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(NOT) Another Vampire Love Story

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Tadashi has been scared shitless because of Kei Tsukishima a total of 4 times. The first was coming out to him when they were in middle school. Kei accepted Yamaguchi right away because Kei’s gay. No big deal to him, but poor Tadashi was on the verge of a heart attack the whole day. The next was confessing to Kei. Sure he knew that Kei liked him thanks to Kuroo-san and Bokuto-san, who couldn’t keep their mouths shut about it since Tsukki told them at training camp (how that came up was still a mystery) but still it was incredibly nerve-wracking. With the guidance of Yachi, Tadashi planned to confess on their walk home from practice. This had been one of the few times Tadashi had seen Kei cry, he hugged Tadashi and started weeping in the way one weeps after they watch a movie about a dog finding his way home. The third? Well, that might have been the most difficult of them all, and what has led him into the 4th time he’s been scared shitless because of Kei.

Currently, Tadashi sits on the couch in his and Kei’s shared college apartment watching Kei argue with their neighbors. The rain patter on the window ruined a perfectly good day. So a seemingly young couple, Tobio Kageyama and Shoyo Hinata, came to nag Tadashi and Kei. Tobio inspected Kei up and down, deeming that he would be a “good addition to their clan”. And Shoyo begging to be the one to turn him. Kei kept insisting that Tadashi should be the one to turn him.

Oh, the third reason, Tadashi is a vampire and he turned into one on his 18th birthday. He kinda, sorta, had to tell his boyfriend of four years that. He expected Kei to laugh and not believe him. He also expected Kei to think he was crazy and break up with him right then and there. But what he didn’t expect was for Kei to look him dead in the eyes and say, “Turn me.” Tadashi had only been a vampire for 48 hours and he was not about to turn his boyfriend into one. Shit, his mom waited almost a decade to turn his dad.

“If you turn him, Sho, would you fully turn him or leave part of his human side alive?” Tobio asks the smaller man, who’s been intently staring at Kei.

Shoyo scrunches his nose, “I don’t think I’m his soulmate. So I wouldn’t want to kill him. So I guess full vampire! Sorry, Tsukishima but I guess you’re gonna have to get used to blood.”

The two circle Kei like a pair of wolves ready to pounce on their prey.

Kei makes a face, “But can’t Tadashi just turn me? His mom already said that we were soulmates so I could keep some of my humanity.”

“She never said it was definite and I don’t wanna risk it. I’m sorry, Tsukki.” Tadashi says quite dismayed at what is going on in front of him.

Tadashi’s mom had insisted that Kei was Tadashi’s soulmate the day he introduced them. She kept insisting that he turn him into a half-vampire so Kei’s blood would be beneficial to Tadashi.

“It’s a rare chance that someone ever meets their soulmate, Tadashi. You shouldn’t let this chance go to waste. It’ll only help you in the end. Plus he loves you enough so he’d be more than willing to turn for you,” She had told him, ruffling his hair.

When a vampire meets their soulmate who happens to be human, they can be turned into a half-vampire. Their blood can be used to calm the cravings of a vampire.

Tobio sits down next to him and draws in a breath, clearly upset too about the situation for other reasons. He mutters something under his breath about how annoying Kei is and how he wishes he and Shoyo could just leave. He grabs a pillow and buries his face into it.

Shoyo stands up to study Kei’s neck, “You have a pretty neck, Tsukishima! Tobio, look at it! I could just bite you right now,” he goes in to bite him but Kei scoots away. He pads over and sits down next to Tadashi, pulling him into his lap.

Tadashi wiggles a bit to adjust himself and Kei’s hands wrap around his hips firmly.

“Why do you even want to be like us?” Tobio asks, cocking his head, looking up from the pillow.

“It’s simple. I want to protect Tadashi. Also since he’s going to live forever I want to be with him forever,” He responds like it’s the easiest thing in the world. A deep blush crawls up Tadashi’s face and he flops out of Kei’s lap onto the floor.

“You don’t need to do that! Er- I have plenty of family to help out and I can take care of myself,” Tadashi rises from the floor, waving his hands all over the place.

Kei usually only says soft and sweet things like this in private. Never in a million years would Tadashi have expected him to be so open with his feelings, especially in front of others.

“But I want to help protect you and take care of you, Tadashi! Please,” Kei begs. The concern and longing is apparent on his face. It makes Tadashi’s heart ache.

Tadashi knows Kei isn’t the type to beg and he wants to ignore the urge to change him.

“Were we ever like that,” Shoyo asks Tobio who shakes his head in response.

A clap of thunder startles the group, bickering forgotten. Shoyo makes his way towards the raven-haired man and plops down in front of him. The two instantly relax being near each other.

“How long have you guys been together? Also, are you two not soulmates? I’m surprised one of you isn’t half-human,” Tadashi asks, trying to ignore Kei’s pleas.

“We’ve been together since 1895,” Tobio says proudly. “Sho and I were already vampires by the time we met so that’s why neither of us is half-human.”

