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The clinking of glasses, voices murmuring in conversation, occasional laughter breaking out amidst the music playing in the background would normally put most people in a good mood.  


The annual Solo Industries Gala Ball was an event all their employees looked forward to every year.  No expense was spared to reward each and every employee for the hard work they had put into making the leading tech giant the success it was.


From the humble cleaners who kept the premises spotless right through to the highest-level executives, all were treated to a night of eating, drinking and dancing in a luxurious venue.  It was a chance for everyone to dress up, let their hair down and have fun at the company’s expense.  Every employee was even given a bonus to help them purchase the gowns and suits that were requisite at the black-tie event.


The Ball had become legendary amongst all who had ever attended over the last ten years since the event had been launched by the founders, Leia Organa and her husband Han Solo.  Every year something happened that had everyone talking about it for weeks.  


One year a fight began between two female employees who discovered they’d both been seeing the same man without their knowledge.  It soon turned ugly for him when they teamed up against him.


Another year, an employee decided that he could dance like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.  Unfortunately, his back didn’t agree and when it seized up, had to be stretchered out by paramedics.


There had been hook-ups as well as the beginnings of romances.  There were nearly a dozen babies that were either the direct or indirect result of the Solo Industries Ball.


And from the sounds of it, everyone was having a great time.


Everyone that is, except the CEO, Ben Solo. 


The son of the founders, Benjamin Charles Solo had been forced to begin from the bottom.  Nepotism was a dirty word and he had worked in the mail room as high schooler, interned in various departments as he earned his degree and been given his own team to lead as he earned his dual Masters in Business and Engineering.


As a result, Ben Solo knew every single cog that made up Solo Industries and when his parents wanted to step back a bit, in preparation for their eventual retirement, they were confident that their son would ably steer the company into the future.


Their trust had been repaid as Ben encouraged his engineers and designers to come up with new and revolutionary ideas for their products that had made the company one of the world leaders in their field.


Continuing on his parents’ policy of rewarding their employees for their hard work by ensuring salaries and benefits were among the best in the country meant there was little staff turnover and people clamoured to join when a position opened up.  


Solo Industries attracted the best and most loyal staff.


That included Ben’s personal assistant, Rey Johnson.

Rey had joined the company a year before, coming in as a temp to cover Ben’s previous assistant, Jessika, who went on maternity leave.  


It was originally going to be a five-month role but Jessika had decided that she wanted to stay home with her baby for a couple of years, so Rey officially became his assistant.  Jessika planned to come back in a part-time role so Ben would ensure HR found her a suitable poition when she was ready to return.


From day one, Rey had made herself indispensable to Ben.  Smart as a whip, organised to a fault and with a personality that endeared her to everyone, Rey had fit in as if she’d always been there.


That she was beautiful, with her hazel eyes and incredible smile, as well as a figure that wore tailored shirts and pencil skirts to perfection, Rey was the epitome of what a PA should be.


And Ben was completely, head over heels, deeply in love with her.


From the moment she walked in with Rose, his Recruitment Manager, her smile lighting up her whole face, Ben was lost.


He felt his heart lurch and fall into her keeping – and then proceeded to do nothing about it.


Though Ben confidently ran a multi-billion company, socially, he had always felt awkward, especially around women.


As a teenager, he’d shot up way before his peers, towering over everyone, all lanky arms and legs coupled with his large ears and nose that had not led to much attention from the girls.  


Being somewhat of an introvert, his studious nature and the fact that he had spent much of his time working at the company while studying had meant that he’d never felt comfortable partying with his peers.


As he grew older, Ben did grow into his looks and body which led to more attention from women but by then, he didn’t know whether they wanted him for himself or for the fact that he was stupidly wealthy. 


Which meant that his dalliances were exactly that:  dalliances.  To scratch an itch and nothing more.  He’d never had a real relationship and had never been in love.   


The fact that he worked ridiculous hours didn’t help with changing that state of affairs and in truth, it didn’t particularly bother him.   


Ben’s life was too busy, even if somewhat lonely, to worry about his single status.


