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Killer Queen(s)

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Cross groaned, throwing up a wall of bones. “Dust, wait-” A blaster fired at him from the side, forcing him to leap back and put more space between himself and Dust.

The hooded skeleton lunged over the bones, stumbling as he landed before immediately firing his blaster again. Cross yelped, dropping to the floor and rolling to the side just as blue bones burst up. He wheezed, pushing himself up from the floor. “Give me a minute!” Dust paused, finally allowing Cross to take a moment.

Chest heaving, he sat down on the floor, feeling lightheaded. Dust silently offered him a bottle of water, which Cross took gratefully. Horror strolled over from where he’d been watching, patting Cross’s back. “You should take off summa yer layers.”

Cross grunted, the sound muffled. He downed the rest of the water, passing it off to Horror before flopping back onto the training room floor, still breathing heavily. Dust stared down at him, his eyelights brightening with concern. “Sure yer okay? Ya look a lil’ winded.” Cross huffed out a laugh, “M'good, jus’ needa break.”

“Perfect timing, Criss-Cross.” Cross couldn’t stop himself from perking up at the sound of Killer’s voice, his exhaustion letting up enough for him to sit up and look towards to sound. Killer’s grin widened, “Whaddup, boyf?” He stepped up to Cross’s side, holding out his arm. Cross took his hand, gripping it tightly and allowing Killer to pull him up.

He wobbled a bit, leaning against Killer to nuzzle him. Killer snorted, pushing Cross’s face away. “You’re all sweaty, you idiot.” Cross snickered, “I know.” Dust made a gagging noise, which Horror elbowed him for. He cleared his throat, “Whatcha come fer, Killer?”

“Oh, right, Cross, boss told me that he needs your help with something. Said you’d be the best person to handle it.” Cross blinked, confused. “Me??? Alright then, I guess. Could you tell him that I’ll be a few minutes? I need a shower.” Killer thumped his hand on Cross’s back, “You sure do. I’ll let the bossman know.”

Cross nearly fell over as Killer teleported, though he regained his balance quickly. Rolling his eyelights, he teleported as well, landing in his bedroom.

“Ah, Cross, that was quick.” Cross nodded, “Yeah, uh, Killer said you needed help?” Nightmare sighed in relief, some lines of tension vanishing from his form. He gave a strained grin, his voice lowering, his eye glancing around nervously. “Thank the stars you’re here, this woman was driving me insane.” Of all the things Cross was expecting to hear from Nightmare, this was not it. “I’m sorry, a woman??”

Nightmare nodded, his eyelight seeming feverish. “You can handle Killer, right? Surely, surely, you can handle her.” Cross was so confused, shaking his head, still caught on the fact that there was a woman in the castle, and she was somehow making Nightmare lose his mind. “There’s a woman in the castle??”

Nightmare opened his mouth to answer, only to let out a shout. He spun around, tendrils lashing around him. “I told you to stop that!!” Cross leaned back, startled. Curiosity got the better of him, the soldier peering over Nightmare’s shoulder. His mind screeched to a halt, cold shock washing over him. “Wha- Killer??”

Killer was dangling from Nightmare’s tentacles, his jacket missing. Killer wheezed as Nightmare dropped him, landing on his butt with a grimace. Cross tried not to run as he moved over to pick Killer up, only Nightmare stopped him with a tentacle. “Cross, that’s not Killer.” Cross once again was struck with confusion. That was clearly Killer! “Boss, have you been drinking too much coffee again?? That’s Killer, just without his jacket.”

Nightmare sighed, shaking his head, “Cross, look closely. Look at the jawline, the eyes.” Cross bit back a joke about not having eyes, instead looking back at Killer. The more he stared, the more it hit him. “That’s not Killer.” Nightmare let him go, nodding his head. Cross glanced at the unnamed person who looked like Killer, “So then, who is he?”

“I’m not a he.” Cross blinked. He blinked again. Nightmare gave a long-suffering groan, covering his face with his hands, his voice muffled. “Cross, meet Killer. I’ll let her explain.” Nightmare vanished before Cross could even ask, leaving the guard to flounder dumbly.

This woman acted exactly like Killer, she might as well be Killer himself, the only difference between the two is their gender.

She walked beside him, a grin on her face and a butterfly knife in her hand. Cross, anxious and put-off by the awkward silence, cleared his throat. “So, uh.. What can I call you?” Her response was immediate, “Killer.”

“I-I can’t though.” She stopped walking and turned a weighted stare on him, grin hitching up slightly. “And why’s that? Don’t tell me you already know someone named Killer?” Cross laughed nervously, backing up some as she shifted closer.

His face grew hot as she leaned over, his brain going haywire. “C'mon, don’t be shy. I don’t bite.” Her teeth glinted, amusement on her face. “Not unless you want me to.”

Cross wheezed, ducking past her and hurrying down the hall, his voice comically high pitched. “L-lets get you to your room, yeah? Yeah!” The woman snorted, following him almost eagerly.

Halfway there, Cross ran into Killer, to his unending relief. “Kills, mind helping me out here?” Killer only stared at his double, his grin going stale for a moment. The girl stared back, her smile dropping slightly. Something passed between the two, because a second later, Killer was holding onto Cross’s arm and kissing him.

“So, where to, sweetheart?” Cross felt the tension seep out of his bones, a sigh of relief leaving him. “We’re just taking uh.. her? to the guest rooms.” Cross jumped as the woman spoke up. “Call me Killer.” Cross opened his mouth, then closed it, deciding not to answer, leaning further into Killer.

