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Crimson Moon

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In the earliest of mornings, just before the sun would begin to rise and spread its rays, a lone man moved to the top of the cliffs overlooking the town below him. He was a creature of habit, doing what came to him naturally. A very mischievous smile came over his face as he took out a vial with a swirl of brilliant bluish-white and a crimson color inside its container. He uncorked it and began to pour it over the high hill overlooking the town below him. He began laughing in glee. A cloud of the same colors began to swell and expand as it moved toward Storybrooke, covering it while people got ready for Halloween.


Storybrooke was decorated in full fall and Halloween decorations, lights, spooky figures, and all kinds of different pumpkin carved faces, people went to the newest Halloween store, buying costumes for the Halloween party. Kids would have their party at lunchtime until 4 o'clock. Then while kids stayed home with sitters, the adults would have their party to go to that night. They would be able to have a break from their daily routines, a little break from responsibilities, just to be able to unwind and have fun.


Everyone gathered in the park where they had games set up for the younger kids, and teenagers. There were several different fun houses and a haunted attraction, food booths, and such. The kids enjoyed their fun and games while the adults looked forward to that evening.

Henry had gone as Harry Potter. It was just for the fun of it.

Mary Margaret and David came up to where Emma was chatting with Ruby and Regina.

"Have you gotten your costumes ready for tonight? I've decided on being a bandit." She chuckled.

Regina looked at the petite woman. "How unoriginal of you." She rolled her eyes.

Mary Margaret scoffed. "Oh and I bet you'll come dressed as the Queen!"

A dark eyebrow rose. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? Oh no, dear. I'm coming as something else entirely."

David and Emma shared looks before deciding to stop the banter from escalating. They decided to distract them by suggesting they get something to eat before the afternoon festival was over.


After the adults had put the kids with their sitters, they changed into their costumes before heading to the docks and near the Rabbit Hole, where everything was decked out in spooky decorations and there was a band playing all kinds of Halloween themed music. The food and drinks were set out for them to feast, dance, and party. There was a fog moving on the ground. People were showing up.

Mary Margaret showed up as a Bandit. Charming was dressed as a Pirate. Emma arrived looking very beautiful as a vampire. Regina showed up looking like a werewolf, but not with a mask. Her hair was done up to look shaggy but in a beautiful way. She wore make-up to look like a werewolf. It was clear she hired someone to make her look good. Hook arrived, dressed up as a Harlot. He thought he was being funny, walking around like a woman, dressed like a woman. But he still had his beard. Robin Hood came in, dressed like King Midas. Ruby was helping to serve the food and drinks. She'd opted to dress like a Playboy bunny. Granny was dressed as a Witch. Zelena came in, dressed as a Cat in a leotard. Tinkerbell came in dressed as a man. Belle came dressed as a maid. But Mr. Gold came dressed as a Butler just to compliment Belle's attire.

There were many others there. But naturally, someone at the party had an agenda. He watched the fog begin to swirl and move around two people at the party who were oblivious to what was happening. He chuckled as he watched the fog disappear into the two women.


As the evening continued, the band continued playing music, Leroy was already drunk out of his mind and slumped over, snoring in a corner. A few people left early, the moon was high and shrouded by clouds.

Regina turned to look at Emma. "What was in my drink? I'm suddenly feeling tingly."

Emma mumbled. "Dunno. I feel weird. Maybe we should call it a night?"

"Walk me home?" Regina asked, feeling self-conscious.

Emma nodded. "Yeah, sure." They went and said goodbye to Ruby and Granny before they left together.

Both Killian and Robin had no idea the ladies had ditched them. They were still playing their drinking games.

As soon as they got to Regina's home, the Mayor invited Emma in for some of her hard apple cider.

Emma smiled fangily as she accepted and followed the Mayor inside.

Regina chuckled, feeling strangely turned on by Emma's fangs. "You sure know how to pick out a costume." She winked at the blonde.

"I can say the same about you. You make one hot-looking werewolf. Although, I think you would be sexy as a vampire too." Her eyes turned dark as she swore she could hear Regina's heart beat faster.

Regina took in a sharp breath of air, smelling Emma's arousal. Her pants began to grow tighter. And it was clear Regina was an Alpha Werewolf.

Neither woman noticed it was already midnight. All they had were eyes for each other, both wondering what the other tasted like.

They abandoned their drinks and launched at each other, kissing for a few passionate minutes before they bared canines and fangs and then bit each other as Regina pinned Emma against the wall, as they claimed one another and a burst of rainbows erupted from what they'd just done.

Regina panted in surprise, looking hairy, and her eyes glowed.

Emma's eyes were crimson in color as she licked her fangs and she moaned, loving the way her Mayor tasted.

Regina pulled Emna, a need to mate with her Savior came over her. "Let's take this to the bedroom."

Emma nodded, letting Regina take her and they made love all night long, well into the morning. Neither realized that another change was coming over them, thanks to their claiming of each other.

When the pair woke up, they noticed something was amiss. They were no longer in their costumes. They'd become even more than what they had started with.

"My fangs won't come off!" Emma exclaimed.

Regina was staring hard at her reflection in her full-bodied mirror and then she noticed something else. "We both have something resembling fangs, but there is something different about them. And I have a penis!" She looked down between her legs, feeling her shaft beginning to stir.

Emma then realized something as well. "I bit you! I tasted you."

Regina nodded, "As did I." She moved toward Emma. "You're my true love. I remember seeing a burst of rainbows… and then we…"

"We made love again and again. Is it possible someone did this to us? If we are true loves, and we shared that whole rainbows and magic thing… why are we still like this?"

"Looks like we will be paying Rumple a visit." Regina replied.


Rumple chuckled at the women who were standing in front of them. "Because it's who you really are. I just helped you along." He smirked. "May I offer my congratulations?" He eyed the pair.

"But… if this was supposed to happen… what are we? And why now?" Emma asked.

Regina nodded. "What she said."

"Well, dearies. You're hybrids. Both werewolves and vampires. In other words, Werepires. And your family is about to grow bigger." He chuckled, indicating that Emma was pregnant. "Happy Halloween!!!" He laughed.