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The (Not So?) Bad Idea (Tenacious)

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Blaine was taking history notes.

Or, more accurately, he was desperately trying to take his history notes. But it’s hard to focus on something as boring as the decline of the Ottoman Empire when the most beautiful guy in all of Ohio is sitting in front of you, sucking on the tip of his ballpoint pen. Blaine’s hand slowed to a stop in his writing as he watched the other boy jot down another sentence, an innocent smile still on his face.

As Blaine lost himself in thought, Sam unabashedly leaned across the space between their desks. “Looking at that Kurt kid again?”

“No, no,” he murmured back, rolling his eyes, “of course not. I’m just taking my notes. What makes you think that?”

“Dude, you’ve written, like, one sentence total during this class.” Blaine looked down and frowned at his, indeed, virtually empty notebook page. Sam simply grinned, “You’ve also got that dreamy, moony-eyed look you get whenever you stare at him across the room.”

“I don’t have ‘moony eyes’!” Blaine scoffed. Sam looked back at him blankly.

He sighed. “Fine. Still, even if I was looking at Kurt, what makes you feel the need to ask me about it?”

“I’m just looking out for a friend. I think you like him a bit more than you’re letting on.”

“What?” Blaine whisper-shouted, “No I don’t!”

“What’s his next class, Blaine?”

“Science, but that’s not fair, we have that together-”

“His favorite musical?

“Wicked. Don’t you remember? Mr. Shue asked our spanish class last week to-”

“His usual coffee order?”

“Nonfat mocha latte. He orders it every time I see him at the Lime Bean after school, sometimes with extra whip, and- oh. I get it now.”

Sam chuckled, “You’ve got it bad, dude.”

Blaine groaned loudly, quickly covering it up as a cough when the teacher paused her lecture to look over. He felt an unwelcome warm blush creep up his neck when Kurt turned around with a smirk to look at him, and buried his face in his hands as soon as he turned back. Next he knew, Sam was in the aisle again and whispering.

“What’re you waiting for? Just tell him! Gay guys like it when you talk about your feelings, right?”

Blaine stopped for a moment, tilting his head in confusion. “Um… sure. But, like, there’s still the problem of actually getting his attention. It’s not like he’s ever talked to me before! I bet he doesn’t even know my name.” He sighed, “God, I’m helpless.”

Sam looked between the two boys a few times, deep in thought. Suddenly, he perked up almost comically. “Wait, he’s Finn’s brother, right?”

Blaine paused. “Yeah, I guess so-”

“I bet I could get you a conversation with him. I have an idea!”

Sam smirked at him expectantly, but Blaine could only muster a slightly-less-confused, wary look. Most of the blonde’s ideas had a habit of ending in either embarrassment, physical pain, or both, usually on Blaine’s end. Some things were forgivable, but he’d entirely sworn off humoring Sam’s plans after the “Tots Incident” in the cafeteria last year. The smell had taken days to wash off, not to mention how he’d lost his favorite shirt to grease stains. The lunch ladies had never looked at Blaine the same way since…

Still, the glint in Sam’s eye meant he was feeling tenacious today. If Blaine said no to this, he’d probably find a way to rope him into whatever he had thought of anyway. In the end, would it really hurt to go willingly? (Yes, it probably would, he thought to himself, but that’s not the point.)

Blaine sighed, “Whatever.”

Sam leaned back to his seat to pump his fist, ignoring an odd look from the history teacher. He smiled back at Blaine.

“Don’t worry dude, I won’t let you down.”

Waiting for the last bell of the school day to ring felt like an eternity to Blaine. Slight excitement mixed with overwhelming dread gnawed at his stomach as his mind spiraled.

This is a terrible idea. Why do I ever go along with Sam’s plans? For all I know, he’s using Star Wars fics to plan a big romantic gesture. Oh no, Kurt’s never going to even look at me again after this!

The deafening sound of the final bell shocked Blaine out of his thoughts. He packed up his things slowly, carefully avoiding eye contact with everyone else in the class as he slung his bag over one shoulder. When he was done, he stood up straight and paused. Sighing deeply, he finally turned to Sam.

