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Dream had a little problem. It started a few weeks ago.

A demon came to him in his dreams and began speaking to him. Soon enough, that demon started speaking to him even when he was awake.

The things he said to Dream left him in disbelief and despair. Dream couldn't escape the demon's words. He was so persistent and begging of Dream to go speak with Corrupted, or as he called him, Nightmare.

Dream didn't want to believe the demon. His brother was dead. There was no way that his sweet brother was that sadistic demon of a monster.

But then again, the demon he was speaking to claimed to be him from another Multiverse.

When Shattered first told Dream who he was Dream wanted to go tell Ink to send Shattered back but Shattered threatened the lives of both Ink and Blue if Dream told them or anyone else.

Dream's had enough. He was going to prove Shattered wrong.

He was from another Multiverse. Not everything is exact.

Dream stood in front of the portal that Shattered made for him. "I-I don't know if I can do it...I'll weaken immensely once I go through, it'll make me vulnerable..." Shattered scoffed and gestured Dream through.

"You'll be fine, my aura will protect you." Dream gulped and nodded. He shakily stepped through the portal. He shut his eye tightly expecting himself to start feeling sick and weak but nothing happened.

"I told you you'd be fine." Dream let out a sigh of relief and opened his eyes. He looked around the dark AU with a frown. The trees looked twisted in the dark and the wind howled around him. The only beautiful things about this AU were the gleam of the moon and the large victorian castle.

 Dream felt Shattered push him forward. "Go on, get going." Dream looked forward at the castle and looked for the windows that were lit. He shuddered and walked down the dirt path. 

He reached the front door. He stood there, frozen. He never thought he'd make it this far. "Knock." Shattered whispered encouragingly towards him. 

Dream shakily reached up for the golden door knocker. He gripped it tightly and knocked loudly three times. 

The door opened quickly revealing Cross. Cross's defensive form slacked when he saw Dream. "Dream?!" His shout alerted the other inhabitants of the castle. They rushed towards the front and stood behind Cross defensively as they waited to Corrupted.

Corrupted stood behind the gang and glared down at Dream. "What is your business here?" Dream gulped and let out a shaky breath. He looked down feeling himself getting light-headed. "Go on, ask him." Shattered gripped Dream's shoulders. 

Cross and Dust's eyes widened at the dark mass leeching onto Dream's back. It looked like Dust's Papyrus and Cross's Chara. 

Dream looked up but avoided looking anyone in the eyes. "I-I j-just want t-to talk..." Corrupted narrowed his eyes at Dream. He could feel the terror radiating off of him, but it wasn't because of him.

Corrupted told the gang to step aside. They all moved begrudgingly. Corrupted turned back to the door and gestured Dream inside. 

Dream let out a shaky breath and took a step inside. The inside had a warmer feel than the outside. Dream relaxed once he was inside but a sudden squeeze on his shoulders reminded him of why he was here. 

Corrupted walked over to the living room and gestured Dream over. Dream walked past the gang members. They glared at him warily as he passed them. 

Dream gulped and sat down on the couch across from Corrupted. The gang swarmed around the two sitting by Corrupted. They seemed protective of him.

"What did you want to talk about?" Dream took in a deep breath. He crossed his right leg over his left and bounced it nervously. 

He could feel Shattered's menacing stare piercing his back plus the glares of all the gang members. 

Dream fiddled with his cape clip nervously. He didn't want to say anything with Shattered breathing over his shoulder. 

He terrified him.

Dream began to shake violently. Shattered was whispering to him. He wouldn't stop. 

Dream broke out into tears and brought his legs up to his chest. 

Corrupted sighed and looked over at his gang. "My aura broke him. One of you needs to comfort him." 

Cross sighed and stood up. He walked over to Dream and sat down next to him. He awkwardly picked up his arms stiffly wrapped his arms around Dream.

Killer snorted getting a glare from Cross. Cross sighed and rolled his eyes. He felt Dream bury his face in his shoulder and hug him back.

