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It always blows when a nice day out is suddenly cut short. But in your defense, the weather forecast didn’t say there would be rain today.

You whoop and laugh incredulously as you step through the threshold of your apartment. Stray drops of water splatter all over the floor as you hastily speed-waddle your way to the bathroom to change out of your waterlogged clothes, cursing the weather gods for their whimsy. You’d been out shopping with a few friends today, and just as you guys were about to go for lunch, it began to rain, effectively ending your outing.

Cove isn’t home either, and you can only hope that he’s more prepared than you were for the sudden downpour. But then again, Cove Holden has never had a problem with water in his life, so you figure he’s fine.

In any case, your main priority right now is to get clean and dry, so all of that gets waved away as you start up the shower and plop your soaked clothing into the laundry hamper. 

Once you’re out, you plod on over to the closet to look for something to wear. It’s still fairly warm out, even with the rain, so you figure pants are optional and pull on a pair of black boyshorts and call it a day. Then, without really looking too closely at what you’re grabbing, you throw a large t-shirt on. It hangs loosely on you, the fabric fluttering around your thighs as you walk out to the kitchen to get something to eat. 

You spend the next hour or so by yourself, eating lunch, cleaning up, and then just lazing in bed and playing on your Switch. You barely register the click of the front door over your game, and you hardly pay any attention to the sound of footsteps or rustling about. It’s only when Cove enters your shared bedroom and speaks that you even realize he’s home at all.

He walks into the room with wet hair, stripped down to his underwear with a towel still hanging from his shoulders. “Hey, I’m home,” he calls while carelessly tossing the towel aside somewhere. He steps over to the closet to find a dry shirt, only to make a noise of confusion as he rifles through hangers.

“Have you seen my, uh…my...” His voice trails off at the end. The words on his tongue fumble as his eyes fall on you, clearly distracted by a little more than just the sight of you sprawled out over the bed. But you don’t seem to notice it, only now finally getting to a lull in your boss fight to properly reply.

“Hey there, baby boy. Welcome home.”

You greet him casually, not having heard his question. Your eyes don’t even leave your character as you chain combos. Unfortunately, that means you miss how his already flustered expression grows and the way he squirms where he stands at the sound of that particular pet name.

The mattress dips with his weight, but it’s only when you feel a tug on the hem of your shirt that you notice something is amiss at all. You pause your game and peer up at him, one eyebrow quirked upwards in a silent question. However, you finally see the smoky look on his face, the way his lids have slid to half-mast and how his eyes are fixated on your shirt, aquamarine irises lit aglow.

“This is nice,” he remarks absentmindedly.

A quick glance down suddenly reveals to you that it’s not your shirt but his shirt.

Oh. Oh. Okay.

No wonder it had been so big on you. An apologetic chuckle leaves you as you put your console to sleep and set it aside on the bedside table. 

“Ah, sorry about that. I got caught in the rain and I was just looking for something dry to wear. Guess I wasn’t paying attention.”

“No, don’t worry about it. It’s nice.” Cove’s smile is soft and adoring, but you’re not fooled at all. You see the traces of something a touch more carnal than just affection—and though it’s scant, you can still hear the hoarse quality his voice has taken on. “Really nice.”

You can’t stop the bubble of laughter that leaves you, and he returns it with a delighted chuckle of his own, leaning in closer and closer. “Exactly how nice?” you ask innocently. You can feel his body heat radiating off him. His hair is still damp and you can smell his shampoo, a pleasant citrusy scent wafting towards you as you start to lean back against the mattress.

He hovers over you, eyes molten. “Really really nice.” His whisper is hot as it brushes against your skin. A shudder runs through you like a current, the motion impossible to miss at this proximity.

Your giggle fills what little space there is between your lips and his. 

“Do you want to...?” His question comes out quietly, as gentle as the raindrops tapping against your windows.

You know he’s trying to be mindful by asking, but those four simple words make your blood start to buzz with anticipation.

“Yes,” you breathe. “God, yes.”

The last thing you see before you close your eyes is the crinkle of his eyes as he leans in to kiss you. The first one is gentle, and so are the ones that follow. In the darkness, all you can hear is the soft, muted smack of your lips meeting again and again over the drizzle of rain. 

