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Every Star A Step Closer To You

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If I could
I would move the stars
Rearrange them into new constellations
That would tell the story of our lives

Mine would depict the tale of a soldier
War torn and battle weary
Holding a heart of lead
With enough scars to last a lifetime

Your sky would describe a traveler
Lonely and exhausted
Never setting down roots
With miles of open road before you

It was a miracle, I think
That your path brought you to me
But if you looked at the stars
They would,
In their ever so romantic way
Imply that it was fate
Which brought us together

As our constellations meet, collide
Mold together

My story
Becomes ours

Of a soldier
And a traveler
Who found a home in each other

But I cannot move the stars
Cannot change galaxies
Cannot tell our story in such ways

All I can do
Is write a few insufficient lines
And pretend that each word is a star