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Core Competency

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"We'll be uptairs" Sara said to Zari.

"Yeah, if you need anything, please don't hesitate to come find us." Ava thought better of it and added, "Actually, hesitate a little.” She purrs with a smirk on her face. The co-captain lifted her leg, connecting her ankle with Sara's waist that was right behind her, and used her leg to bring Sara closer to her body. Ava was so eager, so needy for her wife's touch. Since the Waverider exploded, it seems they haven't had any bit of time alone to celebrate their recent wedding. And all Ava needed was to have Sara in her arms for a little while. 

"Oh," Sara exclaimed, her gaze flicking to Ava's expression, seeing in her eyes exactly what she meant, feeling a shiver of anticipation. "Hesitate a lot!" Sara smiled broadly, excited for what was to come.

The co-captains laughed as they heard Zari call them moms, speeding up the stairs, almost running towards the nearest room. Sara then grabbed Ava's wrist, preventing the older one from continuing to walk; she couldn't wait another second. With a tug, Ava spins around, facing Sara, and before she can figure out what was going on, Sara's thin lips are on Ava's full ones.

Sara's lips swallow the sound of surprise Ava makes and soon the shorter blonde's tongue darts into her wife's mouth eagerly, exploring every corner. Sara moans at the taste of her woman and having her hot tongue dueling hers filled her body with energy. Lance took a few steps forward, finding a wall to support Ava's body so she could press her body against the woman she could now call her own.

"Sara." Ava moans softly as her wife releases her lips in need of oxygen.

"I want you so much, wife." She smiles wickedly, loving the look of pure lust and affection that dominated Ava's expression.

Pressed against the wall, Ava pulls the captain by the neck demanding another kiss. They kissed for long minutes, their hands trailing paths over their bodies. They kissed until their lips swelled and their saliva became one; the temperature rose and the fire spreading through their veins begged for more contact.

When Ava found the buttons on Sara's dress, she broke the kiss to stare into her baby blue eyes, asking permission. The captain smiles, her hands that once gripped Ava's hips, sliding down Ava's sides, inching up to her shoulders; Sara's touch on her bicep leaves a trail of electricity and goose bumps on Ava's skin, who sighs as her wife takes her hands in hers and leads her into the nearest room, neither of them caring which room they were entering.

Sara steps away from Ava as the two stop at the foot of the king-size bed. The blonde turns away, leaving her back to Ava, who understands her nonverbal language, busily unbuttoning each button. Her excitement at having Sara hot and wet on her fingers made her hands shake as more soft skin was revealed. Ava is sure that no matter how many years of relationship, she will always feel honored to have that amazing woman by her side.

It's the little things that make Ava fall a little more in love with Sara every day, that make her want more and more of that woman. And it's the not-so-small things that make her need Sara - as much as she needs it now - a look, a touch, a smile and Sara already has her in her hands to do with her what she wants.

Sara sighed contentedly as she felt Ava's soft lips on the back of her neck, first almost innocent little kisses that as they crept along her back became wet, her tongue darting out to lick the taste of that sensitive skin. Sara felt her breathing uneven and her muscles jumping with each gentle touch of her wife. Ava was almost reaching her tailbone, that’s when her nails scraped across Sara's back and hearing her moan.

Ava slid her hands from her shoulders into Sara's hands, carrying the straps of her dress along the way. The fabric dropped to the floor and Ava circled Sara's waist and pulled her against hers, hugging her, and Sara moaned at the possessive touch on her skin; Ava nibbled at her neck and Sara threw her head back in pleasure, her eyes closing and a growl escaping the back of her throat.

Sara arched her back as one of Ava's hands left her waist to cup one of her still-braised breasts. The shorter blonde pushed her breast against the gentle touch, practically begging for more, and consequently her buttocks brushed against Ava's center. Ava squeezed Sara's waist, moaning against the sensitive skin behind Sara's ear, releasing vibrations that had Sara biting her bottom lip and running her fingers into Ava's hair, squeezing her scalp in pleasure as Ava bit her earlobe.

"Gosh, Ava, I need you." Sara confessed and her legs tightened automatically. Her panties were ruined and they hadn't even started yet.

"I'm right here, my wife." Ava replied smiling. The blonde began to pinch and massage one of Sara's breasts while her other hand reached into her underwear. Ava brought Sara even closer to her body as she felt how wet the ex-assassin was. "I want to make you feel so good, my love." She stated right next to the other woman's ear as her fingers circled her clit. Sara gasped and moaned at the touch.