Until Rey.


As a team, they had become so close, it was as if they could read each other’s minds.  Ben barely had to mention something to do with work and Rey was producing what he needed, be it a file, presentation or any other myriad item that he dealt with running the company.  


She was indispensable to him now.  Rey took so much of the burden off his shoulders that Ben felt like he could breathe now.  


To be truthful, Rey was too good for her role.  She deserved to be running her own team, with her own mechanical background, which she’d told him about one night when working late preparing for a high-stakes meeting.  It was just the two of them in the quiet office and were having a meal which Ben had had sent up.


Rey had described the struggles she’d endured as an orphan growing up in foster care.  As she described working in the junkyard, building things from scrap, Ben’s awe grew and he seriously considered using some of his immense wealth to have this miserable Plutt character exit this world for what he did to her.


If Ben had been honourable, he would have looked at avenues for Rey to advance further in the company but he was selfish.  


He wanted Rey here, with him.  


Even if she was being paid an exorbitant salary and all the perks Ben could think of, he still felt guilty about holding her back, though he wouldn’t stop her if she did decide to move on.


Maybe he wouldn’t have been so terrified of her leaving him if he’d had the balls to turn their close working relationship into a close personal relationship.


So many times, he’d begun asking her out but had chickened out.  


So many times, they’d been alone together, working, when he’d wanted to kiss those soft, pouty lips and declare his undying love but hadn’t.


And he suspected that she liked him as more than just her boss too, or maybe that was simply wishful thinking on his part.  


Just because she often offered to rub his shoulders after a long day didn’t mean anything.  Her smile when he entered the room was only because she was a friendly person.


And if her clothes made his mouth water with the way they fit on her and he caught glimpses of delicate lace on occasion, it was because Rey was a beautiful woman who enjoyed looking good.  Nothing to do with him.


Therefore, the pining continued unabated.


Which led to tonight’s problem and the cause of Ben’s foul mood even as he was surrounded by merriment all around him.


Rey Johnson, the love of his life, was driving him crazy!


When she walked into the ballroom with Rose, now a good friend, Ben thought he was going into cardiac arrest.


Wearing a figure-hugging black velvet dress that came down to her knees, at first glance it looked very modest until one looked closer.  


Where the black velvet didn’t cover, the rest of her skin was covered by sheer material that didn’t hide what was beneath and spanned from her neck, down her arms and back. The black velvet covered her breasts but left a deep, v-shaped gap halfway down her torso.


Ben could see her cleavage and the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra, not that it was possible in that dress.   


The sight her had him pulling at his bow-tie to get some air into his lungs though that proved to be a futile exercise when she turned to greet someone and he saw the back of her dress.


The velvet curved around her waist and met just above the swell of her arse.  The rest of her back was covered by that damnable sheer material and he could see every muscle and dip.


Eyes roving down her delectable bum, he continued over her shapely legs to her black high-heeled shoes that were tied with a black satin bow at her ankles, tempting him to untie them with his teeth and definitely helped her arse look that delicious.


Rey’s hair was in a sleek bob, one side pinned back to showcase the daisy-shaped earrings she wore.


The earrings he’d gifted her on her birthday, batting aside her protests that they were too expensive a gift for a mere assistant.  As if she were a ‘mere’ anything!


During the week, Rey wore minimal make-up, which Ben was glad for because she didn’t need to hide her adorable freckles that he dreamed of kissing but tonight it was much more dramatic, in keeping with the event and her outfit.


Her ruby red lipstick on her pouty lips had him instantly imagining how they would look wrapped around his aching cock and he had to take a gulp of his champagne to stop himself from having an instant, telling, erection.


In word, Rey looked exquisite. 


And it seemed he wasn’t the only one who thought so.


Rey had been seated next to him (at his request), so he watched as she made her way to his table, grinning happily when she spied him.


“Hello, handsome,” she teased him.


Ben’s pulse stuttered but controlled himself as he stood to greet her, surreptitiously taking deep a breath of her scent, something feminine, musky and completely alluring.


