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Under liyue’s night sky, I’ll protect you

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As the sun started setting, the sky transitioned from the light-colored shades of the day to the darker hues of color. The scent of smoke and rain dominated the alley ways of Lianhe, the heart of liyue, known for its beauty. The city had just gone through a light autumn rain, something Hutao enjoyed if she was being honest.

She continued on walking through the alley way, her eyes staring ahead, being aware of the eyes that were following her through the alleyway. Although at the moment she did not care about the attentive gaze nor the person who was watching her every move, she had no time to be reminiscing about her old partner at the moment. She felt her phone buzzing in her trench coat pocket, she wondered if she should accept the call at the moment.

With a small chuckle she got tired of it ringing way too much, “well hello yanfei dear” she answered the call, already hearing the light scolding of her partner which amused her at the moment. She let out a small hum as she continued to walk trying to avoid the small puddles under the watchful eyes of her old partner.

“Alright I’ll be there very quick, take care of fischl and bennett for me” she reminded her partner, knowing how the teenager she had taken in could be randomly fascinated and get drawn away. She lingered quietly as she ended the call, her work for today had been done. The brunette wondered if she should go back to the agency at all, seeing as she did not have any work.

She prolonged for a few minutes currently wondering about what her former partner was thinking. She opened her mouth wanting to apologize along with clarifying her reasoning for leaving, she shortly closed her mouth recognizing that in his eyes she was probably a traitor. She pressed her tongue against her cheek as she shoved her hand back in her pocket deciding against it as she continued her way back to the agency.

She stepped inside the agency, greeting xiangling and her father, Chef Mao, who would run the cafe under the agency. She always was fond of them, although at times feeling bad seeing as how the upstairs was constantly chaotic and noisy. “the usual hutao?” Xiangling questioned, although she had already prepared the food knowing hutao would come along.

“You know me so well” she cooed at her best friend before sitting down, “can I also take the two pieces of strawberry cake” she added, ignoring her friend’s confused gaze. Hutao let a small grin, the two pieces of cake had been for the kids she had taken in, who she had lots of fun teasing but she did grow very fond of them. She payed for her lunch along with the cake then walked upstairs only to be greeted by a normal day at the agency.

“Ah hutao, you’re finally back, how did the case go?” The blue haired male asked, feeling a bit he was not able to go with her. His eyes quickly scanned her wondering if there were any bruises on her at the moment, usually she did and he would end up bandaging her wounds telling the younger to be more careful.

“I’m fine kaeya” she stated before walking near her desk, taking off her coat and placing it on the chair. “I’m fine” she added, not adding the usual gazes of her former partner, not an accidental meeting of her former subordinate. Although, she really did not want to talk about either and disclose information about her past anytime soon.

Hutao remembered to summarize how her case went and write the report on it, “it was fine, the case is solved and no further examination is needed, it was not the port mafia, it was a civilian, we have him confessing to it” she explained as she wrote all of it down, wondering what else she needed to add onto the report.

Her eyes quickly stared up when noticing the arrival of fischl and bennett, who also stole curious gazes at the containers on hutao’s desk. She placed the containers of desk on the two teenager’s desk, deciding she would finish up this report and go back to her apartment. She let out a sigh of relief when hearing the happy noises from the teenagers, even if fischl feigned to be not to be very happy over it.

“Ah the prankster is finally here” yanfei mused coming to her partner’s desk, while she was slightly surprised the other had came back knowing after cases she’d be very tired. She was glad her partner was fine, especially since she would get over worried over the brunette.

“Where are the rest?” Hutao questioned when noticing it had been awfully quiet at the moment, way too peaceful, her eyes scanned the empty desks.

“Well, chongyun and xingqiu went on that new case, but knowing xingqiu they probably finished it under 5 minutes and went to the sweet shop with chongyun being dragged” yanfei informed, constantly amused by the duo. “President is in a meeting and hopefully it’s nothing serious”

“Also! Albedo, sucrose and Klee went on a case aswell” kaeya reminded, while he wasn’t worried about them in general, he was more nervous about how much destruction Klee would cause, and how much the agency would pay for the destruction.

Hutao let out a laugh, always being entertained by the little child who was in love with arson and fire in general, the small one had been always delightful and fascinating in her eyes.