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The Breakup

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Bianca knew something was off the moment Adore walked into the house. The long haired queen looked exhausted even though she had only been out for a few hours. Half-heartedly wiped away mascara smudges surrounded red eyes that looked like they were moments away from pouring tears. If that wasn’t enough to raise concern in Bianca’s brain, Adore had stated that she “wasn’t hungry” and “just wanted to go to bed” after Bianca told her about the leftover pizza in the fridge.

After chugging a glass of water, Adore slowly made her way out of the kitchen. Bianca didn’t stop her, figuring Adore would come to her when she was ready to talk about it. She knew from past experience that pushing Adore to open up would only make her become more reserved.

Still wanting Adore to know that she cared, Bianca offered a genuine, “Hey…I love you” before Adore made it around the corner. Adore stopped for a moment before turning around halfway to look at Bianca with sad eyes. “I love you too” she muttered quietly before continuing her trek to the bedroom.

Bianca let her be after that, heading to her sewing room to finish up a few garments she had been working on.

Meanwhile in the bedroom, Adore was a wreck. Her boyfriend of one year had broken up with her after telling her that he didn’t love her anymore. She had begged and pleaded, hoping that somehow they could fix the relationship but her (now ex) boyfriend had already made up his mind that he didn’t want anything to do with her anymore. She felt completely broken and helpless, wondering what she could’ve done wrong to make him stop loving her.

This was a bad spiral. Even worse, she was currently facing it alone. She knew Bianca was somewhere in the house, but she avoided going to find her until she absolutely could not take it anymore. Wiping her tears and streaming nose, Adore wrapped herself in a blanket and headed down the dark hallway to find her Willow.

The light in the sewing room was on and she could hear the light tapping sound of Bianca’s beloved sewing machine. Entering the room, she only made it a few steps before Bianca looked up at her.

“Come to bed.” Adore said, trying to keep her voice steady.

“I’ll be right there, just give me a couple-“

“Please…” Adore whimpered, face scrunching up. Suddenly her legs didn’t want to hold her anymore so she fell to her knees, sobbing.

Adore knew how dramatic this all must seem to Bianca but nonetheless, she immediately dropped what she was doing and rushed over to comfort her friend on the floor.

She wrapped her arms tightly around the burrito of sadness that Adore Delano currently was, rubbing her back and whispering words of comfort while Adore all but gasped for breath, choking on her words while unsuccessfully trying to explain what had happened.

Eventually, Bianca was able to piece together somewhat of a story from the few words Adore kept repeating: “Broke up…doesn’t love me…not enough.”

“You’re okay, I know it hurts right now but it’s going to get better. You’re not going to feel this way forever. You’re going to be okay. Deep breaths…that’s it…shhh” Bianca comforted, not releasing the tightly gripped embrace she held Adore in, hoping somehow she could hug her friends broken pieces back together.

After about 10 minutes, Adore finally started to calm down. The sobs had slowed to hiccups and she was now able to breathe without fearing she’d pass out.

“Let’s get you back to bed, okay?” Bianca offered.

Adore nodded against her chest, allowing Bianca to help her to her feet and guide her back to the bedroom. After tucking Adore in, Bianca rushed to go brush her teeth before joining Adore in the bed.

The next morning, Bianca awoke to Adore’s body pressed against her side. As much as she didn’t want to disturb the sleeping queen, she really had to pee. Bianca gently slid herself out of the bed and placed a pillow in between Adore’s arms, where her own body had been moments ago. A low groan of discontent escaped Adore’s lips due to the lack of Bianca in her arms, but she didn’t fully wake up.

Bianca hurried to the bathroom for her much needed pee and ended up showering as well while her friend slept. When she was done Adore was still asleep, body curled around the pillow. It was already almost 11am but she knew Adore had a tendency of sleeping late so it wasn’t too out of the ordinary. Bianca then decided to go have her morning coffee and a late breakfast.

When she finished eating, it was almost noon and there were still no signs of Adore being awake yet. This surprised Bianca. Normally Adore would be up and ready to start the day as soon as the smell of food made its way into the bedroom.