“Rey, you look stunning,” he told her truthfully.  He could have gone on for days about how she looked and what she did to him.


“So do you, Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome.  You look great in your bespoke suits but I have to say, tuxedos were invented with you in mind.”   Ben flushed at her praise, covering it up by pulling out her chair so she could put her tiny purse down.


“You already got a raise a month ago,” he retorted, unable to take the compliment properly.


Rey shook her head.  “I wasn’t angling for one.  Just stating the truth.”  Her eyes roved over his body, the tux not hiding the muscle underneath.


Ben had been working out more in the year since she’d been working for him.  He needed to relieve the frustration somehow or his dick would be chafed by now.


He watched as Rey looked around in wonder, this being her first company ball, before his eyes trailed over her at close range.  His fingers itched to stroke the soft velvet but even more to take it off her to see if the skin beneath was as soft as the material.


Somehow, he suspected it was.


Lost in thought, he barely noticed when one of his execs come over with his wife to say hello.  Called back to the present, he had to present his ‘public’ face and smile, attempting the small talk that he found excruciating, all the while watching Rey as she mingled with their colleagues.


While dinner was served, Ben’s skin tingled every time they accidentally brushed hands as they reached for their glasses or cutlery.  He was obliged to speak with everyone even though he wanted nothing more than to simply stare at Rey all night.


After the obligatory speech by his mother, the party started in earnest, with the employees letting down their hair as the dancing started. 


That’s when Ben’s misery started too.


Rey was the belle of the ball.  Everyone wanted to talk to her.


It seemed like every single man there made a beeline for her.  Flirting outrageously, inviting her to dance, getting her drinks.


Ben watched as they drooled over his assistant, some more blatant than others, his mood darkening with each one.


He knew he couldn’t fire them for flirting with Rey, but damned if he wasn’t tempted.


Sitting at his table, ignoring everyone else around him, Ben sipped his whisky as she laughed and danced, seething at the way their hands held her, only the flimsy material separating them.


Her laughter floated over to him as she ground back into her partner, gritting his teeth when he saw his hands holding her, roving dangerously close to her breast.


What made it worse was that it was his friend, Poe, that was ‘dancing’ with his Rey.  Notorious womaniser and smooth-talker extraordinaire, Ben feared that Poe could charm his way into Rey’s pants, if he hadn’t already.


The thought sent a bolt of pain straight to his heart and he had to quash a gasp.


He’d never blame Rey if she succumbed, but he knew Poe wouldn’t be in it for more than a good time and he knew she wanted it all.  They had talked about it.


Wanting love and a family.


Ben nearly offered it all to her that night.   Why?  Why hadn’t he?  He wouldn’t be here watching her practically fucking another man on the dance-floor if he’d been brave enough to admit his feelings for her.


Mood blackening by the minute, he had tunnel vision as he watched Rey being groped by Poe.


Then, he snapped.


Rey twisted in Poe’s arms as a slow, sensual song came on, resting her hands on his shoulders.


From his table, Ben watched as Poe’s hands slipped from her waist to her arse, hands spanning the lush globes.




Rey was his!  Poe could get any woman he wanted, but Rey was off-limits.   


In a fog of rage and jealousy, Ben shot up, slamming his glass on the table and strode towards the dance floor, ignoring everyone around him.


Rey was the first to notice him, smiling at him, unaware of his mood.  


“Be-!” she yelped as Ben grabbed her wrist and yanked her towards him, ripping her out of Poe’s arms.  “What are -?”


Without a word, Ben picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder, ignoring the startled gasps and laughter from other partygoers.  Grabbing her thighs to hold her securely, Ben strode towards the doors, her hands beating a tattoo on his back.


In the back of his mind, he knew they would be the talk of this year’s Ball, but he didn’t give a damn.


He’d been a coward long enough.


They were going to settle this thing between them.




* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Rey lifted her head and winked at Poe, who gave her a thumb’s up as Ben carried her out of the ballroom.


She had hoped that her ploy to make Ben jealous would finally prompt him to make a move but she hadn’t quite expected the caveman tactics from her normally quiet, taciturn boss.


