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Thrown too far, stupid fucking Uzumaki.

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Kurama looked down at Naruto, where the Jinchuuriki was drawing a seal into the ground of the mindscape. "Kit, the hell is this for?"

"It's a failsafe." Naruto didn't stop in his drawing, and Kurama started to recognize space , time , body , and others in the matrix that was being built up. All centered on two small figurines of Naruto and Kurama. "Kaguya is only getting more powerful, and we're running out of Shinobi." Naruto looked up at Kurama. "It'll send you back to me as a Genin."

Kurama blinked. "Time travel. You made a time travel seal ." He shook his head. " Stupid fucking Uzumaki. "

Naruto grinned. "That's not all I made." He pulled out a paper with another seal, holding it out to the Bijuu. “This’ll let you bypass mini-me’s seal just enough for you to warn the other Bijuu about Zetsu.”

“Me? You’re the diplomat here.”

Naruto rolled his eyes. “Yes you , bastard fox. Bee and Gyuki were on friendly terms, plus they’re near Matatabi and her Jinchuuriki, if I remember correctly. Any ideas on the others?”

Kurama narrowed his eyes at Naruto, becoming more and more suspicious. “…They’ll at least try to tell their Jinchuuriki. Son Goku and Kokuo will probably succeed. Chomei is usually at least amicable with her hosts as well. Saiken is too much of a sap not to warn his.”

Naruto snorted. “Like you’re not a sap who’ll grab me into the mindscape as soon as you get there.”

Kurama whacked his Jinchuuriki over the head with a tail, earning an indignant yelp. “Stupid fucking kit.”


Kurama’s eyes snapped open; he’d been taking a nap and felt a disturbance in Naruto’s chakra. 

The seal was glowing, branching out to cover the mindscape. 

“NARUTO!!” Kurama roared, looking around. He was sure that even if this was technically in the Jinchuuriki’s body, being in the seal would be important, especially with how it was drawn.

Abruptly, the seal’s extending lines raced back in, climbing up Kurama’s body. Only then did Naruto appear, smiling sadly and bloody. 


“She found us, Kurama. There’s nobody left.” Naruto grinned, tears pouring down his face. “Fix the world before it’s broken for us.”

That was what had seemed off about Naruto’s words. Naruto wasn’t coming.

“You idiot ,” Kurama seethed, even as the mindscape started to shatter, revealing blackness.

“I wouldn’t survive. You will.” Naruto stepped onto the last part of the seal. “Give everyone a second chance, hm? Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi…”


Naruto grinned. “Sorry, Kurama. You’ve got some Genin exams to crash.”


“Love you too, bastard fox.”

And the world shattered.


Kurama opened his eyes to the dank sewer of Naruto’s pre-Kurama’s-freedom mindscape. Thank the Sage. He’d made it. But… Naruto- his Naruto, along with the remnants of the allied Shinobi forces- was still back in Kaguya’s hellscape world, dead, or at least drained of chakra.

Kurama sighed. First things first. Warn his siblings, part of what he’d been sent back to do. He lifted a claw and carefully drew the seal Naruto had made into the back of the cage’s lock, sending a filament of chakra out through it, reaching out for whichever of his siblings was nearest. Isobu was out, already under Obito-Madara’s control by this point. Matatabi and Chomei would be closest, and they could relay to the others if he didn’t manage to reach them. If he could get Saiken as well, then the other Bijuu would hopefully be able to knock Isobu out of the genjutsu, depending on host relations. Obito-Madara wouldn’t be expecting the second Kiri Jinchuuriki to have the information needed to do that. 

Enough thinking. Kurama growled to himself, reaching for Matatabi first, as the more likely of the two Kumo Bijuu to answer. “Hey, cat!”

The response was delayed, but not by nearly as much as he’d been expecting. Matatabi’s host was probably decent, then. “Kurama? Why are you wanting to talk?”  

“There is an organization on the loose that is being manipulated by Kaguya’s third kid, Zetsu.” He might hold no love for the Akatsuki, but they’d died once turning against Zetsu right as it was too late, so he’d give them a chance. ( Naruto you asshole, now I’m doing it. ) “The Akatsuki. More than likely some of them are keeping an eye on you and your host.”  

