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You Wouldn’t Dare.

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When Edward left, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I always woke hours before school; sitting up on the edge of my bed and cupping my hands together. ‘ Take deep breaths Bella ‘, I could only coax myself. There was no one left to comfort me, and there was no shoulder to lean on.
Charlie could’ve been my shoulder. But he had already run himself ragged making sure I at least got a few hours of sleep in. The same couldn’t be said for himself, though. He looked...worse for wear. His under eyes were puffy and dark. He was always so sluggish, I barely ever got to see his little side smirks anymore.

I couldn’t make him suffer with me. He didn’t deserve that. He never deserved any of this. The grip I had with my clasped hands only tightened. It brought me back to the Cullen's abandonment. It was...harsh. To say at the very least. The time we spent together was filling up a lonely hole in my heart that I never knew I had. Only for the plug to be ripped out just as quickly as it was filled; the hole only getting bigger with the absence of my anchor. The thought made me lift a hand to my chest, gripping loosely at my shirt in attempts to make the pain stop.

The ache felt sharp, but the dull thumping around the cusps of my heart only intensified the feeling. Little pins and needles would poke and torment me every time *he* came to mind. I cocked an eyebrow and scoffed as I shook my head. During these hours of staring at a wall, I had really come to realize how little I thought about myself. How I glorified Edward and his supernatural abilities. Putting him on a pedestal because it was every teenage girl’s dream to even be a *meal* for a vampire.

And yet out of every girl in forks...he chose me.

The relationship I had built with Edward was far from healthy. If anything, the best thing they could do had already been done. Leaving was for the best. But they could’ve at least sent a postcard. It took months and months of agony, heartache, support from Charlie and staring at a wall to come to terms with what had happened. And even then, somehow Alice’s departure felt the most betraying. I would’ve thought, hey! At least my best friend will try and keep in contact with me.

Obviously that was wrong.

It didn’t take long for me to be pulled from my thoughts, though. The sun hadn’t come up yet. Small taps against my window told me someone was outside, and despite the ‘stranger danger’ talk I had with my father; I had a feeling whoever was throwing rocks was someone familiar. A small smile curled up at the edges of my lips. Out of everyone I had known, Jacob was the most supportive after ‘their’ departure. He was super understanding and went out of his way to be *my* sun when all was dark.

“Bella!” He whisper-yelled, being extra careful not to wake up Charlie. “Open sesame!” A small chuckle left from him as he eyed the window, I hadn’t gotten up yet; but I could faintly hear his voice. I lifted myself up from my bed, and as soon as I saw him; I flashed him a warm smile. I didn’t feel bad that he wasn’t around as often as he used to be. I was guilty of the same thing...but, his mood swings gave me a severe case of whiplash. One moment he says to stay away from him, the next he’s at my window telling me to let him in.

As long as he was happy, I could deal with the random disappearances or ‘gotta go’. Of course, he seemed...stony expression the last few times I saw him. But Seth, Quil, Paul and Embry all looked like they had a genuine bond with him. Despite those eerie words he had spoken about Seth looking at him weird. Opening my window, I couldn’t help but ask - “Do you need me to unlock the front door,” and Jake all but smirked. “Nah! I’m coming up!” he quickly paced the side of the home, jumping from the side of it and pushed himself up towards the tree. Turning around and gripping on the window sill. Swinging himself backwards and just as quickly forwards; flinging himself in the room with ease.

I could barely keep the surprise from my face as he did this. But...honestly? It wasn’t that surprising. He was getting huge...It wasn’t until just now where I realized that he had no shirt on. He wasn’t lying when he said he was filling out. He looked shredded. “I know you’ve been worried about me,” he sighed, walking past Bella and sitting on the end of her bed. With pursed lips and a genuine expression of guilt - he paused. “I wish I could tell you what’s going on. I hate leaving you in the dark. I just want to make everything make more sense. We’ve talked about it before. At La Push?” Another pause. “I know I’m dumping all of this on you right now, but It’s something I’ve been trying to convey to you...but I just can’t.”