Her delicious, sexy and fuckable as hell, boss.


Catching a glimpse of a giggling Rose, Ben stormed through the ball room doors, his huge hand on her thighs making her burn with desire.


The way she had burned for Ben Solo since the moment she walked into his office and saw the enormously tall and well-built man who was made for suits, with his handsome face and beautiful whisky-coloured eyes topped off by the most luscious black hair she’d ever seen on a man.


The fantasies she’d had of his hair would fill a porno movie.


They had instantly clicked as a team, which she loved, feeling as if she made a valuable contribution to making Ben’s life easier.  He relied on her and rarely felt like he was her superior.  Ben made her feel like an equal even though he was responsible for running a billion-dollar company.

What she really wanted, though, was to become more than just Ben’s assistant.  


Rey wanted it all. 


So many times in the last year, Rey was convinced that Ben wanted the same.  The way he watched her, the longing looks she’d caught glimpses of and the way he confided in her, all pointed to Ben wanting her as much as she wanted him.


Yet, something held him back, despite the way she tried to show him that she was open to a personal relationship.


Whether it was because he felt he couldn’t cross the line between boss and employee, was afraid of her reaction or rejection or if he truly only wanted to have no more than a professional relationship with her, Rey couldn’t figure out.


Afraid of rejection herself, Rey hadn’t made the first move either so they were in this kind of stasis – neither doing anything to change things between them.


The Solo Industries Gala Ball was her last throw of the dice.   If Ben didn’t do anything, then she’d have to accept the fact that he did only see her as a competent assistant.


Over the year, Rey had become good friends with Rose, who had hired her.  She had lamented her crush on her boss over many a Friday night drinks, often joined by Poe Dameron, who worked with Rose.  


It was Poe who had suggested the idea of making Ben jealous.  They had grown up together and he’d told her of his shyness as a teenager and introverted nature.  How, when it came to business, Ben could be ruthless and feared no one but on a personal level, it was excruciating for him to put himself out there and take a chance.


Rose helped her find the classy but sexy dress and her sister, Paige, lent her the shoes, which Rey loved.  The style of the dress meant that she could only wear skimpy underwear and she almost blushed when she put on the red g-string that cost way more than the amount of material likely warranted.  It barely covered the important bits but made her feel decadent and sexy.


The plan was for Rey to laugh and flirt with all the unmarried men at the ball but would let Poe really ramp it up when they danced.


And he didn’t pull any punches.


If she didn’t know that it was all an act, Rey would think that Poe really was hitting on her.  The way he danced with her even made her blush.


“He’s watching and he’s not happy,” murmured Poe in her ear as his hands gripped her hips.  “I hope you’ll come to my funeral and give a great eulogy.  It’s the least you can do after putting my life on the line for you.”


Rey giggled and had to forcibly stop herself looking in Ben’s direction.  She had to play her part.


When Poe spun her around and grabbed her arse, Rey was on the verge of protesting when he bit out.  “Incoming.”


Next thing she knew, she was being thrown over her boss’ shoulder and carried out of the ballroom, protesting half-heartedly, her heart beating frantically with excitement, hope and dread.


What if Ben was only carrying her out because he was disgusted by her behaviour and not because he was overcome with jealousy?  What if he was going to toss her out onto the street and demand she never darken his office again?


“Ben!  Put me down,” she demanded as he strode away from the Ballroom, the few stragglers outside watching the scene in shock.


It wasn’t everyday they watched their CEO stroll past in a tuxedo, carrying his assistant over his shoulder.


Ben just grunted and continued walking.   His long strides took them to the bank of elevators, not the front entrance as Rey had feared.


“Where are you takin-“   Her words were cut off in surprise when he lightly spanked her bum.  It didn’t hurt in the least but his action shocked her.   And aroused her.


He pressed the ‘UP’ button and the doors opened, allowing him to carry her inside where the mirrors enabled her to catch a glimpse of his face.




Through the mirror, his eyes bore into hers, dark with a mix of emotions.


