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Blue walked into his and Dust's house. He shut the door behind him then pulled out his phone.

He put on the flashlight and looked around the room until he found the light switch.

Once the lights were on he put his phone away. He walked around the living room and kitchen calling out Dust's name.

He stepped out of the kitchen with a frown. He looked up at the stairs. 'Perhaps he's in bed.' He nodded to himself and made his way up the stairs.

He made it to the top of the stairs then walked down the hall to the last door, which was their shared bedroom.

He knocked on the door before opening the door. The lights in the room were off.

He couldn't hear anything but the ceiling fan and incoherent mumbling. He frowned and slide his hand around the wall next to the door trying to find the switch.

Eventually, he found the switch. He looked around the room and let out a loud gasp.

Dust sat on the floor bleeding from his head and arms. Blue ran up to him then kneeled in front of him.

"Dust?! Who did this?!" Blue reached towards him only to get his hand slapped away. "Don't fucking touch me!" Dust snapped then looked away and began to mumble again.

Blue frowned and sat down. He took in a deep breath then spoke again. "Dust, what happened?" He got no response. Dust only looked away talking to the wall.

Blue clenched his hands. "D-Did you do this to yourself?" Dust merely shook his head, not bothering to turn in his direction.

"...Dust...did Nightmare do this to you?" At that Dust snapped his head towards Blue and began to shake his head violently. "No!" Blue shushed Dust and tried to calm him down.

"Okay, I'm sorry...but if not you or Nightmare, who did this?" Dust looked away from him.

Blue's face turned blue as he began to get annoyed. He clenched his hands and took in a sharp breath. "Dust, look at me." He said in a stern voice.

Dust continued to ignore him. Blue clenched his teeth and gripped his skull. "DUST HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT'S WRONG IF YOU DON'T SPEAK TO ME?!" Blue yelled, baby blue tears streaming down his face.

This hadn't been the first time this had happened. Dust sometimes would come home with minor injuries and would be out of it the rest of the day.

Blue would try to get him to talk and he would be ignored. At first, he decided to leave Dust alone and let him have his space.

Until the injuries got worse.

Blue couldn't take the secrecy anymore. He was Dust's boyfriend yet he felt as if he was just a ghost.

Dust turned towards Blue and slashed at him. "DON'T FUCKING SHOUT AT ME!" Blue cried out in pain as Dust's knife cut into his ulna.

Blue backed away, cradling his bleeding arm. Dust stared at Blue angrily before processing the situation.

He dropped the knife and shakily stood up. He stepped towards Blue only for him to flinch back in fear.

Dust gulped and took another step forward. "B-Blue, baby. I d-didn't mean it. I-I'm sorry." Blue took in a shaky breath and nodded.

"I-It's okay! It's just a scratch! See? I-I'm okay." Blue turned over his bleeding arm shakily. Dust dropped down in front and Blue and pulled him into a hug. Blue stiffened in his hold until he heard Dust's shaky, uneven breaths. "I...I'm so sorry..."

Blue let out a shaky breath and hesitantly wrapped his arms around Dust, comfortingly. "I-It's okay. I forgive you."

Blue shook in fear as Dust gripped his phalanges into his back. He took a shaky breath and gulped. This was too much for him. He didn't know what he was doing. He thought he could change Dust. He was wrong. He didn't know how to take care of him. For a while now, he'd been scared that this would happen. And now it has.

Blue's chest began to rise up and down faster and faster as he began to shake more violently. He gritted his teeth and tried to stop them from clacking. He let out silent sobs and more and more tears streamed down his face.

He took in a shaky breath before mustering up the courage to push Dust away and teleporting out of the house. The last thing he heard was Dust calling out his name.

Blue teleported to the Star Sanses base living room where Ink and Dream managed to be.

Blue collapsed to the floor gasping for air and gripping himself tightly as he rocked himself back and forth on the ground.

Ink and Dream shot up off the couch and ran to Blue's side. Dream took Blue into his arms and rocked him gently. He shushed him and stroked his skull comfortingly. "It's okay. It's okay, you're safe."

Dream used some of his magic to help Blue calm down. Dream looked at Ink who nodded and left the room.

He came back moments later with a steaming cup of tea. He gave the cup to Dream who took it and gently put it into Blue's hands.

Blue brought his shaking hands up to his mouth a took a sip of the hot tea. Dream looked at Blue's bleeding arm and frowned. He took off his gloves and wrapped his hands gently around Blue's wound.

Blue hissed and winced as Dream made contact with his bleeding arm. He watched the calming yellow glow that came out of Dream's hands as he healed him.

The tea and the welcoming feeling of the house made him feel more at the ease. Dream's healing magic was making him feel drowsy.

He let out a content sigh as he finished the last drop of tea. He felt his eyes droop and gave in. He fell limp in Dream's arms.

Dream looked down at Blue with worried eyes. He turned around and looked up at Ink. Ink's eye lights had turned into red targets and he gripped his crossed arms in anger.

He gritted his teeth to keep from saying anything that would upset Dream. Instead, he took in a deep breath and let out an annoyed sigh. "Will you talk to Nightmare about this?"

Dream nodded. "Yes but not now." He looked down at Blue then back to Ink. "Right now our priority is to take care of Blue." Ink nodded and knelt by Dream. He gently scooped up Blue into his arms and walked him upstairs.

Dream picked up the teacup and carried it to the kitchen. He felt Ink's aura enter the kitchen. "Are you upset?" Dream took in a deep breath. "Yes but I shouldn't let anger control me." He turned to Ink. "We will settle this with words but if it takes violence, we will resort to violence. He will not get away with this."

Dream's eye lights disappeared as he gripped the sink counter. The marble cracked under the pressure until Dream let off. He took in a deep breath and let out a shaky exhale. "Let's sleep it off."

Ink nodded and the two left for bed.

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Horror, Dust, and Killer were out on a mission. When they got to the AU, it already looked abandoned.

Horror looked around in confusion. "You guys sure this is the right AU? It looks dead." Dust nodded. "Yeah, this should be the right one."

Killer looked down at the dust-stained snow. "Maybe we walked in on a genocide run?" Dust groaned and reached into his jacket pocket. "Let's get this over with then.."

The three skeletons split up at the checkpoint and killed any monster they saw, which wasn't a lot.

Dust kicked a few rocks as he walked through snowdin. He shivered as memories of his AU flooded through his mind.

Dust stopped walking and looked down at Frisk's dead body in worry. "Shit..." Dust quickly turned around and ran around the AU in search of Horror and Killer.

Dust saw Killer's dust-stained back in the distance. He ran up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Kills, we have to find Horror and get out of here. An anomaly has already infested this AU." Killer didn't turn around.

Dust shook his shoulder in annoyance. "Yo, did you hear me or not?" Killer began to giggle softly causing Dust to back away from him. 'Killer' turned around.

Dust cursed under his breath after he realized that this was the anomaly.

Dust turned around and ran in the direction he came from. Before he could make it back to snowdin, the skeleton pounced on his back, knocking him to the ground.

Dust groaned at the pain in his chest. He moved his arms to the sides of his head and tried to push himself up only for the skeleton on top of him to push his face down into the snow.

Dust gagged at the taste of monster dust. He spat it out then turned his head to the side. He opened his mouth to shout out for his teammates when the skeleton slapped his hand over his mouth.