It was the first time I’ve seen Jacob so heartfelt. He seemed like all the times he brushed me off or ignored me these past few days was catching up to him. Ever since the movies, I kept trying to reach him. I couldn’t have another Cullen situation. After a while though, I just figured he needed time to rest and heal. But...if anything it just looked like he spent that time working out. Bella scoffed, rolling her eyes and placing her hands in her pockets with ease. She plops down next to him, and shakes her head. “Don’t feel guilty about it Jacob. I don’t know what happened, but there’s something different about you. I don’t know.” I paused, looking forward at first and then tilting my head up towards the ceiling.

“Before you were...You were like half a sun. Like there was a missing piece that made it so you couldn’t shine to your full potential. Even if our last few visits haven’t been ‘the greatest’, I can tell that you somehow feel more full.” I dip my head back down, and turn to Jacob with a smile. He had always been there for me when I needed it. Whatever was going on, he had no need to feel guilty about it. This made Jacob seem to relax a little more, and he nods softly. “Just think about it, okay? Remember, we’ve talked about it before. Everything could change if you knew.” He stands up from the bed, and places his large hand on top of my head. As much as I hated his hair ruffling, it was comforting in a way. I chuckle softly and before I can tell him to be careful; he jumps out of the window. With a gasp, I immediately stumble to get up from my bed.

As soon as I’m up, I can see that Jacob is completely fine and just jogging away towards the rez.

“Hmm...LaPush, I already know?” There were only a few times I went with Jake over there. The Cold One’s story was what I kept coming back to. The Quileute tribe had always held disdain for the Cullen’s -- and vice versa. At least there was tension between the other members...Carlisle and Esme seemed to be completely fine with them. I kept switching which leg to use pressure on. Running a hand through my dark hair. Then it soon turned to pacing. Right...Well. I could dwell over it while I’m exhausted, or...I could head to bed and think about it some more when I have a clear head. The latter seemed like the best bet. Another sigh, the wall and I can stare intimately at one another some other time. Seeing Jacob seemed to snuff out whatever ill feelings I was brooding over before. Before I could think my brain into mush, I tossed myself onto my bed and let sleep do It’s thing.

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Bella couldn’t hear anything. Before she realized it, the young girl had fallen to the ground with arms clutching securely around her stomach. Her face scrunched up in pain, mouth agape - wanting to scream but the relief of it never graced her. Her eyes were closed tightly. She fell on her right side, and used the respective leg to push herself onto her back. The ringing in her ears was so overwhelming, so powerful; that she hadn’t realized her accidental attacker had been pinned to the ground. A powerful maw wrapped around his throat as if daring him to try and move. The pale girl furrowed her brows together. Eyes squinting and trying to gain a semblance of knowledge to what had just happened.

Her right leg was propped up and bent at the knee, the other resting straight and outstretched on the ground. She lifted her head, only by a bit, and saw the lower half of her shirt torn and ripped to shreds. A gash thicker than her forearm was revealed to her, and she was bleeding bad. It was then that she realized two figures hovering over her, their mouths moving but they held no meaning in her mind. She could barely recognize them, her brain working overtime trying to grasp how so much could’ve changed in a fraction of a second.

It was Leah and Embry she came to realize, and for a moment, she forgot how much pain she was actually in. Her brows knitted even tighter as she looked at their lips, so focused on understanding that in the end - it only made her more confused. It didn’t take long for her to give up, she tossed her head roughly, the back of her skull hitting the soft ground as if it would take away from the grewling pain festering in her stomach - crawling all around her body as if she was being swallowed whole by the searing affliction. Leah was the first to notice her worsening condition, and tore the simple band crop-top from her shoulders. The black material immediately being placed on the wound that only seemed to be getting worse. She lifted Bella’s arms, having the girl herself apply pressure, along with her own hand applying it where needed. She looked up at Embry, a concerned look on her face; and tossed a glance at the two wolves snarling and snapping their teeth at one another.

