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You Ludacris Fool!

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They were running around the atrium of the Ministry of Magic like mad things, Voldemort throwing spells while Dumbledore ducked behind everything in the room as he animated it, then ordered it to attack Voldemort.

"Look, Tom, you have a problem!" Dumbledore shouted. "It is an issue!"

"Yes," Voldemort hissed. "My problem is you! You need. To. Stop. Living!"

"No, your problem is..." Dumbledore declared, "you are a ludicrous fool!"

That was an unexpected rejoinder.

The audience of ministry officials gasped.

"What?" Voldemort demanded.

"You were a ludicrous fool! I tried to help you fix it while you were at the school in the forties, but you would not listen then! And you are a... LUDICROUS FOOL now!"