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(Over at Halloween costume store Reagan's there with Thea and Mary looking for a Halloween costume for KJ as their looking Mary sees one and shows Reagan who

laughs at her as she puts it back and Thea walks off also laughing at her.)

Mary: What?
Reagan: Batwoman really?
Mary: It was either that or the Red Arrow one.

(She points at it and then looks off as they start laughing at her face as someone walks in behind them as they walk in she walks over to the costumes and looks them

over as she's looking at them Mary sees who it is and wonders who it is and until she sees her face and backs into Reagan who looks at her funny.)

Reagan: What's wrong?
Mary: I thought she was dead.

(Reagan looks at her and then turns to see who it is. Seeing who it is she pulls her phone out and calls Kate who answers right away.)

Kate: Reagan!
Reagan: Kate how fast can you get down to the Halloween store.
Kate: Pretty fast why?
Reagan: There's someone here and you're not gonna believe who it is.
Kate: Okay I'm on the way.
Reagan: Okay.

(Then they hang up as Mark walks up to them and taps Reagan's shoulder getting her to jump and turns to look at him getting ready to swing at him.)

Mark: Whoa.
Reagan: Mark!
Mark: Yeah.
Reagan: Shit. What the hell?
Mark: What i do?
Mary: You scared us.
Mark: I'm sorry. I was with Michael and Willow looking for a Halloween costume for Wiley.
Reagan: Oh.
Mark: What the hell has you two so spooked anyway.

(They turn and look to see whose there but Mark doesn't see who they do.)

Mark: Who the lady at the Batman costumes?
Reagan: No. I thought.
Mark: Reagan Circe's dead.
Reagan: I know that. And here i called Kate for no reason.
Mark: You do realize Kate's gonna come weather you two are together or not right?
Reagan: I know that. It's just seeing her.
Mark: I get it. And if hadn't of been for the Legends.
Reagan: She'd still look like Circe.
Mark: Kind of. Look Reagan it's okay to be scared for yours and KJ's safety mainly given what Black Mask had done to Kate.
Reagan: I know that.
Mark: Who saw her first?
Mary: I did. And I swear Mark she looked just like her.

(He turns and looks at her then looks at them.)

Mark: You know. She does kind of look like her.

(Reagan smacks him getting him to laugh as Kate walks into the store seeing her Mary walks over to her and hugs her getting her to look at Mark nods his head

towards the woman and she looks at her and smiles at him as she pulls away from her sister and walks over to them.)

Kate: Hey.
Reagan: Hey. I'm sorry i thought she was.

(Kate turns and looks at her and then back at Reagan.)

Kate: No i get it. Can you see who they see?
Mark: No. But than again. I have a feeling the whole thing with Circe still has both Mary and Reagan on edge.
Kate: Of course she does.

(Then Mark looks towards the door and sees Veracity walk into the store with KJ in her arms. Seeing her Mark smiles at her as he walks over to her.)

Mark: Hey.
Veracity: Hi.

(He kisses her then pulls away from her as KJ makes a face that gets them to laugh at her.)

Mark: Yup she's Kate's child.
Veracity: I know right.
KJ: Yuk.
Mark: Oh really.

(He gets her in the sides getting her to lean over and laughs at him.)

Veracity: Babe she's learned a new word.
Mark: What's that?
KJ: Pika Pika.

(He looks at her and laughs as he looks off then he looks at her.)

Mark: Is that so?
KJ: Yeah.
Mark: Oh okay.

(Veracity laughs at him as he kisses KJ's head then pulls away from it.)

Mark: Hey KJ.
KJ: What?
Mark: Whose that?

(She looks over at Kate and Reagan and smiles at her.)

KJ: Momma.

(Kate turns and looks at her then smiles.)

KJ: I want Down Aunt Vera.
Veracity: Okay.

(She puts her down and runs off towards Kate who walks over to her and picks her up once she has her she kisses her cheek getting her to smile at her.)

Mark: Vera say's she's learned a new word.
Kate: What word is that?
KJ: Pika Pika.

(Kate looks at her and laughs along with Reagan.)

Reagan: Kate she's been saying that for the last three weeks.
Kate: Really?
Reagan: Yeah. Pikachu is her favorite Pokémon.
Mark: Oh no.
Reagan: Yeah.
KJ: Pika Pika.
Mark: Wow.
KJ: What?
Mark: Why you like Pikachu so much?
KJ: He's cute like me.
Mark: Pikachu's a girl KJ.
KJ: Oh. Well she's cute like me.

