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DATREC AU : Alternate Ending - Escaped

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"Okay! Okay! Just stop! Please! I'll stay here, I'll do whatever you want!"

Dust said. Nightmare smirked.

"Y-young master.. no..!"

Horror said. Nightmare walked towards Dust, Dust opened his eyes and looked at him. Nightmare cupped Dust's chin to make him not looking away. Tears formed in each corner of Dust's eyes.

"Please.. just don't hurt or even kill him.. and his brother.. I-I'll stay.. I won't run away.."

Dust said.

"Hm, that's you decision?"

Nightmare asked. Dust nodded,

"Y-yes.. just please, promise me you won't kill him.."

Dust said.

"Oh, I always speaks the truth, Dust. I won't kill him or his brother now that you decided to stay."

Nightmare said as he leaned in and gave Dust a little kiss on the 'mouth'. Horror tried to stand up, but he collapsed back. Dust looked at Horror,

"Just.. let me.. talk to him, please.."

Dust said. Nightmare stared at him for a few while. Then he nod,

"Let him go, Killer, Error."

Nightmare said. Killer and Error let go of Dust's hand as Dust immediately run towards Horror, he stood on his knees. Horror immediately pulled Dust and hugged him tightly, ignoring all the pain he felt. Dust hugged him back. Nightmare stared at the two and watched them. Then, Nightmare suddenly changed his mind, but he decided to watch Dust and Horror first.

"Young Master, are you okay..?"

Horror said, in a low voice, barely heard but Dust could hear him. They let go of the hug.

"No, I should be the one who ask you that.. god you're bleeding everywhere.."

Dust said.

"Don't worry, Young Master.. but you can't stay with Nightmare! He'll... I don't know what will he do to you.. I'm sure he just wanted to hurt you! You can't do that!"

Horror said.

"It's for the best, Helica.. I don't want you and your brother getting killed.. it's all my fault so I have to-"

Dust's words were cut off as Horror holds Dust's shoulders,

"Young Master, listen to me. It wasn't your fault. My brother is fine, he will never get to him, and I will be fine too! Now please, don't stay here.. we'll.."

Horror lower down his voice,

"We'll get out of here in a minute.. Star Group is on their way.."

Horror said. Dust looked up to him,

"Star.. group?"

Dust asked. Horror looked at Nightmare, who is still watching them both. Horror looked back at Dust and nodding his head.

"They're on their way here so.. please..."

Horror said. Nightmare of course heard everything they said, even though their voices are low and almost not heard. Nightmare's expression hardened as he heard Horror mentioning the Star group will be here in any minute. Nightmare sharppened his tentacles. Horror and Dust keeps talking to each other.

"Are they the ones who protect your brother..?"

Dust asked. Horror nodded his head,

"Yes.. they'll be here any second.. so.."

Horror said. Dust stayed silent for a few seconds before nodding.

"Alright then.. we'll-"

Horror looked up to Nightmare and saw him moving his tentacles towards Dust, Horror widened his eyes as he holds Dust, turning around and hugged him in a protective way as the tentacles went through Horror's chest. Blood came out of the chest, Dust widened his eyes in shock, Horror coughed blood. Nightmare pulled out his tentacles, his expression shows that he is pissed that he didn't manage to kill Dust. Horror collapes on top of Dust, Dust helds him close,

"Helica! No, no! Please, don't die!"

Dust had tears in each corner of his eye sockets. Horror chuckles softly, he looked at Dust slightly,

"I-It's okay, I won't die that easily.."

Horror said.

"But.. Young Master.."

Dust looked at him, Horror touched his chest, hissing slightly.

"...can you fight them..? I'm sure the Star group will be here in any minute.. I.. can't do much right now..."

Horror said. Dust looked at Nightmare and his underlings, they are just watching the two. Dust looked back at Horror,

"...I can't.. I mean I can but.... only if I'm mad.."

Dust said.