“We’re going to my room and I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”




* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Ben watched as her eyes widened at his words, her red-painted lips falling open into a surprised ‘o’ that made him want to devour them.


Devour her.


He didn’t know where those words had come from but he meant every single one.


Rey had pushed him to the limit and he was only human.  And in love with her.


Ben hoped with everything in him that he hadn’t misconstrued things and expect a sexual harassment charge laid at his feet on Monday.


Looking her flushed face, she didn’t seem angry.  Just surprised.


“You’re staying here?” 


He nodded.  “I always stay overnight.  Saves me having to make the trip home.”


The elevator dinged just then, the door opening to a hallway with only two doors.  “Are you going to put me down?”


“In a moment,” he replied as he took his key-card out of his pocket.  Pushing the door open, he smiled at Rey’s gasp as they entered one of the two hotel’s penthouse suites.  His parents stayed in the other.


It was luxurious and elegant, a mix of creams, greys and browns, as befitted the price of staying here.


Tossing his card on the hall table, Ben strode into the lounge area but instead of putting her down on the couch, he strode to the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the lights of the city, gently placing her on her feet.


Rey opened her mouth to say something but never got a word out as Ben pressed her back against the glass and captured her lips with his, stealing her words and breath as he did what he’d dreamed of doing since the moment he saw her.


With a soft groan, his hands gripped her hips as his tongue demanded entrance, tasting the faint strawberry taste of her lipstick.  As her lips opened, Ben imagined those ruby-red lips wrapped around his cock as she looked up at him with the hazel eyes he dreamed of most nights.


He faintly heard her whimper as his tongue began stroking hers, her arms wrapping around his neck as she eagerly kissed him back.  


Elated, Ben pushed his hips into hers, pressing her into the glass, rocking his erection into her as his mouth devoured hers, his hands stroking up and down over the soft, plush velvet of her dress, his thumbs teasing her nipples.


When she gasped, he nipped at her bottom lip.  “You drove me mad tonight,” he growled softly into her mouth.  “Teasing me. Flirting with other men.”


“Mmmm,” she moaned as one hand trailed down to cup her arse, the other kneading her velvet-covered breast.


“Letting them touch you,” he murmured against her skin, his lips trailing down her throat.


“I-I didn’t know…if you wanted…to touch…me,” she breathed when his tongue tasted the delicate skin of her throat.


“I’ve always wanted to touch you,” he confessed huskily, groaning as her fingers sank into his hair, gripping it tightly.  “Always.”


“You never said…anything.”


Cupping her face, Ben pulled back and looked into her desire-laden eyes.  “I wanted you the moment I saw you.  I was just too afraid of crossing the line if you didn’t feel the same.”  Swallowing thickly, he asked the question.  “Do…do you?  Feel the same?”  


Covering his hands with hers, Rey looked into Ben’s beautiful, amber eyes and nodded.  “I do.”


Ben breathed a relieved sigh, his smile displaying his slightly crooked teeth and deep dimples, which always took her breath away when she saw them.  “You’re mine.”


“Yes,” she agreed.  “And you’re mine, too.”


His answer was to kiss her again, passion rising with every touch, every caress of their lips and tongues, as if he needed to devour her very soul, which she eagerly gave … and took his in return.


Hands roaming over every inch they could reach and hips rolling into her, they kissed ravenously, relishing the opportunity to taste what they had been desiring for so long.


“So beautiful,” he murmured into her neck, sending shivers up and down her spine.  “I want you so much.”


“Mmmm,” she hummed.  “Take me, then.”


With a low growl, Ben swept her into his arms and strode to the bedroom, kicking the door shut with his foot, kissing her the whole time.


Setting her back on her feet, Rey reached out and pulled at his bowtie as Ben shrugged off his jacket.  Together, they stripped off his white shirt, Rey’s eyes widening as she took in the perfection of his torso.


“Fuck, Ben,” she breathed, her fingers trailing over his torso, into the hills and valleys that tempted her down towards the bulge that tented his trousers. Unable to help herself, she leaned forward and licked his tiny nipple, making him shudder.