Unconsciously, Leah placed the back of her hand softly on Bella’s forehead. She was sweating, her body seeming to tighten up at the contact. It was normal for a fever to set in with such an injury, but this was...abnormal. Leah pulled her hand back and shot a worried glance towards Embry. “Jake!” The dark haired wolf called out. “She’s burning up, we gotta’ get her inside or...or, have someone bring some ice out!” The yelling didn’t stir a reaction out of Bella, Leah turning her attention back towards the girl. “Bella?” Voice cracking softly. There wasn’t a response. The boy standing close by was on high alert, eyes going wide immediately. He growled in irritation, seeing no one run to try and get help, or even help Bella themselves. They were two enamored by the two Alpha’s fighting ruthlessly. Mud and dirt flying with each movement of their paws, charging and grappling each other’s giant quad forms. Maw drooling and messy, canines exposed and ready to tear into flesh. “To hell with it! Leah, keep her safe. I’ll be back with the stuff we need!” Embry started sprinting, tossing a worried look back at the unconscious girl on the ground - and once he was far enough, he shifted; avoiding the mistake that caused this whole ordeal to happen in the first place. Leah watched him leave for a moment, and then turned her attention back to Bella.

Leah adjusted her body slightly to face her, leaning forward and placing both hands on either side of her cheeks. Cupping her face and rubbing her thumbs softly against her skin, “Bella, I need you to wake up.” She spoke in a firm voice, hiding behind her worry. Leah couldn’t let the condition Bella is in deter her from being able to help her. She softly removed her palm and patted her, and then gripped her face softly once more, shaking her. “Bella...I need you to wake up.” Bella stirred, Leah releasing a breath of relief.

The internal changes were almost immediate. Bella’s eyes shot open, the bleeding stopped but Leah didn’t seem to realize it. After all, she was covered in it, and so was the ground. The adrenaline must’ve finally kicked in, because the poor girl was trying to stand up. Her body was covered in sweat and blood, and dirt and grime. Strands of hair sticking faithfully to her forehead. Leah was astonished, almost flabbergasted by the human’s first reaction after waking up. Bella immediately started removing the rest of her tattered shirt, throwing it to the ground and stumbling forward. Head lolling downwards, disregarding the giant wound in her abdomen, and going straight for the button on her jeans. “Bella, what are you doing?” Leah asked softly, tossing a glance towards the distracted shifters and then back towards Bella.

"It's so hot," She whispered, fumbling with the button. In the end, she gave up - stumbling forward a few steps before keeling over and falling on her hands and knees. Fingers grasping at the dirt for some form of leverage. Some sort of control over the events that were unfolding. Leah shot up and went to her aid, her worried look getting worse by the second. Her back was arched upward slightly, and the human girl palmed at the gash softly, wheezing out a pained whimper. It seemed the fever was taking a toll on her worse than the injury itself. was closing. It was healing...and fast too.

Bella closed her brown eyes tight, clenching down on her teeth and letting out a muffled growl. Her scent was getting stronger. It was changing...shifting. The two wolves who were fighting amongst themselves were the first to notice, Jake and Sam. They noticed, sure, but neither felt safe enough to disengage. It wasn't long before Embry returned, his nostrils flaring, paws suddenly stopping mid stride. He dropped the bag of goods from his muzzle, and immediately snapped at Leah's shorts - tugging her back. Encouraging her to leave Bella's side, despite the want to go over and help her himself.

"What the fuck Em! Get off me!" Leah shouts, still facing Bella with her legs being dragged against the ground. Bella was panting now, fingers no longer clawing at the ground but instead balled into a fist. Squeezing tight, still on her hands and knees; long brunette hair spilling over her shoulders and pooling at the sides of her head. Resting her forehead on the muddled ground, she twisted her right side upwards - snap.

Bella shrieked. The sound piercing the plains and into the woods, drawing the attention of the other shifters. It was then that the two wolves moved their attention elsewhere. Another snap, this one louder than the last. The girl grunted out in agony, lifting her head to stare out into the woods - almost longingly. She pulled herself up, just a little, but couldn't go any further. Another snap, her body was becoming disfigured; both packs looking in awe and disbelief. Jared was the first to speak,

"What the fuck is happening to her!" It looked at if he was going to run over to try and help the girl, but Sam was faster. He barked dominantly, his gaze fixed on the helpless man. Jacob had long since run into the woods, shifting back into a human figure, clothed and shocked. His fluffy brown hair disheveled and unkept, brows knitted together as he stared in concern at his friend. He spoke, not even daring to look away from Bella.

"I don't know why...but she's shifting." Jacob spoke aloud. Jared's eyebrows shot up into his hairline, eyes wide and dilated. "What do you mean she's shifting!?" He scoffed, eyes seeking out anyone who was just as confused as he was. Sam decided it was time he shifted as well. Dressed in almost the same torn jean shorts as Jacob. "He's right, Jared."