“You guys never explained to me what the whole half-human thing is. Care to explain?” Kei asks.

“Oh, ok! So you probably know that most vampires survive off of animal blood, right? We always have that craving for human blood that we have to ignore. If a vampire finds their soulmate, they have the ability to turn them into a half-vampire half-human. That way they can get their human blood fix without hurting the other. But if they aren’t soulmates, the human could die unless turned into a full vampire. Half humans also only require a little if any blood to survive. They do just fine with normal human food,” Shoyo responds.

“Can half-humans turn humans into vampires?”

“They can but there are many risks so they usually just leave that to the full vampires.”

“Tadashi was born human but his parents are vampires. How does that work?”

Tobio pipes up for this one, “When at least one parent is born human to human parents then their child will also be born human. Nobody knows why the vampire gene doesn’t take over here but that’s how it works. I assume one of Yamaguchi’s parents was fully human at one point.”

“My dad was,” Tadashi says shyly from the floor.

“How do they have kids? Like how does that work if one of them is a vampire?” Kei questions. Tadashi isn’t sure why he’s asking all these questions.

Kageyama and Hinata shrug, clearly not in their realm of knowledge. Tadashi assumed they were just another couple of dumb college students when he and Kei first moved into their apartment. He hadn’t expected them to barge into their apartment and tell Tadashi they knew he was a vampire and that they were too. He also hadn’t expected them to be as old as and knowledgeable they are.

“How old were you guys when you turned,” Tadashi asks, the words coming out his mouth before he could stop them.

“I was 18, I come from a family full of vampires,” Tobio responds.

“I was 19. I was dying and someone named Kenma turned me to save my life. I haven’t seen him in years,” Shoyo says in a melancholic tone.

“See Tadashi? You don’t have to worry about me being too young. We are both 18 and I’d like you to do it before I turn 19,” Kei says, scooting over to Tadashi who had curled up on the floor.

Tadashi shook his head. He wouldn’t turn Kei and he was not going to change his mind.

“If we turned you, we'd have to take you back to Tobio’s family. They’d want to know about the new addition. Hmm, but I don’t think Tobio’s grandma is a big fan of blondes,” Hinata turns to Tobio who shakes his head, “So I guess you’ve gotta do it, Yamaguchi. Ooo, you can drop out of college too now! You don’t really need a degree. I’m not sure why Yamaguchi is even getting one. You two are strange.”

Yamaguchi whines, shaking his head vigorously. He doesn’t know why Hinata and Kageyama keep taunting him like this. If they really are going to turn him then they should just get it over with. It would save him from the majority of this eternal struggle. He feels too overwhelmed right now.

“First of all, I don’t want to be turned into a vampire by someone who’s barely over the 5’0 mark,” Kei spits.

“Whaaa? Hey!” Hinata scowls, leaping up, startling his boyfriend, and marching over to Kei.

The blond stands up to tower over Hinata, receiving a glare from the smaller man. His orange hair bounces as he stands on his tiptoes trying to appear taller than he is.

“For your information, Tsukishima. I’m 5’7, which just so happens to be wayyy over the 5’0 line,”

The tall blond lets out a snort. Tadashi has to giggle a little at this. The overwhelming feeling pushed away for a moment, giving him a moment to enjoy this.

“What about Tobio? He’s 6’0,” Hinata questions, making his way back over to Kageyama, both sporting a pout.

Kei stares blankly at Hinata and then at Tobio. He closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath to compose himself. Normally he’d snap at Hinata again but clearly, he’s not in the mood for that. Wow, an improvement for Kei. Tadashi’s proud of him but never will fully understand why Kei is so irked by their neighbors they’ve known for a few months.

Remembering Tadashi exists, Kei turns his attention away from the elder boys. Tadashi would admit he looks pretty awful right now. Despite being immortal, stress still gets to him. Just his luck he’d retain that trait.

“Tadashi, please tell me why you don’t want to turn me,” Kei says in a distressed tone. He collects Tadashi into his arms and rocks him gently, kissing the top of his head.

Tadashi can’t face him, his reasons were probably stupid to Tsukki, who’d still insist on becoming a vampire. He looks up and notices Kageyama and Hinata have left. Maybe they took a stressed out Kei as their cue to leave.

“I don’t want you to be stuck with me forever, like this a forever commitment. And your mom and Akiteru, what about them? Don’t you want to settle down and start a family and grow old with them? I don’t want to take all those opportunities away from you just because you want to protect me,” Tadashi cries.

“Tadashi, baby… It’s so much more than protecting you. I love you so much. I wouldn’t want to do this if I didn’t. You’re the one I want to be with and I’m perfectly happy being with you forever.”

Tadashi’s heart melts and he realizes something. He too wants to be with Kei forever and he couldn’t imagine not being with him. He loves Kei and Kei loves him. That’s all he really needs for forever.

Tadashi laughs, “God, you’re such a sap.”

Kei blushes at this but still stands firm on his point.

