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Mandatory Muggle Studies

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Mandatory Muggle Studies


The heading was in bold and attached to all Pureblood students school lists for the start of year. Draco scanned over the parchment in front of him. Not only had he suffered through a childhood of bigotry from in the form of his parents, he now had to endure extra classes all in thanks to that upbringing.

And what exactly would Muggle studies entail?

Draco had purchased all the relevant literature, read through the reading list and made sure he had extra parchment ready for all of the things he knew he would know nothing about going into this class. Silently hating his parents for giving him this extra workload in his seventh year.

Classes had only begun three days ago and Draco was already over school, he was ready to join his father in their family business and begin his grooming to take over the reigns one day. As much as he sometimes hated them, he also knew that he was well provided for because of their elite status in the Pureblood community.

When the Dark Lord had failed to return to power in his fourth year at Hogwarts thanks to a scruffy haired scar faced boy, Draco was set on the path of re-education in the form of all Purebloods learning the ways and history of their Muggle student body. Thus the growth of the Muggle Studies program.

Goyle sat down heavily on the chair next to Draco and Theo Nott perched on the other side. Neither looked enthused about being in the same situation as Draco found himself in right now. As the final group of students took their seats there was a fluttering of robes in the doorway as McGonagall glided into the classroom.

“Welcome class, to your very first lesson of Muggle Studies. In this curriculum we will be working towards a better understanding of Muggle life and history. This will not be easy, most of you have not even come across a Muggle unless they were in some form or another involved with a child attending Hogwarts. This class will endeavor to change your views and ideas about the importance of them in our world and how to act and respond around them.”

If Nott had rolled his eyes any harder they would have fallen out of his head.

Draco had to hold back a snicker as McGonagal continued.

“You will conduct independent studies on the subject and try to acclimatize yourselves into their way of living. Each of you will be paired off with a Muggle-born or half-blood witch or wizard at this school who have put their names down to assist with the progression of this course. Each one taking time out of their busy schedules to assist you in your learning, I trust that you will not create any difficulties for these volunteers.”

McGonagalls piercing gaze immediately fell to Draco and his fellow Slytherins.

“Once the pairings are sorted you will be expected to attend two activities a week with your partner and one on the weekend for the term. I am aware that this could take up a great amount of time, however the school, Headmaster Dumbledore and myself all believe that this is an integral part of the Wizarding world moving forward towards a more peaceful and united future without prejudice.”

Turning his eyes down on his parchment Draco scratched neatly scripted letters- peaceful and united future without prejudice.

Theo snorted next to him as Draco looked up and saw him eyeing the parchment. Draco was nothing, if not consistent with his study and work ethic when it revolved around his education- not matter the subject.

A large cup was transfigured from an apple on the Professors desk and small slips of parchment flew from the flat top into the cup which immediately emitted a horrid shade of blood red smoke.

McGonagall reached in and pulled out one piece of parchment. “Gregory Goyle” she projected loudly.

The cup then emitted a shade of pale blue. Fitting.

“Susan Bones.” Goyle shifted in the seat next to Draco, visibly tensing at the pairing of him with the Hufflepuff girl.

And so the sorting went on. And on.

“Nott”. McGonagall eyed the younger than most Slytherins in his year. “Paired with, Luna Lovegood.”

“Shit” Theo spat.

“Mister Nott, ten points from Slytherin for your foul and inappropriate language. I would advise that you watch your tone when you meet with your new partner. Being a half-blood, Miss Lovegood has a vast knowledge on all things Muggle and magical. You would do well to listen to her wholeheartedly.”

Theo feigned ‘thoroughly put in his place’ but quietly quipped in Dracos ear- “yeah if I could actually understand her that might be possible.”

Draco couldn’t help the chuckle that came from his mouth and was quickly admonished by the Professor for his outburst.


“Miss Parkinson. Paired with Justin Finch-Fletchley. Mister Weasley” Draco looked over to the overeager red headed twit as he practically bounced in his seat. “You will be paired with Seamus Finnigan”. Weasley and Longbottom shared a quick smirk.

“Mister Longbottom, paired with Michael Corner.” McGonagall continued for what felt like forever until he heard his name being called.

“Mister Malfoy.” His ears pricked up and his eyes fell to the ragged looking witch at the front of the room. The cup turned to the light blue shade and she fumbled with a small piece of parchment that she read over what seemed like numerous times. Draco recognized the fall in her features as her mind processed the name on the card.

His stomach began to sink. Who could it be, that would cause the maiden of stone Minerva McGonagall to such a state of unease.

Her dark blue eyes shot up to him as he watched her take a steadying breath before she spoke clearly.

“Hermione Granger.”

The room started spinning as there were hurried whispered around him. It seemed like someone else was just as outraged as he was, he just hadn’t found his voice for it yet.

“No way! Professor, you can’t.” Draco recognized the voice as that of one ginger twat.

Draco managed his retort finally- “Fuck. No! I will not be paired with Granger. I would sooner flunk out of Hogwarts than spend a weekend with that bushy haired bint with a broomstick up her arse.”

Before he could react McGonagall had moved around her desk, knocking the cup over in the process and found her way to the desk that Draco sat at. Beginning to protest he felt a sharp stinging pain at the side of his head as he was reefed up from his chair and pulled from the classroom by his ear.

McGonagall was in a rage, her face splotchy and red- Draco bit his tongue knowing nothing he could say would assist him in this situation. He had never seen the witch in such a state.

“Never, in all my years of teaching have I heard such awful things come from a students mouth about another. I am absolutely revolted by your blatant disrespect for Miss Granger and should give you detention for the rest of the term. I understand that yours and Miss Grangers history is not ideal for this arrangement Mister Malfoy, however should you wish to pass this class and ultimately not be expelled from Hogwarts you will need to learn to accept Miss Granger for who she is- an amazing and talented witch who deserves to be at this school just as much as anyone else.”

She glared at Draco and loosened her grip on his ear slightly before letting go. “Mark my words Mister Malfoy, should I hear even a whisper that you have disrespected Miss Granger in any way I will make sure you will never Graduate from Hogwarts- or any other Magical Institution.”

Draco looked on with his mouth agape, surely she can’t fucking do that.

As if reading his mind. “And yes, I most certainly can do that.” She said quietly with a glare before pivoting on her heel and walking back into the classroom. Draco followed quietly and took his seat again choosing to hold his tongue for the rest of the class.




What a bloody nightmare. Granger had been completely insufferable since he had been forced to approach her to let her know their terrible turn of events. It was clear as day that she had already been pre-warned and was resigned to the fact that she couldn’t very well ‘get out of it’ because of needing to set an example as the head girl. Her snarky comments were definitely not ‘well received’.

Malfoy, I will be sure to come and inform you the moment I have something Muggle related that needs doing that would not blow your tiny brain. I know how difficult it must be to fathom these simple tasks being a Pureblood and all. I’m sure your House Elves took on the majority of these roles for you while growing up… probably still do in fact.


Try not to hurt yourself with your utensils there Malfoy, did you know that Muggles use these also? I’m sure your food normally arrives to you on a silver platter already finely cut into bite-sized pieces though. Do the house elves feed you to like a slave feeding a roman emperor? Gods forbid you let a tiny morsel of food blemish that porcelain skin.

She managed to dodge most of the food thrown from a dozen students at the Slytherin table for that one and even took house points from those she witnessed- Draco had to look up Roman history later to get her reference.

It wasn’t until the following class when McGonagall asked for updates on what they had learnt from their partners that Draco had to beat around the bush with the limited information given. “Some information on eating etiquette and upbringing of Muggles” Draco sheepishly fumbled his way through. McGonagall eyed him skeptically and pulled him aside at the end of class.

“Mister Malfoy, exactly how much time has Miss Granger put into sitting down with you and teaching you about Muggle Studies?” she glared at him as he contemplated whether to lie and save himself from hours of torture at spending time with Granger or tell the truth and get her into some form of trouble at not adequately living up to her expectations. Finally the idea of Granger in trouble with her favorite teacher won out.

“Define ‘sitting down with’ professor.” He continued slyly. “Mostly it’s just her making snide comments while passing in the hallways. “Yesterday she decided to ‘school’ me in the Great hall in front of the rest of my house in regards to how I was spoon fed by my families house elves.”

Professor McGonagalls mouth fell open and Dracos insides danced with glee as an affronted gaze carefully registered on his face. Before he said any more, McGonagall turned from him and hastened from the room.




It was all of an hour before she caught up to him in the halls.


“You little shit. I can’t believe you dobbed on me to McGonagall.” Granger bounded towards him with her cheeks flushed red and a look of pure venom in her eyes.

Draco just chuckled.

“I didn’t dob Granger, she merely asked for updates on what we had learnt and could read between the lines. She is a very perceptive woman as you know.”

The glare that was piercing him was extremely concerning.

“I would try harder, however I truly believe that you couldn’t give two flying fucks about Muggles and my upbringing.” Her snide remark had Draco grinning.

Draco quickly feigned offence with hand over heart- “Granger, such language. I never thought I would hear such words come from your mouth. If you are that upset about the run through from McGonagall then maybe try harder in your lessons.” He slowly began to walk past her. “And to be clear, I do…”

Granger looked like she was about to blow the top of her head off with the steam coming from her ears.

“Do what?!” She almost screamed at him.

“Do give a fuck” Draco said as he drew closer to the end of the hall, leaving Granger standing in his wake.