Dust froze as he felt a cold, sharp object against his cervical. "Scream and I'll kill you." Dust gulped and shut his mouth. The skeleton looked down at him with a smile. "Good boy~"

Dust glared at him but said nothing. The skeleton ran his phalanges slowly and softly down the side of Dust's face. "You're even cuter up close~.." The skeleton blushed a bright blue as he giggled softly.

Dust looked up at him in confusion and uncomfortableness. "I know who you are~ Do you know who I am?" Dust gulped and shook his head.

The skeleton above him frowned. "You don't? Well, I don't like being called an anomaly so I'll tell you my name." The skeleton leaned closer to Dust. "My name is Yan.~" Yan giggled as Dust's eyes widened in realization.

"So you do know me!" Yan sat up and cupped his face and squealed in delight. "I can't believe you know me! I must be dreaming~" Yan let out a dreamy sigh and giggled.

Yan leaned back down and ran his hand up Dust's chest. Dust sucked in a sharp breath and flinched.

Yan frowned and moved his hand up to Dust's face. He stroked his cheek in a comforting manner. "Don't worry, I'd never hurt you~" Dust let out a shaky breath as Yan leaned in closer to him.

Dust's eyes widened as he felt Yan press his teeth against his. It was short but sweet. Yan pulled away and smirked at Dust's dumbstruck blushing face.

Yan leaned back down and pushed Dust's scarf down to give him entrance to his neck. Yan bit down on Dust's cervical.

Dust gasped and shot his hand up to his mouth. His body began to shake as Yan bit and licked around his neck. Dust let out little gasps but tried to hold them back. His face was flushed a dark purple.

A certain spot caused Dust to cry out against his will. Small tears pricked his sockets in embarrassment and pleasure.

Yan sat up and looked down at Dust with a smirk. Yan slid his hand under Dust's chin and lifted it. "You look so cute like this~" Dust scowled and looked away.

Yan chuckled then reached into his pocket. He closed his hand around something then reached down to Dust's pants.

Dust gasped and felt his face flush as he felt Yan mess around with his pants. He looked up and Yan and shook his head rapidly. "D-don't!-" Yan shushed him and stuffed the object in his hand into his pant pocket.

"Don't worry, I'm not doing anything." Dust sighed in relief and let his head fall back onto the snow.

Yan snapped his head to the side at the sound of crunching leaves. He let out an annoyed sigh then leaned to Dust again. "I'll see you some other time, Dust Bunny~" He kissed Dust's nose bone then teleported away.

Dust quickly sat up and dusted himself off. Horror and Killer walked out of the woods and waved at Dust. "Hey! We've been looking for you!" Horror ran up to Dust and grabbed his arm.

"We have to get out of here, we think there's an anomaly." Dust nodded and looked at the two. "Yeah, I've been looking for you guys cause of that. I found Frisk's body back in Snowdin."

Killer sighed and shook his head. "I told you we should start using walkie-talkies!" Killer sighed then reached into his pocket. "I'll call Cross." Killer pulled out the small golden locket Cross gave him and opened it.

Cross got the message, now they just had to wait.

Killer looked up at Dust and saw his undone scarf. His eyes widened as he noticed black markings all over his cervical. "Dust...are those hickeys?" Dust gasped and shot his hand up to his neck.

Horror cringed as he looked down at Dust. "I guess Frisk wasn't the only body you found.." Dust looked up at Horror and scowled. "Shut up!"

Dust looked down and blushed. "A-Are they really that noticeable?..." Killer frowned and walked in front of Dust. He grabbed Dust's scarf and fixed it around his neck. "There! Now you can't even see them!" Killer gave Dust a thumbs up.

Dust snorted and shook his head. "Thanks, Kills.." Killer hummed and nodded. A portal opened up in front of them and Cross popped out. "Your rides here, come on." Killer smiled and ran up to the portal. Dust and Horror followed behind them separated to their own rooms.

Dust shut the door behind him softly. His body shook as he saw himself in the mirror. His face was coated in a dark purple blush and his body was coated in snow and dust.

He walked up to the mirror and pulled his scarf down slightly. He groaned at the dark markings around his neck.

He reached into his pocket for his cigarette box when he felt his phalanges brush against something else.

He took out both the box and the small object. It was a folded piece of paper. He opened it and blushed at its contents.

Call me! <3

Dust looked over at his nightstand where his phone laid. He walked over and picked it up.

He dialed the number and let it ring. The line picked up and Yan's cheery voice answered. "Hello Dust Bunny~" Dust blushed at the nickname and cleared his throat. "H-How'd you know it was me?"

Yan giggled. "Well, you're the only one I have my number to~" Dust sat down on his bed and sighed. "D-Did you have to leave such dark marks?"

Yan chuckled. "Of course~ How else would they know that you belong to me?~" Dust felt his face heat up at the question. "I-I..." Yan's cheery demeanor fell and his voice deepened.

"I don't appreciate you covering up those marks, Dust." Dust froze and reached up to his neck. "C-Can you see me?" Yan let out a loud laugh and snorted. "No! I saw you back at the AU. You didn't actually think I left did you?"

Dust grabbed his scarf and pulled it off. He felt the cold air hit his neck. He shivered and sighed. "There, I took my scarf off..." Yan hummed. "Thank you~" Dust frowned and rubbed at his sore neck.

"You know I can't walk around like this right? My boss..." Yan groaned. "Yes, I know. Don't worry, you can keep it on when you leave but when you're by yourself I expect it to stay off~"

Dust gulped. "But how would you know that I'm telling the truth." Yan hummed. "I wouldn't. I would just be trusting your word. You wouldn't lie to me, right?" Dust thought back to the Fallen Stars AU and thought of his version over there.

He gulped and let out a shaky breath. "N-No. I wouldn't lie to you." Yan giggled. "Good~ Now as much as I would love to stay and talk with you, I've got to go. Talk to you tomorrow?" Dust hummed and blushed. "Sure.."

Yan giggled. "Yay! Well see you then~ I love you, Dust Bunny~" Yan hung up the phone.

Dust dropped his phone and sighed. He flinched and jumped at the sound of knocking. "Dust, dinner's ready." Dust sighed and rubbed his face. "I-I'll be out in a bit!" He heard Horror walk off. He sighed and reached for his scarf.

He tied it around his neck then looked in the mirror to see if it covered his neck completely.

Once making sure that his marks couldn't be seen, he left the room.

~ ~ ~ ~

Yan hummed as Dust left his bedroom. He tapped his fingers on the desk and leaned back in his chair. Nightmare would be a big obstacle for him but so would his other subordinates. He needs to get them to trust him somehow.

"I'll find a way in soon."

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Blue hunched over the sink. He groaned as he gagged up black goop. He rubbed his mouth with his sleeve. He sighed and stood up. He looked up at his reflection in the mirror with disgust.

His reflection's eyes flashed red, yellow, then purple and the lights began to flicker. He flinched and fell back. He sat on the bathroom floor, his body shaking violently. He brought his legs up to his chest and hugged them.

He shut his eyes tightly. Flashes of people that looked like him flashed through his mind. He gasped and opened his eyes. He blinked away the tears then stood up from the floor. He left the bathroom. He walked downstairs and headed straight for the front door.

"Where you goin' bro?" His hand froze mid-air and he sighed. "I'm going over to Ink and Dream's." Stretch hummed and walked over to the couch. "ight, be careful." Blue turned around and smiled at Stretch. "Bye Papy! Love you!" He pulled open the door and stepped outside.

Blue teleported to the Star Sanses base. He saw Ink and Dream rushing down the stairs in their fighting gear. He let out an annoyed sigh. "We have a mission?" Ink nodded and opened a portal on the ground.

