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You Wouldn’t Dare.

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For a couple of weeks, Bella ended up crashing at Jacob’s place. Taming the pent up aggression Bella never knew she had inside of her was more difficult that anyone could have imagined. The smallest sliver of detail in anything at all could set her off. A raging inferno of rage that could destroy everything; and anyone, in its path. Aside from Leah...every soul in the pack was worried about what kind of devastating outcome would befall them if Bella ever lost control. They were lucky enough so far, with lots of coaxing and reassurances from her close omega friend, Leah.

It wasn’t until a week had passed, where an idea came to the only other female shifter in the pack. She was ecstatic when it came to her. Although Leah would never admit it aloud, she was excited to introduce a certain something to Bella that may just mellow her out a bit. It wasn’t long before Leah picked up the phone and dialed the other girl’s number. Somehow, Billy had convinced Charlie to go on a couple of weeks long fishing vacation. It gave Bella the excuse to stay at home, in the comfort of her own room without scaring her father half to death. Of course...her ‘growth spurt’ definitely would’ve surprised anyone, especially in only four weeks.

When Bella heard her phone ring, she knew who it was. Leah kept changing the ringtone to an obnoxious voice note she created, with a sigh, she stood up from her bed and sauntered over to her desk. Picking up the phone with her large hand; hitting the answer button. “Swan residence,” Bella spoke in a flat tone, as if she were an aged receptionist finally fed up with her place of employment. “I’m two minutes away, I have something I want you to try. You can’t be an angry puppy forever, so...Be ready. Also, Charlie can’t be mad at me, It’s legal in the state of Washington. Alright, bye!” Bella couldn’t even get a word in, Leah had already hung up. She had no time to process a word the other girl spewed over the phone, because she was already at the door.

“Two minutes my ass…” Bella mumbles under her breath. She looked down at herself briefly, not at all dressed for company. With a sigh, she shook her head - with a smile, but still. If there was one person she could never be angry with, It was Leah. The brunette ran down the stairs quickly, opening the door and seeing the shorter woman standing there, trying to hide her triumphant smile behind her ‘badass chick’ facade. For a moment, they just shared a look - and before long, Leah's eyes were trailing down. Taking Bella’s form in for what felt like the first time. The brunette now stood at six one, a ridiculous jump from five five. Her hands were larger, fingers slim yet strong looking. Her forearms had veins if she flexed them a certain way, and God, her jawline had never been sharper. Leah’s eyes stopped at Bella’s abdomen; eating up just how solid her abs looked. Part of her v-line hidden by some cropped grey sweatshorts. She skipped over the long black socks that she wore, obviously nothing interesting resided there. When Leah looked up again, Bella sported a deviously cocky smirk.

“Like what you see, Clearwater?” Leah rolled her eyes, pushing past Bella and entering her home easily. “I honestly plead the fifth,” the wiser of the two shifters had a small bag slinged over her shoulder. She tossed it softly on the couch in Bella’s living room, and beckoned for the taller woman to make her way over. Bella closed the door with ease, probably the best idea since she was only wearing a black sports bra and some shorts. Not that anyone lived close enough to see, anyway. “Alright. So...I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it sooner to be honest with you.” The tanned woman plopped down onto the couch, making herself comfortable. “I guess I’ve been kind of secretive about it, since It’s not something I want the younger ones to know about.” Leah shrugged, and Bella cocked a brow. She was at a loss, here. It didn’t take long for her to figure out though, Leah’s bag absolutely reeked. “So...You’re basically telling me if all else fails, and it practically has, I should smoke some bud?” Leah chuckled softly, a smirk tugging at her lips. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Bella shook her head and made her way towards the kitchen. There were a couple packs of beers that Charlie left for her, just to try them out. He wanted to get closer to Bella. Whether that be safely drinking with her father while watching the game, or just...hanging out. Sure she wasn’t twenty one yet, but as long as she stayed home and knew her limits, he was sure she could handle it.

She grabbed a few and headed to the table, “Well. I mean...If we’re gonna try it, go all out right?” Leah laughed, her bright smile blinding Bella. Leah only smiled for her, really. She was always so grumpy around the boys, but she could be herself here. “If you can call a couple of beers ‘all out’ compared to what you’re about to experience,” Bella let out a laugh from her chest, smiling goofily at the other. “Should I be scared?” She teased, her voice dropping a few octaves. “Never. I wouldn’t let you take or smoke something that I didn’t think you couldn’t handle.” Leah answered semi-seriously, still with a slightly joking tone to go along with Bella’s recently developing flirtatious personality.