You exhale a sigh out through your nose and thread your fingers through silky, seafoam locks, and you can’t help but grin a little when you hear Cove groan. He leans into your touch, his bare chest pressed against your clothed one, wanting to feel you against his body. His skin tingles when you bring one hand down from his head, your fingers trailing down his neck and tracing his spine as you caress the expanse of his back.

Cove breaks the kiss to gasp, your name nothing but a shuddering breath on his lips. You titter, equally as amused as you are endeared, and you draw a heart pattern along the warm skin of his back with your finger. His eyes flutter open and he whines, his expression adorably shaken yet needy. You merely wink at him and press a sweet kiss to his cheek.

He sighs—whether in mock exasperation or pleasure, you’re not sure, but it probably doesn’t matter, not when he reciprocates with a peck of his own. 

Except then he migrates, trailing light kisses from your face to your ear where he exacts his revenge. You yip the moment his lips make contact with your ear to suck and nibble, and the sounds you make only grow as he traces the shell with his tongue. A series of whimpers fall from your lips, and there’s no way you can stop them when he continues to tease your ear like that.

You murmur dreamily as he moves to cover your neck in kisses, seemingly intent on making sure each inch of it is touched by his lips. He nuzzles his nose in the crook of your neck, taking in your fresh scent and mumbling happily. A few stray laughs leave you before morphing into moans when his tongue runs up the column of your throat.

“A-ah!” A squeak escapes you when you feel a light nip on your neck. You feel Cove immediately go still against you, but you speak up before he can. 

“It’s okay, it feels good. I was just surprised, that’s all,” you assure him, running your hands through his hair encouragingly for good measure. “Please, keep going.”

You feel him breathe into your neck before humming a tiny affirmative. You’re glad he’s come out of his shell more and has been showing more initiative, though you figure he still needs to go slow on some things. That’s fine though; you’re in no particular rush and you know the payoff is well worth it.

Your point is proven when the tiniest sting of teeth returns to your neck, causing you to murmur lowly. He goes slowly, tentatively, feeling things out while trying to make sure he doesn’t cause you unwanted pain. It sort of tickles with how careful he’s being with you, but you’re whimpering soon enough when you feel him bite down a little harder to suck little marks here and there.

Even so, the way he marks you is gentle and tender, as if he’s using the bare minimum amount of force necessary to bruise. Despite how worried he was and probably still is (even if only a little bit), you can tell he’s enjoying it. You feel him involuntarily buck up against you whenever you whine, dick twitching in his boxer briefs with every pant of his name. You can’t help but eagerly respond in kind, grinding yourself up against him and relishing the long moan he makes as you do.

He pulls away, panting. His eyes are cloudy with passion and there’s a faint line of drool running down from the corner of his mouth. You giggle and reach out to wipe it away with your thumb. 

Though Cove lets you, he surprises you by catching your thumb between his lips and sucking lightly with an airy noise. Your eyes go wide but you make absolutely no move to retract your finger. In fact, you press your thumb slightly further in and he accepts it, his tongue stroking and sliding against the pad.

A shiver shoots down your spine, a blush rapidly rising on your cheeks.

“Oh fuck, Cove…”

He hums breathily and pulls off your thumb, though you don’t miss the silvery thread of saliva that comes away from his mouth. The two of you share a moment of silence together, simply looking into each other’s eyes before you reach out to hold his face and bring him in for another kiss. It’s more fervent than the ones you shared before, and you playfully nip at his bottom lip to make him gasp so you can deepen the kiss. You can feel the groan that rumbles in his throat while he matches you, languidly swirling his tongue around yours.

While he could spend the rest of the day kissing you senseless, Cove has other plans and he reluctantly breaks away from you and tugs again at the hem of your (his) shirt to give you a heads-up for his intentions.

You offer him a crooked grin as you let out a tiny laugh that sounds more like a wheeze and lightly grasp his and guide it up your body, effectively dragging the shirt—still between his fingers—up with it and baring your torso to him. Cove’s breath hitches, eyes lighting up at the sight of you rucking his shirt up over your breasts.

Something about you wearing his shirt but in such a markedly lewd manner makes his head spin. His voice is weak and unsteady, and it’s a miracle that he even manages to get the words out. “Oh...oh my god…”

His face looks about ready to explode with how red he’s become, and he brings both hands up to his mouth and just stares with wide eyes, unable to tear them away from your body. Your eyes disappear into your cheeky grin as you chuckle, your amusement only growing at the squeaky, scandalized noise he makes when he watches how your chest moves with your laugh.