"Ava." The captain called out in a moan as she felt Ava's long fingers slide across her bottom lips and then back to her clit a few more times, capturing the pearl between her forefinger and middle, massaging the warm, wet skin. Her clit swells at her woman's touch, poking out from under its covering, enjoying the attention it's getting. "Oh God!" Moans Sara as Ava's fingertips descend to her entrance, collecting her liquid of pleasure, while still pinching her breasts, smearing her fingers with ease in the liquid and without any warning, suddenly, Ava penetrated her.

The angle was almost the same as when Sara caught herself with her fingers inside herself, jerking herself off to the imagination of Ava's gorgeous fingers moving in and out of her pussy in a rapturous rhythm. The difference was that those were her wife's fingers, longer than her own, filling her as only those fingers could, bringing out feelings and sensations that only Ava could bring.

Ava then proceeded to fuck Sara in a back-and-forth, in which Ava almost withdrew her fingers completely and soon afterwards penetrated them willingly into Sara's cunt and the shorter blonde simply surrendered to the sensation of Ava supporting her body and taking it as her own. Sara had been waiting for this moment all day, she had touched Ava all day, but it was never enough and with each touch her yearning to have her like this, buried inside her, only increased. With each penetration, Ava's palm came into contact with Sara's clit, stimulating her deliciously. Moaning uncontrollably, Sara gripped Ava's waist behind her, using her body as a support to rub against her wife, trying to keep up with her fingers, her other hand still gripping her soft hair, tugging at it occasionally.

Ava breathed heavily and she used Sara's neck and shoulder to occupy her mouth and tongue that were impatient and slightly envious of her fingers being inside Sara; Ava's tongue ached to be deep into Sara's pussy and feel Sara's pleasure trickling down her chin. But for now, Ava contented herself with marking Sara's skin with her teeth and licking away the sweat that had collected there.

The former director released Sara’s breast, paying attention to the other; she set a new rhythm in Sara's pussy, listening carefully to all the sinful sounds that filled the room, noticing how the sounds increased in volume and frequency, guided by Ava's touches. The taller blonde let her nails scratch Sara's nipple, that peaked, making her hip jump in surprise resulting in a loud moan as the movement made her pussy swallow Ava's fingers even deeper.

"Baby! Fuck!" Sara snapped, biting her lip to try to control her moans as she felt her walls tensing and clutching at the fingers inside her that made her feel complete, wishing every time she found herself in that position, with those fingers penetrating her, that she could live forever complete like that.

Ava also felt the movement of Sara's walls, trying to suck her fingers deeper. She curled her two fingers and changed the angle looking for that little flesh that made Sara's body tremble. Ava massaged her g-spot a few times and suddenly, completely pulled out of Sara's cunt, but before the blonde can express her frustration, Ava's fingers go back inside her, now with three long fingers and all it takes is one more penetration against her sweet spot inside and a kiss on her shoulder, to make Sara fall off the cliff.

Sara gasped and moaned, her lips parting, her eyes narrowing and rolling in pleasure; Ava continued to penetrate and stroke Sara's clit until her body stopped shaking and Sara's moans ceased.

"I'll never get tired of watching at you when you're coming for me, babe." Ava murmurs, her voice huskier and more sensual than usual, her tone showing wonder and fascination. Sara took a deep breath and licked her dry lips, her body still shuddering from the force of that orgasm. Ava waited a few more moments before pulling her fingers out of Sara and resting her chin on the shorter woman's shoulder. The blonde in her arms took the opportunity to snuggle against her chest, squeezing Ava's arm to her, - the other was still inside her panties - enjoying the slowdown of her heart and her panting breath, to remain in the stillness of that moment in the safety of those arms.

Sara opened her eyes slowly and as she blinked, more of the reality hit her and she was surprised to find that right in front of her, leaning against a wall, was a large rectangular mirror that clearly reflected their reflection that she had not seen when they enter the room, too caught up with the presence of her wife.

"You kept looking at me…?" Sara asked curiously.

"You are so beautiful, my love." Ava declared and the sincerity in her voice and her deep gaze that stared into Sara's eyes in the mirror made a blush come to Sara Lance's cheeks. Ava laughed as she noticed Sara closing her eyes in embarrassment, throwing her head back to rest on Ava's shoulder, successfully hiding her face. "Don't tell me my badass, ex-assassin, ex-vigilant, Waverider captain wife is embarrassed." Ava took the opportunity to make fun of the blonde and bury her nose in the back of her neck, breathing in her unique scent.