He heard an agitated scream from behind him before her words tore through the sudden silence- “Fuck you Malfoy”. He grinned to himself as he rounded the corner and left her by herself.



The next week had to have been just as trying as the first. Mostly because Granger was now apparently actively trying to bore Draco to death with the most mundane pieces of information from the Muggle world.

On Tuesday she showed him how to make toast and boil a kettle for tea.

Thursday they spent all of twenty minutes on the game of golf that Muggles seemed to like to play. It was nothing like Quidditch and seemed as boring as fuck. How on earth could a group of people hit a stationary ball and then just walk after it for… what was it… 16 holes?

This lead into their weekend lesson that was slightly longer but by no means more interesting. Half an hour was taken up by Granger bringing out the Muggle version of chess. Draco could not fathom why anyone would bother playing this game when the pieces weren’t actively involved in the play.


McGonagall was not please… to say the least. During class the next Monday she again pulled Draco aside at the conclusion and asked what he had been taught this week. Draco knew he would get a rocket for this but really couldn’t help himself.

“This weeks lessons included her treating me like a house elf that-” he put on his best Granger impersonation, “I keep enslaved in my ancestral home even though elves should be free and have rights…” The old bat did not look impressed by Dracos use of more feminine tones. He rolled his eyes. “She made me make her tea, and toast. Then she told me about some stupid game with a tiny ball and long sticks. Finally she made me clean everything up by hand after an extremely heated game of chess without magic. I was her bloody chef, her entertainment and then her cleaner.”

The grey haired witch pursed her lips and again made no response, only turning on her heel and wandering off.

Draco wondered how long it would take before Granger found him again, he set off to a remote area in the castle just to make it hard for her.




Thirty bleeding minutes.. How in the fuck had she found him so quickly, especially after having to endure a talk from McGonagall as well…

Draco thought that maybe.. just maybe.. this would be how his life would end.

He could see flames in her eyes, the fiery pits of hell- that he was destined for apparently for playing with her emotions. Stiffening his stance he readied himself for the confrontation of a lifetime. Ready… and fight!

“I can not believe you! Why in Salazars name would you tell McGonagall that I made you my slave? I swear, by the end of this class one of us will be seriously injured or dead if they keep us partnered up.”

Draco emphasized rolling his eyes as she came to a stop in front of him.

“Calm down Granger, no need to get your knickers in a knot.”

The blush that crept over her cheeks was either about her being a complete prude or she was about to attack and her body was creating it’s own form of war paint as her anger flared to life.

Either way Draco took a single step back to create more distance. She closed the gap.

“Have it your way Malfoy. You want the whole Muggle experience? Then lets do it.” Her icy glare was zeroed in on him and he almost put his hands up in surrender to stop her from advancing further.

“Saturday, you and I will spend the whole day together. From morning to night. You will leave your wand in your dorm, as will I. Everything will be done from now on without the aid of magic. Should you disagree with my teaching then you will take it up with McGonagall who will surely flunk you from the class.” A grin crested across her face as she said the last few words.

“I’m sure that if you flunk the one mandatory class at Hogwarts that will spell the end of your time here. Be prepared Malfoy, you say that you give a fuck about Muggles- well lets see how you enjoy living like one for the next few months. During week days I have you; only Magic in class, our one weekend day will be spent completely without wands.”

Dracos stomach lurched. “You can’t be serious Granger.” He prayed to every God he knew that she would see reason and decide to just throw him a bone but it seemed that all those years of torment were finally working against him.

Her grin turned into a wicked smile that crinkled her nose as the fires of hell died down in her eyes and all that was left was the anticipation and glee that was to come of tormenting Draco Malfoy sans magic.

“You better believe it Malfoy. Come Saturday, you’re mine.”

A jolt ran through Dracos chest. Concern, anger, fear.. he didn’t know what it was but he was not excited for what she was planning and what it would mean for him.

Fuck he was in trouble.




Draco had actively avoided the bushy haired bitch as much as possible, it seemed that she was saving up all of her hostility for their weekend which she had passed by McGonagall- one full weekend day this week instead of smaller amounts of time during the week to ‘ease Draco into it’ apparently as McGonagall put it. Gods he was in for a shit show on Saturday.


Friday passed by in a flash and he attempted to stay up as late as possible to prevent the morning coming. Theo stayed up with him in the common room that night as they discussed what Granger could possibly have planned as ideas of torture and mutilation came to mind. He had poked the fucking bear and now she was about to shred his hand off with her teeth.


“Mate, you are completely fucked.” Theo said with a smirk on his face.


“Don’t you think I know that? Gods, she is going to murder me.. I can tell- if I don’t return tomorrow afternoon then you know what to tell my parents.”


Theo chuckled as he took a sip of the ‘strictly prohibited’ Firewhiskey Draco had snuck into his trunk before he left for Hogwarts. “I don’t think she would bother wasting a killing curse on you mate. However I’m sure she is intelligent enough to come up with different ways to make you drop dead from exhaustion.”


There was a moment of silence as they both contemplated how that would happen. They had most certainly both had way too much to drink at this point. Theo chided- “I could think of a few ways she could exhaust me…” he began to laugh and Draco almost spat out his drink.


“What the fuck Theo, this is Granger we are talking about. She looks like a Beaver with a birds nest on its head.”


Theo looked back towards him with a grin. “Mate, she may have looked like that back in first year. Not anymore. Surely you can’t tell me you haven’t wondered what she has hidden under those swotty Gryffindor robes of hers?”


“Fuck no! I would rather take a blade to the family jewels ensuring no heirs to the Malfoy fortune than think about Granger in that way.” Draco looked pale in the face as though Theo had just told him that he ran over a cat and then ate it for supper.


“Good luck with that, now that I have planted the seed it will only manifest” Theo wriggled his eyebrows towards his long time best friend and quickly dodged the pillow that was thrown at his head.


Draco was altogether too drunk for this conversation and quickly excused himself to his dorm room. He could hear Theo laughing behind him as he went.






Saturday morning was a somber affair. Draco rolled out of bed with as much conviction as he could muster before putting on the ‘closest to muggle attire’ that he could find. The moment that he was fully primmed and prepped he began to walk from his dorm before stopping in the doorway. His body stiffened as the thought washed over him of emptiness as he placed his wand in the top draw of his dresser. This was going to be the longest fucking day of his life. He walked into the great hall where he found his seat at the head of the Slytherin table next to his closest peers. He chanced a glance towards the other end of the hall and found her frumpy annoying face staring at him, he sneer towards her and she smiled maniacally as she mouthed the words ‘you’re mine today’ before she went back to her conversation with the female ginger weasel.


Draco growled into his toast before Theo started laughing to pull him from his aggressive thoughts. “She’s got you good, I can’t wait to hear what she has planned for you.”


“Fuck off Nott” Draco threw the slice of toast towards him and reached for a nearby green apple. The sweet fruit did nothing to calm his building nerves. Before he knew it breakfast was magically cleared, he had put it off for as long as possible and knew that he couldn’t stall any longer. Walking out of the Great hall he was met by one completely relaxed bint leaning against the closest wall smiling towards him. “Ready Malfoy?” Granger motioned towards the old oak doors of the castle entrance and she began walking. Draco fell in step a few paces behind her, not wanting to give her the gratification that he would walk with her.


It was an absolute belter of a day, the sun was beating down outside and Draco quickly found himself sweating from the aggressive pace that Granger had set. He ripped off his sweater and undid his shirt sleeves, rolling them up as high as they would go. Freeing the first three buttons on his collar and un-tucking his shirt so that the air could filter through. Sweat began to bead on his forehead and roll down the slick planed of his lower back.


His bloody kingdom for a cooling charm right now.


Granger looked back towards him and giggled. She fucking giggled. “Am I walking too fast for you Malfoy?” Draco scowled. “I thought you were fit from all that Quidditch.”


“If you hadn’t noticed Granger, it’s about a million degrees out here. I didn’t exactly dress appropriately for the occasion of walking. Where the fuck are we going, by the way?”


She turned once again. “Hogsmeade, maybe next time you will rethink your formal wear in favor of something more appropriate.”


Draco scoffed. “Well, Granger…” he emphasized her surname- “Maybe next time you could forewarn me that we would be hiking so that I can prepare myself.”


They fell into silence as they continued their trek. Draco felt uncomfortable walking out of the Hogwarts grounds without his wand at his side. In fact, he didn’t like the thought of being without it at all. They made fairly good time and were there before the mid-morning rush. Granger walked too and from almost every single shop, purchasing items from each. Her book haul from Flourish and Blotts was enough to turn Dracos insides when she walked out with the paper packaged tomes weighing her down. As with all of the other items she had purchased she marched towards him and plonked them into his arms. “No feather light charms, no shrinking of items, no extendable bags, no levitating.” She had stated at the start of their trip.


“And why the bloody hell do I have to carry all of your shit Granger?”


She quipped with- “Because this is part of your lesson Malfoy- also, it’s the gentlemanly thing to do”, before walking off to the next store. Draco didn’t have time to offer his opinions on the ‘gentlemanly thing to do’ part.


By the time she had finished her apparently once a year shopping trip she walked them towards the Three Broomsticks. Dracos was exhausted, with arms absolutely full and overflowing with the amount of shopping he was carrying- their welcome was the talk of Hogsmeade supposedly. Not only did Draco look like the doting boyfriend, he also looked like an absolutely whipped bitch. He was not fucking happy.


