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Why fools fall in love

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Thursday, September 26th, Black Well Dormitory, room n°109

The sun shines a bright orange colour on Warren's face, he is woken up by the loud sound of the foghorn from the fishing boat in the harbor nearby, after a taking a few seconds he could distinguish the sounds of birds chirping outside his window, he is barely able to open his eyelids from last night's study session conducted on Perfect Gas State Equations. Warren feels more exhausted after looking at the alarm clock indicating he only slept a couple of hours.

Warren sighs realizing that there's no going back to sleep once he wakes up. He gathers some energy to lift his deadbeat body yawning and stretching.

'What do people do at 5 am' he thought.

Its time to take his morning shower, he picks up his little sac de toilette (toilettries) and exits his room, upon stepping in the hallway he spots Nathan walking towards his room.

Warren raises his hand in a hello gesture but Nathan closes his door forcefully.

Warren doesn't react because this happens every morning.

Slowly shuffling to the showers, he closes the curtain and takes off his clothes, when he turns on the faucet, hot water starts pouring on his tired skin, it feels refreshing, Warren is lost in thought about the reasons why him and Nathan wake up too early.

Should be because they are both avoiding people but for very different reasons, Nathan is a popular rich dude who wants to avoid ass kissing from other students.

Warren just avoids them because he presents an easy picking target, the less he gives them a chance to get to him the more he's invisible to them. 

Now that his shower is done he puts on a towel on and walks half naked back to his room with his stuff, he puts his old clothes inside the laundry basket and tries on the new periodic table shirt he bought 2 days ago of the chemical elements symbols 
Calcium, Nitrogen, and Dysprosium spelling :

'Ca N Dy' (Candy)

Warren only wears blue jeans because black jeans look too emo on him. Baige jeans looks weird and the rest of the colors are too clowny. green jeans are basically for field trips for Warren, especially the thicc green jeans his dad got him for christmas, mainly used for hiking trips so that he protects his ankles from getting scratched in rocky terrain or the prickly plants that stuck to his legs when he was 7 years old. He remembers the time when his mother plucked them one by one from his knees and it hurt like hell. 

Warren sprays on some of his French perfume. His phone suddenly rings while he's brushing his hair in the mirror, he set the ringing as one of those 1940 rotary phone tunes, its loud enough to spot his phone in case he loses it around his dorm room

"who would call him so early" Warren says to himself

he goes to pick it up

"Good morning Warren, I hope I didn't wake you up" says Max

"No not at all Max you know you can call me anytime you like" Warren takes a second to think about what he just said and how desperate it sounded.

"I called to remind you of the little breakfast meet up at the two whales, that I mentioned yesterday, Chloe and Kate are also coming"

Warren totally forgot about that because he's been so busy studying.

"Didn't forget, I'd love to meet up for breakfast, if I crash the car at 7 am you can totally eat my waffle" Warren says jokingly

"I totally will eat the tasty belgian waffle, I like my waffles the same way I like my boys,.....glazed with syrup"

Warren blushes at the thought and laughs.

"Oh wow if only there were enough syrup, oh and thx for the invite I really appreciate it"

"Sure Warren get your ass over here"

"I'll be there in in a few, see ya Max"

Max hangs up.

Warren makes it to his car and spots Nathan taking his car leaving in a hurry

"Whats the rush ? Is he late for a breakfast rendez-vous too ?" Warren thinks to himself

Warren parks his car near the diner and walks towards the diner door, he could hear yelling in the alley behind the diner and he decides to go inspect it, he sneakily looks around the corner to see Nathan being roughed up by two dudes, that does not look good, Nathan is laying on the ground and they are kicking him to the torso, Warren is sure that if Nathan takes one more kick he'll be dead so he steps out of his hiding waving his phone in the air

"I called the cops they are on their way!"

"Oh shit! Lets get outta here"

The dudes then run away, Warren hurries over towards Nathan

"Holy mother, are you okay ?" Warren asks

Nathan coughs blood onto the paved alley floor, his clothes are discheveled and he is trying to catch his breath like an asthmatic.

Nathan weakily tries to get on his feet catching his side to try to ease the pain, it feels like someone is using a chainsaw on his torso, pain surging in waves with every move. He walks a few paces and collapses on the ground, Warren runs over and picks him up

"Get the fuck away from me weirdo, touch me again and I'll fucking kill you" Nathan yells angrily and gasps for air from intense shouting

he could barely say the words due to the intense pain eating his lungs

he tries to stand and shoves Warren away, he limps towards his car, gets inside and drives off.