Blaine jumped as Sam quickly grabbed his arm, tugging him until they were barely inches apart. He dropped his voice to a dramatic whisper,

“It’s showtime.”

“Wait, Sam, what are we-” Suddenly, Blaine was being dragged down the hallway by his forearm, barely dodging the hordes of students trying to leave the building. He tried to escape the vice-like grip, but Sam wouldn’t let up.

When he continued to struggle, the blonde came to a full stop, letting go of him entirely. “Dude, you’ve gotta trust me. Do you want the help or not?”

Blaine rolled his eyes affectionately, grabbing Sam’s hand, “Yeah, yeah, I want the help.”

Sam grinned, yanking him around the corner and continuing their run. “Then hurry up, we’re gonna miss them!”

Blaine only had a few seconds of regret before it was replaced with thick anxiety. The two boys stopped in front of the library, right next to… Kurt Hummel.

Sam walked over to them with a clearly over-exaggerated swagger. “Hey Kurt!”

Kurt cocked his head quizzically, “Hey Sam… are you, uh, looking for Finn?”


Silence. Kurt raised an eyebrow at Blaine, who responded with an equally confused shrug.

Sam gestured to him, “This is my friend Blaine. You’re gay. He’s gay.”

A beat,


Sam hastily walked away.

Blaine felt his face heat up at Kurt’s eyes locked on his. Why do I ever trust Sam’s ideas?

“So…” Kurt, understandably, still looked concerned, “you’re gay?”

“Uh, yep. Blaine Anderson. The gay one. That’s me.” Blaine mentally facepalmed as he stuttered out one of the most awkward things that had ever left his mouth.

You’re the friend-of-a-friend Finn’s been telling me about?”

“I suppose… Wait, what?” Now Blaine was equally confused.

Kurt blinked, eyes widening in surprise. “Sorry! It, uh, it doesn’t matter, nevermind.”

He trailed off, staring at Blaine for a moment before seeming to jolt back to reality. “Well, anything else you’d like to talk about?”

Blaine swallowed stiffly. So… I guess this is my chance. Carpe diem and all of that. Time to harness my inner Sam. But, you know, a bit better with girls.

“Yes, actually. I was wondering, would you be interested in maybe… getting coffee sometime? Not necessarily as a date, maybe just as friends, I don’t want to pressure you into anything. So a friendly coffee date. Not a date! A friendly coffee outing... I’m rambling, aren’t I?”

Kurt, to Blaine’s delight, just laughed lightly. “You are. Don’t worry though, it’s cute. But sure, I’d love to go on a… friendly coffee outing, with you, Blaine Anderson.” The two boys shared one last smile, and Blaine could’ve sworn Kurt was flushing slightly as they parted ways.

Walking into the library, Blaine turned a corner, and-

“Dude!” Sam shouted at a level definitely not fit for a school library. The librarian shushed him from her nearby desk with a glare. “Oh, sorry, I mean,” he whisper-shouted, “dude! You got yourself a date!”

Blaine grinned. “I guess I did. Thanks Sam. Your idea actually helped for once.”

“For once?” Sam placed a hand over his heart in mock-offense, “Don’t you remember the Great Tots Event of-”

“Dude, that definitely was not an example of ‘helping’.”

“I’d say getting some one-on-one time with that super hot girl was worth it.”

“Sam, you were in a week’s detention with Mercedes for starting a full-on riot.”

“Like I said, worth it. Anyways, how d’you think Kurt’s feeling about the date?”

“Mercedes, I called him by his full name, he probably didn’t even know I knew it!”

Mercedes tried to calm him down with a hand on his shoulder. “Kurt, hon, it’s not the end of the world-”

“I told him that his rambling was cute!” Kurt interrupted with a pointed look.

Mercedes cocked an eyebrow. “Well, wasn’t it?”

“Ugh, yes, but that’s not the point! This is important. He probably already thinks I’m a dork, this is just making it worse!” Kurt huffed out a sigh, slumping against his locker in defeat.

Mercedes giggled, “I have a feeling he doesn’t think you’re a dork, Kurt. He’s the one who asked you out, remember? Besides…” Over his shoulder, she made eye-contact with her boyfriend Sam, who shot her a thumbs-up, “I have a feeling this is going much better than you think.”