As luck would have it, not only was Theo and Blaise Zabini present in the restaurant- falling into a fit of laughter at ‘Draco the pack mule’- so were all of Grangers friends. He was met with snickering and cruel remarks by the table that she had approached. “Find a seat ferret” the youngest Weasel said through fits of giggles.


Draco took it upon himself to find a comfortable arrangement and take back some of his manhood and dignity. He dropped every. Single. Item. That Granger had given him with a resounding crack and shatter on the floor of the Three Broomsticks. Her friends ceased their laughter and glared at him as she scattered to pick up her belongings before they rolled away- Draco couldn’t do anything by grin. “Sorry Granger, forgot they weren’t spelled to levitate.” He walked over towards Blaise and Theo who sat at the small bar to the side of the room and took a seat on a stool. It wouldn’t be long before Granger had put back together her loot and quickly thought up a way to reprimand him. He really was expecting it.


She approached and Theo whistled quietly like ‘oh shit, you’re in trouble’. Madam Rosmerta approached the Slytherin boys and asked for their order. Thank Fuck! Draco was bloody famished, after his abysmal ‘breakfast apple’. “What will it be loves?” she said sweetly towards the three.


Blaise and Theo proceeded with their orders and Granger stamped her foot as Draco looked over the menu, knowing full well that she was about to burst with the lack of attention. He finally chose his meal of choice. Asking Madam Rosmerta sweetly to hold the pickles he shot her a sweet smile. Granger interjected quickly- “Rosey dear, how wonderful to see you. How are you?”


The madam shot her a winning smile and made polite conversation with Granger while Draco eagerly awaited his meal. Any moment now it would magic it’s way in front of him.


“Oh-” Granger said, “Mister Malfoy and I are currently undertaking a ‘no magic’ Muggle Studies project. His meal will need to be prepared by hand and then walked from the kitchen. As will mine. Please though, take your time, we are in no hurry and would appreciate the respite from a busy day of shopping.”


Draco turned in his seat to glare at the bitch next to him.


“Not to worry dear, I have quite a number of orders to sort for our stock and then some bills to handle. You will have to wait a while longer if you want it prepared properly.”


“Thank you Rosey, I do hope it’s no trouble” Granger said to the young bubbling owner.


“Not at all love”, Madam Rosmerta smiled sweetly towards Draco and Granger before turning on her heel and walking to the back of the restaurant. Only seconds passed before Blaise and Theos meals appeared in front of them and Theo let out a wicked chuckle. “I told you this would be brutal” he whispered to Blaise.


“Was that completely necessary?” Draco spoke with venom dripping from his words. “It’s not like she isn’t allowed to use magic, only us.” Dracos face was turning a red as his anger radiated over him while his friends quietly snickered beside him.


“Oh, it was completely necessary. Besides- tomorrow you will have all day to use your magic whilst you repair my belongings that you broke.” She glared daggers at him before she returned to her table and plonked down next to St Potter and the ginger bint.



“Well that was uncomfortable” Blaise said slyly.


“Don’t worry Blaise, its all aggression and spite now… soon it will be pent up sexual frustration and lovers quarrels.” Theo looked positively gleeful as Draco saw red.


“Theo, I swear to Salazar! If you ever infer that Granger and I will be anything other than mortal enemies and have anything other than complete distain for one another I will find an inventive and brutal way to end your life… and with it your bloodline.”


Blaise was laughing along with Nott as they agreed with one another and high-fived. They continued their conversation like Draco hadn’t just threatened to end Theos life. Blaise added in- “mate it was only a matter of time with the way you both torment each other. Like a little kid pulling his crushes pigtails. In this case a pasty Malfoy heir aggressively shaming the bookworm that he is secretly attracted to.”


Draco spluttered and tried to regain his composure. Almost yelling in the middle of The Three Broomsticks would not carry him favor with Madam Rosmerta or any of her patrons. He settled on a threatening whisper to both men- “You can both fuck right off. I have never thought of Granger in that way.” He glared over towards her at her table and continued his tirade. “She’s just… ugh she is…” he was struggling to find the right words to portray how vile she was as he stared at her messy curls that framed her face and the stupid now straight smile that she offered to everyone that wasn’t him. “Just fucking.. you know.. she’s…” Blaise and Theo were staring at him, awaiting his response but he couldn’t form one. Why wouldn’t his brain fucking work when he wanted it to. Draco turned towards the two boys and then back to her again, he would pick the first thing he found disgusting about her and just say it- he could do this, he had hated her for long enough.


“Granger, she has.. well, stupid brown eyes.. they look like honey.”


His mind whirled at what he had just said out loud and his whole head dropped until there was a loud thud as he face planted the bar, hard!


Fucking hell, they were going to destroy him.


There was utter silence. He didn’t dare lift his head to see the looks he knew would be on his friends faces.


Draco felt a quick hand patting consolingly on his back and looked up into his best friends green eyes, filled with concern and anguish as he took in Dracos words and actions.

“What am I going to do?” Draco said quietly.

Theo grabbed his half empty drink and slid it into Dracos hand silently.


Draco wallowed in his self pity for the remainder of their meal, which took fucking forever to come out from the kitchens by the way.

By the time Draco had inhaled his food Granger was quickly making her way over to them from the other side of the room.

“Time to go Malfoy. Neville said that it is going to rain soon and I need to get all of my things back to the castle without them becoming water logged.”

Draco sighed as he ran his hand in frustration across his face. “Granger, why in the bloody hell did you think it a great idea to come out without a single wand to prevent such misfortunes? Here I thought you were the brightest witch of our age, or whatever it is they call you.”

A pink flush ran across her face and Draco scolded himself for the close to compliment but still insult he just gave her. Fucking Theo, putting thoughts into his head about stupid Granger and her pink cheeks with tiny freckles. Gods! He was going to hell for these thoughts.

Draco gathered up as many bags as he could carry and was pleased to see Granger shouldering her share as they exited The Three Broomsticks and headed back for the castle. Just get this over with he reminded himself over and over.

As fate would surely intervene the rain struck just as they were halfway home. The slow drizzle became a pelting force as they ran as quickly as they could to find cover. The other students shielding themselves with charms to continue on towards the castle. “Fuck this” Draco yelled over the downpour towards the absolutely drenched Granger running beside him. He grabbed hold of her arm and directed her towards the thick forestry at the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

As soon as they hit the tree line the rain ceased its attack from the canopy cover and they both stood attempting to catch their breath as the mountain of shopping lay forgotten on the ground.

Curled over on himself, Draco was gasping for breath and trying to dull his anger at the thought of being in this situation in the first place. The anger did not subside.

“What a fantastic idea Granger” he sneered sarcastically towards her in the small clearing. “I think you owe me a day or two off from my lessons for this one, that’s for sure.”

She was curled over on herself as well, facing away from Draco and he heard her before he saw her. Small gasps that made Dracos stomach drop at the sound. Fuck, he made her cry.

He quickly began approaching her when she straightened up and a look of pure amusement crossed her face, she was gasping for air from laughter. She raised her head and was positively beaming, absolutely soaked and as joyous as Draco had ever seen her. That smile… the one that had never been remotely towards him.

“That was.. it was exhilarating. I just love the rain. Not just a light shower that makes my hair frizzy but a full blown storm. There is nothing better.”   

Dracos mouth hung gaping open as he watched the witch before him spin slowly in circles with her arms stretched wide. Small droplets clung to her face and neck, slowly running down the smooth expanse of her creamy skin.

“That was just amazing, don’t you think?” She looked straight at him and he clamped his mouth closed to save face.

Draco didn’t know what to say. He did like storms, but only when he was inside watching the rain cascading down the window by a burning fire keeping him warm. He had never run through the rain at speed or frolicked in it, if that’s what she meant.

“I mean, it was okay I guess.” He shrugged his shoulders as the bewildering woman in front of him kept smiling, at him.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her, off the sweet grin that crinkled her nose and pinching her eyes slightly closed. The subtle curves of her neck down to her slightly open cleav-

“Draco Malfoy” his body seized up at her using his name for what he thought was probably the first time, had she caught him appraising her- “don’t tell me that you have never run through the rain before, just for fun?”

Granger stepped closer towards him as he took a calming breath before continuing his perusal. Her normally frizzy curls hung in ringlets around her shoulders and looked closer to tame than he had ever seen them, a pink flush across her cheeks from their exertion mixed perfectly with her sweet honey eyes. Her chest heaved slightly as she caught her breath and Dracos gaze was once again drawn down to the thin light blue shirt she was wearing that once soaked had turned slightly see through. Dracos heart stopped beating and his mind whirled as he warred with himself whether to look away or stare at the crisp dark lines of her bra that he could see and the shape of her figure as the shirt clung to her body.

Theo was right, she had been hiding a sneaky sexy body under those robes. Draco swallowed the lump in his throat and looked away slightly as he tried to remember what she had asked and an adequate answer. Uh yes, the running in the rain thing.

“No, never. Mother never saw the benefit of frolicking and always cast shielding charms to prevent us from.. looking like drowned ferrets- should we be caught in an unforeseen downpour.”

Hermione caught the joke and began laughing. Draco couldn’t stop himself as a wide smile crossed his face.

There was a moment of silence once the laughing died down and Draco turned away to look back into the trees. “It seems to have died off now. Should we head back?” Draco asked as he began picking up some of the bags.

“Oh, yes of course. Unless you wanted to stay here the night with me”. She said teasingly and laughed. Draco turned back towards her and she quickly halted realising what she had offered. “Shit, I didn’t mean… not like that.”