"It doesn't make sense though! How could she shift, if she doesn't have the blood of a shifter?"

Quil spoke up, an idea slowly forming in his brain. "It could be like...a traditional werewolf movie. You get bitten or scratched by a werewolf, you turn into one." He shrugged, it was the best idea they had. No one could come up with anything better, either. All they could do is watch, and give vocal instructions from a distance. "Don't fight it, Bella. Let it take over!" Jacob yelled, a large hand resting defeatedly on the top of his head.

The girl let out another sob, hand clutching at her rapidly healing abdomen, all while her bones were breaking and rearranging themselves. "Jacob is right, Bella! It's only gonna' get worse if you don't accept the shift!" Leah followed. She took a step forward, but Paul placed a hand on her chest, and shot her a defiant look. 'Don't you dare'. Leah's chest rumbled, there were no words between the two, but there may as well have been. "Leah, Paul! Not the time." The one called Sam shouted. "All we can do is watch, It's not worth risking both Bella and our's safety by getting close." Jacob paused. "When Bella shifts completely, Leah and I will shift as well. Sam and Jared, too. We'll see if she responds to either one of our bonds." Sam raised a brow, not liking how Jacob was giving him orders, but...he was right, so the older man bit his tongue.

The sight was gruesome to say at the very least. They saw as her body cracked and adjusted, how her spine elongated and her hands broke and formed into paws. How her skin turned to fur, her face extending and forming a snout. Her size getting larger, and larger, and larger. By the time she finished, she rivaled Sam...she was humongous. Her pelt was dark, different shades of smokey and dark grey. Her fur shining with the sun almost made her look blue. Her face was a lighter grey along with the underside of her jaw, raking down her belly and trailing to the underside of her tail.

The back of her ears were near black, the insides however, were light grey and white. When the transformation finished, the new shifter carefully began lifting herself up, as if moving now would hurt...but it didn't. It felt freeing even. Standing up on all fours, obviously towering over her normal height. Her senses were shaper, eyesight more keen. Her ears flicked, and for a moment - she was content. Until it hit her.

She wasn't human.

With a swift movement, Bella turned herself around and saw the two packs looking at her in amazement. Leah had both her hands on her head, eyes wide and mouth hanging open. Jacob was taken aback, eyeing Bella as if she were some foreign weapon of mass destruction. Paul, Embry, Quil, Sam, Jared all shared similar responses. "Holy shit," Leah breathed out.

It was one surprise after the other. Sam slashing Bella when she was too close, Bella almost bleeding out and dying on the ground - only to be saved by some kind of inner were-workings. Jacob and Sam looked at each other, nodding in understanding - running forward a bit and then shifting. Followed by Leah and Jared. Sam shared eye contact with Bella dice. Even in wolf form, he was confused, he was the one who jump started it. Bella should be in his pack. Even if it was some freakish accident, it was him who made this happen. Jared side-eyed him, sparcing up his thoughts. Sam had no business knowing how he felt about those...fairly evil sounding words.

Then, Jacob. Perfect shot, baby! 'Bella! Bella, can you hear me?' Bella took a few steps back, her tail moving from side to side slowly behind her. 'Jacob? What the fuck is happening to me?' Her voice came out a little deeper than normal, almost husky sounding. 'This may sound a little odd...but it looks like you're a shifter now. Welcome to the fam, Bells.'

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For a couple of weeks, Bella ended up crashing at Jacob’s place. Taming the pent up aggression Bella never knew she had inside of her was more difficult that anyone could have imagined. The smallest sliver of detail in anything at all could set her off. A raging inferno of rage that could destroy everything; and anyone, in its path. Aside from Leah...every soul in the pack was worried about what kind of devastating outcome would befall them if Bella ever lost control. They were lucky enough so far, with lots of coaxing and reassurances from her close omega friend, Leah.

It wasn’t until a week had passed, where an idea came to the only other female shifter in the pack. She was ecstatic when it came to her. Although Leah would never admit it aloud, she was excited to introduce a certain something to Bella that may just mellow her out a bit. It wasn’t long before Leah picked up the phone and dialed the other girl’s number. Somehow, Billy had convinced Charlie to go on a couple of weeks long fishing vacation. It gave Bella the excuse to stay at home, in the comfort of her own room without scaring her father half to death. Of course...her ‘growth spurt’ definitely would’ve surprised anyone, especially in only four weeks.