The three jumped through the portal and fell into an AU under attack. Dream and Ink immediately ran into the battle. Blue stayed behind as a sudden migraine hit his head. He winced and rubbed his temples.

He let an annoyed sigh and shook his head. He'd have to fight through it. He ran forwards and summoned a few bone attacks. He attacked down on Dust and Horror.

Horror picked up his ax and exchanged blows with Blue. Dust attacked his sides with a knife and a few bone attacks.

Blue fought off both his sides and the migraine seemed to worsen the more he moved. The sound of weapons clashing resonated through his mind.

Blue gagged when Dust kicked him in the chest. Blue fell to the ground on his back. He panted as the world above him seemed to spin.

Horror and Dust watched as Blue didn't get up. Horror looked over to Dust worriedly. Dust shrugged. "I didn't even hit him that hard."

Dust walked up to Blue's side and nudged him with his foot. Blue let out a pained groan. Dust let out a relieved sigh and nodded towards Horror. "He's fine." Horror placed his hand over his chest and sighed.

Dream looked over at Blue and glared at Dust as he stood over him. Dream aimed an arrow at him and shot it past him. "Get away from him!" Dust flinched back as the arrow barely missed him. He placed his hand on his chest and panted. He stood up and glared at Dream.

"Are you tryin' to kill me or what?!" Dream huffed and aimed another arrow at him as a warning. Dust rose his arms in mock surrender and backed away from Blue.

Dream walked up to Blue, still aiming his arrow at Dust. He looked down at Blue and nudged him gently with his foot. "Blue? Are you okay?" Blue blinked his eyes and sat up with a groan. He looked around in confusion then looked up at Dream.

"Where the fuck am I?" Dust snorted while Dream stared down at Blue with a concerned look. "Oh stars you gave him amnesia." The others crowded around the three. Blue's confusion somehow halted the fighting.

Blue looked at everyone in confusion. "The fuck..." Blue shot his hand up to his head as another migraine hit him. He groaned in pain and hunched over. His face lit up a bright blue as he began to feel sick. "Haha, fuck that hurts!" Blue laughed in pain.

Dream knelt next to Blue and cupped his skull. He shot some magic toward Blue's head. Blue winced as his magic made the migraine spread. "FUCK! Okay, you banana, I understand that you have good intentions but please, this hurts even more."

Dream let go of Blue's skull and backed away. Blue rubbed his temples and hissed. "Fuuuuck." 'You know I'd really like it if you stopped swearing so much.' "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Blue screeched and he jumped to his feet. He looked around in confusion until he felt someone tap his shoulder.

He turned around to face a ghost of himself. He pointed at the ghost and paled. "You're me..." The others watched in confusion as Blue had a conversation with the air. Tears welled up in Dream's eyes as he covered his mouth. "Oh no...he's lost it."

Dust looked down at his hands. "How hard did I hit him??" He mumbled to himself.

Blue stared at his ghostly counterpart. He was wearing an orange hoodie over his battle body. He looked down at himself and saw that all he had on was his battle body and even that wasn't the same. 'I'd like my body back, please and thank you.'

Blue's body shook as he began to hyperventilate. "I want my body back, you stoler." The ghost rose a bone brow. 'Stoler? I- Okay. Talk to Nightmare, the goopy one.' Blue nodded and turned around. He looked over everyone until his eyes landed on the six-foot goop monster.

He gulped and sighed. "The fuck is this shit?! I didn't have to deal with this back home." He mumbled to himself angrily. He sighed and looked up at Nightmare. "Oi tall ass, I need to ask you somethin'." Nightmare looked down at him, offended. He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"What do you want?" Blue huffed and pointed to the ghost to his side. "Can you see 'im?" Nightmare looked over to where Blue gestured but saw nothing. Nightmare shook his head and Blue cursed under his breath.

Blue turned over to the ghost and glared at him. "I thought you said he could help?" The ghost huffed and glared at Blue. 'Ask him about body swapping and how to undo it.' Blue nodded and turned back to Nightmare.

"Do you know 'nything 'bout body swapping?" Nightmare's eyes widened and he let out a laugh. "Ooh, you're not our Blue." Blue glared at him. "Yeah ya fucking think? So do you know anythin' or not?" Nightmare chuckled and nodded.

"Yes, sit down." Blue plopped down on the ground. He looked over at the ghost who also sat down. Blue looked back at Nightmare. "Kay, next?" Nightmare stepped forward and placed his hand on Blue's skull.

The migraine came back double the pain from before. Blue shut his eyes and winced as he felt his soul leaving this body. When he reopened his eyes he was back in his body. He patted down himself and cheered. "Fuck yeah! Woo-hoo!" He turned around to find the ghost next to him still but in his original body.

"Oh shit." The ghost sighed and stared at his body wondering who was inhabiting it now.

Blue's eyes reopened to show bright red hearts. Nightmare cursed under his breath and immediately back away from Blue.

Blue's eyes scanned the crowd seeing familiar faces some of who shouldn't be alive. His eyes landed on Dust and a smile took place on his face. He stood up and skipped towards him.

He threw his arms over his neck and hugged him. "Hiya Dusty~" Dust froze, not understanding a single thing that was going on. "Uhm...hi?" Blue let go of him and stared at him adoringly. He let out a squeal and pulled Dust to his chest. "You're so cute!!"

Dust looked over at Nightmare with pleading eyes. "Boss. Help. Please." Nightmare let out a hiss of air and shrugged his shoulders. Dust looked over to Horror. Horror huffed and walked over to the two. He placed his hand on Blue's shoulder only to be met with a knife to his throat.

Horror stared into Blue's bloodlust-filled eyes and blinked. He looked over to Dust and mock saluted him then teleported away.

The ghost huffed and stared at his clingy, yandere version. 'Screw this.' Dusttrust watched as the ghost ran towards his body at full speed. He disappeared upon contact and another ghost fell out.

Blue blinked his eyes then looked up at Dust who's face was a few inches away from his. Blue's face lit up a bright blue. He screamed and kicked Dust's groin earning a pained groan from him.

Blue ran towards Ink and jumped into his arms. "I FEEL SO VIOLATED!" Blue cried into Ink's shoulder. Ink held Blue awkwardly as the others stared at him.

Horror knelt next to Dust who was silently crying on the ground. "You okay?" Dust sniffed and looked up at Horror. "...Go fuck yourself..." Horror nodded. "Fair enough."

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"What season is that?" Ink plopped down on the bean bag next to Error. Error ate the rest of his chocolate bar before answering. "3."

Ink smiled and summoned a bag of popcorn. "Ooh, I haven't seen that season yet!"

Error scoffed, glancing over at Ink. "Th3n y0u sh0uld f1nish s3as0n 1 and 2 f1rst." Ink smiled and leaned back into the bean bag. "I already did~"

Error looked at Ink in surprise and hummed. "Y0u f1nish3d b0th s3as0ns 1n just tw0 days?" Ink hummed and nodded. "Yes, I did~" Error snorted and rolled his eye lights.

"Y0u se3m v3ry happy ab0ut that." Ink grinned and nodded happily. "Because I am! That's an achievement! I even still remember what happened!" Error hummed and slowly clapped.

"W0w, 1'm impr3ss3d." Error said sarcastically. Ink snorted and threw a piece of popcorn at Error. "Shut up, it may not seem big to you but it is to me."

Error chuckled then the two turned their attention back to the window.

After a few hours, the two finally finished all 20 episodes of the show.