“Stop,” he ground out, pushing her back.  “I want to see you.”  His finger traced from the collar of her dress down between her breasts.  “How does this come off?”


Rey smiled and pointed to her side.  “Here’s the zip.  The rest comes off over my head.”


“This dress drove me crazy,” he admitted huskily.  “But it needs to go.”


As Rey undid the zip, Ben trailed his hands up her thighs, slowly dragging the material up as he went, kissing her the whole time.  When he reached her hips, his fingers discovered the flimsy band of her underwear and stopped.  Pulling back, he looked down at what he’d uncovered and swore.


“Fuck me,” he muttered as he took in the bright red lace that barely covered her sex.  


“That’s the idea, Mr Solo,” she teased.


With a smirk, Ben resumed taking off her dress until she stood before him in nothing but her tiny red g-string and ‘fuck-me’ heels.


“How’d I get so lucky?” he whispered hoarsely as his heated gaze roamed over her.


“I think, I’m the lucky one,” she replied, reaching for his belt and tugging at the clasp.  Ben helped her get them off, until he was only in his black boxer briefs, stretched to breaking point by his straining cock.


“No, I definitely won this lottery, Rey.  You are… fuck …but you’re exquisite,” Ben insisted, a note of reverence in his voice.


He cupped her breasts in his huge hands, tenderly squeezing and kneading them.  “I love your tits.  Perfect.”  


Kissing her collar bone, his hands travelled down over her silky skin until he grabbed hold of her arse and pulled him into his erection, loving her halting breaths.


“You’re so fucking hot,” he murmured into her neck.  “I watched you in those sexy little skirts, dreamed of this arse.  Kissing it.  Biting it.  Fucking it.”


Oh !” shuddered Rey at his erotic words, body flushed from excitement.


“It’s better than even my imagination,” he declared, nipping along her collarbone then licking a stripe down to her cleavage.  Bending her backwards, his tongue swiped her taut, flushed nipple that stood straight up for his attentions before sucking on it lightly.


Rey whimpered as the sensations he elicited shot through her body, heating her from inside and making her wetter than she could ever remember being.  She doubted her flimsy excuse for underwear was any match for the slick she could feel.  And he hadn’t even touched her there yet.


Without warning, Ben lay her down on the huge bed, helping her shuffle backwards onto the pillows.  She reached over to take off her shoes, but Ben stopped her.


“Leave them,” he ordered.  “I want to fuck you in these.”  


God, he was going to kill her!  And she would go gladly.  


Who would have thought her shy, quiet boss was so fucking dominant in the bedroom?  Rey loved it.  


Ben then proceeded to kiss, lick and suck his way down her body, lingering in places that made her shudder, teasing when she whined for more.  He bypassed her aching centre, caressing and loving each toned leg in turn.


“Fucking sexy shoes,” he mumbled, pulling at the satin bows with his teeth but not untying them.  “Don’t ever wear these to work.  I’d have to fire anyone who looks at you wearing them.”


Rey giggled then moaned when he buried his nose in her soaking undies, nuzzling her aching clit.  He only had to nudge aside the material a tiny bit to expose her lower lips to his mouth.  


Instead, he sat up and gazing intently at her, pulled the scrap of material off, easing it over her heels and tossing it carelessly aside.


She coyly opened her legs, letting him see all of her for the first time.  Rose had taken her to get waxed a couple of days before so she was completely bare.


“Fuck, but you’re a goddess, my beautiful Rey,” he breathed in awe, his eyes locked on her pussy which glistened with desire.  “So wet for me.”


“Only for you,” she whispered earnestly.


Lying down, pushing her legs open wider with his shoulders, Ben breathed in her scent, closing his eyes in pleasure as his finger gently traced over her lips, slippery with her slick.


Groaning, he licked from bottom to top, his tongue parting her folds until he reached her swollen bud.  He swirled his tongue around it for several moments before sucking it into his mouth, loving her breathy gasps.