When Bella heard her phone ring, she knew who it was. Leah kept changing the ringtone to an obnoxious voice note she created, with a sigh, she stood up from her bed and sauntered over to her desk. Picking up the phone with her large hand; hitting the answer button. “Swan residence,” Bella spoke in a flat tone, as if she were an aged receptionist finally fed up with her place of employment. “I’m two minutes away, I have something I want you to try. You can’t be an angry puppy forever, so...Be ready. Also, Charlie can’t be mad at me, It’s legal in the state of Washington. Alright, bye!” Bella couldn’t even get a word in, Leah had already hung up. She had no time to process a word the other girl spewed over the phone, because she was already at the door.

“Two minutes my ass…” Bella mumbles under her breath. She looked down at herself briefly, not at all dressed for company. With a sigh, she shook her head - with a smile, but still. If there was one person she could never be angry with, It was Leah. The brunette ran down the stairs quickly, opening the door and seeing the shorter woman standing there, trying to hide her triumphant smile behind her ‘badass chick’ facade. For a moment, they just shared a look - and before long, Leah's eyes were trailing down. Taking Bella’s form in for what felt like the first time. The brunette now stood at six one, a ridiculous jump from five five. Her hands were larger, fingers slim yet strong looking. Her forearms had veins if she flexed them a certain way, and God, her jawline had never been sharper. Leah’s eyes stopped at Bella’s abdomen; eating up just how solid her abs looked. Part of her v-line hidden by some cropped grey sweatshorts. She skipped over the long black socks that she wore, obviously nothing interesting resided there. When Leah looked up again, Bella sported a deviously cocky smirk.

“Like what you see, Clearwater?” Leah rolled her eyes, pushing past Bella and entering her home easily. “I honestly plead the fifth,” the wiser of the two shifters had a small bag slinged over her shoulder. She tossed it softly on the couch in Bella’s living room, and beckoned for the taller woman to make her way over. Bella closed the door with ease, probably the best idea since she was only wearing a black sports bra and some shorts. Not that anyone lived close enough to see, anyway. “Alright. So...I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it sooner to be honest with you.” The tanned woman plopped down onto the couch, making herself comfortable. “I guess I’ve been kind of secretive about it, since It’s not something I want the younger ones to know about.” Leah shrugged, and Bella cocked a brow. She was at a loss, here. It didn’t take long for her to figure out though, Leah’s bag absolutely reeked. “So...You’re basically telling me if all else fails, and it practically has, I should smoke some bud?” Leah chuckled softly, a smirk tugging at her lips. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Bella shook her head and made her way towards the kitchen. There were a couple packs of beers that Charlie left for her, just to try them out. He wanted to get closer to Bella. Whether that be safely drinking with her father while watching the game, or just...hanging out. Sure she wasn’t twenty one yet, but as long as she stayed home and knew her limits, he was sure she could handle it.

She grabbed a few and headed to the table, “Well. I mean...If we’re gonna try it, go all out right?” Leah laughed, her bright smile blinding Bella. Leah only smiled for her, really. She was always so grumpy around the boys, but she could be herself here. “If you can call a couple of beers ‘all out’ compared to what you’re about to experience,” Bella let out a laugh from her chest, smiling goofily at the other. “Should I be scared?” She teased, her voice dropping a few octaves. “Never. I wouldn’t let you take or smoke something that I didn’t think you couldn’t handle.” Leah answered semi-seriously, still with a slightly joking tone to go along with Bella’s recently developing flirtatious personality.

Bella dropped down onto the couch next to her, placing the beers down and carefully turning her gaze towards the omega fiddling with the buckles on her bag. In a few moments, a tray with a pack of cigarillos and cones sat on the coffee table littered with sports magazines. It looked like they were already opened, it looks like she came prepared - pre-rolled for her and everything. The smell was potent now, and honestly...Bella may have started developing a taste for it’s unique scent. “I’m assuming that you already know how it functions and everything...If you feel like it’s too much, we can stop. If it does get to that point though, we can take a nap, and if you can’t fall asleep - I have some CBD that may do the trick.” After a few seconds, Leah looked up at Bella to find her staring. Bella’s scent was getting stronger, a comforting and protective pheromone filling the room. She smelled of hibiscus, honey, the sea, and fresh pepper. So many different things, but they mixed and swirled in the perfect balance, and it smelled better than anything Leah had ever put her nose to. Out of everyone, she was the only one who was truly there for her. They related in more ways than they care to admit, and despite Bella’s at first very shy personality, Leah broke her out of her shell. Made her more confident. Made her happy. Made her forget about The Cullens. About Edward.