Draco chuckled at her back peddling and began walking towards her slowly.

He could see the unease in her face, her not knowing exactly what he was going to do or say, it had her on edge. Draco felt a shiver go up through his body, he liked the idea of an uneasy Granger- him having this power over her. Should he test the waters, probably not… was he going to, fuck yes.

“Was that your plan all along Granger? Get me alone and soaked.” He was closer than he should have been and heard a small gasp come from her mouth and he knew he had her. “Do you like being wet Granger?” he purred with a grin on his lips.

There was a moment in time that neither spoke, they possibly weren’t even breathing. Draco just stared into her entrancing eyes and wondered. This was a very bad idea, flirting with her would only lead to bad things.

Draco was the first to move.

He lifted the small item of clothing towards her and their stare was broken as she looked down to his hand. The sweater he had taken off that morning proffered towards her and she took the offering with confusion.

Finally finding her thoughts she spoke- “what’s this for?”

Dracos grin was positively wicked as he roamed his eyes languorously from her face down to her chest, his voice sultry but calm- “your shirt Granger, it hasn’t taken well to the rain. Thought you might want to cover up before we got back to the castle.”

Her eyes shot down to her only just covered breasts and she squeaked as she covered herself with the offered clothing. Draco could hear her mumbling profanities from where he stood and couldn’t help the chuckle that came from his lips.

After she had dressed in his larger sized sweater she grabbed more than half the shopping and began her trek without another word.

Draco followed on giving her enough room to walk by herself, which she clearly needed.




The next week Granger didn’t approach him until Thursday, which meant that they would need to participate in an activity two days in a row to get the allotted quota complete.

It wasn’t as stilted as he had been expecting, Thursday they went to the kitchen areas and Granger taught him how to cook a Muggle meal. The house elves of Hogwarts looked like they were about ready to throw both of them out on their arses before Draco sneered at them when she wasn’t looking.

Draco had honest to Gods never had Spaghetti Bolognese before in his life and the finished product he had to say was actually quite delicious. Considering he had never cooked a meal before it had actually been a productive lesson. Granger had smuggled in a bottle of wine to pair with the pasta and they ate at a bench in the kitchen with limited conversation.

Friday between classes she had taught him how to fold paper aeroplanes and throw them. This had definitely come in handy in their next class where he almost hit Professor Binns with one and he heard her giggle from across the room.

Saturday came and Granger was absent from breakfast. He wondered if they would complete their lesson at some point today or tomorrow. He wandered back to his common room after breakfast and thought she would probably just owl him if she wanted to meet.

His normal seat in the Slytherin common room was quickly evacuated when the forth year saw him walking down the stairs to the main seating area.

After a few of his friends had taken up position around him their normal banter continued. It wasn’t long before Pansy had found her way into the seat next to him, slowly inching closer with ever minute passing. “Draco”, she hummed into his ear as he was startled by her proximity- “Maybe tomorrow we could go to Hogsmeade together and rent a room at the Three Broomsticks for a little while?” She fluttered her eyelids at him and his stomach roiled over on itself.

“Uh Pansy, I don’t think that’s a good idea” He countered quickly. Needing to come up with something to prevent the lie passing his lips he told a partial truth. “I’m meant to have a lesson tomorrow and I can’t skip it.”

Pansy eyes flamed as realisation crossed over her. “A lesson, as in with Granger?” she said bitterly.

“Uh, yeah.” Draco wasn’t sure what was happening here but he believe he might be wading into dangerous territory.

“You spend too much time with the wrong type of people Draco.” She said matter of factly.

“It’s a structured lesson, it has to happen once a weekend and twice a week. Not like I can get out of it Pansy.” What could he do that would subdue this conversation so he could make his escape. “Maybe after I can meet you there.” Total lie.

Not only did Pansy want to meet for a quick fuck but she was also trying to sink her claws into him for a marriage contract, neither of which Draco was interested in.

Seeming sated with that response Pansy rose to her feet and gave Draco a quick kiss on the cheek before she left the common room.

A low dull voice took Draco out of his daze. “Well that was fucking brutal” Theo said, directly at Draco but said in Blaises direction.

“Poor Pansy, won’t know what’s hit her.” Blaise retorted.

Draco rolled his eyes at them both. “I don’t know what you two twats are on about but I’ll have nothing to do with it.”

The glint in Theos eyes danced mirthfully. “Sure you will Drakey, Pans is about to have her heart broken and we all know by who.”

A barking laugh left Dracos mouth as he went to stand. “Break her heart? We aren’t even together for me to break her heart.” His stride picked up towards the hidden doorway to the common room as Blaise spoke up.

“Yep, stood up by the heir for the Mudblood.”

Draco stilled but did not turn back. The anger rushing blood to his ears, but he couldn’t speak, couldn’t register thoughts, could only see red.

His voice almost a whisper, unsure if they would even hear him- “she is no Mudblood”. The door to the common room slammed forcefully behind him on his departure.




Sunday came and went as Draco kept to his dorm, there was no owl from Granger and his friends had not tried to bother him. Pansy hadn’t shown her face after Draco had told her that he would not be meeting her later that day. Better than standing her up.

It was after dinner and he was sick of waiting for a letter that may or may not show up.

Wandering up to the dining hall he was met by the late dribble of students leaving after dinner. He followed two Gryffindor sixth years from the hall all the way to their common room and waited outside for someone new to come along, not wanting to freak out the first lot he had followed for seven fucking floors.

Seamus Finnigan came belting around the corner about five minutes later and skidded to a halt in front of Draco as he took in the site of the snake in enemy territory.

“Malfoy” he squared his shoulders and puffed out his chest. “What are you doing here?”

“I need to speak to Granger, get her for me will you?” It was an order, not a request.

“Manners will take you a longer way than your name around these parts.” He spoke carefully.

Draco huffed and quickly added the quietest whispered ‘please’ he could muster while rolling his eyes.

Seamus nodded his head and quickly disappeared inside. The portrait closing for only a few minutes before a familiar bushy head of hair protruded out of it.

“Malfoy, what are you doing up here?” Granger asked quizzically.

“We didn’t have our weekend lesson.” What else was he meant to say to her. Why did you not owl me to let me know so I didn’t wait around like an utter fool all weekend?

“Oh bullocks, I meant to send you an owl.” She placed her hand to her forehead like it was hurting her to think. Dracos shoulders sagged. “I spoke to McGonagall and requested an extension”.

Draco was taken aback. “What? An extension? What does that even mean?” So many questions.

Hermione smiled and Dracos worries went out the window. Along with his pride, and his family value apparently.

“I uh.. there’s something I wanted to teach you next weekend- but it might be a bit of a stretch for one day. I’m hoping that we will fit it in but if not I didn’t want to take up both and today as well. I’m sorry, I should have told yo-”

“No, Granger it’s fine. It’s not like I was waiting around for your owl or anything.” He lied through his fucking teeth.

“Oh..” she looked.. she looked upset.. “Well that’s good at least. Did you manage to get to Hogsmeade or stay here and play some Quidditch?” Granger was trying to recover from her obvious reaction. Shit, now he would need to come up with something that he could have done instead of wallowing in his dorm all day.

“I went on a date… with Parkinson”, he was internally hitting himself across the back of the head. Why in the fuck did he say that. Not only could she find out if it was a lie, he also felt a pit in his stomach as her face dropped with the new information.

Granger again righted herself as she quickly cut off their conversation. “That’s great, well I’ll see you tomorrow sometime I guess.”

She quickly hurried back through the portrait and Draco was left standing in the hallway alone.

“Fuck” he muttered to himself. Why did he care what she thought about him? Why would she care about him and Parkinson going on a date? Why had he used it against her?

Turning on his heel he swiftly walked back to his common room and into his dorm to call it an early night. This would have been a possibility except he was confronted by a Slytherin in his room.

“Theo” he muttered as he shrugged off his cloak.

“So, how did the chat go with Granger?” he smirked at his friend.

Draco faked indifference- “I went to see McGonagall for some study notes from Fridays lesson.”

Theo laughed. “Yeah, okay mate. Just tell me something.” He waited for Dracos response but didn’t get one from his turned back so he continued. “Did it hurt when Blaise called her a Mudbl-”

“Don’t-”, Draco said before Theo could even finish.

Theo got up off Dracos bed and began walking towards him. “So, take that as a yes then. You know, it’s okay for you to feel this way about her. Times have changed Drake, our families don’t hold the same ideals they once did. She is a beautiful and intelligent witch who would make any man happy.”

Dracos shoulders sagged. His normally jovial friend was spurting truths and caring for one small moment in his life. It was making Dracos head spin.

Theo placed a hand firmly on his left shoulder and turned Draco to face him.

“I don’t know what I want Theo.” The confusion was clear in his gaze.

“I think you do, I also know you’re so set in how you used to feel that it’s hard to change. Neither of you are the same people you were in first year. We have all changed, for the better in most cases- not sure about Zabini.” Theo grinned and continued- “It’s time to realise that you could be someone to her, why not take the chance?”

Draco swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded once. Theos genuine smile lifted his entire face and crinkled his nose as he patted Draco on the shoulder once more before heading to the door.

“Teddy, thanks..” Draco hadn’t called him that in years. It felt like they were back in the manor again- fighting imaginary dragons and relying on each other to have to the others back. They would never have another friend closer and they both realised that now.




Granger taught him how to skip stones in the great lake on Monday, on Tuesday she showed him something called a television. It was bloody amazing, she took him to the Room or Requirements that had been discovered a few years before and thought up a muggle movie night.

