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Wonderfully Twisted Quotes

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Vil: *Lecturing Idia about his lifestyle choices*

Epel: Should we help him out?

MC/YN/Yuu: *Playing a game with Ortho* Who?

Epel: Idia. He looks like he’s going to melt into the floor.

MC/YN/Yuu: *nonchalantly* No, leave them be. Vil needs to relieve some stress, and Idia needs to go out to touch some grass some more. Who knows when he last went out of his bedroom. It’s unhealthy and a bad example for Ortho.

Rook: *Taking pictures of Vil, who looks like he wants to stomp on Idia with his high heels* Beaute!

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*After Chapter 6 (probably)*

MC/YN/YUU: *laughing and gesturing towards the Dorm Leaders + Jamil* So you guys were basically the Persephone to Idia’s Hades.

Dorm Leaders + Jamil:

Idia: *Crawling under a blanket to disappear*

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MC/YN/Yuu: *Playing a game with Ortho*


Ace: So…how did you stop Idia from overblotting?

MC/YN/Yuu: I threatened to destroy all his otaku stuff including his saved game files. I hacked into his computer and threatened to spread his internet search history and baby pictures. He was adorable as a baby by the way.

Idia: *crying and hugging his stuff*

Deuce: Have we told you how much we love you lately?

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Idia: *Monologuing about his evil plans*

Dorm Leaders + Jamil: *Irritated for various reasons*


~*MC/YN/Yuu appears with fancy clothes on and a bouquet of flowers*~

Idia: What is going on!? How is this possible!?

MC/YN/Yuu: *gestures with flowers in the Dorm Leaders + Jamil’s general direction* Hello, my Princes of Villains! Your Princess charming has come to save you. That also includes you Idia and whatever is making you go all angst and evil on us. I brought my own dragon along to complete the look, and because he should have fun too.

Malleus: *Smirks* Hello. 

Dorm Leaders (including Idia) + Jamil: *surprised and oddly flattered* …

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MC/YN/Yuu: *Smiling in angry* You know what technology and fire have in common? 

Idia: *Sweating* Fire can destroy technology?

MC/YN/Yuu: Close, but no, they both can be destroyed by water. Isn’t that right Kalim?

*Kalim going crazy casting water magic*

Kamil: *Angry in sunshine* Give back Jamil!!! And my friends!!!!

Jamil: *Thinking of the expenses and the cleanup*  ….

Azul: *Pats Jamil’s back* That’s rough buddy. 

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*Rook, Kalim, and Floyd causing chaos*

Dorm Leaders + Jamil:

S.T.Y.X. Soldiers: We are too introverted for this many people. 

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*During Chapter 6, after the kidnapping of the Dorm Leaders and Jamil*

S.T.Y.X. Solider 1: They complain about everything! The redhead might be small, but have you seen him when I gave him the tea? The water was too hot apparently for that type of tea. The beastman complained about not enough meat!

S.T.Y.X. Solider 2: You think that’s bad? Have you seen how the one in glasses kept complaining about the lack of quality in his food? Or how the long-haired one looked down on us about the seasoning of his food.

S.T.Y.X. Solider 3: I don’t care what anyone of you says. The one with the pretty hair looked like he was going to step on me for not having any healthier options for him! I might have let him honestly.

S.T.Y.X. Solider 1: Do I need to mention their attitude?

S.T.Y.X. Solider 2: No! I have never been treated so badly. Are we sure these are nobility?

S.T.Y.X. Solider 3: *Cries* My family never treated me this way

Yuu/YN/MC: *pats soldier’s back* Have you seen the dorm I am in?

S.T.Y.X. soldiers + Yuu/YN/MC: Damn these rich people.

Dorm Leaders + Jamil: …

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*Twisted Wonderland Chapter 6 Spoilers*

*Azul in his office before chapter 6*

Azul: *reading the file about Idia Shroud* Never leaves his room and talks through a floating tablet. Brother is Ortho Shroud.

Azul: *Turns the page* He is an Otaku. Whatever that is. Plays video games *Proceeds to read page long titles of video games*

Azul: *flips pages on more of Idia Shroud’s online habits* He’s not going to be a threat *closes the folder and shreds it*

*Azul in Chapter 6*

Azul: *in the dark* …

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*After dealing with 8 Overblots (Dorm Leaders + Jamil + Grim)*


MC/YN/Yuu: *tired and angry* Azul, how many shifts would I have to work at Monstro Lounge for you to help me hide a body.

Azul: *surprised, glasses skewed* W-what?

MC/YN/Yuu: *smiles angrily* How many shifts?

Azul: *clears throat* I would say around 5 or 6 depending the level of difficulty. Would you need help incapacitating them?

MC/YN/Yuu: *smiles at a certain sweating birdbrain* No, I can handle that myself.