"Shut up." Sara responded by laughing, her body coming back to life. Sara realized then, looking at their reflection in the mirror, that Ava was still fully dressed - not to mention the hat that must have fallen off at some point and the pearls that disappeared - and that was absolutely unacceptable.

So, Sara decided to forget about the embarrassment of realizing that her wife enjoyed watching her come as much as she loved watching the expressions of pure ecstasy that crossed Ava's angelic face. My God, how she loved that woman!

Sara turned suddenly in Ava's arms and already attached their lips together, hungry for more. Sharpe moaned into her lips, giving in to the sensation of kissing Sara Lance, because Ava felt that each kiss was a small pause in time. Sara did that to her, the blonde controlled the way Ava sensed time; if they were separated, time dragged on, and when they came together like that, in that sweet pause, it could be days before Ava became aware of reality again.

Distracted by Sara's sensual lips and tongue, Ava didn't even notice the fabric of her dress pooling at her feet. It was only when Ava felt Sara's breasts brush against hers that Ava realized her wife was on a mission. Lowering her kisses to Ava's neck, Sara wasted no time in freeing Ava of her bra, her hands taking possession of the two mounds as fast as she could.

Ava moaned, her neck lengthening and offering itself to Sara's roguish lips. The taller one struggled against the lingerie, but with a few tries, Lance's black bra joined the other clothes on the floor; the tips of Sara's breasts bristled and Ava longed to have them in her mouth. 

"I need to taste you baby, please!" asked Ava, nibbling on Sara's lip and staring into her eyes.

"Fuck, Ava, just take me. I'm yours baby." Announced a Sara taken by a new wave of desire for her wife.

Ava didn't wait another second and led Sara to the bed and made her lie down before climbing on top of her, pressing their bodies together and searching for her swollen lips once more. Ava spread wet, biting kisses over the ex-assassin's collarbone, avoiding her breasts for a while, moving down from her collarbone to her stomach, licking her muscles and sucking on her navel, then kissing the valley of her breasts. Sara moaned, her body energized and hot; she felt a direct connection from each kiss to her clit, each one inciting more and more desire between her legs.

"Ava!" Sara almost cried out when she felt a light bite on one of her nipples. The sting was softened by Ava's warm, wet mouth enveloping the nipple of the same breast with her lips, sucking on the nipple. The sensation made Sara's blood pulse faster in her veins and her heart race. Whimpering with pleasure and shifting beneath Ava, Sara moaned freely at the sensation of one breast being pinched by fingers that were still wet from her first orgasm, the other falling prey to a talented tongue and warm lips. "Please baby!" Sara asked, pushing her hips against Ava's stomach for friction and getting frustrated at not finding much pressure against her throbbing clit, that demanded dedication.

Ava just smiled against the peak on her mouth, unfazed by Sara Lance's impatience. She went in her own time, kissing every freckle, every bit of skin that made her want to lick or mark with her teeth. Ava loved her body with affection, sensuality and delicacy, treating Sara exactly as she wanted: as if she were the most precious treasure in the world; she was dedicating herself in the sweetest way to tease every point in her body, challenging Sara’s body to catch fire with every contact.

Sara actually pleaded when after several long minutes that felt like hours - maybe it did lasted hours, she lost track of time - Ava still hadn't advanced to where she needed it most. When Ava removed her last piece of clothing, Sara thought she was close to that peak of excitement, but she was wrong. She begged and moaned, sobbed in pleasure at the bites on her hip, shivered at the way Ava sucked on stitches on the inside of one of her thighs, her hands lightly stroking her legs, opening them slowly to accommodate Ava between them. Ava licked at the evidence of Sara's pleasure running down her legs and moaned as she tasted Sara's unique taste again, because no matter if they did it just a few days ago on their wedding night, she had missed that taste.

It was what her body craved, but Sara wasn't prepared for Ava's first lick of her swollen lips; her reaction was to arch her back, one of her hands holding Ava's head against her pussy; her head was thrown back in pleasure, her hair tousled on the pillow and Sara moaned, a long, loud moan, completely forgetting where they were and that unlike Waverider's room, they were in an ordinary room, with no soundproof walls. But who could judge the captain for not being able to think coherently and muffle her sounds when Ava was torturing her in the best possible way.