Bella dropped down onto the couch next to her, placing the beers down and carefully turning her gaze towards the omega fiddling with the buckles on her bag. In a few moments, a tray with a pack of cigarillos and cones sat on the coffee table littered with sports magazines. It looked like they were already opened, it looks like she came prepared - pre-rolled for her and everything. The smell was potent now, and honestly...Bella may have started developing a taste for it’s unique scent. “I’m assuming that you already know how it functions and everything...If you feel like it’s too much, we can stop. If it does get to that point though, we can take a nap, and if you can’t fall asleep - I have some CBD that may do the trick.” After a few seconds, Leah looked up at Bella to find her staring. Bella’s scent was getting stronger, a comforting and protective pheromone filling the room. She smelled of hibiscus, honey, the sea, and fresh pepper. So many different things, but they mixed and swirled in the perfect balance, and it smelled better than anything Leah had ever put her nose to. Out of everyone, she was the only one who was truly there for her. They related in more ways than they care to admit, and despite Bella’s at first very shy personality, Leah broke her out of her shell. Made her more confident. Made her happy. Made her forget about The Cullens. About Edward.

It just sucked because, well...They were pretty much perfect for each other, but neither one of them felt anything more for one another than friendship. Honestly though, Bella wouldn’t mind a kiss every now and again, Leah was just that important to her, but, you know. It wasn’t until recently Bella realized she felt for girls the way that any hetero man would. “If you keep looking at me like that, I’m just gonna’ assume that you’re in love with me,” Leah brought Bella out of her thoughts quickly, and the long haired brunette laughed. “I am in love with you, just in a friendly way,” Leah could only shake her head, a joint already in her mouth. The smell of skunk would long be gone by the time Charlie returned home, so there wasn’t much of a fuss when the smaller woman sparked it.

Bella watched as Leah expertly took a hit, her eyes following the way Leah’s brows knitted together. The way she closed her eyes to relish the hit, the way her throat tightened when the heat of it crawled around her throat and into her lungs. Her eyes followed the large cloud that followed soon after, the smell stronger than ever. Bella shivered, excitement written all over her face. The recently deceased Bella resurfacing for a moment, innocent and curious. Wide chocolate brown eyes sparkling with interest. Her eyes dilated for a moment, scent flaring before she had it under control again. Leah chuckled softly, turning her head to Bella. It was the reaction she wanted, and with another one of her bright smiles; the joint was passed. “Don’t feel pressured to take a big hit either, Isabella Swan. I know I’m the sexiest omega you’ve ever laid eyes on. But there’s no need to impress little ol’ me,” Leah scoffed, making a face. She hated herself for saying something like that, she was trying to make a joke but it just made her seem less ‘Leah Clearwater,’ and more ‘Innocent Maiden,’.

Nodding...Bella watched it burn for a moment. Then she lifted the paper white cylinder to her lips and took a drag. It wasn’t long, and she didn’t hold it or ghost it like Leah did; but she didn’t cough. At least, not until after all the smoke was out of her lungs. She hurriedly passed it back to Leah, lifting her elbow to her face and damn near growling a loud cough into it. “Fuck, Leah! Are you trying to kill me!” Leah laughed softly, her gaze softening at Bella and she licked her lips softly. Biting her lip. “If it makes you feel any better...You looked hot.” Leah shrugged, lifting it to her lips and taking another hit. Then another, letting out a soft sigh of relief. She’d been holding back from smoking for some time, since she spent so much time with Bella now. Trying out different exercises to get her temper under wraps.

Obviously Leah had a better tolerance than Bella, far she was taking it like a champ. The new shifter’s eyes were a little pink, and she did have a little smirk playing at her lips; but other than that...all was going according to plan. Neither one of them were high, or even buzzed for that matter, but Bella was definitely getting there. After passing the joint back and forth for a while, the alpha definitely felt lighter. The buzz in her head was hard to ignore, and she just felt...good. She felt warm. She couldn’t live anything else but in the moment. Not thinking about the past or future, just...what was right in front of her. Which now was a blunt and a half finished beer.

“Do you wanna’ keep going or...are you good?” Leah asked the inexperienced smoker, making sure to keep a water bottle and some other things nearby. “I’m feeling pretty good. I could go for one more, if you’re up for it?” Bella turned her gaze towards Leah, serious for a moment, and then Leah cracked a smile. Bella couldn’t help it. She turned away, pursing her lips tightly. A small ‘pfft’ escaping her. She was so close to just bursting out and laughing, for what reason? She didn’t know. “We’ll do half a blunt and see how you’re feeling then.” Bella nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly.