Ohhhh …” Rey moaned as Ben ate her out like a man starved.  His tongue and lips were everywhere, lifting her to heights she’d never been.  One hand gripped his hair as the other plucked her nipple and somehow, she managed not to stab him with the heels of her shoes as the wave of pleasure swept over her, dragging her under with the force of it.


Looking up at her flushed face, a smug expression on his face, Ben didn’t even wait for her body to recover, instead, pushing two fingers into her warm channel that still pulsed from her orgasm.


Fuck !” she cried out.  “Ben, please…”


“One more for me, then I’ll fuck you nice and hard,” replied Ben, pumping his fingers back and forth, drawing whimpers from her.  “Need to make sure your tight, little cunt is ready for me.”


The lewd, squelching sounds of Ben’s fingers fucking her were only drowned out by Rey’s cries of pleasure.  She looked down to see the mesmerised way Ben watched his hand, amber eyes blackened with lust, his hips rolling into the mattress as if seeking relief.


“Ben!” she gasped when he pushed in a third finger and immediately began stroking her, finding a spot she’d only ever heard of but had never experienced before.  “ Ahhh …”


With a shit-eating grin, Ben down and sucked her swollen clit back into his mouth and Rey’s body exploded.  


Screaming, she writhed as the intensity of her climax was almost too much to bear, only Ben’s arm over her belly keeping her tethered to the bed – and reality.


Gasping for air, her heart beating a tattoo in her chest, Rey lay limply on the bed, unable to summon a coherent thought in her brain.


She watched as Ben sat up, his underwear dampened by his pre-cum and stretched to its limit, and wiped his face of her juices, his tongue licking up the remnants.


“I think you’re ready for me, now,” he drawled, eyes roaming over her decadently. 


Her eyes widened when he pulled off his underwear, his ruddy, aching cock springing free from its manicured thatch of hair at its base.  The vein pulsed as a drip of pre-cum beaded the darkened head.


“Oh, wow,” she breathed, licking her lips.  “Can…”


“Later, sweetheart,” he crooned.  “I want to come inside you the first time.  I’ve dreamt of nothing else all year.  Can I?”


Rey eagerly nodded her head.  “Yes!  I want that more than anything.”


Smiling, Ben took his throbbing cock in hand and stroked it slowly, a drop of pre-cum dripping onto her lower belly, the sight making them both moan.


Lowering himself down, he fit his cock along her soaked folds, rubbing up and down to coat himself in her slick, her soft moans as his head teased her clit, which was already aching for him again driving him wild.


Kissing her deeply, Ben wriggled his hips until he notched at her entrance before looking at her.


“I’m going to fuck you now, my Rey,” he murmured huskily.  “I’m going to make you mine.”


Rey keened as his cock dipped just inside her aching cunt.  “Please!  Please make me yours!”


With a low cry, Ben pushed inside her, not stopping until he was buried to the hilt.  “Of fuck, Rey!  It’s better than I…dreamed.”


Nosing the skin of her throat, Ben began pumping into her, slowly at first, wanting to savour their first time together, loving the way Rey dug her fingers into his back and wrapped her legs around his waist, her pointed heels digging into his arse.


“You are a dream…” he panted as he sped up, the need to pound her into the mattress becoming imperative.  “My dream.”


“Yes… oh, fuck …yes!” she whimpered, head thrown back into the pillow.


“Mine,” he gasped, as he ground his cock into her, consumed by her.  “My Rey.  My love.”   


They were both too far gone to notice Ben’s slip of the tongue, his hips driving into her with each thrust, so deep inside her it felt like they were one entity.


“Oh Ben!  I’m so…close,” she whined, thrashing her head on the pillow as the pleasure became almost overwhelming.


“Come for me.  I want…to feel…it,” he ground out, rotating his hips with each thrust.


“Yes!  Yes!  More !” she panted.


Leaning up onto his hands, he fucked her like he’d always wanted, watching her lust-riddled face contort in pleasure before sliding to her breasts, bouncing as he fucked her.


Bringing one knee up to give him more purchase, Ben hammered into Rey, needing her to come before he did.