The room was filled with a plush couch and low lights, a popcorn machine and drinks bar in the corner. The Television held prime position in the centre front of the room and Granger walked over to where it stood for appraisal.

They watched a movie that had a magical game set in it and as the young children play the game, Jumanji I think it’s called, it creates real life adventures and dangers for them to overcome. Draco spent half of the movie on the edge of his seat- fascinated by the technology of the moving pictures and sounds that weren’t from a Pensive and only memories from some unknown person.

Throughout the night at some point Dracos leg made contacted with Grangers and neither had moved, a comfortable presence between the two. The movie finished and they went to say their goodnights before Draco did the gentlemanly thing and walked her back to the Gryffindor tower.

“You enjoyed the movie didn’t you?” She slyly smiled towards him in the hallway before the portrait entrance.

He chuckled half-heartedly, “Granger, it seems that there is so much I don’t know about this world I could be a part of. It’s rather sad really… that there is so much segregation between our two worlds that you come into the magic without knowledge and I would have never gone into yours, none the wiser to all of the amazing things that it could offer.” He looked down to her face as they walked side by side. Her sweet smile tied knots in his stomach as she watched him come to this realisation.

“I really am ignorant when it comes to Muggles, but I don’t wish to be any more.”

Her smile only grew wider. Eyes lighting up like stars on a Christmas tree at Yull. He was obviously saying something right.

“Draco, this is exactly why we have this class. We want you to have an understanding and appreciation for the Muggle world just as much as the Magic one. I’m really just so proud that you have come this far.”

He tampered down the Thestrals taking flight in his chest.

“I didn’t think I ever would come this far honestly” he said as he ran his hand up the nape of his neck and through his hair.

They stopped at the entrance to the Gryffindor tower and Granger scuffed her foot along the ground.

“I guess I should really say thank you, for giving me a chance… after a little force from above.” He chuckled and grinned at her as she blushed.

“Then I really should say sorry, for making it that hard to begin with.” She looked up at him through half lidded eyes. “I really am happy that you have put in the effort Malf- Draco.” She smiled and before either of them knew what was happening she had crossed the distance and pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek. Grangers lips felt softer than the finest silk and lingered for the briefest of moments, not knowing how he would react, Draco would have been lucky to continue breathing at that time. As quickly as she approached she turned away before shutting herself behind the portrait door.

He stood in the hallway for a good ten minutes before he caught his breath again properly.




Wednesday should have been a write off, they had already completed the two days of studies together but Draco couldn’t help himself. Having seen some of the other Muggle-born and half-blood boys playing with the bloody black and white ball near constantly in the courtyard he had asked to borrow one from an extremely frightened second year, who he was sure yelled that he could keep it as he ran away.

Draco sighed as he walked towards the Great Hall for lunch. Fuck, was he that much of a prick that everyone in the school was scared of him?.. Granger wasn’t, was she?

Popping his head in through the grand wooden doors to the hordes of students eating he managed to catch the honey eyes of one teachers pet and she positively beamed as she saw him. Dracos chest erupted with Merlin knows what as he grinned back and held up the ball for her to see.

He had to laugh as her face turned from excitement to pure horror and she mouthed the words ‘fuck’ to herself.

As she rose from the table the girl ginger looked strangely at her and then followed her gaze to the doorway. If looks could kill, Draco would be buried in a shallow grave by now.

Granger said a quick goodbye to her friends and hurried for the door where she greeted him outside in the entry way.

“Please tell me that you are not expecting me to play with you.” She said.

Draco spluttered out a laugh as Granger realised her faux pas and hurried to rectify it.

“FOOTBALL! Play football with you. Or soccer, depending on where you come from.” She grinned but her flushed face gave her away.

“Don’t you think it would be great for me to learn football, seen as so many Muggle-born and Half-blood play it all the time? It could be that pivotal thing that I need to be able to connect with other people not of Pureblood status.” He over exaggerated the request for help and she scoffed hitting his shoulder with her hand.

“You ponce, fine! I’m not happy about this though, I am absolutely rubbish at any game with a broomstick or a ball and my co-ordination is completely shit.”

Draco laughed as they made their way out the doors and down the hill to a quieter area to learn.

The lesson lasted about an hour and Granger spent most of that time on her arse. Draco by the end was in a fit of laughter on the ground next to her after she tripped on the ball that he had somehow skilfully passed to her.

She called it quits with mud all up her robes and a few stray leaves in her hair. Helping her off the ground they began their trek back towards the castle.

“How do you pick up sports like that? I could never do it.”

“Uh Granger, some people are gifted in academics while others are just gifted at life in general.” Draco wiggled his eyebrows at her and she started laughing.

“What a snob” she said with an eye roll as she hurried on. “You’re just upset that I best you in every class.” She poked her tongue out at him and he wanted to hold her against the closest wall and show her what his tongue could do.

Ever since she had kissed his cheek outside of her common room, he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her and what they could be if he just finally let go of his stupid ideals and what his family and friends would say.

Instead he bit back. “Not all Granger, I’m fairly certain that in Potions you are second.”

“Well it doesn’t count when you’re the teachers favorite.”

“Godson Granger, I’m Snapes Godson.”

She looked like her head was about to explode with that information and Draco could only grin as he continued. “I guess there might be some favouritism going on there if I’m perfectly honest. But still, the marks don’t lie.”

Draco held the door open for her as they walked into the entrance hall. Beginning their normal comfortable routine of walking her back to Gryffindor tower they rounded the corner and were met by and angry red head. Not the one that Draco was expecting from this mornings breakfast.

“Where the bloody hell have you two been? Mione you have been gone for an hour, I was worried sick! Who knows what this prick is capable of!” Granger looked like she was about to erupt and Draco could only watch on at the ferocity in her eyes, ready to go in to bat for him.

“Ron! That’s enough, we had a lesson today-” she was quickly interrupted.

“A lesson? I take the same class as him Mione, I know that you have already had two this week. Was this just a little chummy hang out was it? Decided you like snakes better than us now?”

Grangers face changed from anger to hurt in those few seconds with those remarks. She was bordering on tears, Draco took a slight step in front of her to shield her away. He didn’t know why he did it, his protective instincts were kicking in and they weren’t prejudice or bias in any way.

“I think that’s quite enough Weasley.” Draco said while glaring at the Ginger twat in front of him, how dare he talk to her like that.

“Yeah Malfoy, I think it is enough. Come on Hermione, it’s time to go. You have been spending too much time with this piece of shit and Harry and I don’t like it.” Weasley leaned around Draco and grabbed hold of Grangers wrist tugging her past him. She pulled back but Weasley tightened his grip.

Draco could see the red marks scoring the skin of her wrist as she struggled for release. “Let go Ron, you’re- you’re hurting me.” She fought his grip to no avail.

Anger bubbled up inside of Draco as a red haze filtered across his senses. Lunging forward he grabbed Weasley by the robes pushing him up against the wall of the hallway- “you will release her this second Weasley or I will break your fucking arm off.” Fire and anger danced in his eyes and he could see the realisation set in as Weasley dropped her arm. Students that witnessed had gone running for teachers and Draco could not care less that he would be blamed for this outburst.

“Mione.. I- I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He struggled against Dracos grip and was whimpering as he stared at the frightened witch hiding behind Draco.

Who would believe it, Hermione Granger- shielding herself behind Draco Malfoy like he was her protector. His chest puffed out with the knowledge. Slowly releasing his grip on Weasleys robes the cowering prick was quick to retreat, shooting an apologetic stare back towards his long-time best friend.

Draco stood glued to his spot for what felt like an hour before a delicate hand covered his arm and turned him away from the wall. “Are you okay, Draco?”

She was consoling him? She was the one that was attacked by her best friend. He should be consoling her.

He looked down and saw his hands shaking, he then felt his chest heaving as he breathed in rapid bursts of air. The adrenalin was still coursing through his veins and he was slowly coming down. Oh, that’s why she was asking if he was ok.

“I- I’m fine Granger. Just, well Weasley should never lay his hands on you like that. He is lucky that I didn’t hurt him.” He couldn’t make eye contact with her. Not knowing truly why he did what he did but the feelings coursing through him were enough to scare him.

“You’re right, he shouldn’t have done that. I think he was just confused and worried-”

“Worried..” Dracos eyes shot up to her gaze as reality struck him. “Worried that I was going to hurt you somehow. Of course Granger, because I could never be the one to keep you safe when someone attacks you- or help you up when you fall. I could never be that person for you as everyone else has apparently decided.” The heat in his eyes flared as his anger began to pique again.

“Draco, what- why are you so upset? Of course Ron and Harry are like that, because of our past. They will come around soon I’m sure-”

“It’s not just them Granger, no one thinks that we should be-” He couldn’t say what he really meant- “friends” he fumbled out. “That we could never be anything but enemies and that will never change.” Draco closed his eyes and prayed that she wouldn’t see the hurt ripple through him as he made the decision to walk away from her. To just give up on the one thing that might have meant some semblance of happiness for him in this otherwise dreary life he had created for himself.

It may have been a hasty decision, but it was the best that he could come up with right now.

Turning away he walked as fast as his legs would carry him without breaking into a run- completely ignoring her shouts to stop.




The rest of the week was a maze of hidden rooms and shallow alcoves as he was determined to avoid that witch at any cost. Draco had even enlisted the help of Nott and Zabini, however he had concerns for their loyalty as they walked ahead of him to vet the oncoming traffic in the hallways and classrooms. They hadn’t asked questions though and for that he was thankful.