Ink yawned and stretched, hearing a few pops. "What time is it?" Ink looked down at his wristwatch to see that it wasn't working.

Error sighed and face-palmed. "0h sur3, y0u can r3memb3r 2 wh0l3 s3as0ns but y0u can't r3memb3r that t1m3 st0ps w0rk1ng h3re." Ink blushed and chuckled sheepishly.

"You ask too much of me Error." Error snorted and rolled his eye lights. "1'm g0nna start plac1ng st1cky n0t3s ar0und h3re."

Ink snickered and hid his face in his scarf. "As embarrassing as that is, it would actually help..."

Error chuckled and opened a window to Ink's room. He looked over to the digital clock that read in big red numbers, 12:30 AM.

Ink hissed and covered his face with his scarf. "That's really late...Blue will kill me if I make any noise." Ink turned over to Error with pleading eyes. "...Can I stay here, please?"

Error glared down at Ink. "N0. G0 h0m3." Ink groaned and begged Error. "Please??? I don't have a soul for this place to corrupt so can I please stay? Just for tonight? Please?"

Error groaned and ran his hand down his face. "Y0u'3r n0t g0nna st0p unt1l 1 say y3s, r1ght?" Ink shook his head.

Error sighed and closed the window. "F1n3. But just f0r t0n1ght!" Ink cheered and laid back in his bean bag. "So you got any blankets? This place is freezing." Error rolled his eye lights and threw a blanket on Ink's face.

Ink giggled and fixed the blanket so it covered his body. Error sat down on the bean bag next to him then closed his eyes.

"You're not gonna cover yourself? Like I said it's freezing." Error opened his eyes. "1t's 0kay, 1'm us3d t0 1t." Ink frowned and turned his blanket sideways and threw half of it over Error.

"We can share. I can't get sick cause I don't have a soul, but you can still get sick." Error said nothing and closed his eyes. Ink smiled taking it as a silent thank you. He closed his eyes and dozed off.

Error woke up with a gasp. He looked around the white void in a panic, until his glowing eye lights landed on Ink.

He was sleeping peacefully, letting out tiny snores. Error gripped the blue blanket and sighed.

He gulped and shifted closer to Ink. Ink's hand laid outside of the cover, flat on the beanbag.

Error hesitantly reached out for Ink's hand and held it. He felt his hand spike up in pain and his whole arm began to glitch out.

Error let out a shaky breath and squeezed Ink's hand. Ink opened his eyes and stared at Error in confusion. "Error?" Error gulped trying to calm himself down. "Shut up."

Ink said nothing and let Error calm down. After seeing that Error was calm Ink hesitantly gave Error's hand a gentle squeeze.

Error looked away from Ink as a yellow blush began to form on his face. Ink giggled, a rainbow blush lighting up his face.

Ink ran his thumb over Error's knuckles. "Is this okay?" Error let out a shaky breath and nodded.

Ink felt himself get tired again. He let out a yawn and fell asleep.

Error looked at Ink's sleeping face. He could hear the faint beat of Ink's nonexistent soul and it calmed him.

Error slowly shut his eyes and went back to sleep.

Chapter Text

The gang was watching a movie in the living room. It was the first day of their weekend off and they wanted to spend it peacefully.

Everything was going fine.

Then they heard a loud thud and groan come from the dining room.

The gang looked between each other and quickly brought their index finger up to their nose bones. "Not it!" Horror sighed as everyone turned to him.

He got up and opened the door to the dining room.

Across the room, a skeleton in black leather was running up to a closing portal. The portal disappeared before they could get to it.

"No!" The skeleton screamed and banged their fists against the wall. He turned around and grabbed the chair behind him and threw it at the wall, breaking it upon impact.

Horror sighed and rubbed his temples. "Could you not?" The skeleton turned around as they realized Horror was there.

They stared at him in shock for a moment before tearing up and running over to him. The skeleton let out a choked sob as they threw themself at Horror.

Horror stood there uncomfortably. Some random monster was touching him and dirtying his hoodie.

He growled and pushed the monster away from him. "Who are you?" The skeleton frowned and rubbed at his sockets. "I'm sorry. That was out of character..." Their voice was soft yet rough. It had a tone of familiarity.

The skeleton offered Horror their hand. "I should probably introduce myself. My name is Lust."

Horror snorted and rolled his eye light. "Yeah right, you don't look like Lust." Lust sighed and placed his hand on his hip. "I know I don't look the part no more but I'm still Lust."

Horror hummed. "Why the change of wardrobe?" Lust shrugged. "Kevlar is more flexible. Easier to run in." Horror tilted his head. "Kevlar? I thought that was leather?" Lust let out a loud laugh.

"No way! I would never wear leather during a bounty. Too damn tight." Horror frowned. "A bounty?" Lust nodded. "Yeah, you know when you hunt people for a price?"

Horror nodded. "Yea I know what a bounty hunter is but since when have you been doing it?" Lust crossed his arms and hummed. "About...3 years now? I think..."

Horror let out a low whistle. "And you've his that from us for so long?" Lust shrugged. "No, not really."

Lust heard chatter erupt from the living room and smiled softly. "The others are here?" He pushed past Horror and walked into the living room.

The gang got up immediately and went into defensive positions. "Who are you?!" Dust growled out. Horror walked out from the dining room and stood next to Lust awkwardly.

"This is Lust." Red scoffed and rolled his eye lights. "As if! Lust would never wear that. Plus, this guy looks too badass to be that wimp."

Lust crossed his arms and glared at Red. "I don't know whether to thank you for the compliment or beat you for the insult."

Red scoffed and glared at Lust. Lust was about to say something when one of Corrupted's tendrils wrapped around his waist.

Lust gasped and for a quick second the cyan looked a putrid yellow and he reached to his hip for his whip. He snapped the whip in Corrupted's direction, making the tendril let go of him.

Corrupted let out a scream as he covered his face. He looked over at Lust's whip with his good eye and saw how it lit a bright blue.

Lust snapped out of his daze and gasped. "Shit! Corrupted, I'm so sorry! I thought you were someone else!" Corrupted groaned as his face reattached itself.

"Who else would I be?" Lust scowled and rolled his eyes. "I don't know, your brother?" Corrupted frowned and looked at Lust in confusion. "Whatever do you mean? I don't have a brother."

Lust looked down and hummed. Shattered doesn't in this world yet. Lust tapped his foot on the ground and messed with the collar of his shirt.

If he could get the current Stars assistance then maybe he would actually have a chance at ending the Fallen Stars.

He grinned and turned to Corrupted. "Do you have the Stars location?" Corrupted scowled and glared at Lust. "For what?" Lust knocked his fist on his skull.

Lust was friends with the Stars in his world so, in this one, his version might also have connections with them!

Lust waved Corrupted off. "Nevermind." Lust reached down to his tool belt and pulled out a walkie-talkie-looking device with a red button at the top.

Lust aimed the device at an empty corner and pressed a button on the device. A portal opened up revealing UnderLust.

Dust stared at the device and portal in awe. "Woah, where'd you get that?" Lust smirked and waved the device around proudly. "Made it meself." Lust turned back to the portal and looked around for his alternate self.

Horror stared at Lust in confusion. "Why'd you make a portal to your AU?" Lust didn't answer as he caught sight of his alternate self.

The gang watched with wide eyes as Lust appeared in the window. They looked over at the Lust standing in front of them.

Lust reached down to his hip and grabbed his whip. He shot the whip through the portal and wrapped it around the other Lust. He pulled the whip and pulled him through.