(He looks at Kate and Reagan who are trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: That explains it.
Mary: Yeah.
Mark: You're gonna grow up liking girls aren't you?
KJ: No.
Mark: No.
KJ: Their gross.

(He looks off trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: Are you saying your mom's are gross?
KJ: No.
Mark: I always thought boys were gross.
KJ: Them too.
Mark: Kate I'm offended.
Kate: You look it.
Mark: Yeah.
KJ: No. Uncle Mark.
Mark: What?
KJ: You not gross.
Mark: Oh really?
KJ: Yeah.
Mark: Well thank you. I think.

(They laugh at her as he kisses her head then pulls away from it as his phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is seeing the number he gets annoyed and mutes

which gets Kate's attention.)

Kate: Do i wanna know?
Mark: It was Curtis Ashford.
Reagan: Seriously?
Mark: Yeah.
Kate: What's going on?
Mark: Michael had Nina arrested and he's been trying to get me to help him get out her of prison.
Mary: If she didn't wanna do the time. Then she never should of kept Sonny away from his family.

(They all look at her and laugh.)

KJ: The bad lady got what was coming to her.
Kate: That's true.

(She kisses her head daughters head then pulls away from it.)

Mark: Kate why don't you take them back to Wayne and I'll grab something for KJ.
Kate: Okay.

(They walk off as he walks over to Michael and Willow as he gets to them.)

Mark: Hey.
Willow: Hey.
Mark: Did Wiley pick out who he wanted to be for Halloween?
Wiley: The Flash.
Mark: Oh wow.
Michael: Yeah. Ever since he met him he's been all about the Flash.
Mark: Oh wow. I'm sure he'd be very happy to hear that.
Wiley: Yeah.

(He laughs at them as he high fives Wiley who smiles at him.)

Michael: You are right?
Mark: Curtis called me again.

(He looks at him and gets annoyed.)

Michael: He's not gonna let this go is he?
Mark: Nope. But let him keep at it. I'm not helping him get Nina out of prison. And i know you're still not to happy with him for what he did to Nina.
Willow: I'm not. But we're both trying to work past it.
Mark: Okay good. You two staying Gotham for Halloween?
Michael: Yeah. We both thought it be a good idea to kind of give Wiley somewhere else to go trick or treating this year.
Mark: Okay. Well Gotham's got it's problems. But the Bat has it down pat to keep this city safe.
Wiley: Batwoman?
Mark: Yeah. Have you had the chance to meet Batwoman yet?
Wiley: No. But i want too.
Mark: Well if you're good maybe someday you will.
Wiley: Okay.
Mark: Okay.
Wiley: And the Red Arrow.
Mark: And the Red Arrow really?
Wiley: Yeah. I hear she's better then the Green Arrow.

(Mark looks at him and then to his parents.)

Mark: She's much better then the Green Arrow. And well cooler.
Wiley: Yay.

(They start laughing again then calm down.)

Mark: Anyway. Have you guys seen any Pikachu Costumes around here?
Willow: Why?
Mark: Apparently KJ's wanting to be her for Halloween?
Willow: I haven't seen any over here. But their might be some over there.
Mark: Are right thanks.
Willow: You bet.


(He walks off to go see if he can't that costume for KJ. Once he finds it he checks the sizes and then grabs the one he wants and walks off towards the Cashier with it to pay for it.)

An hour later.

(Back over at Wayne Tower Mark walks into Kate's office with a bag from the Halloween store they were at and walks over to them.)

Reagan: Hey.
Mark: Hey.
Reagan: What's in the bag?
Mark: Oh it's something for KJ.

(He hands her the bag and she opens it to see what's inside of it seeing it she looks at him.)

Reagan: Oh my god.
Mark: I figured since she likes Pikachu so much.
Reagan: No this is great thank you.
Mark: You're welcome.

(Then he sees the look on her face.)

Mark: You are right?
Reagan: Kate's seeing someone else.

(He looks at her feels bad for her.)

Mark: I'm sorry.
Reagan: It's okay.
Mark: If you don't mind me asking.
Reagan: It's Kara Danvers.

(He looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Mark: Oh wow.
Reagan: Yeah. Apparently after the whole thing with her plane coming down and Kara's disappearance.
Mark: I'm sorry Reagan.
Reagan: It's okay. I mean i did betray her.
Mark: I know you did. But you gave her one hell of a gift.