"..I see.. then.. they're gonna kill us both before Star group arriving.. we have to do something while waiting their arrival..."

Horror said, closing his eyes. Dust looked up at Nightmare and his underlings again and stared at them for a few minutes. Dust took a deep breath and looked at Horror,

"Hit me then. As hard as you can."

Dust said. Horror opened his eyes slightly,


Dust nodded,

"It's okay, just hit me. As hard as you can."

Horror shook his head,

"I would never do that to you..."

Horror said.

"Do it. It's the only way I could win against them. Even though I.. could hurt you, too.."

Dust said. Both of them stared at each other for a few seconds before Horror sighed heavily.

"Wonder what you guys are talking about."

Nightmare suddenly speaks up. Dust looked at him, giving him a cold stare. Nightmare of course, liked the stare. Horror looked at Dust, rasing his hand and slapped Dust as hard as he can. Dust was surprised but he knew that he asked Horror to do it. Dust wasn't responding for a few while. Nightmare and his underlings, Killer and Error were surprised by Horror's action. Horror then saw it, Dust's eye flashing flame with red and blue colors, soon the colors combines into purple. Even a single slap, could trigger Dust's mad side. Dust summoned a bone and immediately stabbed it to Horror's arm, Horror jolted and groaned in pain. Dust had told him before that he could hurt Horror in the process, too.

Dust then stood up, he looked at Nightmare and his underlings. Horror pulled out the bone and looked up at Dust before collapsing from exhaustion and pain he felt. Dust summoned another bone and immediately attacked Nightmare and managed to made a wound on his chest. Nightmare widened his eye in surprise, then he moved his tentacles to attack Dust but he dodges in time. Killer attacked Dust and manage to made a scratch on Dust's cheek, Dust stabbed the bone on Killer's shoulder and kicking him away, then Error used his strings and those strings wrapped around Dust's body.

Dust was stuck, he couldn't do anything. Nightmare sharppened his tentacles, getting them ready to slice Dust up. Then something appeared behind Error, a giant gaster blaster as it blasted a beam, Error managed to dodge and it hits the strings instead, so Dust got free from the strings and summoning some bones, moving them towards Error, pinning him to the walls. Dust looked at Nightmare and summoned a few bones. Nightmare moved his tentacles and Dust moved the summoned bones towards each other.


"..ung.. ...ster..."


" ma..."


"...young master..."


"Young Master."

Dust opened his eyes slightly, finding himself being carried by Horror. Horror stopped walking,

"Oh, you finally woke up."

Horror said.

"He woke up?"

Someone asked. Dust looked at the source of the other's voice, seeing a tall skeleton with cat ears and tail just like Horror, Dust knew who that is. Horror's brother. He had seen him from a picture before. Behind the tall skeleton, there are three skeletons that looks just like Dust himself. They stopped walking and speed-walked towards Horror and Dust. Horror is still carrying Dust in his arms. Dust looked up at Horror,

"...what happened..?"

Dust asked, trying to remember. Horror smiled,

"You defeated Nightmare and his underlings, then you collapsed from exhaustion. The Star group came right after you collapsed."

Horror said.

"I know you can do it."

Horror added. Dust hummed, leaning on Horror's shoulder, Horror kissed Dust's forehead. The other four smiled quietly as they watched the two.

"But I didn't kill him and his underlings.. I just made them can't move.."

Dust said.

"You don't have to kill them, Young Master. Just defeat them is enough."

Horror said.


Then they all continued walking to the Star Group's base. Even after arriving at Star Group's place, Horror didn't let go of Dust even when Dream and Blue - two of the Star group - helps the, by healing them up. After they are healed and patched up, the two only cuddled on the couch with Dust on Horror's lap, not wanting to let go of each other, saying the word 'I love you' to each other repeatedly and kissing each other. Sometimes, Dust pets Horror's head which made Horror moves his tail excitedly and purrs loudly. Horror's brother and the Star group didn't bother them as they leave them both alone.

The End.