Lust groaned as he hit the ground. He looked up and saw magenta eye lights looking down at him. "Dude, what the fuck? Why'd you snatch me?"

Lust rolled his eyes and offered his hand to his version on the ground. He took his hand and let Lust lift him up. "I need your help, but first, allow me to introduce myself. This is gonna be confusing so brace yourself."

Lust took in a deep breath and waved at his alternate self. "Hello me, I'm you. To avoid confusion I'd like you to address me as, Exe. I come from a Multiverse where the Star Sanses go South and mess shit up. So, Dream, or Shattered as I know him, has kidnapped my squad and left me here. I heard that the Stars are still good here so if you can, would you please introduce me to them so I could save my friends. Please."

Exe stared at Lust who looked like he wanted to pass out. "'s a lot of information to take in..." He let out a nervous laugh and rubbed the back of his skull.

"Fuck okay, I don't know. Dream has the mental capacity of a 6-year-old, Ink is an idiot, and Swap is probably the only sane one there." Exe groaned and held back a scream.

"Fuck! Okay, Plan B." His alternate self paled. "There's a Plan B..?" Exe nodded and crossed his arms. "Yes, it's a long shot but I'm willing to risk it."

Exe took in a deep breath and rubbed his temples. "Gods, I hope he exists in this world." Exe exhaled and looked his alternate self dead in the eye.

"Is the Destroyer here?" Lust self barked out a laugh and crossed his arms/while shaking his head. "Haha, hell to the no! We do NOT dance with the devil!"

Exe growled and grabbed Lust by the front of his shirt and pulled him in. "Keep in mind that my world is barely standing and if Shattered knows the existence of this world, there's nothing saving you from his wrath, but the Destroyer could be our only chance to save everyone." Lust gulped and nodded.

" can find him in the Anti-Void. I-I can't get there myself but I-I'm sure you could find a w-way..." Exe let go of Lust letting him breathe.

Exe scowled and glared at the ground.
"Stop glaring at my floor. You'll burn holes through it. I can take you to the Destroyer." Exe looked up at Corrupted with hopeful eyes.

"You can?" Corrupted nodded. "Yes." Exe sighed in relief and grinned. "Take me to him."

~ ~ ~ ~

Exe stepped through the portal into the white void. He looked around until he caught sight of a black-boned skeleton with yellow and red markings.

He walked up to him and called out his title. "Destroyer, may I ask for your assistance?" Error turned around and looked at Exe.

He hummed and walked over to him. "3xe, what ar3 y0u d01ng h3re?" Exe looked at Error in shock and stammered. "Y-You know who I am?" Error nodded.

"Of c0urs3, 1'm th3 D3str0y3r 0f w0rlds. It's my j0b t0 kn0w." Exe chuckled nervously and nodded. " know of the Fallen Stars." Error nodded. "Could you help me? I mean to get rid of them. They...they took my friends captive."

Error sighed and opened a portal. "1 w1ll b3 back."

Exe sighed and looked back at Corrupted. He walked back to the portal and entered Corrupted's Castle.

Exe walked over to the couch and waited.

About an hour later, Error opened a portal to Corrupted's Castle and dropped four skeletons onto the floor.

Exe shot up and ran over to them.

Cross got up shakily from the floor only to get tackled and thrown back onto the floor. "Thank Gods you're alright!" Cross felt a bright purple blush take over his face as he recognized Exe's voice.

"Lust? Is that you?" Exe let go of Cross and looked at him with watery eyes. "Yea, it's me..." Cross smiled and gently wrapped his arms around Exe's waist.

A cough brought the two back to reality. "Uhm, sorry to ruin your moment, but what about us?" Black crossed his arms, glaring slightly at Exe and Cross.

Exe giggled and blushed. He got up from the floor and walked over to the other three skeletons and pulled them into a big hug. "I'm so glad you guys are alright!" Exe squeezed them all tightly.

Scoundrel groaned and tapped Exe's shoulder. "Ease up there bud, you're gonna kill us-" Exe chuckled and let go of them.

He looked over at Error and smiled. "Thank you so much! I really appreciate you helping some random anomalies." Error blushed and coughed. "Y3ah what3ver...y0u'r3 w3lcom3 1 gu3ss..."

Razz sighed. "Hey, as happy as I am about you helping us and all...what are we supposed to do now?..."

Error rubbed the back of his skull and mumbled. "I gu3ss 1 d1dn't th1nk 0f that..."

Lust walked over to the five of them and smiled at them. "I could give you guys a job?" Scoundrel cringed. "No offense but I'm not gonna be a stripper, I don't dance, I don't sing, I don't-"

Lust cut him off and chuckled. "No, you won't be doing any of that. I could give you guys bodyguard jobs. I mean I can defend myself but it would be nice to have some stronger security."

Scoundrel scoffed and blushed. "I mean...that wouldn't be so bad..." Razz and Black looked at each other and shrugged. "We could put up with that."

Cross hummed and nodded. "Sure. Lust?" He looked over at Exe. Exe sighed and rubbed the back of his skull. "No, but thanks for the offer...I just don't think I can move on from hunting. I need that in my life."

Lust nodded. "That's understandable. It's your calling, go for it." Exe scoffed and smiled. "Yeah, I think I will. I'll figure something out."

Lust grinned and sighed. "Well, could you please open a portal back to my AU?" Exe nodded and took out the portal device.

He opened and portal and waved to his friends and Lust as they left.

Before Cross could leave along with them, Exe grabbed his wrist. "Hold on." Cross froze and looked up at Exe. "Y-Yea?" Exe smirked and pulled Cross in for a kiss.

Cross's face lit up a bright purple as Exe let go of him then pushed him through the portal. "Lust wait-"

The portal closed and Exe opened a new one. He walked through that one and disappeared.

Dust sighed and fell backward on the couch. "Well, that sucked."

Chapter Text

Ink opened a portal to the Anti-Void to find Error laying on the ground in a fetal position.

His face was a bright yellow and he was letting out tired pants.

Ink hurried over to him and crouched down. He hesitantly placed the back of his hand on Error's forehead. He sighed in relief when he didn't feel the heat on his hand.

But there was still something wrong with the destroyer. He had left mid-battle looking drained after one attack.
That wasn't normal for the destroyer.

Ink sighed and took out monster candy. He popped the candy in Error's mouth and waited for him to gain back some of his energy.

Error groaned and opened his eyes. He looked up at Ink and tried to get up. Ink raised his hands in surrender. "Hey, I'm not here to hurt you!"

Error groaned and laid back down. His eyes were a puffy yellow showing that he had been crying. "Th-Th3n why ar3 y0u h3r3?"

Ink frowned and placed a few more monster candies in front of Error. "I was worried. You looked like you were going to drop dead during our battle..." Error scoffed and lazily reached out for one of the candies.

"F3lt l1k3 1t t00..." Error sighed and looked around anxiously before looking at Ink nervously. "1-1f 1 sh0w y0u s-s0m3th1ng, y-y0u w0n't hurt m3 r1ght?"

Ink looked at Error in shock and scoffed. "Of course I wouldn't! What kind of monster do you take me for??" Error groaned and glared at Ink. "1'm s3r10us, 1nk." Ink nodded. "Yeah, so am I."

Error gulped and hesitantly summoned his soul. Ink let out a yell and quickly covered his eyes. "Error! I'm not supposed to see your soul!" Error scoffed and blushed. "J-Ju$t $hut up and l00k!"

