflies swarmed towards them, a little trick Razor had taught the others, forming a large circle of light around you and now you could finally see that you were not only sitting on a plushie, it was something like a giant whale cushion.

As if he could already read your mind, Ajax interjected smoothly. "If I couldn't take you to the Aquadome [Biggest Aquarium in Teyvat], then I would just have to bring it to you."

Blinking up at him, you held on even tighter to the blanket and wrapped it around you, needing something to hold you together before this man actually succeeded into turning you into slime this time. You were not cold and the weather was just perfect, no wind to make you worse. Fresh air was exactly what you needed but this? This was not good for your heart.

"You really did all this for me?" The question slipped from your lips.

With a nonchalant shrug, Ajax reached for your hand and kissed your knuckles, beckoning you to lie down on the huge whale cushion plushie and look up at the sky.

"Give me a minute. There's still more."

Letting go of your hand, Ajax reached his hands up, summoning water that he weaved into a large sphere that surrounded you, separating you from everything around you and by doing so... framing it so beautifully, the twinkling light of the shining stars and fireflies refracting beautifully through the water when suddenly, you began to notice small shapes swimming in the makeshift sphere.

"This is really so beautiful..." Huddling up closer to him, Ajax opened his arm so you could nestle in to him and hugging you close, while his fingertips continued to dance while more shapes appeared, all in the form of different sea creatures imaginable: jellyfish, octopi, sea horses and so much more.

"I'm really glad we didn't spend the day at home... or even the Aquadome." Casting his eyes towards you, his gaze soft and tender, you pressed a kiss on his cheek, laying your head on his chest. "Thank you for the wonderful surprise, baby. I love it so much." Squeezing him lightly with your arm, you sighed happily. "This is so much better than anything I could think of."

Happy, you were and Ajax was even happier. For all the effort he put into making this special, hearing the joy in your voice meant everything to him.