“Now, Rey!” he grunted harshly.  “Come!”


With a loud keen, Rey’s body shuddered beneath him as she climaxed violently, her cunt squeezing him to the point of pain and her body flushed from head to toe with ecstasy from the pleasure he’d given her.  Not even her fingernails digging into his biceps diminished the wondrous sight of Rey’s orgasm.


His cock throbbing as she milked him, Ben thrust a few more times before grunting loudly as his own orgasm overtook him, unable to hold himself up any longer.  Panting into her throat, Ben shivered as the pleasure suffused his whole body, lifting him to the stratosphere.


Oh fuck ,” he gasped as shudders continue to roll over him, his hips still pumping lazily as he filled her with his seed.  


Lifting his head, he gazed into her lovely eyes and smiled affectionately before cupping her cheek and kissing her softly.


“You are amazing,” he told her sincerely, his voice throaty.  


Rey grinned back, pushing back locks of hair that had fallen over his face during their love-making.  


Because that was what it had felt like.




“So are you, Mr Solo,” she replied.


“That was worth pining over you for twelve months for,” declared Ben with a smirk.  


“Definitely, though you’re not planning on waiting until next year’s Ball to do this again, are you?” she teased.


“Not on your life.”  Pulling out of her with a moan, Ben flopped back on the bed beside her before enfolding her in his arms again.  “I say we have a shower, ring for a snack and do this all over again.”


Rey caressed his chest, her fingers giving him tingles where she touched.  “I say that’s a wonderful plan.”


Kissing the top of her head, Ben lifted her chin with his finger so he could see her eyes as he said the next words.


“Rey, it’s probably not the best time, or maybe it’s too soon, but I need you to know.  This isn’t a fling for me. Or some kind of boss/secretary kink.”  She watched as he swallowed nervously.  “I-I love you, Rey.  You don’t have to say it or anything, but-“

“I love you, too, Ben,” she replied, tracing his lips with her finger.


Ben sighed in relief and contentment.  “And this will have no bearing on your job either, I promise.  You are the best assistant I’ve ever had and I’d hate to lose you but if you need to explore other opportunities, I’ll never stop you.  As long as you are in my life, that’s all I need.”


“Good to know, though there’ll be one big change,” Rey declared solemnly as he suddenly looked worried.  “This means you’ll be have to fuck me over your desk like I’ve fantasised way too many times.”


Dipping his head to kiss her, Ben grinned.  “Anything to keep my assistant happy.”  After kissing her deeply for several moments, he added, “Our business trips away are going to be lot more fun now.”


Rey laughed and pinched his nipple, eliciting a pained chuckle.  She sat up and glanced down at her feet, suddenly realising she was still wearing her shoes.  “Did I stab you with these?”


Leaning down, Ben pulled at the bow of one.  “Totally worth it,” he replied.  “Fuck, but I love these!”


“Didn’t know you had a shoe fetish?”


“Neither did I, but any red-blooded guy would get hard seeing his woman in these,” he said.


“I’ll have to give them back to Paige, Rose’s sister. I borrowed them from her.”


“Ask her what she wants for them,” insisted Ben as he untied the other one.  “I’ll pay whatever her price is.  These are mine, now.”


Rey’s eyebrow quirked.  “Planning on wearing them, are you?”


“No.  I’m planning on fucking my girlfriend in them every chance I get.”


“Girlfriend?  Is that what I am?” she asked, a little nervously.


Pulling her close, Ben nodded.  “If that’s what you want, Rey.  I want you to be my girlfriend, lover, love.  And one day soon, hopefully, my wife.”  He swallowed.  “Is that okay?”


Cupping his cheeks, eyes wet with happiness, Rey nodded and kissed him passionately.  “I’ve never wanted anything more.”


Kissing for several minutes, Ben began to harden once more, so he pulled away reluctantly, grinning at her pout.  “Come on, my love.  Let’s go have that shower and eat.  We’ve got a busy night ahead.”


With an eager nod, Rey jumped out of bed and held her hand out.  


He took it eagerly.