Ink hesitantly brought his hands down from his face. When he caught sight of Error's soul his arms dropped to the ground. "I-Is that- Y-You have a-a-"

Error gulped and nodded. "A s0ul1ng..." Ink covered his mouth and felt his nonexistent soul swell with guilt. "Oh my let me fight you...oh stars, is the baby okay?!"

Error's eyes swelled with tears. He sniffed and put his soul away. "1-1 d0n't kn0w..." Ink's eyes softened. "Did you just find out?" Error swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded.

"Do you at least know who the father is?" Error took in a deep breath and nodded. "1t's uhm...1-1t's N1ghtmar3..." Error let out a shaky breath and broke down into tears.

Ink panicked and tried to calm Error down. "Hey, hey shouldn't you be happy? You're having a baby!" Error sniffed and shook his head. "N0....N1ght and 1 ar3n't t0g3th3r..."

Ink's face paled and his smile dropped. "Oh shit." Error nodded. "I gu3ss 0ur aura m1x3d w1th 3ach 0th3r 0r s0m3th1ng." Error let out a deep breath and whined. "1 d0n't kn0w what 1'm g0nna t3ll h1m..."

Ink sighed and smiled reassuringly at Error. "Why not the truth?" Error groaned and looked up at Ink. "D0 y0u r3ally th1nk h3'd want to hav3 a ch1ld w1th m3?" Ink frowned and looked away.

Error scoffed and nodded. "Y3a, th0ught s0." Ink grimaced and sighed. "Why don't you just give it a try?" Error scoffed and glared at Ink. "'G1v3 1t a sh0t?' S3r10usly?"

Ink gulped and shrugged. "Hey, you never know until you try okay? You never know, he might want a family." Error shook his head and sighed.

"D0ubt 1t, but 1 gu3ss 1 sh0uld..." Error shakily got onto his knees and tried to stand up. Ink got up and hurried over to Error as he stumbled trying to stand up. "Here let me help you!" Ink grabbed Error by the shoulders only to get shoved away.

"D-d0n'T t0UcH m3!" Ink quickly backed away and tried to calm Error down. "Hey, hey, don't crash! It's not safe for the baby!" Error took in deep breaths and tried to calm himself down.

His glitches died down and he felt better. Ink sighed and gulped. "Sorry...I forgot about your...uhm...phobia.." Error shook his head and waved him off. "1t's 0kay, ju$t d0n't t0uch m3 aga1n..."

Ink nodded and moved around anxiously. "So uhm, should we get going?" Error scoffed and glared at Ink. "Wh0 sa1d anyth1ng ab0ut w3?" Ink gulped and moved his arms around anxiously. "Oh uhm, I just thought..."

Error sighed and rubbed his skull. "1'm s0rry, 1t's n0t that 1'm n0t grat3ful, 1t's just that...1f y0u w3nt 1nt0 the bas3, 3very0n3 w0uld try and attack y0u."

Ink scoffed and nodded. "Oh right! I completely forgot about that...sorry...hehe..." Error chuckled and shook his head. "1f 1t mak3s y0u f33l b3tter, 1'll call y0u wh3n 1 c0m3 back."

Ink smiled and nodded. "Yeah, sure! I would like that..." Ink looked around anxiously and smiled at Error nervously. "I uhm...I-I should go now."

Error nodded. "G0 ah3ad, 1'll t3ll y0u h0w 1t g0es." Ink nodded and opened a portal underneath him, leaving instantly.

Error sighed and looked forward. He opened a portal and hesitantly walked through.

He saw Killer in the living room and waved at him. Killer smiled and waved at Error excitedly. "Hi, Error!" Error smiled and nodded at him. "H3ll0 K1ll3r."

Error looked around to see if he saw Nightmare anywhere but didn't see him anywhere in the living room. "H3y K1lls, wh3re's N1ghtmar3?"

Killer hummed and looked towards the stairs. "Oh, boss is in his room." Error nodded and walked towards the stairs. "Kay thanks."

Error reached the door to Nightmare's room and knocked three times. He heard some shuffling and the sound of struggle.

The door opened slightly only showing Nightmare's head. "H-Hey Error what did you need?" Error gulped and took in a deep breath. "1 n33ded t0 t3ll y0u s0m3th1ng..." Error opened his mouth to say something when he heard noises coming from Nightmare's room.

Error shut his mouth and looked into Nightmare's room the best he could. "H3y N1ght, d0 y0u hav3 s0m3on3 0v3r?" Nightmare closed the door slightly still leaving room to speak with Error. "I..." Nightmare contemplated lying to Error but decided against it."Yes, I do."

Error nodded and backed away. "0kay s0rry ab0ut that, 1'll c0me back lat3r." Nightmare sighed and smiled. "Thank you, Error." Nightmare shut the door.

Error let out a shaky sigh. His body was trembling. He had to get out before Nightmare noticed his sadness.

Error opened a portal and walked back into his Anti-Void to find Ink sitting on the ground drawing. "What ar3 y0u d01ng h3re? I th0ught y0u l3ft."

Ink looked up and smiled. "I did leave, but then I got worried. What happened?" Error sighed and sat down next to Ink. "1 c0uldn't d0 1t."

Ink frowned and set aside his drawing supplies. "Why not?" Error groaned and ran his hands down his face. "H-H3 had s0m30n3 0v3r..." Ink hummed and wrapped his scarf ends around Error.

Error looked at Ink in confusion. "What ar3 y0u d0ing?" Ink chuckled. His neck was forced to tilt because of the length of his scarf. "This is the only way I can hug you without hurting you."

Error blushed and looked away. He looked at the ground and sighed. He put his hand in front of Ink. Ink looked down in confusion. "What are you doing?" Error gulped and gestured his hand towards Ink.

"1...1 can handl3 small 1nt3ract10ns..." Error couldn't actually handle any kind of physical interactions but he felt sort of bad.

Ink blushed and smiled. He reached down and hesitated before wrapping his index around Error's.

Error looked up and turned to Ink. "Wh-what ar3-" Ink smiled at him and looked back down at their entwined indexes. "Baby steps." Error blushed and smiled.

It did help. The tiny interaction didn't really hurt him. He mainly felt a tiny tingling feeling that you get when a part of your body falls asleep.

Ink hummed and looked back up at Error. "So what do you want to do now?" Error sighed and shrugged. He used his other arm to wrap to place his hand on his ecto stomach.

"1 d0n't kn0w..." Ink hummed and looked around the Anti-Void. "We should make a house." Error looked at Ink. "Why?"

"Well think about it. You may not need sleep but Nightmare does so we can only assume that your baby will need to sleep as well." Error nodded in understanding.

"Besides, in case you haven't noticed, it's cold as hell here." Error snorted and chuckled. "Y3ah, 1t is c0ld." Ink hummed and nodded. "Yeah, so your baby deserves a proper bed."

Error nodded and smiled. "Y3ah, a h0us3 s0unds n1c3..." Ink smiled and let go of Error's finger to stand up and summon his brush. "I'll get started then!"

Ink walked a bit further and placed his hands out in front of him in two L's trying to frame the area. "So what were you thinking? Two-story, one story? I think two-story would be nice for the three of us!"

Error blushed and looked over at Ink. "Thr3e?.." Ink blushed and stammered. "O-Oh...d-did I say three? I-I meant t-two..." Error chuckled and smiled at Ink.

"N-N0 1t's 0kay...1'd l1k3 y0u t0 stay w1th us..." Ink gripped his brush and smiled. His eyes shifted into pink hearts. "Really?" Error nodded. "Y3ah..."