“I’ll do it then. We can work out everything with your mom and Akiteru at some point. But you seem so sure about this and knowing you… you’re not gonna change your mind.”

Kei nods, bringing Yamaguchi in for a kiss. It starts off gentle and slow. Tadashi lets Kei take the lead. The blond presses a kiss first on his forehead, then nose, and finally lips. He breaks the kiss to stare at Tadashi for a moment. His face is full of love, it's undeniable. Tadashi’s heart swells. Kei holds the freckled boy’s face in his hands, running his long fingers over the freckles. He moves in for another kiss which the smaller man gleefully accepts.
Kei immediately slips his tongue into Tadashi’s mouth. He makes a little surprised noise before threading his fingers in Kei’s hair. Kei grabs Tadashi’s hips and brings him into a position where he’s now straddling him. He grabs his ass and Tadashi moans. Kei pulls off Tadashi's shirt in one swift movement, hardly taking his lips off him.

Tadashi breaks the kiss and lays his head on Kei’s shoulder, “Mmm Tsukki, I’m hard.”

“I can tell.”

“You wanted to be turned into a vampire but then you go and try that! Make up your horny little mind,” Tadashi teases. “We’ve got forever to fuck but you only get one chance to turn,”

“Well, for now,” Kei whispers, “I wanna fuck you one last time while I’m still human.”

Tadashi lets out a little squeal as Kei picks him up and hauls him to their room.


Tadashi finds himself up before Kei the next morning. He always thinks Kei looks so cute while he sleeps, a gentle little pout pressed on his face while he dreams. God, maybe he’s the bigger sap in their relationship. Nah, Kei definitely is, giving away his humanity for him. If only Yachi, Kuroo, and Bokuto could know about that, they’d have a field day with it.

Kei stirs a moment later, he grabs his glasses from the side table and slides them on. He turns his attention to Tadashi, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Good morning, Tsukki.” Tadashi hums.

Kei yawns in response.

“Are you ready?”

Kei looks confused for a moment, but then nods, “Whenever you’re ready, baby.”

“You’re gonna need a lot of rest and you’ll have to stay hydrated. I’ll let Hinata and Kageyama know about it later so they can get you food,” Tadashi rattles off, sitting up.

He takes a deep breath and looks Kei up and down. He’s sat up by this point and looks at Tadashi with the most loving look.

Yeah, Kei’s definitely the bigger sap.

Tadashi scoots closer to Kei, “It’s gonna hurt… like a lot.”

“I know. I’m ready,” Kei says confidently.

Tadashi kisses him, “I love you so much.”

“I love you more.”

Tadashi finds the spot that he deems appropriate and leans in. “Ready?”

Kei nods, closing his eyes.

Tadashi closes the gap between them and sinks his teeth in. Kei tastes sweet and rich. Tadashi was never a big fan of the thought of human blood originally but he could get used to this. He feels him tense up and Tadashi rubs a hand soothingly on Kei’s thigh. The process is over as quickly as it started. Tadashi pulls away and inspects the teeth marks on Kei’s neck. Kei’s hand goes up to touch it but he swats his hand away.

“It needs to scab over before you mess with it,” Tadashi scolds.

He brings Kei into another kiss and hugs him. They stay like this for a moment before he hears sniffling.

“Thank you for doing this, Tadashi,” Kei weeps. “I’m so glad I can be with you forever now.”

“Me too, Tsukki,” Tadashi smiles, wiping Kei’s tears away. “Me too.”

They spend the rest of the day in bed. Kei claims he’s cold now and wants to just cuddle under the blankets. Tadashi doesn’t argue because Kei never wants to cuddle. Kei falls in and out of sleep as they watch movie after movie.

Eventually, Kei falls asleep for long enough that Tadashi can slip away. He pads over to Hinata and Kageyama’s apartment, knocking on the door. Hinata answers the door and he can immediately tell why he’s there.

“You did it? Ohmygod, I was worried that I’d actually have to turn him,” Hinata says, apparently quite relieved.

Hinata ushers him in. The apartment is well kept, paintings line the wall. Tadashi makes a mental note to come back over and look at each of them. The two sit down at the kitchen table.

“You weren’t actually going to turn him?” Tadashi asks, quite shocked.

Hinata waves his hand dismissively, “Pfft, of course not! Tobio and I knew you just needed a little push.”

“I guess it just finally hit me that he’s mine now forever. He wants to protect me so much and I guess I do too,” Tadashi says with satisfaction, “I’ve got forever with him and I just want to love and protect him.”

Hinata giggles at this, “Well I’m glad you finally came around to it. Tobio and I will bring you guys dinner tonight so go and be with him.”

“How’d you know that’s why I came here?”

“Same reason why I knew you just needed a push. Now onward! Go be with your lover! You only have forever after all,” Hinata says, shooing Tadashi out the door.

Tadashi enters back into his apartment and finds Kei still sleeping. He smiles. He cannot wait to spend forever with Kei.