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Patrick's dick is soft already, flopping up and down flinging lingering cum in all directions over the bed and their chests. He chases the edge of discomfort as he continues to ride David with fervor, more sweat joining the fluids as salty rivulets reach the tips of Patrick's curls. He's already come. Twice. He has been opened up and fucked dry and now he chases David's release, desperate to be refilled and whole.

Long fingers grip Patrick's thighs, David's admirable attempt at remaining still. His legs twitch with want, unable to fuck up into Patrick's wet heat. This is Patrick's night. He's taken and taken, chased his pleasure without shame or guile. Now he is taking this last thing he needs, he needs to give David pleasure, he wants to be filled with the proof that he made David feel good. And there it is, as Patrick sinks down on his husband's throbbing cock one more time, David's grip tightens and holds him in place. He feels David's cum spurting inside him, the last piece of a broken vase finally glued back together.

Patrick's hole valiantly attempts to milk the last bit of release from David as he starts to soften inside. It's puffy and swollen, but still he reaches back to trace a finger around his stretched rim, another finger slips just inside next to David. It's too much for them both and David tsks as he sometimes does when Patrick takes things just a little too far. Soon Patrick is being cleaned and kissed and fed and he feels buoyant. He feels complete. He slips into dreams, content with the knowledge that that feeling isn't going to fade away.