You lie there patiently, waiting for him to collect himself. After a beat, you watch as he takes a deep breath in and then out, the tension seeping out his body as he exhales shakily.

“’re really something amazing, you know that? God, you’re’re beautiful. Fuck, you’re breathtaking.” 

Between the utterly awestruck way he says that and the sheer adoration saturating his gaze, you definitely feel breathtaking. Your face grows extremely hot and you glance away, smiling from ear to ear as you giddily murmur your thanks. He returns your smile and kisses you tenderly on one flushed cheek, trailing his lips down your neck to your collarbone and finally to your chest.

His lips brush against the top of your breast and you can’t stop the shiver that rushes through you. Your lips part with a gasp when you feel his lips teasing your nipple while he takes the other between his fingers, pinching and rolling it to make you writhe. 

Your breaths come out in short pants and your eyes squeeze shut as he wraps his lips around your nipple and sucks. He releases it with a wet pop and runs his tongue along it one more time before switching to give the other one the same treatment. His mouth wanders down your body, tracing a line of kisses down your stomach until he reaches the border of your boyshorts.

Cove glances up at you before asking, “Can I?” His face is flushed and desperation burns in his beautiful blue eyes. Neediness is written all over his expression, practically palpable in the way he creases his brow and looks pleadingly at you.

Though you had no intentions of stopping here, you have no idea how anyone could say no to a face like that. There’s just something unfair about how he can make you go crazy, how he can set your blood ablaze with anywhere between two to four words.

“Please,” you manage, squirming where you lay, and you hope he can hear how much you want it too.

He does. He hears you loud and clear, eyes flashing as his mouth pulls into an elated smile.

Though this is hardly the first time you two have been intimate, he still tries to be careful, slowly tugging your underwear off. His eyes stay fixed on the black fabric as it travels off your hips and down your legs until he pulls them off of you. Once they’re off, you lazily spread your legs for him with a suggestive grin, tongue peeking out from between your lips.

The blush on his face grows and threatens to spread all the way down to his toes. Even so, that doesn’t stop him from murmuring your name as if he’s in a trance. A glint of mischief flickers in your eyes as you reach down and run a finger along your dewy folds, gathering up your arousal on the pad of your finger.

You gleefully watch how his expressions shifts and the way his eyes follow your finger as you bring it up to your mouth. Your lips close around it and you let out a breathy moan when you taste yourself.

The sound of your name—shaky and strained—gets you to open your eyes, and you can’t stop the airy giggle that leaves you when you see a trembling, breathless Cove. He looks like he’s on the verge of bursting and you invite that wholeheartedly.

“Cove,” you return.

A single call of his name is all he needs to situate himself between your legs and press a series of feverish kisses to the insides of your thighs, lips brushing against the seam of your leg and your sex. You can faintly hear him mumbling something, and though the words are lost between kisses, you can feel his loving intent resonate through your flesh.

Your thighs twitch in his arms when you feel his warm tongue dragging up against your dripping slit. A husky groan sounds in his throat as he licks you up, bent on not wasting a single drop of you, and he drinks in your whimpers the same way he swallows down your juices. You taste so damn good and he can’t get enough of you, no matter how many times he swipes his tongue up to gather more of your slick on his palate.

Nnh, Cove...” It comes out as a whisper, but its effect is instant. He groans and buries his face further between your legs. His hips rut into the bedding while he seals his mouth around your pussy, wiggling his tongue along your labia and teasing your clit with quick flicks that have you throwing your head back into the pillows. The sound of his pleasured grunts and whimpers mingle with your frantic cries of “Cove, ah, feels so good, Cove —”

Your fingers make their way to his head, fisting in his hair as you try to find some way to ground  yourself. He lets out a short hiss that gives way to a moan at the sting, but that only pushes him more, only makes him desperate to make you feel good, to make you fall apart with his mouth, to hear you say his name just like that again and again.

Your grip on his hair tightens and you keen when you feel him slip a finger into you, then two, scissoring them as he fingers you, all while he continues to lap you up. His mouth is unrelenting, even as he adds a third finger and the obscene squelch of his fingers working you open fills the room.

Your mind is hot and hazy, and the burning tension in your gut tells you that you’re not going to last much longer. You manage to gain just enough clarity to give him some kind of warning. “Cove, hn, baby, m’gonna, gonna—” The last syllable of your words stretches out into a long moan as you let go for him, trembling as your orgasm tears through you. 

