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100 ways to say i love you

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  1. “pull over.  let me drive for awhile.”

it’s about nine o’clock at night. they’re fresh out of snacks, lucifer’s tongue smacking as he sucks the last of the cool ranch puff powder off his fingers. chloe’s exhausted, her eyes peeled open in order to stay focused on the road.

up until about five minutes ago, she’d had a hand resting on lucifer’s thigh, his larger one resting over the top of hers and stroking absentminded patterns over her knuckles as she hummed along to the quiet radio providing them with soft background noise. then he’d pulled away to reach into the bag of crisps and she’d relocated her hand back to the steering wheel to keep them straight on the road, chuckling tiredly at his whine of protest.

they’re on a country road, the empty planes lit sporadically by warm yellow streetlights. they haven’t seen a car for hours, the last sign of human life being the old woman who had been manning the tiny little roadhouse they’d stopped at for a quick dinner about four hours ago. that’s where lucifer had stocked up on snacks – chloe doesn’t know how they’ve run out already, her boyfriend is like a devil-shaped vacuum cleaner. they’d struck up conversation with the woman, heard her life story and about her twelve grandkids. lucifer had charmed his way into a free hot meal, a talent that often made chloe jealous, but one that in that moment she’d been ever-grateful for. laughing about how he reminded her of her youngest son, the woman had sent them away with extra cool ranch puffs and mugs of warm coffee for each of them, and lucifer had pressed a kiss to her powdery cheek and gushed about how ‘utterly delightful’ she was as a host.

the coffee has long worn off now, and chloe sneaks a look to the map on her phone screen, lighting up the console with a cool whiteness that contrasts the dark of the car. to her dismay, their arrival time is still stuck stubbornly over two hours from now, promising an almost-midnight check-in at the motel they were due to stay at for the night. to make matters worse, they have another full day of driving ahead of them tomorrow, which means if they want to avoid driving so late again they’ll have to get up and going early in the morning –

the thought of less than six hours of sleep has chloe blowing a tired sigh through her lips, her hands adjusting on the wheel as she blinks heavily again. lucifer looks up at the sound, setting his bag of chips on the back seat of the car in defeat.

“everything okay, love?” he cocks his head, looking at her. he’s been staring at her a lot this trip, unabashedly gazing with his head resting against the headrest and a smirk on his lips. if it were anyone else, chloe would probably hate it – she still finds it annoying occasionally, handing lucifer her phone to play a game on as if he was her child rather than her boyfriend – but most of the time, he manages to make it endearing.

“good,” she says, stealing a glance off the road to smile at him. “i’m just tired, is all.”

lucifer frowns, his forehead wrinkling. “here, pull over. let me drive for a while.”

“oh, no, it’s okay.” she smiles at him again. “we’re not too far away anyway.”

“chloe,” he raises an eyebrow. “pull over. we’re still two hours from the motel. i can drive.”

she hums, staring back at the road. “are you sure? you’re tired too.”

“devil doesn’t get tired, darling,” he winks. then he reaches over, poking her. “let me drive.”

“really, lucifer,” she says, flinching out of his reach. “it’s okay.”

“let me driiiiive,” he whines, poking her again, and again, and again. “pleeeeeease.”

“stop – poking me, lucifer – stop!” she laughs, pulling away. “fine. you can drive.”

he whoops in celebration, drawing another giggle from her as she pulls the car into a rest stop. they trade places, lucifer stealing a quick kiss as he opens her door, and chloe sighs as she settles into the warm passenger seat. lucifer gets them moving again quick enough, switching the radio station to something more to his taste as his hand finds a home on her knee.

chloe’s eyes drop closed, her head falling back against the headrest with a content sigh. “thank you, babe.”

lucifer hums, turning his head to smile at her. “get some rest. you can take first shift tomorrow.”

she nods, grabbing his hand off her knee to grasp in between her own. “wake me up when we arrive?”

“the plan was actually to carry you to the room bridal style,” he says, completely seriously, before his lip curls into a betraying smile. “i’ll wake you.”

“thank you,” she murmurs, sighing as his thumb begins to stroke the inside of her palm. within minutes, she drifts off, letting the smooth rumble of the car beneath her and lucifer’s soft singing lull her to sleep.