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Sans AU Oneshots

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Dream hummed to himself as he washed the dishes then the sound of the doorbell sounded down the hallway.

Dream shut off the sink and dried off his hands as he walked to the front door.

He looked through the peephole and saw Cross. He hummed and summoned his staff then cautiously opened the door.

Cross smiled as he looked at Dream and opened his mouth to speak when he noticed the golden staff in Dream's hand.

Cross sighed and smiled softly as Dream. "I'm not here to cause trouble." Dream huffed and leaned against the door frame. "Then what is your business here?"

Cross rubbed the back of his skull and sighed. "Well, you see...Boss- I mean, Corrupted has had me on a leash for the longest time." Cross sighed and looked Dream in the eyes. "And I want out."

Dream narrowed his eyes at Cross. He hummed and stood up straight. "And how do I know this isn't some mission that demon has sent you on?"

Cross licked his teeth nervously. He slid the duffle bag off his shoulder and dropped it to the ground. He slipped off his jacket and tied it around his waist.

He stepped closer to Dream then turned his head to the side to show a bright red mark on the side of his neck. "You see this mark?"

Dream hummed and nodded. "That's where Corrupted put a bug on me to project his negativity through me to make sure I wouldn't leave. I took it off."

Cross stepped back from Dream then put his jacket back on. He quickly stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets once he had it on comfortably. "Was that proof enough?"

Dream sighed and nodded. "Yes, come in." Cross sighed in relief then reached down to grab his bag only for Dream to get a hold of it first.

Dream smiled and walked inside. "I've got it." Cross scoffed and smiled as he followed Dream inside. "Lock the door behind you, please." Cross hummed and shut the door then locked it.

Cross walked down the short hallway to walk into a brightly lit honey-colored kitchen. He took a deep breath in and sigh at the warmth. "It's nice..."

Dream chuckled placing Cross's bag down on a chair. "Thank you. I try to keep it clean." Cross nodded. He looked around the kitchen to see it was pretty plain aside from the painted walls and kitchen interior.

"Why do you live alone? I thought you would've lived with Ink or something." Dream chuckled dryly and shook his head.

"No, that'd be torture." Cross snorted and looked at Dream curiously. Dream chuckled and groaned. "Living with Ink is like living with a 6-year-old. And that's something seeing as how I'm the youngest."

Cross covered his mouth as he wheezed. "Jeez, I believe you and it's worse that his attention span is terrible. He must forget about you guys all the time."

Dream sighed and nodded. "He does! He once left me and Swap in an AU and forgot about us for 3 days!" Cross leaned against the table and wheezed.

Dream chuckled and walked over to the fridge. "Do you want something to drink?" Cross cleared his throat as he calmed down. "Yes please."

Cross sat down at the table and sighed. Dream placed down a glass filled with white liquid. Cross looked down at the glass with confusion and uncertainty.

"Is this...milk? No, it looks a bit foggy..." Dream chuckled and took a sip of his drink. "No, it's Horchata."

Cross hummed and sniffed the cup. He smiled and hummed. "Oh, is that cinnamon?" Dream nodded and watched as Cross took a sip of the drink.

Cross placed down the cup and hummed. "That kind of tastes like Atole." Dream chuckled and nodded. "Yup, Horchata is also rice." Cross hummed and drank more.

Dream took his cup to the sink and filled it with water. He went back to his seat, letting the cup soak for a little while.

He smiled as he watched Cross finish the rest of his drink. "So, you like Atole?" Cross hummed and nodded as he set the cup. "Oh yeah, it's great. Especially on cold days."

Dream nodded and looked at Cross. "Do you like Chocolate Atole?" Cross snorted and crossed his arms. "Um, is that even a question? Yes!"

Dream chuckled and stood up to grab Cross's cup. "Do you want me to make you some tomorrow morning? I heard that tonight it's going to snow until the morning."

Cross froze and looked up at Dream. "You're going to let me stay here?" Dream placed the cup in the sink then turned around to face Cross. He placed his arms behind his back and looked down.

"I mean yeah...did you have somewhere else in mind?" Cross shook his head and sputtered. "N-nowhere I-I just thought you'd send me to Ink or something."

Dream looked at Cross with a playful look. "After we just had this serious talk about rice pudding? No, you're mine."

Cross snorted and hide his face in his sleeve as his face erupted in a bright purple blush. He took a deep breath in then turned back to face Dream.

He looked at Dream with a serious look and nodded his head. "Oh yeah, we're besties now. Bonded over rice pudding."

The two broke out into laughter after a while of trying to keep their serious looks up.

Cross sighed and wiped the laughing tears out of his eyes. "It's been a while since I laughed so stupidly over something random like this."

Dream smiled and walked over to Cross. "I bet. With that bug gone it must be a relief to have control over yourself again."

Cross sniffed and nodded. "Yeah, it feels amazing but now I'm torn between smiling and crying." Dream hummed and placed his hands on Cross's shoulders rubbing them softly.

"It's only natural. Let your body sort out itself." Cross nodded feeling a tear roll down his cheek.

After a few more tears, Cross passed out.

Dream looked down at Cross with a sad smile. He went to Cross's side and gently picked him up then carried him up the stairs and into a guest room.

~ ~ ~ ~

Cross woke up the smell of Atole Champurrado. He hummed and rolled around in the bed. The bed was so soft and the blanket was so warm, he didn't want to get up.

He sniffed the air one more time and groaned. But that chocolate was calling him.

He sat up and stretched until he had the motivation to go downstairs.

Cross walked down the stairs and sighed at the heavenly smell. "Stars, that smells amazing!"

Dream chuckled from downstairs. He poured two cups of Atole and greeted Cross. "Good morning, Cross."

Cross walked over to Dream and took the steaming cup of chocolate. He breathed in the smell and sighed. "Damn, you know what would go good with this?"

Dream shook his head. "What?" Cross took a sip of the drink and hummed. "Conchas." Dream took a sip of the drink and shrugged. "Oh, I don't think I've tried that yet."

Cross looked at Dream with wide eyes. "What! No way, you've got to try them. They're so good, especially when they're warm just mm!"

Dream chuckled making Cross blush. "Hey, don't laugh at me! I just like food." Dream shook his head and smiled. "No, I like food too. You just look cute when you get excited."

Cross choked on the drink and broke out into a coughing fit. Dream quickly placed down his cup and grabbed Cross's from his hands. He grabbed Cross's chin and made him look up at the ceiling light.

Cross calmed down and sighed. His face was bright purple, both from the lack of air and embarrassment.

Dream placed down Cross's cup and rubbed his back. "Are you okay? Did you burn your hands? Let me see."

Dream grabbed Cross's hands gently and examined them for any red markings. Cross sighed and pulled his hands away.

"N-No, I'm fine...I-I just embarrass easy.." Dream tilted his head to the side in confusion. "Embarrass? Did I say something to embarrass you?"

Cross covered his face with his sleeve as a deep purple blush covered his cheeks once more. "You called me cute.."

Dream gasped and blushed. "Oh I didn't mean to embarrass you, I meant it as a compliment! I'm so sorry!"

Cross shook his head and chuckled. "It's okay thank you for the uhm, compliment." Dream sighed and nodded.

"You're welcome." Dream rubbed the back of his nervously. "You know, i-if you're not comfortable with some things I-I'd like to know, I don't want to make you uncomfortable."

Cross shook his head and smiled. "No, no, it's okay. I'm just not used to compliments."

Dream huffed and crossed his arms.
"Well, that won't do. I'll have to help you with that."

Cross's smile fell as another blush covered his face. "W-What?"