Nathan can barely keep his eyes on the road, the pain is surging all over his body and the bruising on his face burns like hell, his driving is reckless, much worse than usual but he doesn't care, he has to get back to his dorm room.

He parks his car in a very nonchalant manner taking up more parking space than necessary, he exits the car and falls to the ground as the pain shoots up his ribs, he walks a few paces then crouches from pain, he got very lucky as nobody is awake yet so he makes his way to his room and throws himself on his comfortable bed, the pain not subsiding as he is thinking of what do next.

His quick thinking led him to try and check whether he broke any ribs, taking his shirt off was the hardest task yet, he worked slow as any quick movement makes the pain so much worse, his muscular pale torso is bruised all over with deep red, he touches each of his ribs separately to check but luckily non are broken, he sighs in relief but that also causes him pain, so he lays shirtless on his bed, he has to get a first aid kit sometime soon for fucks sake, he is very lonely, none of his friends or family members could help him in his current situation, he could trust Victoria but if she sees him like this she'll start asking questions and get into trouble, that is unthinkable to Nathan.

Vicky had always been such a sister to him always there beside him after his sister left to Brazil, whenever his dog died, his mom out or when he was grounded by his dad Victoria was there with him, but right now he could only rely on himself so he grabs the remote control from his disheveled nightstand to turn on some whale songs to listen to, a little time has passed, he is really battered so he falls asleep.

Nathan wakes up, the pain from trying to move while he slept woke him up, he checks his torso to see what used to be red marks on him turned blue with greenish edges, he lifts himself off bed and winces at the pain it causes him,

"Ah fuck !" He shouts

Some of the medication sitting on his night stand perscribed to him by his therapist could work just like pain killers, so he takes 2 pills, which is one too many for usual. The pain is almost gone , something like this could not happen again, he remembers he put his gun in his locker, he hasn't had an oppertunity to use it before, but now its time to result to the sabre...



Warren cannot do anything about the matter so he decides to forget about it, he thought about following Nathan to make sure he was safe but remembered Max was waiting for him.

he enters the two whales diner and spots his groupies enthusiastic about the breafast plan, he greets them from the door and walks to sit down next to Max

"Bonjour" Warren says

"Hey Warren you made it, I won't be eating my boy's waffle today I guess, shame" Max gives Warren a seizable smile

"That perfume smells lovely, reminds me of the priest in my old church" Kate adds

"Haha yeah french people do know how to make their perfume, you look elegant yourself Kate glad we could finally get to hangout again"

"Yeah yeah too much talking not so much eating I came here to eat waffles not to drink tea with the Queen of England and exchange pleasantries" Chole says annoyed

"Mom !" Chloe Yells loudly

Joyce walks towards the table with her little notepad and greets the groupie, they all greet her back except Chloe

"A little louder Chloe, dom't think they heard you next town over" Joyce says to Chloe.

"Good morning kids, so nice to see you all here together, what can I get you?" Joyce turns towards the groupies

"Belgian waffles mom and hurry up I'm so hungry!" Chloe says annoyed

"Good morning to you too Chloe, your friends are hungry too but they're not complaining like 5 year olds. the more you whine the longer I will take to finish taking the order. What does everybody want to have ?"

"Ugh fine, I'll take Belgian waffles with extra cream like always mooom" Chloe says more annoyed and angry, arms crossed looking away from Joyce

"I'll take Pancakes with maple syrup please" Kate says

"I'll take Belgian waffle with warm chocolate drink please" Warren adds

"I'd like to have the same order as Chloe" -Max

"Alright kids i won't be long" Joyce walks back to the counter and commences working on the order

Chloe points to a dude sitting at the other side

"Hey I saw that guy once sitting in his car and..." Chloe does a wanking gesture with her hand

"Thanks Chloe, could've lived not knowing that" Max grunts in disgust

"What were you doing watching a guy wank off ?" Warren adds

"I-...uh, whatever, nevermind" Chloe says ashamed and she flashes Warren the middle finger

Kate sitting there, her cheeks got so red from blushing

"Speaking of guys wanking off in cars, hey Max, did you watch that movie about vampires that I told you about the other day" Asks Warren looking at Max and smiling

"Yeah best hour of my week, really liked the plot twist when one of them was not actually a vampire but an actual human cannibal" Max tells Warren enthusiastically 

"That part really got to me, I hope there is a part II" Warren adds

"really enjoy watching movies with open endings" Kate

"Oh yeah church girl ? Isn't the bible an open ending because Jesus is coming back ? Like a zombie or a vampire right ? Boooooo" Chloe says to Kate

"I'll never look at jesus the same way ever again" Kate says staring at a distance unfocused far away.