Curiosity and concern getting the best of her, Bianca decided to go check on Adore. She peeked in the door, only to find Adore still curled around the pillow she had left her with.

Bianca tiptoed over to the bed and sat on the edge, looking down at the sleeping queens face. The dried tear tracks from the night before were barely visible on her cheeks, but they still made Bianca’s heart clench as she remembered her favorite person sobbing brokenly in her arms.

She reached over to brush some of the messy hair out of Adore’s face. Adore stirred at the touch, tired green eyes finally opening.

“I made breakfast. You gonna get up?” Bianca asked, continuing to stroke her hair.

Adore looked up at her and shook her head ‘no’, face scrunching up as the feeling of heartbreak washed over her once again.

Bianca rushed to move the pillow and replace it with her own body, gathering Adore close and letting her cry into her chest. They stayed like that for a while, until Bianca had to leave the room to do some work.

When she returned later, Bianca found Adore asleep again. She decided to leave her alone, figuring that a sleeping Adore was better than a crying Adore.

The next two days were the same. Adore only getting out of bed to use the bathroom, and Bianca leaving her alone aside from coming in and forcing Adore to drink a glass of water every couple of hours.

Bianca figured she’d give Adore a day or two to cry it out and she’d be fine. But on the third day, Adore was still refusing to eat or get out of bed so Bianca knew she had to do something.

She changed her approach from sympathetic to uncompromising, not giving her friend the option to lay in bed anymore.

Bianca rushed into the bedroom, opening all the curtains and pulling the covers off of Adore’s lanky body.

“Get up.” Bianca ordered.

“Mmmm” Adore groaned, curling in on herself and pulling the covers back up.

Bianca immediately pulled the covers back down, exposing Adore’s half naked body to the chilly room once again.

“What the fuck Bianca?!” Adore exclaimed angrily, voice hoarse from the lack of use and constant crying over the past couple days.

“Get up. You’ve been moping long enough. You’re gonna come downstairs with me and eat something and then we’re going for a walk. Staring at these same four walls isn’t helping you at all.” Bianca told her.

“I can’t…” Adore whined, hugging herself.

“You can…and you’re going to.” Bianca said, grabbing Adore by her tattooed upper arm and pulling her towards the edge of the bed.

Despite being so much smaller than Adore, Bianca managed to pull her far enough to where Adore all but fell off the side of the bed.

“Jesus Christ, I’m fucking up!” Adore spat, stumbling to her feet and dusting herself off.

“Good! Now c’mon…I made your favorite.” Bianca told her, reaching for Adore’s arm again. Adore was too quick this time though, shrugging away from Bianca’s touch with a look that said “don’t fucking touch me”.

They reached the kitchen and Bianca sat Adore down, setting a slice of breakfast pizza on a plate in front of her.

Adore just stared at the food, feeling Bianca’s intense gaze from the other side of the table.

“I can’t.” She said shakily, the sadness twisting up her gut making her feel like she could never eat again.

“Pussyface, it’s been 3 days since you’ve eaten anything, can you at least try? Just a few bites.”

“Bianca, I can’t-“


Adore sighed, contemplating for a few moments before picking up the pizza slice. She took one bite…and then two…feeling more nauseous by the second. Halfway through chewing her third bite, her stomach rebelled and she had to rush to the sink to throw up the little she had eaten.

Bianca rushed over to hold her hair out of the way and mutter a few “I’m sorrys” that she was sure were going unheard. She now realized the true level of sadness that Adore was feeling and decided to change her approach back to that of sympathy.

She began rinsing the sink after Adore had finished and then looked down by her feet at where the taller queen now sat on the floor, back to the cupboards, knees to her chest, silently crying.

Kneeling down next to Adore, Bianca sighed.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-“

“I told you I fucking couldn’t.” Adore said, voice shaking with irritation at this whole situation.

“I know. I should’ve listened…”

Adore rolled her eyes and shook her head, willing the tears to stop falling.

“How about this…I’ll run you a nice hot bath and put on your favorite music. I can even light some candles if you want. That way you can just relax and get your mind off things. Would that be okay?”