Matatabi snorted. “We’re Bijuu, and my Jinchuuriki is strong, if young. They can certainly try something!”  

“Zetsu is trying to bring back the Juubi and Kaguya.” That shut Matatabi up, the Nibi knowing what that required. “Be on guard. If anyone wearing black cloaks with red clouds shows up, provided they do not have a spiral mask, then talk them down and explain this before going for the kill. If they do have a spiral mask, fucking run. Got it?”  

“Got it.” Matatabi’s infuriated hiss was clear in the words. “Who else have you told?”  

“I’m going for Saiken and Chomei next. Shukaku if I can get them to listen. Son Goku and Kokuo are probably together, but I’m not sure which is more likely to talk.”  

“I’ll get them and Gyuki. Isobu?”

“Under a genjutsu by said spiral-masked bastard. Planning to get Saiken to free him; they’re both in Kiri.”  

“Good luck, brother.”

“You as well, sister.”  

Kurama grinned, glad that at least one of his siblings had responded at the first try. He’d try for Chomei next, and fast, not interested in pushing the seal for longer than he had to. “Chomei!”  

No response.

“Hey! Beetle! Seven!” Kurama was fairly sure that Chomei hadn’t been caught until after all Matatabi, Shukaku, and Saiken had…

“Brother!” Chomei sent joy through the connection. “What’s so urgent you need Lucky Seven?”  

Kurama quickly summarized the same he’d told Matatabi, reemphasizing to Chomei what needed to be done.

Chomei, apparently trying to lighten the mood, chuckled. “…This Zetsu character is rather dumb.”

“The opposite, unfortunately,” Kurama grumbled. “He’s a master of manipulation, and he plans so far in advance that his machinations go all the way back to Asura and Indra.”  

Chomei sighed before her voice hardened. “You talk to Saiken. I’ll talk to Shukaku. Sage knows we’ll need the luck to get them to listen, what with that terrible seal.”  

Another thing Kurama would have to get Naruto to fix at some point. At least he wouldn’t have to deal with Shukaku being a bastard, thanks to Chomei’s goodwill. “Right. Good luck with that, ‘Lucky Seven’.”  

Chomei laughed, earning a smirk from Kurama. “I’ll spare some for you and Isobu!”  

Kurama reached in the other direction from Chomei, seeking out Saiken.

“Kurama!” Saiken crowed upon the fox’s call. “How nice to hear from you!”  

“Not a courtesy call, Saiken. How good are you and your host at genjutsu, more specifically getting rid of it.”  

“We manage any we’ve encountered, especially if it’s in the environment!”

“Isobu is under one.”

Silence from the Rokubi.

“Can you break it?”

“Is that why he and his host have become so bloodthirsty recently?!”  

Recently? Kurama didn’t think that the Mizukage had been put under too long after Obito’s encounter with Rin, and certainly well before Naruto had become a Genin. “Yes. Can you break it?”

“Who even put it there?!” Saiken was clearly outraged at the thought of anyone trapping his brother any more than simply sealing him in a Jinchuuriki.

Kurama explained.

Saiken understood. “We’ll fix this. Sage willing.”

“We’d better,” Kurama snarled, remembering what would happen if they didn’t. “I’ll be out of contact for a bit, but I already talked to both Matatabi and Chomei, they’re spreading the word to the rest.”  

“Be safe, Kurama.”  

Kurama nodded grimly despite Saiken being unable to see him, knowing that with Zetsu on the loose and most of the Bijuu without a sibling near for backup, it was about the best to hope for. “Don’t get caught.”  

Kurama let the last of the communication seal fade out before reaching for Naruto. If the kit was asleep, this would be easy. If he were awake, he’d wait.

Naruto was asleep… but something wasn’t quite right.

Kurama went through with pulling Naruto into the sewer- hopefully Naruto would help fix that once the seal was off- ready to-



Very, very much too-young-to-be-a-Genin Naruto blinked blearily. “Where am I?”