They spent the next fifteen minutes just chatting and smoking. Asking how their day had been, talking about Seth and Jacob - things about the pack and things of that sort. Leah always treaded lightly around how Bella turned, but it was something she was always willing to talk about if Bella ever needed to vent. They got through about three fourths of it before Bella tapped out; she was gone beyond what words could explain, though she handled it pretty well. They finished off the beers, and Bella stretched out. Legs pushing the coffee table away from the couch, arms outstretched in the air. “Fuck I need to pee. Come upstairs with me? You can chill in my room.” Leah nodded, tossing a few things in her bag and starting to pick up the bottles that sat on the brown table. Bella called from the stairs, “Don’t worry about cleaning up that shit, I can do it later!”

Leah shook her head, smiling, a small chuckle leaving her while she watched Bella run up the stairs.

It really was a shame.

Leaving her bag on the floor by the couch, the shorter haired brunette made her way up the stairs. She vaguely remembered where Bella’s room was, and entered there. Sitting at her desk while she waited for the other girl to finish in the restroom.

Meanwhile, Bella had finished up in the restroom. The warm water ran over her hands as she washed them. She looked up at herself in the mirror, tilting her head softly to the side. She took in her appearance in the same way Leah did earlier. She really had changed a lot...her features were not as soft as they used to be. Everything was sharp, angled and solid. She folded her arms over her chest, watching as her arms flexed. Her biceps were definitely bigger than before...who was she kidding, they were huge compared to what she was packing before she shifted. Her hair was slightly longer too, brown locks falling in front of her strong shoulders and over her collar bones. Her hair wasn’t as wavy either, it was kind of spiky and wild. Whatever. She splashed her face with water, wiped her face and hands, and walked back to her room. She opened the door, and smiled at Leah who looked bored on her phone. “I really am the only entertaining thing in your life, huh pretty girl?” Bella giggled, throwing herself on her bed and opening her arms for Leah to join her. This wasn’t anything unusual for them, at least not recently. It was something they both needed, really. Typically they’d partake in something like this after an angry episode with Bella, was different.

She just wanted to be close to her best friend. The person she felt closest to. The person she could actually confide in, even if she often chose not to. Leah rolled her eyes, and tossed her phone onto the dresser. Crawling into the bed and resting her head on Bella’s arm, while the taller girl wrapped her free arm around her waist. The alpha placed her nose on the top of Leah’s head, taking in her scent. Leah smelled of peaches and cherries, and it immediately calmed the younger girl. “I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you.” Leah hummed softly, questioning. “I know. It’s weird. I just think you should know.” Bella laughed softly, her grip tightening on the smaller woman. Her brows furrowed, and she thought of her next words delicately. “I’ve never felt like I’ve fit in anywhere. I’ve always felt out of place, I felt different. I was awkward and shy, I wanted friends but I didn’t like the attention. I never felt...okay. But then everything changed, and then...everything changed again, and again.” Leah knew what she was referring to. Edward. Edward leaving. And now her newfound abilities. Bella sighed. “I changed and I never felt more alone. Even with Jacob wholeheartedly accepting me into the pack. But you were there. You helped me understand that not everything makes sense, even if you had to smack some sense into me.” Leah laughed, burying her face further into Bella’s collarbone.

“I don’t know. It’s hard to explain right now. I just want to tell you that I don’t know where I’d be without you, and I’m grateful to have such a wonderful friend in my life.” She placed a small kiss on the top of her head, and Leah groaned. “Stop with the sappy shit, It’s gross.” Bella giggled girlishly, her fingertips sweeping and tickling at Leah’s side. “You know you love it,” Leah paused, getting serious for a second. “You know I haven’t thought about it until now but...You’re going to have to go back to school again. I’ve already graduated, so I won’t be able to help but. Jacob and the others want to transfer to forks for a few months until they know you can handle being by yourself. If you think smoking like this will actually help, the least I can do is maybe...I dunno. Smoke you up before school every day, or drop something off when you’re at lunch.” Bella shook her head, “You friends can get married right?” Leah lifted her hand and punched Bella hard. It didn’t seem to affect the lighter toned girl though. She just laughed, rolling her eyes.

They fell into a comfortable silence. Neither of them spoke for a long, long while. Their breaths synchronized, and before long, Leah spoke up again. “I’m glad you told me, Bella. You’re important to me too,” Bella didn’t answer. She passed out a while ago.

“I just hope you can find someone who loves you just as unconditionally as you loved Edward. Goodnight Bella.”