"Oh baby please!" Sara begged, completely surrendered, desperate for Ava's touch to her core. Ava muttered something, but her mouth didn't move away from Sara's drenched lips and the vibration of her incomprehensible words made Sara gasp, her hips moving against Ava's mouth seeking and needing more and more her climax; she was almost exploding with pleasure. Feeling Sara's walls contracting in emptiness, the movement releasing more of the hot liquid from inside Sara, Ava licked around Sara's entrance loving the way the blonde tried to force her head to her clit to no avail.

Still in her own time, not caring about the reality outside those four walls, Ava kissed and licked every part of her wife's groin, and every time Sara approached the peak of her ecstasy and release, Ava left her pussy to kiss the inner part of her thighs spending time torturing the blonde until returning to suck her clitoris. The former director had her eyes trained on the restless, frustrated woman in front of her, taking pleasure in the way Sara's body tensed and contracted, how her muscles jumped and how the tips of her breasts were rock hard between her fingers, loving the way Sara tried anyway to rub her pussy against Ava's lips and tongue. Every time Sara moved her waist against her wife's mouth, Ava would tease again, leaving her body on the verge of orgasm so many times that frustration and pleasure were the only things the captain of Legends could concentrate, not realizing how loudly her moans were echoing through the bedroom and throughout the entire first floor of the house.

Ava also couldn't remember that they had company and that they should turn down the volume, enjoying the way Sara gradually became more and more needy for her, getting completely lost in the curves, the sweat that ran and the flush of Sara's body.

"Fuck!" Sara sobbed, feeling tears of frustration and pleasure pool in her eyes. Sara loved it, loved how Ava could effortlessly play with her body, keeping it exactly where she wanted it, as if Ava had a map of it - most likely designed by herself. Feeling Ava suck a little harder on her clit and her tongue pressing in for the first time, Sara exploded. Her orgasm hit her by surprise once more and her jaw clenched, the cry of relief catching in her throat. Her lips parted and tears ran down the side of her face as she closed her eyes as Ava continued to suck and penetrate her tongue as deeply as possible, prolonging Sara's orgasm. Lance felt her body shake and tremble, her back arching away from the mattress; her legs trembled violently around Ava's head, her thighs spasming, sometimes pinning Ava's face to her groin, others opening her legs even wider.

Gradually, Sara was coming out of her orgasmic state, feeling gravity return to anchor her body to the earth again. Ava cleaned her up by swallowing most of the cum that squirted from Sara's pussy. Gradually, Ava was also slowing down her movements helping Sara's body to relax and her chest to go back to a more regular rise and fall. With one last kiss to her wife's sensitive clit, Ava moved up Sara's body, her nose and chin still dripping with her cum, to kiss her lips, robbing her of all the air from her lungs. Lance moaned as her taste took over the taste of her wife's mouth.

When Ava pulls away, it still takes Sara some time to open her eyes and control her breathing again. Ava wipes her face with one hand, drying them on the sheets, and lies down beside Sara, totally ignoring her need of release and the abundance that has surely ruined the underwear Ava still wore. Sharpe watched as Sara recovered and noticed the wet lines of tears on her face and worry seized her heart.

"Are you okay?" she asked, one of her hands stroking and drying the marks the tears left on the skin of the blonde’s temple and cheeks.

"I…" Sara tried to speak, but she had to lick her dry lips first and clear her throat to get to respond. "I'm great, that was…so intense. I love you." she said delightedly, her pupils dilated as her baby blue eyes opened to stare into Ava's gray blue eyes. Her husky voice was still breathless and her sweaty red chest gleamed in the strange lighting of the room. Sara Lance post-orgasm was a vision Ava Sharpe linked with heaven. Ava smiled and waited for Sara as she traced random lines with her nails on the stomach of the woman beside her.

Sara moved slowly, moving her shaky legs, putting herself on her side, her whole body turned to Ava beside her, and then Sara kissed her. At first the kiss was emotional and grateful, as if Sara was trying to make Ava understand how much she loved her through her lips. But it didn't take long for the kiss to turn hot, wet, sensual and erotic. It didn't take long for Ava to moan against Sara's lips as the blonde intensified the kiss even more, swallowing her lips greedily. It didn't take Sara long to allow her hands, familiar with every part of Ava's body, to pinch, tease and scratch at spots all over her body that made Ava's pussy quiver and Ava's desire for Sara to increase exponentially. 