Your body quivers as you try to catch your breath, and you loosen your hold on him, instead opting to stroke his hair and massage his scalp. Cove practically purrs, crooning and mumbling something unintelligible albeit clearly contented. His tongue continues to mindlessly lap at you—slow and lazy, as if habitual—making you yelp with shock as you squirm against the sheets.

“Ah! Hmnf, Cove,” you reprimand without any real heat. “M’sensitive.”

He huffs a laugh and kisses your pussy one last time before lifting his head from your thighs. 

His chin glistens in the light of the room and you suck in a breath at the sight. Cove thoughtlessly licks up his lips until he realizes his fingers are still coated in your essence. Without hesitation, he sticks them in his mouth, another satisfied hum rolling through his body as he tastes you anew. You can only watch, mesmerized as his tongue strokes and curls around one finger, then the next, thoroughly licking his fingers clean.

Fuck, you love him so much.

“Cove,” you coo. His eyes crack open, a glimmer of aquamarine regarding you with nothing short of reverence. “You’re amazing, you did so well. You make me feel so fucking good.”

Warmth blossoms in your chest as you watch his expression go from pleased to downright blissed out, his smile wobbling with complete and utter joy as he soaks up your praise. He giggles dizzily, nearly overwhelmed by the sudden waves of affection that wash over him.

“Now let me make you feel good,” you offer, making his eyes snap wide open. You smile sweetly. “If you want, of course.”

“Y-yes!” Cove startles himself with his own answer and how prompt it is, but he doesn’t take it back. “Yes,” he repeats, crawling over you. You can see how blown out his pupils are, how dark they’ve become, threatening to drag you into their depths. “Please.” His plea is a rough whisper, one you catch with outstretched hands that cradle his head and bring him in for a searing kiss.

He separates from you long enough to get his underwear off, hastily setting them aside so he can get his hands on you again. His lips meet with yours and he kisses you feverishly as he presses his hips flush against yours. You hum against his mouth at the feeling of his bare dick rubbing up against you without any clothes in the way. Your hands find their way to his bare chest, running them up and down his torso, and your fingertips tingle when he shivers pleasantly.

You wiggle your hips, eager and impatient, grinning to yourself when you hear the muffled groan he lets out. His long, thick cock—now slick with your arousal—throbs between your legs and though you just came, you’re just as excited as he is.

It takes him a moment, but he finally pulls back to drink in the sight of you, to properly admire you laid out like this, dressed in nothing but his shirt and his marks; your swollen pussy, sticky and glistening just for him; your face soft and adoring yet somehow doing very little to belie the hungry flash in your eyes.

He knows he’s keeping you waiting (“What else is new?” he jokes to himself internally), but he truly thinks the sight deserves appreciation.

Your voice snaps him out of his daze. “You okay?” You tilt your head at him, concerned. “Do you need a second? Or do you want a condom or…?”

Cove swallows thickly. He doesn’t think he’ll ever stop being so awestruck at the idea of being inside of you with no barriers in between. Sure, he knows you’re on birth control and perfectly comfortable with the idea (heck, you’re the one who suggested it in the first place), but even then he worries. He can’t help it, not with his own concerns about unexpected children, supported by his dad’s “talks” regarding this very subject. And even when he doesn’t worry, the closeness and the trust and the intimacy behind it all will never stop making him feel floaty and lightheaded, like his heart is overflowing.

The throbbing between his legs is a reminder that something else is close to overflowing too, and he internally smacks himself upside the head for that thought.

Anyways, none of that matters right now, not when you’re longing for him just as much as he is for you. He shakes his head and smiles softly at you. “No, I’m good. But thank you for checking in. I just want you.”

Sparks of delight go off in him when you grin back at him and spread your legs for him, saying, “Then please, take me.”

With your enthusiastic consent, he lines himself up at your entrance. Cove takes a second to glance at your face and when you nod, he slowly pushes the head in and sinks his cock in you.

The sigh you two let out is simultaneous. Your eyes squeeze shut and you wince at the burn that comes with the stretch, fisting your fingers in the sheets. You feel a hand on yours and peel one eye open to see Cove smiling down at you reassuringly, though his brow is tense with worry. 

