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Locked with your thoughts
I am swimming
With you right here
I am swimming
With no one else
I am swimming
Wanna be with you, my bae



Peaceful, restful, and tranquil.


Words that described the atmosphere surrounding the infinity pool in front of Tian Sen’s eyes. He watched the sun rising among the ululating hues of pink and purple as he enjoyed his mojito iced coffee to its last slurp.


Tian Sen then got up, took his t-shirt off, and headed towards the pool.


No one was there, at least until...



Why do I miss you when you’re not next to me?
I know women but I really don’t know you

You’re so pretty, you take my breath away
I wanna swim girl
Because of your scent that’s like the waves
I can’t snap out of it



Tian Sen heard Su Mucheng running before she dove into the pool, interrupting this hour of serenity.


He was dazed by his friend’s sudden appearance, watching her appear out of the waters and flipping her orange hair out of her face.


Why was she up early in the morning? And why was she always this beautiful?



I’m fine girl I am with you
Wanna get to know you more
I wanna dive tonight
Into your arms, love
If other girls are Beijing
You’re clear like the blue seas of Yalong Bay
No time to play games
Let’s go surfing in each other’s embrace



It took Tian Sen a while to process what he saw and regain his fragile composure.


“Tian Sen, what’s wrong?” Su Mucheng asked, seemingly sensing his nerves.


“Nothing, just wondering why you are up here...”


Su Mucheng smiled with a hint of cheekiness. “Is that so? I know what you must be feeling.”


What did she mean by that? Is she trying to play a game of guessing feelings?



Draw me out, baby
In your dreams tonight
So I can go visit you
(I wanna be next to you)

Overflowing with your thoughts
Even the air in my room is wet
I will swim to you



Only Su Mucheng knew what she meant.


“Yeah, I am about to swim right now,” was all Tian Sen said whilst trying not to be a blubbering mess.


“Me too,” Su Mucheng chortled. “Wanna dive with me?”


Tian Sen became speechless. He might have said to himself that it was because he tried to act cool in front of her, but the truth was that he was a hopeless romantic for Su Mucheng.


All day, all he could think about was spending time with her under the bright sun; and all night, all he could dream of was swimming in a sparkling pool with her.



Locked with your thoughts
I am swimming
With you right here
I am swimming
With no one else
I am swimming
Wanna be with you, my bae



Before Tian Sen could respond to her question, Su Mucheng had run to the springboard on the other side and hurled herself into the pool.




With that, he had enough with feeling the hesitation that held him back and rushed to climb the springboard.


“Wait for me!”



Overflowing with your thoughts
You fill up my room
I wanna be with you
Swimming in





Tian Sen’s bare muscles ended up colliding with Su Mucheng’s soft skin. Both soon emerged from the deep waters and stared at each other in amazement.


 “Wow,” they both muttered in unison.


Tian Sen could not believe that he was up close with the girl of his dreams.


How can he be lucky like this, he mused.