Ink squealed and turned back around to start on the house.

In an hour or so, the house was done. All it needed was furniture.

Error and Ink walked inside the house and started in the living room. "So what do you want in here?" Error hummed and walked over to the back wall. "W3 c0uld plac3 a c0uch h3re and th3n put an0th3r 0n3 0n th3 l3ft c0nn3ct1ng t0 1t." Ink nodded and took out his brush.

"What color?" Error looked around the house and hummed. "Blu3." Ink nodded and drew two dark navy couches.

Ink turned around towards the front door. "We could place a TV right here in between the couches?" Ink suggested. Error nodded. "0kay."

The two walked around the house discussing and inputting furniture for another hour or so. They were just finishing up the baby's room.

The walls were a pastel lavender color, the floor was a dark navy blue carpet.

Error crossed his arms and looked around nervously. "N0." Ink looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean, no? It looks nice!"

Error gulped and shook his head. "N0, 1 d0n't want th3m stay1ng h3r3. It d03sn't f3el r1ght. I want the cr1b 1n my r00m."

Ink sighed and smiled at Error. "Alright, we'll move the crib." Error nodded and walked to his room. Ink teleported into the room and looked around. "So where do you want it?"

Error hummed and looked around. He walked over to his bed and pointed at the empty wall. "R1ght n3xt t0 th3 n1ghtstand." Ink nodded and painted the crib.

Ink smiled and looked at Error. "It looks nice!" Error chuckled and smiled. His smile dropped as he felt a new aura enter the Anti-Void.

Error quickly stood up catching Ink's attention. "What's wrong?" Error gulped and wrapped his hand around his stomach. "N1ghtmar3's h3re..."

Ink paled and hissed. "Ooh...I should leave then?" Error nodded. "1 d0n't want h1m t0 hurt y0u. 1'll call y0u wh3n h3 l3aves..." Ink nodded and created a portal.

Error gulped and teleported downstairs. Error groaned and leaned against the wall. Three knocks on the door made him quickly get up and fix himself.

He reached for the knob and opened the door, revealing Nightmare. "H-H3y N1ght.." Nightmare waved at him. "Hello, Error. You had something you wanted to tell me?"

Error looked at him in confusion. "What?"

"Remember you came to the castle to tell me something?" Error hit his skull and scoffed. "0h r1ght! I'm s0rry n0 1 f0rg0t..." Nightmare nodded.

"Well, that's alright. I'm here now, so what did you want to tell me?" Error gulped and chuckled nervously. "1'm s0rry, 1 forg0t what 1 want3d t0 t3ll y0u."

Nightmare glared at Error. "Error, you're lying to me." Error gulped and back up. Nightmare walked in, cornering Error.

"N-N1ght pl3as3..." Nightmare sighed and backed off. "I'm sorry Error...I just don't understand why you don't trust me." Error gulped and sighed. "1-1t's n0t that 1 d0n't trust y0u..."

Nightmare was about to say something when he heard a shout from upstairs. "Error, I finished the baby's room!" Ink ran down the stairs and went to Error's side.

Nightmare stared at the two with wide eyes.
"Y-You're having a baby?" Error gulped and nodded. Ink looked at Nightmare waved. "Oh heya Night! Didn't notice ya there. Do you want some tea?"

Nightmare shook his head and backed up towards the door. "N-No, I should go." Ink nodded and waved at Nightmare as he left.

Ink sighed in relief and looked over at Error. "Y0u cam3 back?" Ink nodded. "Yeah, I was actually watching the whole thing and you looked uncomfortable so I thought that I should interfere."

Error nodded and sighed. "Thank y0u but...d1d y0u s3e h1m? H3 l0ok3d ups3t..." Ink sighed and crossed his arms. "Well, what do you want to do about it?"

Error reached up to his scarf and messed around with it. "I th1nk w3 sh0uld t3ll h1m th3 truth. Y0u kn0w, g1v3 h1m a chanc3." Ink hummed and nodded.

"Okay let's go." Ink opened a portal and the two of them went through.

The first person they saw was Killer. He looked at Ink and took out a knife. "What are you doing here?"

Ink groaned and rose his hands to show that he wasn't holding anything. "Geez calm down, I'm not here to cause trouble." Ink looked back at Error.

Error came forward and nodded at Killer. "H3y K1lls, wh3re's N1ght?" Killer scoffed and pointed at the stairs. "In his room. You know whatever you said to him, really upset him and now we're paying the price so you better make it up to him!"

Error sighed and nodded. He and Ink walked upstairs and knocked on the door. "Come in." Error opened the door alerting Nightmare. "What are you doing here?"

Error sighed and stepped forward. "I lied." Ink spat out. Nightmare looked at Ink in confusion. "You guys aren't having a baby?" Ink shook his head. "No, we are. It's just not mine."

Nightmare looked over at Error in shock. "Error, who's is it?" Error gulped and felt himself tear up. "1-1t's y0urs..." Nightmare blushed and choked.

"Wh-what? Well, why didn't you tell me?" Error sighed and rubbed at his eyes. "N1ght, y0u d0n't t3ll s0m3on3 wh0's 1n an r3lati0nsh1p that y0u'r3 carry1ng th31r ch1ld in fr0nt 0f th31r l0ver."

Nightmare looked at him in confusion before realizing what he was talking about. "Oh, f-from before. Error, that was not what you thought it was-"

Error groaned and glared at Nightmare. "N1ghtmar3 d0n't say that! That 1sn't r1ght! D0 y0u kn0w what that c0uld d0 t0 a p3rs0n?!"

Nightmare sighed and crossed his arms. "Then why are you here?"

Error sighed and covered his face. "I'm 0nly h3re t0 ask 1f y0u want t0 b3 a part 0f th1s ch1ld's l1f3."

Error turned to Ink and grabbed his hand. "Ink and 1 ar3 g0ing to ra1s3 them but 1 want y0u t0 kn0w that y0u're n0t be1ng exclud3d fr0m th3ir l1fe."

Nightmare sighed and nodded. "Yes, I want to know my child." Nightmare gulped and rubbed his arm. "And I'm sorry...I didn't mean to make it sound like it did..." Error nodded and waved it off.

"1t's 0kay, but y0u sh0uld pr0bably t3ll y0ur partner ab0ut the baby." Nightmare nodded. "I will."

Error and Ink left through a portal back to the Anti-Void.

Error sat down on his bed and sighed. Ink sat down next to him. "You held my hand." Error blushed and nodded. "I kn0w."

Ink chuckled and smiled. "And you didn't glitch out!" Error nodded. Ink smiled and placed his hand on top of Error's.

"Do you really want me to raise the baby with you or did you just say that in the heat of the moment?" Error blushed and looked up at Ink.

"I...1 want y0u t0 ra1s3 th3m w1th me...a-ar3 y0u 0kay with that?" Ink smiled and held Error's hand. "Yeah, I'm okay with that..."

Ink leaned into Error only to feel two hands press against his chest. "Mm, n0, baby st3ps." Ink snorted and backed away.

Ink smiled at Error. "Baby steps."

Chapter Text

Dream had a little problem. It started a few weeks ago.

A demon came to him in his dreams and began speaking to him. Soon enough, that demon started speaking to him even when he was awake.

The things he said to Dream left him in disbelief and despair. Dream couldn't escape the demon's words. He was so persistent and begging of Dream to go speak with Corrupted, or as he called him, Nightmare.