(She turns and looks at her.)

Reagan: Yeah. I love her and i know she loves Kate.
Mark: It's good to hear.
Reagan: I mean she did one hell of a thing by going after me and telling me she was willing to do anything to keep us together.
Mark: She did. And I'm kind of surprised she did too. Given how badly she sucked at lying.
Reagan: Oh yeah. I remember she told me that she was on a call. And then told me she was in a dead zone.
Mark: Wow.
Reagan: Yeah.
Mark: She tell you anything else?
Reagan: How old is this building?
Mark: I don't know why?
Reagan: Well one lie she told me was there was a water main that had broken.
Mark: Okay.
Reagan: And then there was a fire in the.

(He looks up and laughs.)

Mark: Yeah wow.
Reagan: Right.
Mark: Okay. I have one.
Reagan: What?
Mark: Well you know Kara's?
Reagan: I do actually.
Mark: Well she once told Lena that she had flown to her office on a bus.

(She looks at her and laughs.)

Reagan: Oh my god.
Mark: Yeah.
Reagan: Wasn't aware that busses had wings.
Mark: They according to Kara.

(Hearing the last part of the story Kate falls over laughing getting them to look at her.)

Kate: Oh my god.

(She gets back up and walks over to them still laughing.)

Mark: She never told you that story?
Kate: No she didn't. Now i have something to tease her over.
Mark: She's the best girlfriend isn't she?

(Reagan starts laughing at Kate's face.)

Kate: Shut up.
Mark: And then there's the ever so smartass comment.
Reagan: What?
Mark: Kara mentioned the tattoo's and well Kate told her those are just the ones that you can see.
Kate: Shut up it was before i went to find you.

(Reagan laughs at her. Then calms down.)

Reagan: Oh wow. Kate.
Kate: Shut up.
Mark: Isn't she so cute when she blushes?
Reagan: Yes.

(Kate puts her head down and starts lightly hitting it against her desk and then looks up at them.)

Kate: Ow.

(They start laughing at her then calm down.)

Kara: Kate you're not supposed to do that.
Kate: I'm trying not to. But their picking on me.
Kara: You two.
Mark: Hey. She's the one beating on herself.
Reagan: Yeah I've done that.
Mark: More than once too.

(She smacks him getting him to laugh.)

Mark: Anyway. Show Kate the costume.
Kate: What?

(Reagan shows her what Mark had gotten KJ to wear for Halloween seeing it she laughs at it.)

Kate: Pikachu. Oh wow. She's gonna love this.
Kara: Now I'm offended.
Mark: No you're not shut up.
Kara: I am just a little bit.
Kate: Not by much.
Kara: True. And hey you ass.
Mark: What?
Kara: Telling Reagan that story.
Mark: Well I'm sorry Kara. But it's very hard to believe you flew to Lena's office on a bus. And oddly enough i told Sam the same story.
Kara: Oh come on.
Reagan: And?
Mark: Oh she got one hell of a laugh out of it. Including her daughter.
Reagan: Oh.
Mark: To this day Ruby asks how does a bus fly without wings.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Kara: Oh.
Mark: But in all fairness before she met Kate.
Reagan: What?
Mark: Kara had one hell of a crush on Lena.

(Kara puts her head down and puts her face into her hands and makes a nose. Getting them to laugh.)

Reagan: And then after she met Kate.
Mark: Oh according to Alex she wouldn't shut up about the drop dead woman who flirted with her.
Kate: She started it.
Mark: How all she did was bring up the tattoo's?
Kate: I know.
Reagan: And all i said when we first met was that she was into me.
Mark: Actually before that you said Tommy Elliott was a bigger dick then you thought.
Reagan: Oh yeah.
Kara: I had actually met Tommy Elliott.
Reagan: Yeah.
Kate: He was a complete dick.
Mark: Just came to show him and Bruce really were friends.
Kate: Yeah and you saw how fast Tommy turned on Bruce once he saved his mother's life.
Mark: Yeah well No one said Tommy was to bright.
Kate: Yeah. Anyway. Mary kind of threw this at me but.
Mark: What?
Kate: She's throwing a Halloween party at her's and Ryan's loft.
Mark: Really?
Kate: Yeah. And i think this would be a great thing for KJ to wear.
Reagan: Yeah. I think that's a great idea.
Kate: Okay. You are right?
Reagan: Yeah I'm fine.
Kate: Okay.

(She turns and walks off Kara knowing there's more to it walks off after her.)

