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Prompt: Fire/Ice/Lightning

“Isn’t that the same finger position you use to shoot fire?”

“And ice,” Sypha agrees, a little too happily for Alucard’s taste. She’s got his legs spread wide, knees pushed up to his chest, and she’s teasing his entrance with two oil-slicked fingertips.

Trevor’s by his side, holding his knee up and administering kisses and soothing words, his cock nestled in the crease of Alucard’s hip. “Trust me,” Trevor purrs into his ear—Christ, his voice is as lethal as his whip, Alucard thinks with a shiver of pleasure—“she won’t be the one losing control here.” Trevor gives his hips a little roll for emphasis. He’s warm and heavy and velvet-soft where he drags across the skin of Alucard’s belly, and Alucard moans softly and lets his hand go to grasp him. They’ve made love in various other ways before, but thought of all of that going inside him for the first time brings a renewed flush to his skin.

The slow circling of his rim is beginning to cross over from pleasure to overstimulation, and he bucks his hips needily, gasping out Sypha’s name.

“Here we go,” she says with a grin.

The stretch is nothing he hasn’t felt before, at his own hands or those of other lovers. All the same, it’s been a while, and he inhales sharply and lets it out slow.

His body is relatively quick to adjust, though, and as soon as Sypha’s keen eyes see the tension leave his frame, she’s curling her fingers, swirling the pads of them slowly and carefully until—“aah, there,” he sighs out, his body instinctively trying to roll down onto her fingers for more.

“She’s amazing, isn’t she?” Trevor murmurs. He sits up and kisses her, his big scarred hands traveling over her slim shoulders and the gentle swell of her belly, and Alucard feels like his heart is about to melt at the sight.

Sypha returns her full attention to him, speeding the lazy strokes of her fingers, making his breath hitch, and Trevor leans back down to lavish slow, loving kisses on his neck and shoulder.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Trevor breaks off to sigh, slipping a finger into Alucard’s mouth and letting out a pleased sound when he delicately draws a fang-tip along the pad of it and swirls his tongue along the scratch. He trusts me so much. The thought is almost as sweet as the blood, and Alucard moans, loud and wanton.

“Sounds like he’s ready for you,” Sypha laughs, withdrawing her hand and moving aside. Alucard keens at the sudden emptiness, letting a hand drop to his cock.

Fuck yes.” Trevor waits until Sypha’s safely out of the way before bulling his way into the space between Alucard’s waiting legs, grabbing a generous palmful of oil to slick himself up before gripping Alucard’s hips. “God, you look so delicious, so soft and open for me...”

“Then get in me already,” Alucard half-snarls. His skin feels like it’s on fire where Trevor’s touching it, his hands so strong and warm and big.

“Give it to him, Trevor,” Sypha agrees breathlessly. She’s settled herself by Alucard’s side now, one hand petting his chest and the other between her own legs.

Alucard hisses and bites his lip to keep from crying out as his body stretches to let Trevor in, his fangs digging in hard enough to draw pinpricks of blood. He knows Greta won’t let him live it down when she next sees him, but he doesn’t care.

Trevor sinks himself in to the hilt with a soft groan. He angles Alucard’s hips up and Sypha helpfully stuffs a pillow underneath him so that he stays that way, allowing Trevor to hold Alucard’s knees up and apart. Alucard barely registers all of this through the sparks coursing through his brain: the shift of position means that thick, blunt head is hitting exactly the same sensitive spot inside him that Sypha had been fingering just moments before. His cock twitches and spits clear fluid onto his belly. Won’t be long now.

“Think you can make me come as well, or are you too well-fucked?” Sypha asks, and Alucard doesn’t even think about it, just motions and opens his mouth and waits for her to straddle it. He’d never tell Trevor, but he’s so glad she’s picked up some of his filthy vocabulary; just hearing those profanities in her melodic voice is nearly enough to get him there some days.

She’s facing Trevor and he can hear them kissing at first, then the gasp she gives when his tongue begins to stroke up and down her stiff little bud. He grips her hips securely, digging his fingers deep into the fat of her buttocks when Trevor’s thrusts grow forceful enough to shift him up the bed.

Sypha’s the first to come, which doesn’t surprise Alucard—she’s always been easy to bring to climax, and pregnancy has only made her more so. He can feel her thighs trembling, hear her soft noises as she gasps and shakes through it, and when she finally pulls away from the caresses of Alucard’s lips and tongue, she leaves his face slick from the nose down.

“Isn’t he pretty like this?” she breathes to Trevor, swiping a finger through the mess she’s left and bringing it to Alucard’s mouth. He licks it lovingly—no fangs for her, she doesn’t like that—and savors the creamy tang of it.

Trevor grunts in agreement. His skin is glistening with sweat, and Alucard knows the little crease in his brow means that he’s close.

“Just a little longer, big man,” Alucard murmurs, dipping his fingers into Sypha and smearing her wetness onto his cock. His hand works fast and urgent and it’s only a few strokes before he’s crying out and spilling all across his chest and belly, his body wringing down hard around Trevor. Time seems to stretch and distort, and for a few ecstatic moments Alucard’s entire world narrows down to the punishing beat of Trevor fucking him through it, sending sparks of lightning through him with every thrust.

He returns to full awareness just in time to watch Trevor’s body tense like a bowstring as his hips stutter, letting out a guttural cry. His hands are digging into Alucard’s thighs so hard it’d probably leave bruises on an ordinary human, and Alucard savors the pain in full knowledge that he can take it and more, anything Trevor wants to give him.

When he’s done, Trevor leans forward over Alucard for a moment, panting heavily, before dipping his shaggy head down to kiss him. He has the decency not to collapse on top of Alucard, instead standing on shaky legs and reaching for the stack of clean rags and the basin nearby.

They settle in for the night once they’re sufficiently clean, all spooning with Alucard in the middle holding Sypha.

“I’m so lucky to have you two,” he whispers.

“I’m so lucky to have you two,” Sypha returns, at the same time as Trevor kisses his ear and says “I love you.”

He hugs her closer and squirms back against Trevor’s solid frame, letting his eyes fall closed. Sleep will come easily tonight, he thinks, and it’s only a few minutes later that his prediction proves true.