You appreciate his attempt to comfort you, and let him know as much by maneuvering your fingers to lace them with his. He beams and takes that as his sign to keep going. You close your eyes again, focusing on the sensation of him sinking more of his length into you, breathing in through your nose and letting out a shaky breath when he bottoms out.

Both of you stay like that for just a moment, just enjoying the feeling of him being inside of you. He’s big and fills you up so, so well. Your eyes water as you try to adjust to him, but he feels amazing, like he was made just for you. 

Cove must agree because he lets out a blissful groan at the way your walls flutter around him, instinctively rocking his hips. You make the cutest little gasp that makes his heart bloom with affection, and he squeezes your hand gently.

You hear him call your name, his voice so soft and reverent that it makes something in you tremble, and open your eyes to peek at him through slightly wet lashes. 

“You feel... nnh feel so nice,” he rasps out quietly. “So nice.”

That gets a small laugh out of you. “How nice?”

His eyes are lidded and his breathing is strained, but he replies without missing a beat. “Really nice.”

The curve of your lips becomes a tiny bit more salacious.

“Then let’s make it really, really nice.”

His expression wobbles, equal parts flustered and excited. Not one to ignore your wishes, Cove complies, pulling out to the tip before thrusting back into you. He takes a hold of one of your legs for purchase and finds his rhythm, rolling his hips against yours and losing himself in your wet, tight heat.

Pain quickly melts into pleasure, and soon enough you’re meeting his thrusts with your own. The initial discomfort on your face is nowhere to be seen as you freely moan Cove’s name again and again, whining and desperately trying to buck into him in a bid to feel more of him. 

You absentmindedly bring his hand—still locked with yours—up to your cheek, and you encourage him to cup his hand around your face. His mind is hazy and his hips never stop once, but he complies eagerly, curling his palm around your cheek. A burst of warmth goes off in his chest at the sight of you nuzzling into his hand, clearly enamored and happy. The feeling only grows and grows as you kiss his palm, and subconsciously thrusts just a bit harder and faster.

Except then his pace suddenly stutters when you lick a stripe up his palm. Then, you close your lips around the pad of his thumb, sucking on it gingerly. The squeak he lets out sounds an awful lot like a startled moan when your tongue lolls out to lick the length of his thumb before taking more of it into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it and tasting his skin.

He accidentally pushes down on your tongue, and though you look a little surprised at first, your lashes flutter with ecstasy and you lock eyes with him.


The vibration seems to shoot through him like a bolt of lightning, striking down his spine and sending tremors through his entire body. He can feel everything so intensely, all of the sensations converging to send him hurtling over the edge. His grasp on your hip tightens as he drives into you again and again.

The pleasure burning in his veins is blazing now and he can’t hold himself back anymore, not with how you moan so wantonly around his thumb; how your tits bounce as he fucks you, barely concealed by his shirt; how your sweet, wet cunt swallows him up; how the look on your face is somehow both unbelievably erotic yet undeniably tender when you gaze directly at him with teary eyes.

He never stood a damn chance.

Cove rips his thumb out of your mouth. Before you can even protest, a squeal is ripped from your throat when he rubs your sensitive clit, drawing tight circles to make you scream for him. He wants nothing more than to make you cum first, to make you feel as good as you’re making him feel.

“I-I love you,” he manages between pants. He snaps his hips into yours, and he savors the way you cry out so sweetly. Your name slips past his teeth, heavy and strained with lust, and he calls for you again and again as he ruts into you shallowly, unable to pull out fully anymore. “I love you, I love you— ah, god— I love you.”

You’re writhing and thrashing beneath him, words slurring as you call out to him. 

“I love you too! Love you!” The coil in you snaps before you can even warn him, and you can only hope that you babbling and slurring his name repeatedly is good enough as you seize up and cum on his cock, crying his name the entire time. 

The sound of your voice shaping his name, garbled and distorted with euphoria, goes straight to his dick and he cums with you, buried to the hilt. He makes a keening sound as you squeeze him tight, whimpering as you milk his cock. You make a tiny noise as he paints your insides white, each gush of warmth filling you with satisfaction.

When it’s over, you giggle deliriously, hands reaching up to caress Cove’s flushed face. He smiles wearily, huffing a small laugh of his own as he leans forward to get more of your touch, placing his hands on either side of your head.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

You both share another laugh, then a kiss.

