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And the Snake Fell in Love With the Mouse

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Aspik looked at Multimouse, blushing. “You really think that?” He stared at her in awe.

She turned back to him, “Of course I do. You’re amazing.”

“But you barely know me,” He breathed, “You don’t even know who I am.”

Multimouse bit her lip. She knew he was Adrien, but that wasn’t why she thought he was amazing. “You’re always here for me. We’re like our own cat and bug team. When they’re off duty they get us and we’re the mouse and snake team. And you’re just as important to me as Chat is to Ladybug. Even though we just patrol, you mean a lot to me, even if we’re not supposed to know who we are under the masks.”

Aspik sat beside her, wishing that he could tell her that he knew. That he knew those bluebell eyes were those of Marinette’s, and that he had slowly fallen in love with her. “Just know that as wonderful as you think I am, know that they are just a droplet compared to the ocean of feelings I have for you.”

Multimouse blushed furiously and looked away, “Um – uh, er….”

He looked away, rubbing the back of his neck, “That was too much, wasn’t it? Kind of overly cheesy?”

Multimouse laughed, pulling Aspik close to her. “Yes, it was cheesy. But you’re the cheesiest and one of the sappiest guys I know.”

And then she kissed him.