The trip went by quicker without the girl’s flirting. “Um, goodnight, miss.” She gave a wide, charming smile, “Goodnight to you as well, handsome.” Killer gave a low hiss, his grip on Cross tightening. “Let’s go, Cross.” The guard waved to the woman and allowed himself to be pulled away.

As soon as he and Killer made it back to his bedroom, Killer was on him, stripping his clothes off and demanding affection.

Cross stared down at his cereal, his eyes wide and face flushed, trying hard to keep from looking up at the woman. Killer sat beside him, disgruntled and glaring at her. “For Pete’s sake, lady, go put on a shirt!” She stuck out her tongue, “I don’t have any clean shirts, idiot.” Cross swallowed a spoonful of cereal, his mind drawing up a blank and he, like an idiot, blurted. “I-I can let you borrow one of mine.”

The lady lit up with a grin, sneering at Killer before sweetly thanking Cross. “I’d love to wear your shirt. Here, why don’t you just give me that one?” Cross stammered, “Th..The one I’m wearing? But-”

“You are not going to take his shirt, especially not the one he’s wearing.” Killer butted in before Cross could actually answer, growling at his doppelganger. The woman pouted, “Cross, darling, can I have your shirt?”

Cross blushed heavily, quietly answering, “Sure.” He put his spoon down, taking the back of his shirt and pulling it over his head. He caught a glimpse of the woman’s ribs, his face erupting in heat as he froze. Killer covered Cross’s eyes, hissing at the lady.

“Stop flashing my boyfriend!” She snickered, taking the shirt Cross held out and pulling it on. Killer pulled his hands back, hating the girl with every bit of his soul. She snuggled into the shirt, grinning at Cross. “So warm..” Cross avoided her gaze, eating his cereal again quietly.

A loud screech startled Cross from his nap, the guard sitting up with a groan. He’d barely realized he was awake when Butterfly came running into the room, leaping onto the couch with a shriek. “THERE IS A WILD ANIMAL IN YOUR HOUSE.” Cross yawned, rubbing his eyes tiredly. Stalk came trotting in, her fluffy tail wagging at the sight of Cross. Butterfly screamed as the fox hopped onto the couch as well, licking Cross’s cheek. Cross winced, “Could you please stop screaming.”

Butterfly glared at Cross, “How could you not be screaming?! That thing could attack at any second!” Cross huffed, scratching Stalk’s ear and muttering under his breath. “Alright, listen. Stalk, this is Butterfly. Butterfly, this is my pet fox, Stalk. She doesn’t attack, nor does she bite, now calm down and come say hi.”

Butterfly, the insane person she is, shook her head and crept off the couch. Stalk’s ears perked up, her nose twitching as she turned to look at Butterfly. The woman froze, a bead of sweat running down the side of her face. Cross snickered, petting Stalk to get her attention, talking to her in that stupid baby voice. “Don’t look at her, you big, mean, monster! She’s too much of a coward to even pet you!”

Butterfly gave an outraged noise, stopping her escape attempt to sit beside Cross and brazenly stick her hand out to Stalk. Cross jumped at the movement, his warning coming out a second too late. Butterfly shouted as Stalk bit her, jerking back in surprise. It didn’t hurt, but the action was enough for Butterfly to smack Stalk on the snout with a snarl.

Cross swatted at Butterfly’s hand, “Don’t hit her! That only makes it worse!” Indeed, Stalk’s jaw tightened around Butterfly’s ulna. Cross lightly patted Stalk’s nose, sternly telling her to let go. There were little indentions on Butterfly’s arm, little lines that she stared at with disgust. Stalk’s tail started wagging as Cross pet her, scritching her forehead. The fox’s eyes closed contently under Cross’s affection. Butterfly scoffed, getting off the couch and leaving Cross.

He frowned once she was gone, feeling somewhat lonely. As if the feeling summoned him, Killer came in, grinning at Cross. “There you are. I’ve been looking for you, babe.” Cross rolled his eyes, “Yeah yeah, come here, I want cuddles.”

Killer smiled, strolling over eagerly. Cross laid against him, the two laying down together happily, Stalk basking in their attention. “You’re spoiling her, you know.” Cross laughed, “I know, but I can’t help it.” Killer rubbed the fox’s jaw, his hand skirting up to rest on top of Cross’s. He laced their hands together, kissing Cross. “Love you, sweetheart.” Cross flushed, quietly mumbling, “I love you, too.”

Stalk was locked in her room for the day, since it was the last day Butterfly was going to be there. For some reason, she’d worn the most revealing thing: A shirt.

No, really, she was wearing a shirt and nothing else. Cross stared at her bare legs, his face hot. Killer was only mildly disgruntled, shucking off his jacket to throw over Cross’s face. “Alright, gutter-lie, let’s get you out of here.” Cross’s voice was muffled, “Kills, don’t call her that.” Killer only lightly patted Cross’s rear, “Silence, thot.”

Butterfly rolled her eyes, stepping through a portal Nightmare had opened and finally vanishing for good. Nightmare closed the portal with a groan, “Finallyy, now I can exist outside of my room.” He flipped everyone off, making straight for the kitchen to make himself coffee. Cross had taken his jacket off and put on Killers, the white coat hanging from his arm. He smiled at Killer, “Wanna go spar?”

Killer snorted, kissing Cross’s cheek. “I’ve got a better idea.” He took a leash from his pocket, “Lets take Stalk for a walk in her old au.” Cross’s eyes narrowed, “Only in the woods?” Killer nodded, “Only in the woods.”