He can barely keep himself up anymore and carefully lowers himself onto you. You smile and pull him in for a hug, your arms wrapping around his neck and your hands coming to rest in his hair. Cove accepts gratefully and nestles his face in the crook of your neck, panting softly against your sweaty skin.

You still smell good to him, even if you are sweaty now. He presses a tired kiss to your pulse point, and you reciprocate by kissing the crown of his head and running your nails against his scalp. The sound your lips make is no louder than the rainfall outside.

As happy as you two are to just laze about, tangled in each other's arms and listening to the gentle pitter-patter of rain overlapping with your soft breathing, you both know you need to clean up. You need another shower and so does Cove.

Hesitantly, you shift underneath him with the intent to get up, laughing when he wiggles further into you, entirely failing to be subtle about his feelings on the matter.

"Dude, c’mon. We both need a shower now."

He makes a muffled noise of protest.

“I know, I know. But we gotta, sweetie.”

Cove reluctantly separates from you and pulls out of you, making a little noise as he does. His ears burn red when a little glob of white spills out of your puffy cunt, and he mumbles something incoherent to himself. You can barely hear what he says, but you find his reaction to be plenty gratifying.

Then, an idea pops into your head.

“Hey, if you’re so insistent on us sticking together, why don’t we shower together?” you suggest, sticking your tongue out playfully. 

He’s caught completely off guard, surprise showing all over his face. However, he doesn’t seem put off or entirely unhappy with the suggestion. The corners of his lips twitch upwards into a shy smile as his cheeks blossom with a blush.

“You know, I, uh, I actually like the sound of that.”

The silly grin on your face brightens. Dirty implications aside, you really do think it’s a nice idea. 

In practice, it takes a little bit of maneuvering due to Cove being so goddamned tall and the fact that only one person can actually stay under the shower spray at a time, but in the end you’re more or less proven right. The bathroom quickly fills with the sound of laughter, peals of giggles bouncing off the tiles as the two of you take turns washing and rinsing the other.

You can only wonder how you look under the warm drizzle of water, droplets cascading down over you as suds slide down to the tile and drain. Realistically, you think you probably look like a drowned rat or something similarly drenched and pathetic-looking.

But something about Cove’s tender expression tells you he sees something decidedly lovelier as he rinses you off with care. Even as he snickers when you get water in your mouth trying to talk, there’s a softness to his grin as he watches you sputter and laugh.

You wonder if it’s what you see when you watch his face melt with absolute bliss as you dedicate yourself to washing his back, fingers pressing into his muscles as you simultaneously massage and lather soap onto his skin. Or maybe it’s akin to the fluttery feeling you get when he slicks his hair back with one hand, ocean eyes blinking at you as rivulets of water run down his face.

Whatever it is, you know both of you are having a good time and that’s more than enough for you.

You and Cove take your time toweling off, though he manages to somehow finish faster than you and leaves to grab you both some clothes. You’re sure to thank him and though you know him to be kind and thoughtful, perhaps you should have expected him to choose the same shirt of his for you to wear.

Though you bark a laugh and shake your head with an exasperated grin, you’re more than willing to lift your arms and let him pull it on you.

“You know,” you say as he tugs the shirt over your head, “Isn’t this your last clean shirt?”

Cove hums. “Yeah.” His eyes flutter as he takes you in again. “But I think it looks nicer on you.”

You grin sunnily. “Aw, thank you.” Then your smile slants mischievously. “Though I really hope this doesn’t lead to me needing a third shower.”

His face reddens as his expression turns indignant. “H-hey!”

“I’m joking, I’m joking,” you cackle before waggling your brows. “Mostly.”


He pouts at that, though you’re quick to reach up and cradle his face in your hands, thumbs gently stroking his cheeks as if you're physically trying to smooth out the annoyed lines running across his face. 

Funnily enough, it ends up working, especially when you throw in a few smooches to sweeten the deal. His face relaxes and so does he, basking in all of the affection you have to offer to him.

“I love you. You’re so good to me, Cove.” You punctuate your statement with another kiss, this time on his lips. “You’re the best.”

Whatever grumbles he has resting on his tongue dissolve into giggles, and he’s helpless to your assault of affection. You beam and proceed to dispense as many kisses as he’ll allow.

You really do mean what you said, because even when something rains on your parade, sometimes even literally, you could always count on Cove to be your sunshine and brighten your day back up.