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Blue hunched over the sink. He groaned as he gagged up black goop. He rubbed his mouth with his sleeve. He sighed and stood up. He looked up at his reflection in the mirror with disgust.

His reflection's eyes flashed red, yellow, then purple and the lights began to flicker. He flinched and fell back. He sat on the bathroom floor, his body shaking violently. He brought his legs up to his chest and hugged them.

He shut his eyes tightly. Flashes of people that looked like him flashed through his mind. He gasped and opened his eyes. He blinked away the tears then stood up from the floor. He left the bathroom. He walked downstairs and headed straight for the front door.

"Where you goin' bro?" His hand froze mid-air and he sighed. "I'm going over to Ink and Dream's." Stretch hummed and walked over to the couch. "ight, be careful." Blue turned around and smiled at Stretch. "Bye Papy! Love you!" He pulled open the door and stepped outside.

Blue teleported to the Star Sanses base. He saw Ink and Dream rushing down the stairs in their fighting gear. He let out an annoyed sigh. "We have a mission?" Ink nodded and opened a portal on the ground.

The three jumped through the portal and fell into an AU under attack. Dream and Ink immediately ran into the battle. Blue stayed behind as a sudden migraine hit his head. He winced and rubbed his temples.

He let an annoyed sigh and shook his head. He'd have to fight through it. He ran forwards and summoned a few bone attacks. He attacked down on Dust and Horror.

Horror picked up his ax and exchanged blows with Blue. Dust attacked his sides with a knife and a few bone attacks.

Blue fought off both his sides and the migraine seemed to worsen the more he moved. The sound of weapons clashing resonated through his mind.

Blue gagged when Dust kicked him in the chest. Blue fell to the ground on his back. He panted as the world above him seemed to spin.

Horror and Dust watched as Blue didn't get up. Horror looked over to Dust worriedly. Dust shrugged. "I didn't even hit him that hard."

Dust walked up to Blue's side and nudged him with his foot. Blue let out a pained groan. Dust let out a relieved sigh and nodded towards Horror. "He's fine." Horror placed his hand over his chest and sighed.

Dream looked over at Blue and glared at Dust as he stood over him. Dream aimed an arrow at him and shot it past him. "Get away from him!" Dust flinched back as the arrow barely missed him. He placed his hand on his chest and panted. He stood up and glared at Dream.

"Are you tryin' to kill me or what?!" Dream huffed and aimed another arrow at him as a warning. Dust rose his arms in mock surrender and backed away from Blue.

Dream walked up to Blue, still aiming his arrow at Dust. He looked down at Blue and nudged him gently with his foot. "Blue? Are you okay?" Blue blinked his eyes and sat up with a groan. He looked around in confusion then looked up at Dream.

"Where the fuck am I?" Dust snorted while Dream stared down at Blue with a concerned look. "Oh stars you gave him amnesia." The others crowded around the three. Blue's confusion somehow halted the fighting.

Blue looked at everyone in confusion. "The fuck..." Blue shot his hand up to his head as another migraine hit him. He groaned in pain and hunched over. His face lit up a bright blue as he began to feel sick. "Haha, fuck that hurts!" Blue laughed in pain.

Dream knelt next to Blue and cupped his skull. He shot some magic toward Blue's head. Blue winced as his magic made the migraine spread. "FUCK! Okay, you banana, I understand that you have good intentions but please, this hurts even more."

Dream let go of Blue's skull and backed away. Blue rubbed his temples and hissed. "Fuuuuck." 'You know I'd really like it if you stopped swearing so much.' "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Blue screeched and he jumped to his feet. He looked around in confusion until he felt someone tap his shoulder.

He turned around to face a ghost of himself. He pointed at the ghost and paled. "You're me..." The others watched in confusion as Blue had a conversation with the air. Tears welled up in Dream's eyes as he covered his mouth. "Oh no...he's lost it."

Dust looked down at his hands. "How hard did I hit him??" He mumbled to himself.

Blue stared at his ghostly counterpart. He was wearing an orange hoodie over his battle body. He looked down at himself and saw that all he had on was his battle body and even that wasn't the same. 'I'd like my body back, please and thank you.'

Blue's body shook as he began to hyperventilate. "I want my body back, you stoler." The ghost rose a bone brow. 'Stoler? I- Okay. Talk to Nightmare, the goopy one.' Blue nodded and turned around. He looked over everyone until his eyes landed on the six-foot goop monster.

He gulped and sighed. "The fuck is this shit?! I didn't have to deal with this back home." He mumbled to himself angrily. He sighed and looked up at Nightmare. "Oi tall ass, I need to ask you somethin'." Nightmare looked down at him, offended. He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"What do you want?" Blue huffed and pointed to the ghost to his side. "Can you see 'im?" Nightmare looked over to where Blue gestured but saw nothing. Nightmare shook his head and Blue cursed under his breath.

Blue turned over to the ghost and glared at him. "I thought you said he could help?" The ghost huffed and glared at Blue. 'Ask him about body swapping and how to undo it.' Blue nodded and turned back to Nightmare.

"Do you know 'nything 'bout body swapping?" Nightmare's eyes widened and he let out a laugh. "Ooh, you're not our Blue." Blue glared at him. "Yeah ya fucking think? So do you know anythin' or not?" Nightmare chuckled and nodded.

"Yes, sit down." Blue plopped down on the ground. He looked over at the ghost who also sat down. Blue looked back at Nightmare. "Kay, next?" Nightmare stepped forward and placed his hand on Blue's skull.

The migraine came back double the pain from before. Blue shut his eyes and winced as he felt his soul leaving this body. When he reopened his eyes he was back in his body. He patted down himself and cheered. "Fuck yeah! Woo-hoo!" He turned around to find the ghost next to him still but in his original body.

"Oh shit." The ghost sighed and stared at his body wondering who was inhabiting it now.

Blue's eyes reopened to show bright red hearts. Nightmare cursed under his breath and immediately back away from Blue.

Blue's eyes scanned the crowd seeing familiar faces some of who shouldn't be alive. His eyes landed on Dust and a smile took place on his face. He stood up and skipped towards him.

He threw his arms over his neck and hugged him. "Hiya Dusty~" Dust froze, not understanding a single thing that was going on. "Uhm...hi?" Blue let go of him and stared at him adoringly. He let out a squeal and pulled Dust to his chest. "You're so cute!!"

Dust looked over at Nightmare with pleading eyes. "Boss. Help. Please." Nightmare let out a hiss of air and shrugged his shoulders. Dust looked over to Horror. Horror huffed and walked over to the two. He placed his hand on Blue's shoulder only to be met with a knife to his throat.

Horror stared into Blue's bloodlust-filled eyes and blinked. He looked over to Dust and mock saluted him then teleported away.

The ghost huffed and stared at his clingy, yandere version. 'Screw this.' Dusttrust watched as the ghost ran towards his body at full speed. He disappeared upon contact and another ghost fell out.

Blue blinked his eyes then looked up at Dust who's face was a few inches away from his. Blue's face lit up a bright blue. He screamed and kicked Dust's groin earning a pained groan from him.

Blue ran towards Ink and jumped into his arms. "I FEEL SO VIOLATED!" Blue cried into Ink's shoulder. Ink held Blue awkwardly as the others stared at him.

Horror knelt next to Dust who was silently crying on the ground. "You okay?" Dust sniffed and looked up at Horror. "...Go fuck yourself..." Horror nodded. "Fair enough."