It just sucked because, well...They were pretty much perfect for each other, but neither one of them felt anything more for one another than friendship. Honestly though, Bella wouldn’t mind a kiss every now and again, Leah was just that important to her, but, you know. It wasn’t until recently Bella realized she felt for girls the way that any hetero man would. “If you keep looking at me like that, I’m just gonna’ assume that you’re in love with me,” Leah brought Bella out of her thoughts quickly, and the long haired brunette laughed. “I am in love with you, just in a friendly way,” Leah could only shake her head, a joint already in her mouth. The smell of skunk would long be gone by the time Charlie returned home, so there wasn’t much of a fuss when the smaller woman sparked it.

Bella watched as Leah expertly took a hit, her eyes following the way Leah’s brows knitted together. The way she closed her eyes to relish the hit, the way her throat tightened when the heat of it crawled around her throat and into her lungs. Her eyes followed the large cloud that followed soon after, the smell stronger than ever. Bella shivered, excitement written all over her face. The recently deceased Bella resurfacing for a moment, innocent and curious. Wide chocolate brown eyes sparkling with interest. Her eyes dilated for a moment, scent flaring before she had it under control again. Leah chuckled softly, turning her head to Bella. It was the reaction she wanted, and with another one of her bright smiles; the joint was passed. “Don’t feel pressured to take a big hit either, Isabella Swan. I know I’m the sexiest omega you’ve ever laid eyes on. But there’s no need to impress little ol’ me,” Leah scoffed, making a face. She hated herself for saying something like that, she was trying to make a joke but it just made her seem less ‘Leah Clearwater,’ and more ‘Innocent Maiden,’.

Nodding...Bella watched it burn for a moment. Then she lifted the paper white cylinder to her lips and took a drag. It wasn’t long, and she didn’t hold it or ghost it like Leah did; but she didn’t cough. At least, not until after all the smoke was out of her lungs. She hurriedly passed it back to Leah, lifting her elbow to her face and damn near growling a loud cough into it. “Fuck, Leah! Are you trying to kill me!” Leah laughed softly, her gaze softening at Bella and she licked her lips softly. Biting her lip. “If it makes you feel any better...You looked hot.” Leah shrugged, lifting it to her lips and taking another hit. Then another, letting out a soft sigh of relief. She’d been holding back from smoking for some time, since she spent so much time with Bella now. Trying out different exercises to get her temper under wraps.

Obviously Leah had a better tolerance than Bella, far she was taking it like a champ. The new shifter’s eyes were a little pink, and she did have a little smirk playing at her lips; but other than that...all was going according to plan. Neither one of them were high, or even buzzed for that matter, but Bella was definitely getting there. After passing the joint back and forth for a while, the alpha definitely felt lighter. The buzz in her head was hard to ignore, and she just felt...good. She felt warm. She couldn’t live anything else but in the moment. Not thinking about the past or future, just...what was right in front of her. Which now was a blunt and a half finished beer.

“Do you wanna’ keep going or...are you good?” Leah asked the inexperienced smoker, making sure to keep a water bottle and some other things nearby. “I’m feeling pretty good. I could go for one more, if you’re up for it?” Bella turned her gaze towards Leah, serious for a moment, and then Leah cracked a smile. Bella couldn’t help it. She turned away, pursing her lips tightly. A small ‘pfft’ escaping her. She was so close to just bursting out and laughing, for what reason? She didn’t know. “We’ll do half a blunt and see how you’re feeling then.” Bella nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly.

