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The Heat Between Us

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Therese hadn’t meant to join a site to find a dominatrix. Really,she hadn’t. It was just a misclick,honestly.

At least that’s what she told herself.

It had all started a couple weeks ago,when she had a realization right after she and Richard had finished having sex.

Immediately after he finished,he simply kissed her nose and rolled over,promptly falling asleep.

That night was when Therese realized something. She was bored.

Not just with her dating life,but with her sex life.

At first,sex with Richard was good. She had met him when she was still a virgin, so she was willing to take what she could get.

However over time,she began to notice a pattern. While Richard was usually satisfied after sex,Therese rarely was. She always felt as though something was missing.

One rainy spring day,she had come home from work early,due to a mix up in her schedule.

She had heard muffled sounds coming from the bedroom,and assumed it to be the television.

She swung open the door, and found Richard atop some red head she had never seen before.

As the girl slipped out, Richard attempted to explain himself to his girlfriend.

“Terry,I promise it’s not what it looks like. I love you.” He told her.

“Get out,Richard.We’re done” Was all she said.

For the past month,he had been incessantly texting her,trying to get her to take him back.

After getting rid of all of his stuff, she blocked his number.

One night,she was deep in thought.

Had she really loved Richard?

She had recalled more than one occasion on which she had seen him glancing at another girl,though he always played it off.

Newly single and sexually frustrated,that was how Therese ended up on a dominatrix website.

Truth be told,she was originally on a porn website. A misclick of her mousepad led her to an ad on top of the site.

It read, “Looking for a mistress? Talk to single women now!”

Therese was about to click out of the ad for fear of getting a virus,when something stopped her.

There was a livestream going on, featuring a blonde woman. She looked to be older than Therese, by quite a bit.

She was wearing a red lingerie set, which Therese recognized as a luxury brand.

There were comments pouring in,mostly requesting her to take off what little clothing she was wearing, or perverted old men looking for her attention.

Therese read the username of the woman. Mistress_Carol, it read.

A bell sound chimed,causing Carol to divert her attention to the chat.

“Well everyone,looks like our biggest donator has done it again! Thank you for the 100 dollars,Mr.Harge!” She exclaimed.

Therese’s eyes widened. He must really like Carol, she thought.

Before she could even stop herself,she was typing a response. “I can top that.” She sent it.

Carol was reading the chat,and chuckled a little bit.

“My,it seems you have a challenge donator.” She said.

“Prove it.” Was Harge’s response.

Therese grimaced. Was she really about to give her money to some random stranger on a porn website?

Without considering the ethics of her actions,she pressed the donation button.

It read, $150 has been sent to Mistress_Carol. Thank you for your donation!”

Carol read the notification,and grinned. “Oh it seems you’ve topped him,mystery donator. I wasn’t sure that was possible.”

A few seconds later, the bell notification chimed again. It was Harge this time,donating $200.

Therese frowned. Even with her job at the times, she couldn’t keep up with that.

Although she’d love to give this random stranger her entire paycheck,she also needed to eat.

Thankfully,Carol was getting ready to wrap up the live stream. “Alright,I think that’s enough for tonight.” She said to the audience.

Almost instantaneously,the comments were filled with people pleading for her not to go.

“Don’t you all worry,I’ll be back tomorrow. Thank you everyone for tuning in,and a special thank you to all who donated!” She winked at the camera,and the stream ended.

Therese sat there,trying to process what she had just done.

Had she really given $150 to a random porn star? Before she had more time to dwell on it,she received a private message.

She opened up the chat,and was slightly shocked to see who it was from. “Mistress_Carol would like to chat.”

Therese was mostly shocked though,by the verification badge next to her name. Was Carol really that popular on here?

She accepted the chat,assuming that it was just an automatic reply to thank her for donating.

However, it was a message directly from Carol herself. It read, “I’ve viewed your profile after your donation,and you seem interesting. Would you care to meet up for a coffee sometime?”

Therese was taken aback. Carol wanted to meet her for coffee? Carol,this woman she had literally just met,wanted to meet her for coffee?

Before she could think better of it,Therese was typing out a response.

“This isn’t something you do with all the people who donate to you, is it?” She asked.

Carol sent back a laughing emoji,and bubbles popped up as she typed her response.

After about ten seconds,it went through. “No,darling. You seem to be interesting,though. I’d like to get the chance to meet you,if you’ll allow me.”

Therese felt conflicted. On one hand,it would be a chance to meet the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

On the other hand though, she could end up meeting an old man who would toss her into a van and kill her.

She much rather preferred the first option,although the second one sounded enticing in regards to her job at the Times.

She typed out her response. “I’d love to. Would you wanna do dinner?”

As soon as Carol saw her response,she began writing her own.

“That sounds wonderful. How does Giovanni’s sound?”

Therese sucked in a breath when she read the name of the restaurant. Giovanni’s,although probably delicious,was insanely expensive.

Therese wondering why Carol wanted to go to Giovanni’s,when they could go to Olive Garden and get the same food for half the price.

Nevertheless,she typed back her response.

“I’d love to,but I’m afraid that’s a bit out of my price range. I’m sorry.”

Carol just sent back a winking emoji,and began typing.

“You’ve nothing to worry about,dear. You’ll be with me.” She said.

Therese felt guilty about the prospect of Carol paying for her expensive Italian food.

“I couldn’t ask you to do that for me,it’s too much.” She replied.

Carol sent back a rolling eyes emoji. “You’re a tough one to crack, aren’t you?” She asked.

Therese laughed to herself. “Depends on what methods you use.” She sent a winky face emoticon back.

Carol began typing,little bubbles popping up.

“I’d be willing to explore more of that side of you, if you’ll let me take you out to dinner.” She told Therese.

“Is that so?” Therese asked.

Carol sent back a smiley face. “Or I was just going to keep pestering you until you said yes.”

Therese laughed at the message. “Fine. Is 7:00 good?” She asked Carol.

“7:00 is perfect darling, I’ll meet you there. Would you like to video chat after you’re done with work tomorrow?” Carol replied.

Therese’s cheeks flushed a bit. She would actually get to talk to Carol, one on one.

“I’d love to video chat. I’ll talk to you tomorrow,I should probably go to bed. Sleep well!” She sent a heart emoji with it.

Carol typed back her response. “Sleep well,darling. I’ll see you tomorrow. Oh,and here’s one thing before you go.(;”

There was a photo link attached to the message,and Therese clicked. It was a full body picture of Carol, donned in the same piece of red lingerie she had been wearing.

“God,you’re so sexy.” Therese sent to her.

Carol simply sent back an, “I know.” Including,a kiss emoji.

Therese plugged her laptop and phone in and changed into her pajamas. She crawled into bed,and decided to get some sleep.

She fell asleep soon after,and dreamt of her meeting with Carol.