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DATREC AU : Alternate Ending - Controlled

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"Well, Dust? What will it be?"

Nightmare asked. Dust stayed silent, still don't know what to do.

"Y-young master.. don't- ack!-"

Nightmare kicked Horror and then again stepping on his tail.

"Come on, Dust. Decide before I kill him in front of your eyes in a minute."

Nightmare said. Dust looked at Horror. Nightmare sharppened his tentacles, one of his tentacle wrapped around Horror's cat ear, while other tentacle ready to cut his cat ear. Horror closes his eyes shut, getting ready for the pain. Horror can't really move, he's feeling hurt all over. Nightmare's tentacle moved, making a small wound on Horror's ear. Dust didn't say anything as he closed his eyes. Horror actually glad that Dust didn't say anything at all. He really didn't want Dust to stay with Nightmare. Nightmare stayed silent, staring at Dust for a few moments.

Nightmare suddenly changed his mind. Nightmare walked towards Dust, then grabbing his arm and looked at Error and Killer.

"Let go of him. Killer, Error, go and tie Horror's arms to that pole behind him, now."

Nightmare said. Error and Killer nodded their head and immediately walked towards Horror, teleporting a thick rope and starting to tie Horror's wrists to the pole. Horror looked at the two, Dust looked at Horror. Nightmare's underlings tied up Horror's wrists tight enough, then the stood up and walked towards Nightmare.

"Good. Now, go upstairs and watch. If the Star groups arrived here, defeat them. Don't let them get inside the mansion."

Nightmare said. Killer and Error nodded and they disappeared immeadiately. Dust was about to run to Horror, but Nightmare's grip on his wrist gets tighter, preventing him to go to Horror. Dust hissed. Nightmare walked behind Dust and pulled Dust close to him, wrapping his tentacles around Dust's legs, waist and arms. Dust looks so scared but he stayed silent. Horror looked at them,

"Stop. Let him go. What are you gonna do with him?"

Horror said. Nightmare leaned to Dust's shoulder,

"Hm. When I first saw him, I immediately fell in love with him. That alone was the truth."

Nightmare said.


Horror asked. Nightmare smirked.


"....wait.. w-wait! W-what are you-?!!! AHH!-"

Dust screamed in pain. Horror widened his eyes as he witnessed such an awful thing that Nightmare did to his Young Master, Dust.

"n-nO! PLEASE!- AH- S-STOP IT! NOoooOOOo!"

"There we go.."


Horror struggled to get his hands free, but not use.

"Stop it, Nightmare! He doesn't like it!"


"AHH!...ahh.. Ahh.. hahh! S-stop- p-please- a-ahh! No..NOOO!"

"Stop, Nightmare, please! Don't do that to him! I'm begging you! Please!"

Horror begged. Nightmare didn't hear him.

"...ahh... hahh... Ahh! AhhHHAAAHHhhh!!! STOOPP!! NOOoooOOO!!!"

"Keep screaming like that, Dust."

"no..NO!! AHH!! HELP!! Helica...! HELICA!! H-HELP!! OH GOD--!! AAHHH!!"

"Your little Helica won't be able to help. He's a useless little cat. He won't help you. He's just watching you."

Nightmare said. Horror keeps on struggling to get his hands free, still he couldn't.


Horror yelled, begging and keep begging.

"H-Helica!! H-help- AHHH!!... NOOO..!!! it hurts.. it huRTS..! IT HURTS...!!!"


Horror yelled. Nightmare obviously enjoyed all this.

"AAAAaaaaAAHHHHHHhhhhHHHH!!!- Aahh... ha.. hh... ........ He.. li....."

Dust passed out after that.





Nightmare holds Dust's body and then putting him on the ground carefully. Nightmare's tentacle let go of Dust's arms, waist and legs as he walked towards Horror, he squatted in front of him. Horror looked at him with an expression full of hatred towards the skeleton in front of him. Nightmare smirked,

"When you wake up, he's not the 'Young Master' that you used to know."

Before Horror could response, Nightmare punched him on the face hard enough to make him passed out.


"..hey. up."


"Wake up, you useless cat."

Horror opened his eyes as he heard Nightmare's voice. Horror sits up, his hands are free but now he is locked up in a jail cell. Horror touched his cheek, it felt a bit stings after being punched there. Horror looked up at Nightmare, who is outside the cell. Horror looked around, then back at Nightmare. Then he remembered, where is his Young Master? Horror widened his eyes as he remembered the awful thing Nightmare did to him.

"Wh.. where is he..?"

Horror asked.


Nightmare asked, pretending that he didn't know.

"My master- Dust, where is here?!"

Horror said, raising up his voice.

"Oh, he's here and he's fine. In fact he is very excited to see you."

Nightmare said. Then he looked at someone and called them.

"Little Master, over here."

Nightmare said. Little Master? Horror heard footsteps coming closer then he saw Dust walking towards Nightmare and stopped beside him, Nightmare gave him a kiss and Dust returned the kiss. Then Dust looked at Horror and smiled softly. Horror saw Dust's pupils are not the usual red and blue, but green, darker red and blue. It shows that He is being controlled by Nightmare. Horror stood up and moved closer, gripping the poles.

"Young Master.."

Horror called. Dust walked closer with the same smile,

"A half-cat skeleton? He's cute. What's your name?"

Dust said and asked. Dust's memories of Horror are gone. Horror felt his soul being shattered into pieces as he saw Dust in front of him, being controlled and memories erased. Horror looked down on the ground. Why did he invloved Dust in this mess? Why did he goes to Dust in the beginning? This won't be happening if he never met Dust. Horror drops small little tears out of his eye sockets to the ground. Horror's hand trying to reach Dust and Dust holds his hand willingly. Horror saw a ring on his middle finger. A ring with a black rose on it. Must be the thing that controlled him.

"...I'm sorry... Young Master..."

Horror said, his voice cracks a little bit.

" sorry..."

Horror added.

"your name's Sorry?"

Dust asked. Nightmare made Horror's hand and Dust's hand stopped holding onto each other. Nightmare looked at Dust, which Dust looked at him back.

"Little Master, go back upstairs. I'm sure Killer's finished with preparing dinner."

Nightmare said.

"But I want to stay and know more about this half-cat skeleton."

Dust said. Nightmare smiled,

"You can do that tomorrow in the morning. Now go, Little Master."

Nightmare said. Dust looked at Horror, who is wipping off his tears. Dust looked back at Nightmare and nodded his head, then he walked away from Nightmare and Horror, going back upstairs.


Horror called. Nightmare looked at him.

"...please.. take a good care of him... don't do anything that might hurt him like what you did to him before.. I'm begging you..."

Horror said.

"You're not the one who made the rules here."

Nightmare said. Horror gets down and kneeling down in front Nightmare. Nightmare was actually surprised by this.

"...please... just don't hurt him... be kind to him... you won, Nightmare but please.. don't hurt him.."

Horror said.

"...well, as long as he didn't piss me off, I won't. You don't have to worry. I'll take a good care of him."

Nightmare said.

"...thank you."

Nightmare stared at him for a few minutes before shrugging and walked away from the jail cell. Horror sits on the floor, his expression is blank. He leaned on the wall and sighed heavily. It was all his fault. His fault. All of it. If only he could go back, he'd fix this. He won't get Dust involved in this. If only....

The End.