Adore wiped her cheeks with the collar of her crop top, mulling the idea over in her head, before nodding.

Bianca got to work finding the candles and setting them up around the modestly sized bathroom. She then turned on the water, and found Adore’s speaker and phone, scrolling through her friends playlists until she found one that seemed fitting.

Once the scene was set, she called Adore into the bathroom. Bianca helped Adore remove her shirt, massaging her bare shoulders after she did so. Adore moved to remove her underwear and Bianca instinctively turned around and looked away until Adore had seated herself in the bath.

“It’s not too hot, is it?” Bianca asked.

Adore shook her head, thighs squeaking against the bottom of the tub as she re-positioned herself.

“I’ll leave you to it then.” Bianca said, walking towards the door.

“Wait!” Adore said, urgently.

Bianca turned to look at her.

“Don’t wanna be alone…” She said with a pout, holding out her hand for Bianca.

Bianca moved back towards the tub, taking Adore’s hand. She seated herself on the floor next to the tub, knowing her back would be feeling this later but Adore needed her so it was worth staying.

The pair stayed silent for a bit, holding hands and enjoying each other’s company and the soft music Bianca had chosen earlier.

Soon Bianca felt a light tugging on her hand. She glanced up to see Adore looking at her with puppy dog eyes. The tugging got stronger and Bianca got the message that Adore wanted Bianca to join her in the tub.

Without a word, she stood up, stripping down to her underwear and stepping into the warm water. Adore slid forward to make room for Bianca to sit behind her.

Once Bianca was settled, Adore shifted to the side so her knees were up to her chest as she leaned against Bianca. Adore shed a few more silent tears while Bianca ran her fingers through Adore’s long brown hair, massaging her scalp as she went.

“Thank you…just…for all of this.” Adore rasped, looking up at Bianca.

Bianca wrapped her arms around Adore in response, holding her tight.

“Can we go for a walk when we get out?” Adore asked.

“Yes, of course!” Bianca replied, proud of Adore for finally being willing to leave the house.

The pair exited the tub soon after. After allowing Adore to choose whatever clothing of Bianca’s she wanted to wear, Bianca brushed and braided Adore’s hair.

Adore insisted that Bianca did her makeup too, a task that Bianca would normally refuse, but today she agreed, knowing that it would help make her chola feel better. Bianca drew a thin winged liner on Adore’s lids, along with a bit of glitter and mascara. Adore smiled for the first time in days as she looked in the mirror, already feeling more like herself.

At last, the two were ready to leave for their walk. They took the route that Adore normally went rollerblading on, just enjoying the outdoors and the fresh air (or as fresh as LA air can get). Eventually they passed by one of Adore’s favorite restaurants. Bianca continued walking a few steps before realizing Adore wasn’t next to her. She turned to find Adore looking longingly at some gravy covered French fries in the window of the restaurant.

“Yanx, can we get food?” Adore asked.

Bianca walked to the door and held it open for the other queen to excitedly skip inside, happy to see Adore’s childlike excitement about life finally coming back. She thought back to this morning when Adore couldn’t even get out of bed, but now here she was, out of the house, ordering her own food at her favorite restaurant, and wanting to eat it.

Bianca was broken out of her thoughts by Adore’s voice. “You coming Willow?”

“Uh huh!” Bianca said, striding over to where Adore was waiting by the checkout. She pulled her credit card out, handing it to the cashier before Adore even had a chance to open her own wallet.

“You’re the best, B.” Adore gushed, stuffing her mouth with fries and gravy after they had sat down. “You’re so good to me…like all the time and I really love you.”

“I love you too…but swallow your food before you talk to me, you nasty bitch.” Bianca laughed.

Adore stuck her tongue out at Bianca, displaying the half chewed food that still resided in her mouth.

“I’ll leave you here.” Bianca joked.

“You wouldn’t dare. You love me too much.”

“That is true.”

The two sat quietly for a bit while Adore finished her food.

“You know what, B?” Adore asked, breaking the silence.


“I think I’m gonna be okay.”