While in class it wasn’t as bad. He could sit and stare at his parchment, never looking up and evading her gaze. Meals were easy, there were enough people around and their tables on opposite ends of the hall for him to be close enough to see or hear her properly. It was Friday and he was yet to hear anything about what she planned to do about their weekend. Would it still go ahead? Would she force him to complete the task with her or just make up an excuse for McGonagall?

His questions were answered in the form of a tawny barn owl landing on his dorm window sill at half nine that night. She had taken the time to write him in neat looping script, Draco knew it was not her normal chicken scratch that he was used to seeing in class as she furiously took notes from the board.

He opened the small envelop and read the brief letter.



Meet me tomorrow at the apparition point near the front gates of Hogwarts, no later than nine. Appropriate attire for hiking.



The owl took flight before he was able to send a reply.

Draco couldn’t sleep that night, no matter what he tried- how in the hell was he going to act normal around Granger tomorrow. And why were they going hiking… he fucking hated hiking. Maybe it was just a subtly nod to their first proper lesson?

The morning soon dawned and he was up early for breakfast, most of the students hadn’t even arrived by the time he had finished his meal. Walking back to the common room he was greeted by Theo on his way to the Great hall.

“Teddy.” Draco said as he was about to pass him.

“Drake.” He nodded back.

Theo then paused in the hall and turned back towards his retreating figure.

“Draco. What are you going to do today?”

His stomach sank as he thought of all the possible answers he could give to that. How could he answer when he didn’t even know himself.

“As much as I hate to admit it, you’ve been happier the last few weeks mate. Don’t count yourself out yet just because you think she has.” Draco turned towards Theo as he continued. “Granger is different-” there was a low growl of warning from Draco as Theo quickly pressed on. “I don’t mean different like that. I mean she’s genuine, she actually gives a fuck about people and making this world better. Do you really think that she would be spending all this time with you if she thought you were a lost cause?”

“Theo, everyone here is against me- no one thinks that I deserve her.. and I know that I don’t either.”

“Now that’s a fucking lie. I know of at least two Slytherins who want you to succeed in this. And everyone else… can go get fucked.” He finished with a grin. “You can be that person that she deserves mate. Just give it a chance.”

Draco couldn’t help the smirk that lifted the corner of his mouth. “It’s always going to be a fight. It will always be hard and never easy.”

“Drake, nothing worth having comes easy. So fight. She’s worth it and you know that.”

Knowing he had a lot to think about and not a lot of time to do it in he nodded his head and turned again for the entrance hall.




“Didn’t know if you were going to show”, Granger said as Draco walked through the front gates and into the clearing at nine on the dot.

“It’s in the name Granger- mandatory. Didn’t really have a choice.” He continued to look down at the ground as he approached. Not wanting to be sucked in by those eyes.

“If that’s how you want to play it, then fine.” Granger walked closer to him and grabbed hold of his arm tightly. Dracos gaze shot up to her just as he felt the familiar pull to his stomach that sent him flying. The apparition trip was quick, the landed easily thanks to Grangers side along and Draco could see they had landed near a small diner on the edge of a mountain covered in forestry.

“Wandless Apparition, very interesting.” She looked smug as she pulled him towards the dingy roadhouse without an answer. “So, is today’s lesson going to be how to eat a greasy hamburger with my bare hands? Because as Muggle as that is I must pass, I do have some etiquette to uphold still.”

Grangers face changed to a glared swiftly. “If you don’t want to be involved then you can just head back. But I was sure this would be a winner in the Draco Malfoy book of adventures.” Finally smirking as Dracos confusion was obvious. She waved her hand ushering him forwards as she walked towards the diner. His curiosity got the better of him.

Once inside Granger spoke to a small older woman who worked behind the standing bar as she handed over a large bag of foods and a set of keys. Dracos puzzlement continued as Granger then walked back out the doors and to the car park once again.

“Uh, where are we going Granger? Are we not eating in there?”

She laughed as she walked up to a group of Muggle automobiles and made a show of holding the keys up and pressing a button that activated the lights on one of the contraptions. Realisation shot through him like ice water to his veins and he began to panic.

“Oh no- no, no- no Granger, I’m not getting into one of those things. I am indispensable. The last living Malfoy and Black heir. If I die in a death trap like that my family will forever shame me.

A wicked grin crossed her face as she answered- “If you’re dead you won’t have any future family to shame you.”

His mouth fell open. That audacious witch.

Grangers features settled into her normal know-it-all look and she said quietly- “do you trust me Draco?”

Without a pause he breathed out- “yes” and she smiled as he walked towards the Muggle car before getting into the passenger seat. He could see her from his peripherals beaming at the idea that he trusted her. Well should he live to tell the tale he would certainly enjoy letting Theo know how much he gave away in that moment.

The car started with a rumbling rev and it jolted to life as Granger hit the peddles on the floor. They took off at speed much like if he was on a broomstick, the wind whipping at his face as he went faster and faster. It was… it was exhilarating.

He couldn’t keep the damned smile off his face as Granger manoeuvred around corners and bends through the low mountain area. Gaining speed on the straight and slowing suddenly for the turns. Draco chanced a look at her and he saw the same stupid smile that was currently identical to his and it made his even bigger.

Glancing over at him he suddenly regretted his decision to stare.

“We’re almost there” she said sweetly.

“Almost where?”

“The next stop”. Her cheeks red with the taught pinch of a constant grin.

They pulled slowly into a large car park that contained very few cars and Granger slowed to a stop but didn’t turn off the engine. A cheeky look gracing her features as she turned to him- “your turn.”

Draco about died of shock. No fucking way was he going to attempt to drive this thing. A pleading tone worked itself into his request. “Don’t make me do this, it will end badly for both of us and we don’t have our wands to fix anything that we break. Object of person..”

“Oh ye of little faith” she gasped exaggeratingly and held her hand over her chest.

Her joking was infections and Draco couldn’t help himself.

“Says the woman that won’t get on a broom.”

“I’ll tell you what Draco, you attempt to learn to drive this car and I will let you take me up on a broom. You can go as fast as you want.”

“In the car or on the broom?” he asked, his eyes forming slits as he eyed her dramatically.

She laughed. “Well considering you have never driven before in your life, I would say we keep the speed to a minimum with the car. The broom on the other hand, I trust you will keep me safe and won’t do anything to endanger me- so you can go as fast as you want.”

“Hmm” a short pause- “deal.” They sealed it with a handshake- their hands lingering on after the shake had concluded. Granger cleared her throat and they were both brought back to the present matter at hand.

Draco shifted quickly in his seat and got out of the car to open the door for her. Ever the gentleman.


His movements were calculated and slow. Slowly inching cautiously around the car park in what was obviously a muscle car that Granger had hired did not seem like a great use for the thing.

A local watched them in a confused state as Draco drove in circles for about twenty minutes before gaining the courage to turn and head in the other direction.

Finally Granger had had enough and she ordered him onto the main road.

“I know you can do this, made for picking things up easily remember? Naturally gifted at everything- ring any bells?” she was goading him and all he could do was chuckle stiffly as his neck and shoulders tensed with the white knuckle grip he had on the steering wheel.

“Draco”, she said his name quietly and she leant over and placed her hand over his on the wheel. The tension dissipated in that moment and his hands relaxed into the leather binding. “Just take your time and feel the movements. It’s really quite similar to flying a broom except the steering is a wheel and not a handle and the forwards motion is a peddle instead of a lean.”

“There’s also the issue of there being actual things to crash into down here that aren’t usually present when flying through the air.” He turned his head and smirked at her.

“There he is” she said into a chuckle. “I was worried for a moment there. So, you know so much about handling a broom, why don’t you try and see what this thing can do?”

Draco took a few deep breaths and pressed his foot down, as the car jolted forward he felt the similar thrill he got when he took off on his broom. Except now, he could enjoy this moment with Granger. The weaving and corners became easier and the downhill into straights became his favourites. By the time Granger had brought him back to reality she pointed out a petrol station and told him they would need to ‘fill up’.

They stopped the car and she taught him how to fill the petrol tank before she told him how much it would cost and sent him inside to pay for their purchase. The smile could not be wiped off his face.

“Can we keep going?” he said quickly as he almost ran for the drivers side door.

“Umm, that is something that we need to discuss” she said quietly. She wouldn’t make eye contact with him and seemed almost nervous to bring it up.

She bit her lower lip and finally looked up at him. “We can, if you would like. However it would mean that we wouldn’t make it back to Hogwarts in time and would have to find somewhere to camp for the night.” She ran a hand quickly through her radical curls as she tried to get out what it was she needed to say.

“I have the camping supplies, it’s just whether you want to continue on or head back?” Dracos mouth was dry, his pulse was thrumming. Was he about to spend the night camping under the stars with her?

“I- uh.. I don’t know” he spluttered out. You fucking ponce, just say yes.

Her face fell a fraction and he noticed. “It’s ok, it’s probably best we leave soon anyway.” She began walking towards the car again and Draco yelled to her- quite louder than necessary. “Wait!” she turned back towards him. “I- I want to keep going. Only if you want to as well?” He left the final answer to her.

She blushed as she contemplated. What exactly was running through her mind? How Draco wished he could be a part of that thought and see what she was considering and blushing about.

Draco took a slow step towards her. Maybe he could goad her into it. “It is only one night. I do know how much you will miss your bed made out of books and old parchment though. If you really need to go back we certainly can.”