Joyce comes with their food and they all eat laughing and enjoying their little meal. After they're done they head back to Blackwell, Max And Kate attend their class while Warren heads to the Lab.

Warren is not surprised to find Brooke there all ready with her lab coat and glasses, like a little scientist

"Heyyy Brooky the rookie everything cool ?"

"Yeah hey Warren, haha everything is cool" Brooke's head snaps up almost instantly with a wide smile on her lips, stumbling on her words, really hard to see and talk to her crush everyday, not that he knows that ofcourse, she never had the courage to tell him because she is afraid of rejection.

"I am just preparing for today I really hate practical work" Brooks says 

Warren and Brooke are like two sides of the same coin, she is into theoretical stuff and he's into practical stuff.

"Thou Shall not Worry madame Brooke, your knight is here to save thou"

"Thou arst my favorite loyal servant Sir Warren" Brooke looks happier looking at Warren acting so silly and the the sad tone in her voice disappears.

She must admit she takes more joy in his ignorance towards her true feelings, ever since she saw him in the library their very first day, his goofy side and just how cute he looks he just makes her think of him all the time its almost an obsession.

Mrs. Grant enters the lab room and asks everyone to take their place near the lab counter.

"Good morning class, today we will learn how to make soap from chemical compounds known as esters, I know how hard you have been studying this week so I won't be giving you any homework this weekend"

The students cheer "Yay" and some dudes high five each other. They all start talking with each other so happy about the news already making plans for the weekend.

"Okay okay, all I require from you is your undivided attention today, whoever gets better results will have a plus on their grading"

After Mrs grant finishes her half an hour of explanation that Warren and Brooke already knew about, they all started their experiment.

Warren and Brooke ofcourse were the first to finish as they were all too familiar with the components of reaction and the method, while Brooke took care of the calculations Warren took care of preparing the chemicals and applying the results of her calculations effectively. their experiment ended up with a very impressive yield. Mrs Grant congratulated the two students for their effort and gave them a plus on their grading.

Brook did a high five with Warren and couldn't stop smiling and she hugged him from cheer happiness. Brooke's day was going really well. 

Max texts Warren and while Warren was talking with Mrs grant about the experiment Brooke's attention was driven towards Warren's phone and she couldn't help herself but to look at the text and her expression falls flat, Brooke tries to distract Warren from checking on his phone but she was too late, he excused the teacher to go the bathroom but in reality it was just to get to message Max back and he left the classroom in a rush.

[Mad Max, 10:44 AM]

Hey Warren, it was cool hanging out together this morning Kate was especially happy about it, we should do it more often.

While Warren was so focused texting back Max he doesn't look where he's going and bumps to the back of somebody. Warren falls flat on his butt. 

Warren looks up and sees Nathan's brows ferrew in anger realizing what he had done, then instinctively looks down at the sound some heavy metallic object connecting to the ground made after the bump, Warren still had his phone in his hands so he thought maybe Nathan dropped his phone on impact, then when Warren looks down to the floor sees a gun ! Nathan picks it up very quickly and hides it inside his jacket

"You fucking nerd wear glasses you blind retard"

Nathan picks Warren from the collar and smashed his back against the lockers, it made a loud thud. Nathan leans his head close to Warren's as he can feel his angry hot breath on his face, Nathan's stare felt like as if he was deciding something, his cheecks are so red in contrast to his bruises from ealier today, now purple around his eyes and jawline.

"I didn't mea-" Warren says weakly before Nathan interrupts him

"If you fucking tell anybody I will use the gun on your ass ! Got it ?" Nathan replies 

Warren knows Nathan is only carrying the gun to protect himself from the dudes that went ape mode on him this morning, what was he involved in ? He already bought this school its not like he couldn't pay up those gangsters.

Before Warren could say anything the school bell rings, and not long after students started pouring into the hallways, Nathan ungrapls Warren and walks away furiously stomping his feet.

Warren dealing with bullies is one thing, not that Nathan ever bullied him before but packing heat is much worse than he thought.