Kara: Hey Reagan hold on.

(She turns and looks at her.)

Reagan: Yeah.
Kara: I know you just told Kate you're okay but.
Reagan: Am i being that obvious?
Kara: Kind of.
Reagan: Don't get me wrong I'm happy Kate moved on with her life i am.
Kara: But.
Reagan: I'm still in love with her.

(Kara looks at her and feels bad for her.)

Kara: Oh.
Reagan: I'm not saying this to get you to break up with her. Because i can tell just how much you wanna be with her.
Kara: I do. But i won't stand in the way of someone whose still in love with her.
Reagan: She loves you Kara. I can see it.
Kara: I know she does. But no where near as much as she loves you.
Reagan: Oh.
Kara: Being with Kate is something I've wanted since we met and finally getting that chance.
Reagan: Like i said I'm not gonna break you two up. I'm not Nina Reeves.

(They start laughing as she walks onto the elevator and pushes for the lobby. As the doors close she turns and looks at Mark who grabs her into a hug getting her to

smile at him.)

Kara: I can't believe this. I finally get the girl and i could lose her because she's still in love with someone else.
Mark: I know I'm sorry.
Kara: I know that.

(As he continues to hug her she smiles knowing she had finally gotten her chance with Kate even if she has to break up with her.)

Acouple of nights later.

(Over at Mary and Ryan's loft their both doing the finishing touches on the loft before the party starts and people start showing up.)

An hour later.

(Mary and Ryan's Halloween party is on full swing both Mark and Winn are talking and joking around as Alex and Kelly arrive for the party.)

Mark: Oh no. It's Dansen.

(Winn starts laughing at their faces.)

Alex: Mark come here.
Mark: Nope.

(He quickly hides behind Sophie's whose trying to keep from laughing.)

Kate: Mark stop hiding you whimp.
Mark: No more then you are.
Kate: Hey i have the girl i want.
Mark: Does Kara know that.
Kate: It is Kara smartass.

(They start laughing then calm down. Through out the night as the party continues Reagan and KJ had arrived and everyone saw KJ in her Halloween Costume and

smiled at her and enjoyed it they even laughed at her whenever she would say Pika Pika.)

Mark: She ever get tired of saying that?
Kate: No.

(He laughs at her.)

KJ: Pikachu!

(They continue to laugh at her as Reagan puts her down and she walks over to Ryan whose talking and joking around with Sophie.)

KJ: Aunt Ryan!

(She looks down at her and smiles as she kneels down in front of her.)

Ryan: Hi.
KJ: Hi. When you gonna tell her you like her.

(Ryan looks at her and then to Kate and Reagan who are trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: Oh here we go.
Ryan: What?
KJ: I smart and you like aunt Sophie.

(Sophie's looking off trying to keep from laughing.)

Ryan: Uh.
Kate: Okay KJ.
KJ: What?
Kate: You're making them uncomfortable come here baby girl.

(She walks away from them and over to her mother.)

KJ: Sorry.
Kate: It's okay sweet girl.

(She picks her up and holds her as Sophie's still trying to keep from laughing as she walks over to her.)

KJ: I in trouble.
Sophie: No you're not. But i think she's right.
Kate: You think or you know she's right.
Sophie: I hate you.

(Kate starts laughing at her face as she walks over to Ryan as she gets to her she kisses her getting her to smile in it as their kiss continues Mary looks at them and

laughs as Mark smiles at her.)

Mary: It's about damn time Moore.

(She pulls away from Ryan as they start laughing at her face.)

Sophie: I hate all of you right now.
Mark: And to think she was trying to jog Kate's memory with her boobs.
Kate: Say what now?

(Sophie puts her head down as Ryan's trying to keep from laughing.)

Ryan: I'll tell you later Kate.
Kate: Okay.

(As the party continued KJ would look between both of her parents and smile knowing that she has them both back even if their not together but at least to KJ she

knows she has both her parents with her and isn't about let them get away again. Mainly Kate.)

KJ: Momma!

(Kate looks at her.)

Kate: Yeah.
KJ: I love you.

(Kate smiles at her.)

Kate: I love you too.

(She smiles at her as she hugs her and Reagan smiles at them. As their both hugging Reagan smiles because she knows although she doesn't have Kate anymore at

least she's still around to help her raise KJ and she doesn't have to do it on her own even if she had their friends and family around to help her out. But their nothing

compared to having KJ's other mother around.