Floyd: *has a shovel ready* Shrimpy! I want to help too!

Jade: *chuckles* This is a very interesting development.

Everyone: *feeling varying degrees of surprise, awe, amusement, and fear*

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*Knocks on Crowley’s door*

Grim: Trick or treat!

MC/YN/Yuu: *has rotten eggs ready* Say trick, say trick you stupid headmaster.

Deuce: Should we stop them? I think those eggs are going to be thrown no matter what the headmaster says.

Ace: Nah, let them have some fun. They need to blow off some steam anyways. Better the headmaster than us.

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Malleus: *being depressed about lack of invites and no friends*

MC/YN/Yuu: Now you listen here you overgrown lizard! You have Lilia who acts like a father figure to you. You have Sebek who destroys our eardrums while he simps for you. You have Silver who always looks up to you. The last thing you are is friendless! Not to mention all the enemies-to-friends potential you have going for you: Vil and Leona is on top of the list. 

MC/YN/Yuu:  *glares* Now get your butt over to my dorm while I invite everyone else for some needed bonding time. Riddle has wonderful tea and Kalim loves to give hugs. Ortho and Floyd will drag Idia and Azul over for games. You want an invite? I am here to personally take you. Let’s go now before we find out if a sliced lizard’s tail really grows back.

Malleus: *Surprised Pikachu face*

Silver: *For once not sleeping*

Sebek: *About to blow a gasket*

Lilia: *Vibrating in laughter*  

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*After 6 chapters worth of Overblot*

MC/YN/Yuu: *tired and just over everything* This school needs a therapist…and a better headmaster.

Malleus: Child of man?

MC/YN/Yuu: *Noticed the pattern of overblots* Come here Tsunotaro, I have something for you.

Malleus: ??????

MC/YN/Yuu: *proceeds to wrap Malleus in bubble wrap* Now sit here, while I go get a blanket, hot cocoa, and some ice cream. You are not overblotting on my watch.

MC/YN/Yuu: *in the kitchen, yelling out the window* Lilia, Silver, and Sebek! You three better come in as well. I will not have Sebek oveblotting because he thinks I’m stealing his lord away.

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-*On one random day before Halloween, in the cafeteria*-

Grim: *Randomly stating* Minion is planning to dress up as a bride for Halloween this year. I wonder who the groom is.

All Twst Boys: *Runs out the door* 

Grim: Nyaaa~ Wonder what’s that about, more food more me. 

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MC/YN/Yuu: *Playfully growls, hands curled into -paws-* You look good enough to eat Tsunotarou!

Malleus: *Clutches heart from the cuteness* Child of Man, is this your way of saying you want to be mates? 

Leona: *Smacks forehead* …

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Crowley: What costume should I wear this year?

MC/YN/Yuu: You can wear the one you always wear.

Crowley: What do you mean? I’m not usually wearing any costumes?

MC/YN/Yuu: Really? You seem to pull off the deadbeat dad costume really well. You know, the one who leaves for milk and never comes back and even forgets the milk?

All Twst Boys and Staff: …

Deuce: Do you need a hug?

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MC/YN/Yuu: Hey Rook?

Rook: Yes, Ma Cherie?

MC/YN/Yuu: I need you. 

Rook: For?

MC/YN/Yuu: *Smirks* Ever.

Rook: *flustered, voice cracking* Oh. 

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-*Ace is possessed by a ghost*~ 

Ghost! Ace: Muwahaha! I have your friend now! There’s nothing you can do. 

MC/YN/Yuu: *smiles evilly thinking of all the trouble ADeuce + Grim caused* There’s a few things I can do. I have a lot of frustrations to get out. 


Ace: *Groaning* Why does everything hurt?

MC/YN/Yuu: You were possessed and we beat it out of you.

Deuce and Grim: *Cowering in fear* …

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Sebek and Rook: *Singing*

Trey: *Surprised and shocked, now has to deal with two theater kids*

MC/YN/Yuu: With a voice like that, why are you surprised that Sebek can be a opera singer? He’s always yelling our ears off.

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~*During Malleus’ Birthday, the time to throw a pie at Malleus*~

Riddle: Would you kindly stoop down a bit?

Malleus: *Amused and happy to be included in this weird human pie throwing ritual; crouches down*

Riddle: *throws a pie at Malleus’ face* Thank you.

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*~After Deuce’s Possession in Endless Halloween Night~*

MC/YN/Yuu: *Cuddles and pets Deuce*

Ace: *pouts* Why is he getting all the cuddles and love?

MC/YN/Yuu: *Hugs Deuce* Because he is baby.

Ace & Grim: *Jealous*

Deuce: *Blushes*

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Riddle: *Frustrated* Would you look at it from my point of view?

Malleus: *Lifts up Riddle; Smirks*

Riddle: *Shocked and turning red*…I hate you.