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The Perfect Date

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"Baby, are you ready yet?" She called out, waiting for her partner to finish dressing up. "Just one more minute! I'm putting on the beanie." The other responded from their shared bedroom.

She promised them a date today, but ever since it started snowing an hour ago, they both changed that plan of an outdoors date into an indoors date. "Why are they going out then" you ask? Well, they wanted to get some snacks and drinks for their date.

"Okay I'm done. Sorry, did I make you wait for long?" They asked while coming out of the bedroom dressed up in warm winter clothes. "Oh no don't worry about it, darling. Let's go before it's too late." The girl replied.

And there they were, walking down the street, and holding hands. The market was not too far from home, so it didn't take long before they reached their destination. They went in to by some snacks.

"Hey do you think we should buy these spicy chips?" the comrade asked. "No! You know what happened to you last time you ate those chips" came the girlfriend's reply. "Oh come on, babe! I promise to share them with you! We can suffer together now. Isn't that romantic?" said the comrade. Giving up, the girlfriend sighed and said "You know what? Fine. But you better stay true to your words and share them with me." The comrade smiled in victory and got the chips they wanted.

The walk back home was filled with small giggles and laughs from the couple. They couldn't wait to get home and get on with their date. Oh yes, the night is going to be very fun indeed.

Opening the door to their home, they set down their bags and changed back into their warm and comfy pajamas. The girl then started setting up for the movie, while the comrade got the snacks and drinks ready with the cups.

"Something is missing.." the girl said as she put her hands on her hips, thinking of what could be missing as she looked at the set-up. "Blanket!" yelled her partner as they went to the bedroom to get the big blanket.

The laptop they had the movie on was connected to the tv, and had the mattress, which was supposed to be for the bed, on the floor with their snacks on it too. Together, they prepared the blanket before sitting down next to each other and starting the movie.

Everything was perfect about this date. From the snowy weather outside, to the warm blanket they were cuddling under, to the snacks infront of them, and finally the grape juice they were drinking. Everything was perfect and they couldn't have asked for a better date. Perhaps the snow didn't fall at the wrong time today.