'What if someone here makes him angry and ends up shot'

Warren needs to make sure that doesn't happen to anyone especially his friends, the friends he made and started going out with in morning breakfast chats, so he heads directlty out to follow Nathan, Warren heads to the dorms but finds nobody there, they were in class. 

he enters his room and locks the door, Warren starts looking inside his wardrobe for something he could use against Nathan in case it all went to shit. He finds what he needs and makes his way out of the dorms.

he rushes outside, a hard pull on the back his shirt, then forces him to turn around by grabbing and pulling at his shoulder.

"Are you fucking following me ?" Nathan says crunching his teeth together

Warren knows Nathan is hurting, with every sudden move he makes he squints his eyes from pain, from this morning. So Warren pushes Nathan back.

"Whats your problem man" Warren replies angry

Nathan takes out his gun and points it sideways at Warren. Warren could feel his breath escape his lips and all he did was stare at the gun. It was intimidating, all his focus turned on that gun, waiting for it to explode in fire and death. Warren cannot avert his eyes from the gun, he notices the safety is off, Warren can feel his heart drop, But Nathan cut off his daze.

"Whats MY problem ?! Are you fucking retarded ! I warned you, you god damned prick why don't people mind their own god damn buisness !" Nathan shouts so angry Warren could see the veins in his forehead throb.

Warren instinctivly raised both his arms to shoulder length.

"Nathan, please..." Warren pleads

"Shut the fuck up !" Nathan shouts

Nathan motioned with the gun for Warren to start walking, Warren can't believe this is happening, his quick thinking led him to decide that he doesn't want the situation to escalate further so he just obeys.

Nathan walks Warren to the parking lot, his gun pressed on Warren's loin.

"Get in" Nathan orders Warren

Warren hesitates a second, so scared, he had been so stupid. So reckless, just wanted to save his friends and now non of them will even know he's dead, he could try and go for a counter attack which always seemed easy in movies, in reality he could see Nathan's fingers are constantly hugging the trigger, he cannot, he just can't.

"You want an invitation ? I'm not kidnapping your ass nerd just get the fuck in already"

Warren obeys, before he closes the car door Nathan starts driving. 

"Where are you taking me ?"

Nathan doesn't repond he just keeps driving, the gun in his hand, Warren tries to give it time to see where they are going but it seems they are leaving town.

"Why am I here dude ? Whats going on" Warren asked. 

'Oh man he's gonna take me to the woods and shoot me there and get rid of my body where no one can find it' Warren thought to himself, so scared.

Nathan doesn't respond. Driving so fast on empty road. In what felt like hours Nathan broke the silence.

"We are heading towards an old abandoned train station, Here's what you gotta do, a bunch of fuckers are going to appear right next to an old train cart" Nathan starts explaining

"You will distract them while I sneak from the back into their van, then get out as quickly as you can and I'll meet you at the side of the building where I will park the car. Understood ?" Nathan says calmly

Warren was flabbergasted. 

"Wait what the...., who are these guys ? Why do I need to be there ?" Warren asks a little annoyed at the lack of answers Nathan is not giving him but still scared all the same.

A half an hour of silent driving they reach the train station, the sign says "Prescott train station" Warren can barely begin to imagine how wealthy the Prescotts are.

Nathan parks the car and sighs, then he looks at his partner. Nathans cold blue eyes were staring right through Warren. 

"You're gonna pretend that you were sent by the prescotts to make an exchange, money for a flash drive, keep bargaining with them about the price they ask until you see me get out, Understand ?" Nathan says

"I can't do this Nathan you know I can't, please let me go" Warren says in an innocent scared voice.

"Listen here you little shit, next time you'll watch your steps before you do something stupid, we went this far its too late to pull out now, if you do this one thing all is forgiven"

"You promise you won't kill me ?" Warren says hoping this wasn't some sort of a trick

Nathan refrains from reaching over and clawing at Warren's face until he dies.

"Yes" Nathan says simply

Warren takes a moment to think then nods in agreement, they exchange phone numbers just in case their plan rails off, as there is no plan B its best to stay alerted to any news. They both leave the car, they enter the train station 

Warren decides to inspect the old station, the metal that represents the pillars of the building looks rusted away and some of it has even collapsed, the windows were broken and left huge shards of glass on the ground and the tracks looked very rusty, Warren could see that the light poles were outdated from the 1800s inside, all of it predated the invention of electricitc motors as they used gas to light up the light poles. It was dark and mold was all over the huge ceiling, 

Warren is so nervous he feels he might puke any second, Nathan sneaks in the alley at the side of the building and disappears.