Dream didn't want to believe the demon. His brother was dead. There was no way that his sweet brother was that sadistic demon of a monster.

But then again, the demon he was speaking to claimed to be him from another Multiverse.

When Shattered first told Dream who he was Dream wanted to go tell Ink to send Shattered back but Shattered threatened the lives of both Ink and Blue if Dream told them or anyone else.

Dream's had enough. He was going to prove Shattered wrong.

He was from another Multiverse. Not everything is exact.

Dream stood in front of the portal that Shattered made for him. "I-I don't know if I can do it...I'll weaken immensely once I go through, it'll make me vulnerable..." Shattered scoffed and gestured Dream through.

"You'll be fine, my aura will protect you." Dream gulped and nodded. He shakily stepped through the portal. He shut his eye tightly expecting himself to start feeling sick and weak but nothing happened.

"I told you you'd be fine." Dream let out a sigh of relief and opened his eyes. He looked around the dark AU with a frown. The trees looked twisted in the dark and the wind howled around him. The only beautiful things about this AU were the gleam of the moon and the large victorian castle.

 Dream felt Shattered push him forward. "Go on, get going." Dream looked forward at the castle and looked for the windows that were lit. He shuddered and walked down the dirt path. 

He reached the front door. He stood there, frozen. He never thought he'd make it this far. "Knock." Shattered whispered encouragingly towards him. 

Dream shakily reached up for the golden door knocker. He gripped it tightly and knocked loudly three times. 

The door opened quickly revealing Cross. Cross's defensive form slacked when he saw Dream. "Dream?!" His shout alerted the other inhabitants of the castle. They rushed towards the front and stood behind Cross defensively as they waited to Corrupted.

Corrupted stood behind the gang and glared down at Dream. "What is your business here?" Dream gulped and let out a shaky breath. He looked down feeling himself getting light-headed. "Go on, ask him." Shattered gripped Dream's shoulders. 

Cross and Dust's eyes widened at the dark mass leeching onto Dream's back. It looked like Dust's Papyrus and Cross's Chara. 

Dream looked up but avoided looking anyone in the eyes. "I-I j-just want t-to talk..." Corrupted narrowed his eyes at Dream. He could feel the terror radiating off of him, but it wasn't because of him.

Corrupted told the gang to step aside. They all moved begrudgingly. Corrupted turned back to the door and gestured Dream inside. 

Dream let out a shaky breath and took a step inside. The inside had a warmer feel than the outside. Dream relaxed once he was inside but a sudden squeeze on his shoulders reminded him of why he was here. 

Corrupted walked over to the living room and gestured Dream over. Dream walked past the gang members. They glared at him warily as he passed them. 

Dream gulped and sat down on the couch across from Corrupted. The gang swarmed around the two sitting by Corrupted. They seemed protective of him.

"What did you want to talk about?" Dream took in a deep breath. He crossed his right leg over his left and bounced it nervously. 

He could feel Shattered's menacing stare piercing his back plus the glares of all the gang members. 

Dream fiddled with his cape clip nervously. He didn't want to say anything with Shattered breathing over his shoulder. 

He terrified him.

Dream began to shake violently. Shattered was whispering to him. He wouldn't stop. 

Dream broke out into tears and brought his legs up to his chest. 

Corrupted sighed and looked over at his gang. "My aura broke him. One of you needs to comfort him." 

Cross sighed and stood up. He walked over to Dream and sat down next to him. He awkwardly picked up his arms stiffly wrapped his arms around Dream.

Killer snorted getting a glare from Cross. Cross sighed and rolled his eyes. He felt Dream bury his face in his shoulder and hug him back.

Cross looked up and sucked in a breath. His eyes met a single rotten gold eye light. 

Shattered smirked once he realized Cross could see him.

Cross gulped and got up. He went back next to Corrupted and grabbed his arm. Corrupted growled and glared down at Cross. "Boss, there's something there." Cross whispered frightened. 

Dust shuffled over next to Cross. "You see it too?" Corrupted shifted his eye over to Dust then to Dream. He narrowed his eye at the area behind Dream. "I don't see anything." 

Cross gulped and tightened his grip on Corrupted's arm. "It looks like you...but more menacing.." Dust hummed and looked at the area. "I can't see it but I can see its aura..."

Corrupted scoffed and stood up. He pulled his arm away from Cross and walked over to Dream. 

He sat down in front of him and tried to get him to look at him. "Dream, look at me." Dream let out shaky breaths and looked up at Corrupted. 

Corrupted felt his soul drop at the desperate look in Dream's eyes. Corrupted could hear Dream's thoughts. He was asking for help.

Dream shot forward and wrapped his arms around Corrupted's neck.  Dream let out a cry of pain as Corrupted's goop burned him. Corrupted froze and tried to pry Dream off of him.

Corrupted heard the sound of an echoed scream and looked up. His eye landed on a rotten yellow version of himself. He screamed in pain as steam came off of his body.

The apparition disappears and instantly, Dream fainted.

Corrupted sat stiffly against Dream's slumped body. He took in a deep breath and looked over to the gang. "Somebody, get him off of me." 

Cross jumped off the couch and ran over to the two. Cross laid Dream back then picked him up bridal style. 

Corrupted sighed in relief and stood up. He looked at Dream's sleeping face. He looked more peaceful, but he looked to be in so much pain. 

Corrupted looked over at Cross. "Take him to a room." Cross nodded and teleported away. 

Killer walked over to Corrupted and stood by him. "What happened?" Corrupted ran a hand over his skull and sighed. "I don't know." 

Horror messed with the fluff on his hoodie. "He looked terrified..." He looked up at Corrupted. "Do you think he was scared of you?" 

Corrupted shook his head. "No, it wasn't me. Something else scared him." Dust gulped and laid against Horror. 

"I bet it was that ghost." Corrupted scoffed and glared at Dust. "Don't be ridiculous, there's no such thing as ghosts." 

Corrupted sighed and walked towards the stairs. "I expect you all to be in bed by 10." He disappeared upstairs before he could hear their groans of protest.

Corrupted closed his eyes and focused on Dream's aura. Once he found where Dream was, Corrupted lowered his aura then walked into the room.

He closed the door gently behind him then looked over to the bed. Dream's light snores filled the dark room.  

Corrupted sat in the armchair in the corner of the room and fell asleep.

~ ~ ~ ~

Corrupted woke up to humming. He opened his eye and looked over to the bed where Dream was sitting up.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you." Corrupted shook his head. "No, it's okay." Corrupted cleared his throat and began bouncing his leg.

"Do you remember that song?" Corrupted hummed and looked up. "What?" Dream smiled at Corrupted. "We used to sing it all the time." 

Corrupted felt his soul drop. His breath picked up and he stood up. "N-No, you must be thinking of someone else-"

Dream frowned and stood up from the bed. "Brother." 

Corrupted sucked in a breath and froze in front of the door. "N-No...I-I'm not..." Corrupted picked up his arms and covered his ear canals and tried to block out Dream's voice. 

"I-I'm not him..." He flinched at Dream's touch. "I know." Corrupted lowered his arms shakily then turned around. 

Dream stared up at him with teary eyes. "I know you aren't him...but you're still my share his memories, his personality..." Dream reached out towards Corrupted and grabbed his hand.

"I wasn't there for him." Dream looked up at Corrupted with tears streaming down his face. "But I want to be there for you...please...let me." 

Corrupted let out a hiss of breath and pulled Dream into a hug. 

Despite the burning sensation the two were feeling, they felt at peace.