Cross looked up and sucked in a breath. His eyes met a single rotten gold eye light. 

Shattered smirked once he realized Cross could see him.

Cross gulped and got up. He went back next to Corrupted and grabbed his arm. Corrupted growled and glared down at Cross. "Boss, there's something there." Cross whispered frightened. 

Dust shuffled over next to Cross. "You see it too?" Corrupted shifted his eye over to Dust then to Dream. He narrowed his eye at the area behind Dream. "I don't see anything." 

Cross gulped and tightened his grip on Corrupted's arm. "It looks like you...but more menacing.." Dust hummed and looked at the area. "I can't see it but I can see its aura..."

Corrupted scoffed and stood up. He pulled his arm away from Cross and walked over to Dream. 

He sat down in front of him and tried to get him to look at him. "Dream, look at me." Dream let out shaky breaths and looked up at Corrupted. 

Corrupted felt his soul drop at the desperate look in Dream's eyes. Corrupted could hear Dream's thoughts. He was asking for help.

Dream shot forward and wrapped his arms around Corrupted's neck.  Dream let out a cry of pain as Corrupted's goop burned him. Corrupted froze and tried to pry Dream off of him.

Corrupted heard the sound of an echoed scream and looked up. His eye landed on a rotten yellow version of himself. He screamed in pain as steam came off of his body.

The apparition disappears and instantly, Dream fainted.

Corrupted sat stiffly against Dream's slumped body. He took in a deep breath and looked over to the gang. "Somebody, get him off of me." 

Cross jumped off the couch and ran over to the two. Cross laid Dream back then picked him up bridal style. 

Corrupted sighed in relief and stood up. He looked at Dream's sleeping face. He looked more peaceful, but he looked to be in so much pain. 

Corrupted looked over at Cross. "Take him to a room." Cross nodded and teleported away. 

Killer walked over to Corrupted and stood by him. "What happened?" Corrupted ran a hand over his skull and sighed. "I don't know." 

Horror messed with the fluff on his hoodie. "He looked terrified..." He looked up at Corrupted. "Do you think he was scared of you?" 

Corrupted shook his head. "No, it wasn't me. Something else scared him." Dust gulped and laid against Horror. 

"I bet it was that ghost." Corrupted scoffed and glared at Dust. "Don't be ridiculous, there's no such thing as ghosts." 

Corrupted sighed and walked towards the stairs. "I expect you all to be in bed by 10." He disappeared upstairs before he could hear their groans of protest.

Corrupted closed his eyes and focused on Dream's aura. Once he found where Dream was, Corrupted lowered his aura then walked into the room.

He closed the door gently behind him then looked over to the bed. Dream's light snores filled the dark room.  

Corrupted sat in the armchair in the corner of the room and fell asleep.

~ ~ ~ ~

Corrupted woke up to humming. He opened his eye and looked over to the bed where Dream was sitting up.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you." Corrupted shook his head. "No, it's okay." Corrupted cleared his throat and began bouncing his leg.

"Do you remember that song?" Corrupted hummed and looked up. "What?" Dream smiled at Corrupted. "We used to sing it all the time." 

Corrupted felt his soul drop. His breath picked up and he stood up. "N-No, you must be thinking of someone else-"

Dream frowned and stood up from the bed. "Brother." 

Corrupted sucked in a breath and froze in front of the door. "N-No...I-I'm not..." Corrupted picked up his arms and covered his ear canals and tried to block out Dream's voice. 

"I-I'm not him..." He flinched at Dream's touch. "I know." Corrupted lowered his arms shakily then turned around. 

Dream stared up at him with teary eyes. "I know you aren't him...but you're still my share his memories, his personality..." Dream reached out towards Corrupted and grabbed his hand.

"I wasn't there for him." Dream looked up at Corrupted with tears streaming down his face. "But I want to be there for you...please...let me." 

Corrupted let out a hiss of breath and pulled Dream into a hug. 

Despite the burning sensation the two were feeling, they felt at peace.