A few minutes past and just like Nathan said, one big guy wearing a devil mask and the other a lion mask, both coming towards him from around the old train carts, Warren's legs feel wobbly, he steps towards them

"Who the fuck are you ? Where's Prescott" the lion mask guy asks

"I represent the Prescotts here, if you got a problem with that go cry to your mama, you shouldn't have messed with the Prescotts, you boys have guts I'll give you that" Warren is trying mimic the Mafia from his movie and its kind of working, he didn't realize his movies were going to save his life one day.

"Prescotts fuck us over we fuck them over, if you try any funny buisness Hank here will spill your guts like a salmon, did you bring anybody with you ?"

Warren can hear his heart pumping in his ear but he is persistent

"Nobody, now quit your chit chat ladies lets get down to buisness" Warren says 

"Gladly, We want money for that precious flash drive, we know its worth a lot" Hank says

"You inbred mongrols fuck with the Prescotts you should give it and hope Mr.Prescott forgives you, this could escalate very quickly, do the smart thing while you can" Warren pleads while acting tough

"Don't fucking tell us what to do got it ?" Hank shouts taking a step forward.

Warren knows that they are using borrowed names to keep their identity anonymous. 

The lion mask guy extends his hand and stops him

"We want 100 grand for the flash drive" said the lion mask guy

"Good, but we both know I cannot pay full price" Warren quickly adds

"Its 100 grand fucker" Hank shouts

"I'll pay you 80 grand, its that or go put the flash drive up you ass" Warren says

"No can do pal" Lion Mask says

Meanwhile, Nathan can see light from one of the trailers, he enters and inspects it, he finds a small metal box locked, he doesn't have time to look for any key, that key might be with the two assholes. he decides to shoot the lock. 

The two men turn to face the sound of gunshot. 

Warren could see Nathan exiting the trailer and run a safe distence, Warren knows Nathan left him for dead when he asked him to talk with them because Warren is the one thats gonna get the blow. This way Nathan doesn't have to kill him. They will.

Warren thinks quickly what to do now he is feels alone and vulnurable

They are both angered, Hank turns around to Warren

"Mother fucker ! You brought someone with you!"

Hank sees Warren carrying a canister, Warren throws the tear gas bomb his face.

Hank loses it, he shoves Lion mask guy aside carrying a huge knife in his grip, it didn't take long for the gas to take effect. He started swinging the knife randomly in the air hoping to land it on Warren.

They start coughing and screaming very loud as it burns their eyes really bad, crying and not being able to see anything Warren runs after Nathan. 

Warren brought Tear Gas from the suitcase on top of his Wardrobe because he thought he could use it to blind Nathan when he got the chance.

Nathan gets inside his car he drives off, he fucking did it, by now Warren should be torn to pieces, the thought of Warren laying there dead wasn't pleasant. there was nothing he could do though, it was either him or Graham, too late now anyways. 

He checks his back mirror only to see Warren emerging from the station's front door running behind him, Nathan ignores what he is seeing and keeps driving off.

"Wait up Pleeeease !" Warren yells pleading.

The look on Warren's face, it was too much, he did promise to not kill him, and running away like this is doing just that, he had to stop the car.

"Fuuuuck, fuck fuck"

Nathan shouts slamming his driving wheel and then punching the rear view mirror, he saw it bounce on the passenger seat and then he heard a smack, like glass breaking. Nathan unconciously presses the pedal and the car creaks loudly as the tires lock with the asphalt floor, he takes it back on reverse.

Nathan stops next Warren, after the dust settles they both look at each other for while in shock as if neither of them expected Nathan to do what he did. 

"Need me to open the door for you princess or what ? Get your retarded ass inside before I change my mind"

Warren grins and opens the door, gets inside Nathan's car, Nathan steps on the gas and they drive off.

Warren lays back on his seat and rests his head to catch a breath gasping for air like he had been underwater for too long.

Warren takes a deep breath and asks 

"Not cool man, if i hadn't brought tear gased those thugs I would be hanging upside down with my insides out right over there and nobody would ever find me, you promised you will not kill me!"

"Get off my crack, next time don't walk and text you phag, plus I promised I won't kill you, I didn't promise they won't"

Nathan felt no guilt about what he did to Warren it was either his ass or Graham's. But he was damn lucky Warren hadn't used tear gas on him, his eyes were already not in a good condition for anything.