They spent the next fifteen minutes just chatting and smoking. Asking how their day had been, talking about Seth and Jacob - things about the pack and things of that sort. Leah always treaded lightly around how Bella turned, but it was something she was always willing to talk about if Bella ever needed to vent. They got through about three fourths of it before Bella tapped out; she was gone beyond what words could explain, though she handled it pretty well. They finished off the beers, and Bella stretched out. Legs pushing the coffee table away from the couch, arms outstretched in the air. “Fuck I need to pee. Come upstairs with me? You can chill in my room.” Leah nodded, tossing a few things in her bag and starting to pick up the bottles that sat on the brown table. Bella called from the stairs, “Don’t worry about cleaning up that shit, I can do it later!”

Leah shook her head, smiling, a small chuckle leaving her while she watched Bella run up the stairs.

It really was a shame.

Leaving her bag on the floor by the couch, the shorter haired brunette made her way up the stairs. She vaguely remembered where Bella’s room was, and entered there. Sitting at her desk while she waited for the other girl to finish in the restroom.

Meanwhile, Bella had finished up in the restroom. The warm water ran over her hands as she washed them. She looked up at herself in the mirror, tilting her head softly to the side. She took in her appearance in the same way Leah did earlier. She really had changed a lot...her features were not as soft as they used to be. Everything was sharp, angled and solid. She folded her arms over her chest, watching as her arms flexed. Her biceps were definitely bigger than before...who was she kidding, they were huge compared to what she was packing before she shifted. Her hair was slightly longer too, brown locks falling in front of her strong shoulders and over her collar bones. Her hair wasn’t as wavy either, it was kind of spiky and wild. Whatever. She splashed her face with water, wiped her face and hands, and walked back to her room. She opened the door, and smiled at Leah who looked bored on her phone. “I really am the only entertaining thing in your life, huh pretty girl?” Bella giggled, throwing herself on her bed and opening her arms for Leah to join her. This wasn’t anything unusual for them, at least not recently. It was something they both needed, really. Typically they’d partake in something like this after an angry episode with Bella, was different.

She just wanted to be close to her best friend. The person she felt closest to. The person she could actually confide in, even if she often chose not to. Leah rolled her eyes, and tossed her phone onto the dresser. Crawling into the bed and resting her head on Bella’s arm, while the taller girl wrapped her free arm around her waist. The alpha placed her nose on the top of Leah’s head, taking in her scent. Leah smelled of peaches and cherries, and it immediately calmed the younger girl. “I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you.” Leah hummed softly, questioning. “I know. It’s weird. I just think you should know.” Bella laughed softly, her grip tightening on the smaller woman. Her brows furrowed, and she thought of her next words delicately. “I’ve never felt like I’ve fit in anywhere. I’ve always felt out of place, I felt different. I was awkward and shy, I wanted friends but I didn’t like the attention. I never felt...okay. But then everything changed, and then...everything changed again, and again.” Leah knew what she was referring to. Edward. Edward leaving. And now her newfound abilities. Bella sighed. “I changed and I never felt more alone. Even with Jacob wholeheartedly accepting me into the pack. But you were there. You helped me understand that not everything makes sense, even if you had to smack some sense into me.” Leah laughed, burying her face further into Bella’s collarbone.

“I don’t know. It’s hard to explain right now. I just want to tell you that I don’t know where I’d be without you, and I’m grateful to have such a wonderful friend in my life.” She placed a small kiss on the top of her head, and Leah groaned. “Stop with the sappy shit, It’s gross.” Bella giggled girlishly, her fingertips sweeping and tickling at Leah’s side. “You know you love it,” Leah paused, getting serious for a second. “You know I haven’t thought about it until now but...You’re going to have to go back to school again. I’ve already graduated, so I won’t be able to help but. Jacob and the others want to transfer to forks for a few months until they know you can handle being by yourself. If you think smoking like this will actually help, the least I can do is maybe...I dunno. Smoke you up before school every day, or drop something off when you’re at lunch.” Bella shook her head, “You friends can get married right?” Leah lifted her hand and punched Bella hard. It didn’t seem to affect the lighter toned girl though. She just laughed, rolling her eyes.

They fell into a comfortable silence. Neither of them spoke for a long, long while. Their breaths synchronized, and before long, Leah spoke up again. “I’m glad you told me, Bella. You’re important to me too,” Bella didn’t answer. She passed out a while ago.

“I just hope you can find someone who loves you just as unconditionally as you loved Edward. Goodnight Bella.”