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The gentle feeling of fingertips caressing my scalp as they combed through my hair... it was irreplaceable. My head lay on a comfy pillow, thick yet squishy, right on his lap. I even had a small blanket... that being his scribbled-on raggedy scarf, of course, but nevertheless, it was just as cozy as the rest of this.

"... thanks," I spoke softly.

"Hehe, of course," he chimed back. "I like seeing you happy like this. Especially when its so rare lately... it feels like a special treat, just for me." His fingers toyed with my hair a bit as he tucked some longer strands behind my ear, tracing along the edges of it very lightly. I nuzzled into the pillow a bit as he did so, coiling up closer into his lap and resting my head more surely against his torso. "Glad I'm the one to make you so happy today. I feel like all I do is make ya mad. Mayyybe a little on purpose but..." A chuckle finished off his sentence.

"I know you mean well, Ink," I sighed, a grin still plastered onto my face. "You're just a bastard is all."

"Hahah! You say it so casually!" His words said "insulted," but his tone screamed "laughing my ass off." Ink kept his giggles consistent as he once again let his fingers comb gently through my hair. I merely hummed as he did so, letting myself be washed away by the gentle feeling of his boney fingertips. It was a wonderful feeling, really, as if he'd done this a million times before. Occasionally, he'd trace his finger or thumb against my ear, which sent a tremble of joy down my spine more than once. 

"... it should be illegal for you to be so good at this," I murmured sleepily. Ink only laughed in response to my comment, although then he shifted in his seat, now letting both his hands comb through my hair. "... augh, I didn't say for you to get better!"

"Oops, too late," Ink teased, a giggle lacing his voice.

I began to feel light and sleepy as he kept stroking my scalp, nuzzling closer to him still. For a moment, his fingertips slid down to graze against my chin. Ink pulled with the most ginger of strength, trying to push my head upright. I didn't bother fighting back. Besides, when he did tip my head up, I got to see his goofy, smiling face. He traced the back of his fingers against my cheeks softly, making my eyes flutter a bit, trying to cave into the sleepiness I was feeling.

"Mm, tired?" Ink hummed. He lined my lips with the flat of his thumb, still smiling with some sort of calm pride. "D'ya wanna take a nap?"

"Just... on the floor?" I pouted.

He giggled. "You've got a pillow and my lap! Isn't that good enough?"

"Not to sleep. "

He sighed before ruffling my hair, a smirk still on his face. " Fine, so needy," he teased. Ink lifted his hand and snapped his fingers, and within seconds the wide open space of the Doodle Sphere morphed into a much smaller -- although still pretty big -- hotel-like bedroom with a giant bed covered in fluffy blankets. This wasn't the first time I'd been here, and it probably wouldn't be the last. Thankfully, however, Ink seemed to be just as lazy as I felt, since he'd placed us right on top of the bed already.

He carefully slipped my head from his lap, resting the pillow against the sheets before slipping off his own scarf and sash and tossing them to the floor. He picked up one of the blankets... then grabbed a second one, almost as if he forgot it or had been considering something. Maybe it was because we both like to steal the entire blanket for ourselves while we sleep.

Nevertheless, Ink draped them both over top of us, soon cuddling up close to me on the bedsheets. He bared wide, joyous grin from cheekbone to cheekbone, his gaze flickering between a few different colors -- cyan, green, yellow, even pink... flashing between an array of shapes, so many, and never the same ones twice.

I reached my hand up to the top of his skull, brushing its surface as gently as I could manage. Ink's smile somehow got wider as he nuzzled himself underneath my chin, one of his hands snaking up my stomach. I thought he would slide it around my waist, but... instead he started drawing things into it with his finger, so lightly it... very much tickled. I tried my best not to show that it did, but unfortunately, my instinctual twitch and tension in my muscles gave it away instead. Without fail, Ink started giggling like crazy, ruthlessly beginning to tickle all around my stomach.

"C- c'mon!!" I blurted, my voice traced with forced giggles; trying to knee his arms away, but he just moved them to another tickling spot while my knee went straight into his empty gut. "I- Ink, please!!"

"But I like hearing you laugh like this!" he blurted. "How else will I hear it if not through merciless tickling??" He tickled me even more relentlessly.

"I- I thought you said we were going to take a nap!" I yipped, trying to push his arms away and prevent myself from further tickle torture. Finally, he started to calm down, and eventually stopped, although Ink's laughter only continued as he finally let his eyelights fall back to my line of sight.

"Alright, alright, I'll stop. But your laughing is too cute... I can't help it!" He coiled his arms around my body before eventually tucking his head back underneath my chin. I took a deep sigh, still smiling regardless. But before I could return the gesture to him, Ink poked his head back up to face me, a bit of curiosity lacing his expression. "One more thing, actually..." He pushed himself up closer to me, tucking himself up against my ear.

"... can I kiss you?"

I huffed with a slight chuckle as he asked. Wrapping an arm around his torso, I merely nodded with a simple, "Of course."

Ink seemed almost giddy as he slid back to face me, his eyes shimmering with pink sparkles. It wasn't long until he leaned forward again, sealing the distance between us for just a fair while.

It wasn't anything particularly fancy... but that didn't make it any less special. Ink's kisses tended to usually be more quick and rough, but for some reason, this time was very gentle, and very careful. I couldn't help but kiss him back, doing my best to even attempt to replicate the softness of his gesture. I didn't think I came close to it, but when Ink leaned back, he seemed as happy as ever. His eyes were messy blobs of pink, almost as if they had been melted from the interaction alone. But with a couple blinks, they turned back to their normal, shapely selves.

"... thanks," he whispered softly, almost nervously, before ducking his head back under my chin, nuzzling so close to me I thought he might just suffocate... you know, if that was a thing that could happen to him, anyway. A small chuckle slipping by my throat, my arms both found their ways around him and hugged him as my eyes finally started to flicker shut one more time.

Ink's leg kicked up and snaked its way around mine. I thought it would have been uncomfortable for him, but he just seemed content, holding on to me even tighter than before.

I tipped my head down, just a little bit, just enough to press a very light kiss against his skull. Ink squirmed in his spot for a moment before eventually mumbling out a response.

"I'm not gonna be able to sleep if you keep being all cute with me...! You're making me... I dunno, so happy I can't stay put!"

I merely laughed. "Then, do you not want to stay cuddling to sleep--?"

"No, I do. Don't let go." He held me even tighter. Although his voice sounded teasing, his grip felt very desperate. "... I like having someone to hold on to."

"Okay," I breathed. "Then... just relax, alright? I'll do it too. But..." I pressed another kiss into his skull -- and I thought I heard Ink giggling a bit as he pulled even tighter still. "... one more for good measure."

"Mhm, now just! ... relax." The way he said it, it sounded more like he was telling himself, not me. His grip loosened for a moment or so, then tightened again, before the cycle repeated. I started rubbing against his back, hoping that would help. For a moment, it seemed to... and another...

I eventually slowed to a stop when Ink stopped squirming entirely, and his grip loosened to a natural amount. I don't know if he fell asleep, or if he just finally managed to relax, but... he was calm, and that's what mattered.

And as I let myself cave to the same thing... I fell asleep just the same.