"Why didn't you just shoot them with the gun you have and take the flashdrive yourself ?"

Warren's voice was getting on Nathan's nerves, god his whining was cracking his skull.

"Stop fucking talking" Nathan shouts and stares at Warren menacingly

Warren looks at him with wide eyes

"Man keep your eyes on the road are you crazy?"

"Don't fucking tell me what to do you hear ? If you say a fucking word I'll drive this car onto a tree"

Nathan calms himself down as he takes a deep sigh and opens the car glove compartement, he takes out a pill from a yellow-ish bottle and pops it in his mouth.

Warren looks out his window in silence.

"I did my part of the deal. We cool now ?" Warren asks

"Ye" Nathan half heartedly replies

Warren realises the medication did its work, he wants to get his answers, its now or never.

"Why did you even take that flash drive from them, they asked 100 grand for the thing, does it contain codes to a nuclear missiles or something ?"

Nathan knows that his little curious science head will never stop asking questions.

"The flashdrive belongs to me. Those mouth breathing cammembert ass shovers used work for my dad's estate, when my dad was going to fire them, they broke in and stole some goods. Flash drive included, they couldn't see what it contained because its password protected so they tried blackmailing me".

Nathan is concious about the lie he had just told, the flash drive contains some specimen from the dark room, instead of going to the police with the evidence they thought they could bribe Nathan to steal his dad's money, without evidence they can't do shit now.

Warren's demeanour changes

"Its okay I understand you did what you had to do".

More silence insues. The road was empty and dark, not a single creak in the night.

Warren was thinking that since this whole deal is over he should be more careful from now on, he is so thankful Nathan didn't leave him there, although he could have, the idea warmed his heart a little to know that Nathan wasn't a complete spontaneous jerk.

"Whats up your ass why are you looking at me like I fucked your girl"

Warren was startled, all of a sudden.

"Ohh, Uhh what ? I uhh...., wanted to say thanks for not leaving me back there, I thought...." Warren could not finish the sentence, his expression empty thinking about the probablity of Nathan leaving him

Nathan breaks the silence after a while

"Yeah yeah, next time you're on your own"

"Wait there is a next time ? This is turning into a thing isn't it" Warren says jokingly

Warren gives Nathan a stare as if he's waiting for him to say something

"I really don't have to say this, but you better..."

Before Nathan could finish Warren says

"Yeah got it, don't tell anybody"

Nathan nods, that was smart, Warren is not all that stupid it seems.

They drive in silence for a while


The two boys return to Arcadia bay, the familiar scenery makes it feel like mission accomplished, Nathan could feel the pain killers effects wearing off as the pain surges back all over his torso, as he parks the car, the pain is many times worse than it was this morning, he shouldn't have overworked himself, he opens the car door and steps out but he can't keep up so he falls to the floor on his side clunching it, Warren hurries towards Nathan and tries to help pick him up.

"Stay the fuck away from me ! Touch me again and I will shoot your hands off! Don't touch me! EVER ! don't need your help"

"Dude you need to get your dorms before David patrols this area and finds you, you'll be in so much trouble"

Warren reply makes sense, he really had to get out of there before security patrols


Warren approaches Nathan again, he wraps his hand around his upper chest and picks him up. Nathan almost faints from the pain electricuting his every nerve, his wincing is vocal and Warren takes extra care trying to get him to move.

Warren enters with Nathan inside his room and lays him on his bed, Warren then removes Nathan's shoes and could visibly see him grasp with the pain, Warren knew if Nathan could speak at the moment he'd tell him to fuck off, Nathan motionned to his desk then showed 2 fingers to Warren for his medication and Warren obliged taking out 2 pills, he handed them over to him and he swallowed them so quick. Nathan's breathing slowed down, Nathan put on whale songs and was fast asleep, he didn't care about anything.

Warren sat down on the bed next to Nathan, the room did resemble Nathan's head, the posters, the atmosphere and everything. Warren sat thinking for a while and didn't know what to do, so he just stood up and made his way back to his room, he then went back to Nathan's room with some dry ice bags in his hands, he moved Nathan's shirt and exclaimed

"Woah ! Thats insane"

He put a small towel on Nathan's torso and then the bag of dry ice on top of it, the cold will spread evenly on Nathan's torso without waking him up, Warren puts the cover on Nathan, looks like he's going to be okay so Warren leaves the room back to his own bed where he can rest after such a long day.