She shook her head and laughed. “You are such a brat. It’s not me you need to convince Malfoy.”

“Oh, back to Malfoy now are we Granger?” his emphasis on her surname was more a purr that reverberated like the cars rumbling engine. “I thought we were closer now?” he stepped a final pace so he was a breath away and he saw her waver a second closer to him.

“So close you could call me Hermione?” she questioned as a cheeky smirk crossed her face and set his nerve endings on fire.

He could play this game. “Trust me, if I call you by your given name it won’t be during an argument on sleeping arrangements.” He stepped diagonal and right next to her, brushing his hand gently against hers in a caress that sent a shiver through both of their bodies.

A small gasp released from her lips and she turned her face away covering it with her mane of thick flowing hair. I bet it feels like silk running through my fingers.

Granger had most certainly understood his meaning as she almost ran for the passenger side of the car and took a moment before replying. “Well, are we going or not?”

Draco got back in, started her up and left the car park with a great burnout in his wake, and not a care in the world to the proclivities running though his mind about tonights possibilities.




The skies were quickly dulling as the sun began to set. “Draco, we need to stop soon- we won’t have enough time to set up the tents.”

Granger had mentioned stopping around five times now but Draco couldn’t bring himself to admitting that the longer they spent in the car the more likely they would take two days to get back to Hogwarts. How far would he have to drive before he hit water? And where could he buy this exact model of car?

With a great exaggerated sigh he pulled off onto a dirt road leading to a national park that had been mentioned earlier and he shut the engine off near a walking track.

“We will need to hike for a little while before we get to the camp. Thus the hiking attire.” She sported a cheeky grin.

“You sneaky witch, you had this planned all along.” He mirrored her smirk as she quickly made for the door and got out as fast as possible. He poked his head above the doorframe on his side and called to her- “I thought we would just set up here?” she shook her head.

A new plan was forming now- the longer he took to hike the less likely they would have daylight for setting up two tents sans magic.


“Fuck, Granger… I hate hiking.” He thought to remind her. She glared at him before she quipped- “I hadn’t noticed.”

The walk was short, Draco ensured that it took twice as long as it needed to be and he was sure by the end of it Granger was about ready to wallop him in the head with a low hanging branch.

“Finally.” He drawled as he slumped down onto an already positioned log around a fire pit. Granger lit a small fire with what looked like a tiny wand she called a ‘match’ and some wood. Draco lazily rested next to it for a while before she rounded on him.

“Get up, we need to get moving on the tents. It’s already a struggle to see-”

“So we just set up one Granger.”

She coughed furiously around the air she accidentally inhaled as he let that one slip.

“Oh no, don’t do this Malfoy. I won’t be setting these tents up by myself. Get off your pureblood arse and help me.” She was gorgeous when she was worked up and barking orders at him. Gods he had a problem.

He rose to his feet and helped her unravel the first layer of the tent that they would be sleeping in tonight. Granger handed him a hammer and he looked at her like she had given him a newborn to carry and nurture for the rest of his life. She sighed and took it back off him to instruct him on how to use it.

Uh right, hit things hard with brute force. I can do that.

He had hammered all of the tent pegs in before she asked him to help her raise the first poles to create the inside of the tent. A sheer see-through material that would be perfect to look at the stars through.

“Why don’t we just leave the second part off? It’s warm enough that we don’t need it right?” He questioned hopefully. The balmy nights air flowing gracefully over his skin as he revelled in it.

“Unless you want anyone that stumbles on our campsite to look in and see you then you will want the second layer.”

“What, are you worried they might see something they’re not meant to Granger? I know we’re sans magic right now, but does the Gryffindor Princess go sans pyjamas as well?”

The sun had set but that didn’t stop Draco from seeing the scarlet across her perfect cheekbones.

He moved closer to her as she straightened up. “Or… is it that you don’t know what will happen tonight and if, by chance, we end up ‘sharing a tent’ you don’t want anyone to stumble onto that?” He leant in close to her neck and whispered against her skin- “are you afraid of what could happen Granger, if you just let go of that final layer and see where it leads?”

Goosebumps erupted along her neck and Draco wanted to dip his tongue out to trace the expanse, so desperately he wanted to taste her.

She swallowed heavily and took a shaky breath before playing his little game- “definitely the no pyjamas thing” she said with a grin.

Turning away she went back to the tent bag and pulled at the second layer to position it in place. Draco huffed and shook his head at being bested before helping her manoeuvre the final piece in place. There was no way he was going to put up a second one of these.




The wind somehow drew a chill, nothing like it had been before as Draco huddled up closer to the fire. Granger was still attempting to wrestle with a second tent but without Dracos help she was doing a fairly miserably job. He blatantly refused to partake in a Muggle lesson for a second time, that was his excuse and he was sticking to it.

Hearing an angry growl from behind him and a flutter of material he saw the colourful textured fabric sore past his head and straight into the fire causing it to rage to life. He jumped back from his seat as the cloth erupted into flames that licked at his boots and the heat singed his skin.

“What the fuck Granger! Warn a guy before you are going to nearly set him on fire.”

She slumped down on the rock to the side of where he was now standing and he took the one next to her.

“Alright there?” he already knew the answer but asked out of courtesy.

“It seems that we may have to share after all.” She huffed into her sleeve as she covered her face from embarrassment at her failure.

“Well that is what happens when you pack one good tent and one… faulty one.” He attempted to console her.

“Yes… faulty. Lets lead with that. I’m sure that when I suggested this trip to McGonagall and laid out all the contingency plans that this was the last thing she thought would occur.”

Draco laughed. “I could only imagine the look on her face.” He put on his best Granger voice. “Professor, Malfoy and I had to share a tent… also a bed, as there wasn’t enough room for two beds in the single tent we took as we couldn’t use magic to extend it.”

“Oh fuck…” Granger said loudly at the recognition of their predicament. “I’m never going to live this down, am I.”

Draco placed a consoling hand on her shoulder and she looked up at him with hope in her eyes.

“Not while I’m around to tell the story Granger.”

Her face fell into a sarcastic scowl and she hit him hard in the chest. His laughter echoed through the trees and didn’t stop as she went fumbling through their belongings to retrieve some food and drink for dinner.

“Well, if this is how it has to be- may as well make the most of it.” Granger pulled a large bottle of Ogdens Whiskey from her bag and Draco nearly fell off his rock.

“Oh love, you just made my night.” He said to her as she rolled her eyes and handed the bottle over.

Draco cracked it open and poured them each a healthy serving. By the time they were three drinks in each there was a lot more laughter and even more inappropriate comments.

“I swear, when they called your name in class I almost ran for the fucking hills. McGonagall pulled me out by my ear because of my foul language.” Draco laughed. “And by the way, stay away from Theo okay, I think he has a secret crush on you.”

“On me? I don’t think I have ever spoken to the guy before. I could just imagine McGonagall berating you in front of everyone- uh what I would give to have seen that.” She swooned at the thought.

“You just love being the teachers pet Granger.” He poked her arm and she grabbed his hand to stop him. “In fact”, he leant closer- “I reckon you have a praise kink in there just dying to get out. Am I right?”

Her heated face gave her away and she kept her mouth shut tightly.

His glance turned seductive and his voice a low sultry breath- “you want me to tell you how god damn infuriating it is that you outsmart me in every class and how much I envy your drive and loyalty.” Her eyelids fluttered as she slowly closed her eyes. Draco inched closer and placed his hand gently against her thigh above her knee. “Or maybe all it takes is for me to say two little words.” She shivered under his touch as his hand rose higher towards the apex of her legs. She let out a soft moan.

Dracos lips ghosted over her ear as he whispered breathlessly- “good girl”.

The moments after were a complete blur, At some point Granger had straddled him and he tangled his hands in her hair as he pulled her down to crush his lips into hers. The heat from her core moving against his already hard cock through their clothes as they fought for dominance as only he and Granger could. There was no sweet and soft movements, only passionate and heated. Draco groaned into her mouth as she grinded her hips into his and sent a jolt flying through him. He needed to have this witch. Now!

Without a second thought he palmed her arse in her ridiculously curvaceous muggle jeans and hoisted them both off their seat heading for the tent. The tiny single bed was their only option as Draco leant in through the entrance.

Almost launching Granger through the opening and onto the bed she bounced slightly before setting to work on her clothes.

“Just a second” Draco said as he quickly retreated from the tent.

“Draco, what- where are yo-”

Draco ripped the second layer from the tent as pegs went flying into the air and he threw the thin material into the fire.

Granger yelled in shock and then started laughing- “Okay, you made your point. Now get in here and fuck me Malfoy.”

Dracos mouth agape as he listened to her crass forwardness. “My, my Granger- such language”, he teased as he raced back to the tent- fuck, did he loved that vulgar mouth of hers. Maybe he would put it to good use tonight. He jumped through the entrance and almost lost it at the completely naked woman before him, an absolute goddess. “Sans pyjamas” she whispered as he slowly reached for her and pulled her into him for a slow and languid kiss. They parted breathless as he laid her down on the bed and she helped him remove his shirt and pants.

She ran her hands over his tight chest and muscled abdomen, sending shivers up his spine as she reached up and trailed her tongue after her touch. Sweet Salazar, that tongue- as sharp as they come but what she could do with it was the real treasure.

