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We'd be together

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Michael’s stubble is rough against Alex’s skin as his mouth presses kisses to Alex’s jaw. Somehow, that slight burn against his skin makes this feel more real, reminds him that Michael is here. Alive. And, somehow, he wants Alex.

One of Michael’s hands is on his jaw, holding him carefully, like he’s fragile, and the other is pressing against his lower back, pinky just dipping below the edge of his jeans as the rest of his fingers reach under Alex’s shirt. Alex wants to feel those hands everywhere, wants to memorize the too-hot feel of his skin against Alex’s own.

Alex rocks his hips, grinding against Michael’s lap, desperate for more and the groan Michael lets out in response only makes Alex want to do it again.

Michael pulls away from his mouth for a moment and Alex starts to chase his lips. But Michael speaks, “Can I?” His right hand is lifting Alex’s shirt just a bit, but he’s waiting for permission for more.

Alex nods, helping Michael pull the shirt over his head and tossing it to the side, desperate to get more of those intoxicating kisses, desperate for more of everything.

And it seems like Michael is just as desperate, pulling Alex closer with both hands on Alex’s hips, until he’s right where Michael clearly wants him. Not that Alex minds, not when he can feel Michael’s hard length through his jeans, not when it’s pressing against him. He just wants more.

He digs both hands in Michael’s curls, marveling at how soft they are for just a moment before he’s capturing Michael’s lips with his own again, tearing desperately and ineffectually at Michael’s shirt.

Michael pulls his hands away from Alex’s hips, just long enough to unbutton his shirt and toss it aside, pulling his t-shirt over his head and tossing it to the side after it. And then his lips are against Alex’s again for just a moment before he’s trailing them along Alex’s jaw, toward his neck.

Alex clings to Michael’s shoulders as he rocks his hips, desperate for friction, desperate for more of this man.

“Oh, fuck, Alex,” Michael groans against Alex’s throat

“That’s the idea,” Alex manages.

He can feel Michael’s wicked grin against his skin, “Oh, really?”

Alex just nods and, a moment later, he can feel Michael’s hands on his pants, practically tearing them open.

Then they’re a mess of uncoordinated limbs, both trying to get the rest of their clothes off as fast as possible, but it’s worth the awkwardness for the moment Michael pulls him back onto his lap, a happy smile on his face.

Just knowing that he’s the one who put it there, who made Michael smile like that, is enough for Alex to be sure that he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to keep making Michael smile like that, if only Michael lets him.

And then Michael is pulling him in for a kiss, soft and sweet, and more gentle than anything Alex has ever known. He barely notices the sound of a packet tearing, too focused on Michael to notice much else.

But he does notice the slide of Michael’s fingers, already coated in lube, against him, one slowly pushing inside of him, sliding in and out.

Michael is still kissing him when he presses a second finger in to join the first and Alex can feel his smile against his mouth when Alex presses back against him, trying to move him faster, desperate for more.

Michael takes his time though, working Alex open slowly, eventually adding a third finger, deliberately brushing against Alex’s prostate every once in a while, seemingly delighting in the noises that escape Alex.

And, finally, finally, Michael slides his fingers out of Alex, grabbing a condom and another packet of lube.

Alex watches and tries to catch his breath as Michael slides the condom on before coating his cock in lube.

Neither one of them is particularly coordinated in their desperation, but they both just grin at each other and, well, Alex has never felt safe like this. Safe to be himself. He knows Michael has seen him at his worst and still wants him.

Finally, Alex is lowering himself onto Michael, taking him in until Michael is in him to the hilt.

The look on Michael’s face, the wonder, the heat, it overwhelms Alex. The thought that he could affect Michael like this.

He holds onto Michael’s shoulders, using them to help balance him as he moves, slowly at first. Michael’s hands are tight on his hips, not guiding him, just clinging onto him as he rides him.

Eventually, Alex can’t keep that slow and steady pace any longer, moving faster and faster, desperate for more.

Michael wraps his hand around Alex’s cock, moving in time with Alex, drawing desperate cries from Alex’s lips.

He can feel him, Michael shuddering with pleasure as he comes inside of him, burying his face against Alex’s throat when he’s done.

Alex comes moments later, crying out and collapsing forward against Michael.

To his surprise, Michael just holds him, rubbing his clean hand up and down his back.

They stay like that for a while, dinner forgotten, just basking in each other’s touch.