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"It's been a long ride, hasn't it?"

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The sound of clicking heels on the floor could be heard as a young teen, no older than 16 years, pace around the room in a hurried, yet furious manner.

“Hildey, why is he not here yet?” Yuu scowled, biting their nails.

“Young master, I’ve already answered you multiple times, the lord is on his mission, and it’s an important one this time, I swear.” The old lady whom was used to being called “Hildey” replied, frowning as she swatted the hands of the teen to prevent them from further damage.

“Important? Important?!” The word seemed to trigger the 16-year-old as they fumed with anger, kicking the floor with an irked expression plastered on their face. “What’s more important than attending their child’s birthday party, Hildey?! And not to say-“ Hurling another book across the room, the young master sent the picture of an old man, their father, a deeply resenting gaze.

“He’s never been here to celebrate anything with me!”

Quick to come to their aid, Hildey ran towards the teen throwing a tantrum, holding their arms in place as she envelops them in a forced hug. “Young master, please calm down.” Tracing soothing circles on the teenager’s back, the woman rested her head on top of theirs. Her technique worked since the young adult calmed down as they let out small sniffles, which continued into loud, choked sobs. Clinging onto the lady desperately, Yuu buried their head into the nook of her neck.

“H-h-Hildey…” They sniffled, voice cracking at every word. “D-does… does father hate me that much? Does he see me as that much of a... disgrace?” Gaze softening as she embraced the teen, Hildey gently whispered in their ear. “Dear, he deeply cares about you. He’s sent all of these gifts from all over the world for you, don’t you see? He’s shown you many other children to befriend and he let you see many of his most prized possessions, he’s done so much for you. He cares for you, dearest.” Another sob was heard as the teenager spoke.

Yet he never comes to see me.”

Frowning at the young adult, Hildey carefully caressed their face as she brought their gaze onto her. “Dearest, don’t worry your little mind about him. You still have me, don’t you?” Petting their hair as they nod up and down, Hildey let out a small laugh.

“And yes, that hyper little friend of yours. I still don’t know why- until this day- out of all the children, you picked her?” That elit a little chuckle out of the young adult as they closed their eyes. “She’s more fun and interesting, you know? The others are too bland.” Shaking her head, the woman smiled. “Always the cheeky and blunt one you are. To speak about a young mistress that way!”

Rolling their eyes playfully, Yuu answered, “Well, it’s the truth!” Hildey looked around the room and sighed. Yuu curiously followed their gaze and sheepishly rubbed their nape. “I’m sorry for the mess…” They blurted, fidgeting with their fingers. The old woman’s eyebrows perked up at the sudden noise before relaxing again. “Oh well, it will take a while. Whilst I clean this room, you are to go back to yours.” Beaming, Yuu sang, “Aye aye, captain!” before rushing out. Letting another sigh out at the teenager’s childish antics, Hildey grabbed a broom nearby and started working. “That child…” She chucked internally.