Draco followed suit when she was finished her exploration. The soft dips and curves of her body were divine as he ran his fingertips across every inch of her. The long lines of her neck, perfect to run his lips and tongue along. She moaned into his shoulder as he pressed two gentle fingers inside of her and ran his thumb lazily around her clit.

His pace a thorough menace as she begged for more, faster, harder. He would give it to her. He just didn’t want to rush anything tonight.

His angle deepened as she tilted her hips up to meet his languorous thrusts and he pressed wholly into her core as she keened wildly and arched off the bed. Gripping to his shoulders and leaving indents he quickened his pace. He felt her walls fluttering against his digits as she began to call out to the Gods. Swallowing her every praise and moan as he pressed his lips firmly against hers. She came hard as she screamed his name and Draco felt like nothing could ever sound more perfect.

Grangers sated body slowly relaxed as she came down from her high, his fingers still gently moving in and out of her perfect cunt to keep her slowly building.

She was utterly soaked and ready for him only moments later, he climbed over her radiant body and positioned himself between her thighs. A brief pause and a gentle nod of her head was all he could ask for as he began pushing through her tight entrance. It was all he could ever want as he called out her name and she clenched around his buried cock with a moan. Draco could feel their magic radiating and combining to create an ultimately perfect connection. It was life altering. He shuddered and gripped her tighter as he was urged on by their joint magical cores.

His tilt deepened as he lifted her thigh and ground his hips into her as she panted out her appreciation. “Fuck, Draco- so good, so deep. Yes!” She was a vision, he would never forget the way she called his name or moaned into the canopy above them. It spurred him on as he pushed faster- “that’s it Hermione, fuck- you feel amazing wrapped around my cock.” His words and motions pushing her right over the edge as she screamed out in ecstasy.


Draco slowed to a lazy speed as he ambled through her final waves of orgasm. Reaching down he took her nipple into his mouth and ran the flat of his tongue across it as he gently felt her shifting from sated to needing once more. Her refractory was almost nonexistent, and he was bloody falling hard. Was there anything that this witch wasn’t outstanding at?

He grabbed hold of her hips and sped his lazy thrusts to an unmaintainable speed. Erratic and frenzied he knew he wouldn’t last long like this but he was hoping that neither would she. Just one more was all he could wish for. Maybe she would want him after tonight if he could just make her cry out once more.

“Come Granger, be a good girl and come for me.” He said as he thrust deeper into her with everything he had. It had to be now.

She called out as his praise worked her over- his hand shot between them and he pressed against her clit once more, stuttered nonsense and profanities rolled from her mouth as she shattered around him with such force her legs began to quiver and her back arched off the matress.

Grabbing on for purchase to her thighs he fucked her with everything he had- “yes! Hermione, fuck- I’m going to come.” Her walls clenching and pulling him over with her as he spent every last drop into her. Gentle movements rode out the final high as he slowly slid from her body and lay down next to her on the tiny bed. Sweat dripping from their forms as they lay in the aftermath of their heated exchange. Beautiful waves of combined magic filtering through their space as they lay together.

“I told you the stars would be worth it” Draco said quietly as Hermione curled into his side and he placed an arm around her.

“Definitely worth it”, she whispered into his neck.

In no time at all they both dozed into a blissful sleep under the stars.




Morning came with a startling light beaming through the sheer material.

Draco woke to Granger berating him before he even had a chance to think- if this was how it was going to be then he wanted no part of it.

“Who’s fucking grand idea was it to rip the tent cover off. It’s only six in the bloody morning and I already can’t sleep with how much light is in here.”

He thumped his head against his pillow to try and drown out the noise. Wait a minute.

“How do you know what time it is Granger?”

The silence was telling.

“Granger… I’m not fucking around. How do you know?” He opened his eyes once again and looked at the bashful witch next to him. Her face downcast as he put two and two together.

“You have your bloody wand, don’t you?!”

“It was only for emergencies. McGonagall made me bring it.”

“Oh how fucking convenient. Definitely and emergency, needing to know the time. What about setting up the second ten-” His mind clicked over. “Oh, you cunning witch. You didn’t want to set up the second tent either. Did you?”

A flicker of a smile crossed her mouth and Draco launched at her. Pressing her down against the mattress he peppered kissed down her face and neck that soon turned into something more.

It was almost lunch time before they made it back to the car, with one and a half less tents, no food or alcohol and less pent up frustration than they started with. Draco was so relaxed that Granger caught him humming to a song on the radio in the car, he didn’t know the song but the catchy beat had him all the same. She laughed and then rifled through the back for her small bag of supplies she got from their first stop. Pulling out a small box of chocolates she took turns in feeding one to Draco and one to herself for the drive back. He kept his arm reached across her shoulders and the other on the wheel, not wanting to let go of his witch just yet.

His witch.. when did that happen.. he didn’t hate the idea.




Hogwarts was a sombre place when they arrived back at the gates. Draco had almost purchased the car from the company they hired it from but realised he would need to exchange money as they couldn’t very well take Galleons. Either way, Draco and Hermione both felt the change in air as they arrived back at school.

The gates were shut and let out an awful metallic squeal as they opened, Granger still had his hand clutched in hers after apparition as they walked up the hills towards Hogwarts. Draco wondered how far they would get before one of them would let go. He wouldn’t be the first. As far as he was concerned, everyone could go and fuck themselves if they didn’t like the idea of the two of them being happy together.

Apparently Granger had the same idea.

They had made it up to the courtyard and still neither of them had budged on their contact. Draco stopped them in their tracks and she turned to face him.

“Draco, wha-”

“Hermione, if this is what you want then I’m all for it. I just want to be sure you know what you’re about to get yourself into. A literal shit show of opinions and hate thrown at us from all angles.”

Granger sighed and considered his question for a moment. She squeezed his hand tighter and then smiled. His heart swelled and he smiled back at her.

“I’m ready, if you are?” She said as she began walking again towards the Oak doors to the Entrance Hall.

“I’m ready”, Draco said as he pushed them open and they walked in together to the many faces of their peers.




Six months later.


“This isn’t working Draco”.

“Well of course it isn’t, it needs to go a little higher otherwise you won’t be sitting on it properly.”

“The angle is just all wrong. I mean I have done it before but it’s never felt this uncomfortable.”

“Here, just come a little closer and I’m sure you will fit perfectly.”


She scooted her arse back into him as he mounted behind her.

They pushed off the ground and flew into the air at speed as Hermione let out an excited squeal. “Oh My Gods! Draco, slow down!”

He grinned into her neck as he slowed slightly while she got her bearings. “I thought you said I could go as fast as I wanted to love.”

“I did, and I am very much regretting saying that now.” She hid part of her face against her arm as the wind whirled her hair in every direction almost suffocating Draco behind her. “You do have your car now though, so maybe faster in that is a compromise we could make right now?” she tried to reason with him.

He fucking loved that car..

And he fucking loved his girl..

She always won out in the end though.

Slowing rapidly he almost came to a complete stop in the air as Hermiones legs dangled from the broom. “Whoever thought that two people riding a broom was a good idea was an absolute imbecile” she said loudly into the air. Draco laughed behind her.

“Did you want to go back?”

“Only if you’re ready to?” she said sweetly with a small kiss to his cheek that she had to turn at an uncomfortable angle to give him. He knew her game, this was all a tactic to get him to give in.

“Fine, I’ll take you back in- but I do want to ask something first.” He felt her tense in front of him.

“Draco, we talked about this- there is no possible way that it would work and it certainly wouldn’t be safe. Ginny and Harry are both extremely competent on brooms but I am.. well I’m most certainly not.”

“Oh you daft witch, would you shut it for a second. I wasn’t asking you to have sex up here.”

“You aren’t?” She turned her head to face him and almost slipped off the side if Draco hadn’t had her by the waist.

“No, definitely not. With your balance we would surely die if we tried that.” He chuckled and she glared at him. He did a small loop in the air and it was enough to distract her from her anger.

“Its end of year soon.” He said as matter-of-factly as he could muster.

Granger eyed him suspiciously. “What do you have planned?”

“You start your internship at the Ministry”.

“Yes…” still she didn’t look away, her eyes threatened to slice him open if they were any closer to slits.

“So, the Ministry is just around the corner from Diagon. Which I just bought an apartment in.”


“Come on! You’re seriously going to make me say it Granger.” He dived towards the ground causing her to grab hold of him and turn her body till she was almost straddling him on the broom. Uh, so that’s how Potter and the girl Weasley did it.

He touched down with light feet and Granger scrambled off the broom and onto firm ground and safety.

She looked up into his eyes and nodded. “Yes to me having to ask? Oh bloody hell Hermione, will you move in with me after we finish at Hogwarts?”

A smile brimming across her face- “yes, absolutely”. He crossed the space between them and grabbed hold of her waist lifting her into his arms as she wound her legs around him. They spun on the spot slowly as Draco kissed her, no longer afraid to show anyone around that she was his and he was hers. They belonged together and that’s how they would stay.

It had taken some time, a few punches to the face for Draco and a few teary face girls confronting Granger in the halls before everyone had settled to the fact that they were now together but once they were in the real world there would be nothing to hold them back.

They could just be together.


“Do you know what my favourite thing about Quidditch is Draco?” Hermione asked as she ran her hands across his back and the nape of his neck as he held her.

“What’s that Granger?” A grin stretched across his face awaiting his sharp-witted witches response.

“The showers in the locker room”. Her honey eyes seductively glanced down his form as she ran her hands up through his hair. Draco growled into her neck before dropping his broom and racing her towards the locker rooms.