Sara moved a little closer to Ava, both of them lying on their sides on the bed, Sara's lips attacking her wife's long, beautiful neck. Ava moaned breathlessly as Sara sucked on her pulse point as one of her hands rested on Ava's waist, bringing her impossibly close. Sara squeezes Ava's ass and smiles at her moan of pleasure. Resolved, Sara places her hand on the back of Ava's knee and brings her leg up to her waist, causing Ava to be hugging her waist with one of her legs. Sara placed one of her legs between Ava's legs, never leaving their side position on the bed, and the former director lets out a long moan at the feeling, her hip moving against Sara's leg, feeling the friction of her movements directly on her clit. Sara kissed her swollen lips again and pressed her thigh even more against Ava's clit, which was still trapped inside her panties. Sara could feel the flood of liquid that trickled from Ava’s center after seeing and making Sara come.

"Damn!" exclaimed Ava, increasing the rhythm of her hips against Sara's thigh. She was smearing her hot liquid over the skin of the thigh that lay between hers. She began to rub herself with gusto, not caring that she still had her underwear on, fucking herself in her wife's thigh without any restraint, without any shame, rubbing herself and pressing harder on her swollen clitoris - in need of attention - and her lower lips against her wife's warm skin, feeling the orgasm building quickly, losing herself completely and quickly in the sensations Sara's closeness made to her body.

Ava was sensitive and she needed relief. "Oh baby, I'm gonna come. Oh Sara!" Ava threw her head back in ecstasy as her hips moved with more purpose, faster, her thighs squeezing Sara's leg between her own. Ava moaned and sobbed with pleasure as she felt Sara grab her buttocks, she took the opportunity to glue their bodies even more and helped Ava's back and forth on her thigh, driving her hips through her ass, and it didn't take long for Ava to let out a long moan upon reaching her first orgasm.

Sara watched with affection and lust the expressions of pleasure on her wife's face. She continued to rub her thigh between Ava's legs, helping her to soothe her body as she worked her wife through her orgasm. Ava's breathing had barely returned to normal, and her air was already being stolen once more by Sara's lips. Without wasting a second, Sara withdrew her cum-soaked thigh between her legs, manipulating Ava's body, turning her so that she lay on her back on the mattress with Sara on top of her. She kissed her wife sensually, enveloping Ava's senses and enticing her body to give in to her completely.

Ava hissed with a bite to her bottom lip, and the shorter blonde smiled. Sara's lips left her lips to attack the area of her neck once more, descending quickly to her collarbone. Her kisses were wet and smacking on her skin, her lips finding patches of sensitive skin, areas Sara already knew made Ava feel every touch in her pleasure center. Within minutes, Ava found herself moaning a little louder as her breasts were pinched by nimble fingers, and soon a talented tongue licked one of her nipples and engulfed it with warm lips. Her skin felt on fire and her pussy quivered with desire as if she hadn't soaked Sara's skin with her cum just moments ago.

Sara sat on Ava's stomach, her cum wetting the skin. She continued to kiss one of Ava’s breasts while the other was massaged, pinched, and caressed by one of her hands, the tip of the breast rolling between her fingers and bristling each time Sara suckled one of the mounds purposefully. Sara remained on her breasts for long minutes, memorizing every last detail of that part of Ava’s body, kissing and biting every bit of the two mounds and the valley between them. Her breasts were growing more and more sensitive to Sara's touches, but Sara didn't stop and each touch grew even hotter and more electrifying.

"Sara! Oh, Sara, please!" Asked the former director of the Time Bureau, but the truth is that she doesn't even know what she was asking for because she absolutely did not want Sara to abandon the ministrations she was doing on her breasts. Each bite sent electrical currents through her system and every single touch the woman made on her breasts seemed to be enough to take her to heaven. "Fuck!" She cried out, closing her eyes tightly as she was taken by surprise with a powerful orgasm triggered by Sara's ministrations. This was her second orgasm and Sara hadn't even quite touched her yet.

Smiling broadly, glad her plan was working, Sara kept teasing Ava's sensitive, red breasts. Without giving Ava much time to recover, eager for the next round, Sara slid her fingers down Ava's stomach and into her panties, moaning at the feel of her drenched core, the fabric of her underwear completely taken by the liquid that ran freely down Ava's thighs. Trailing wet kisses along the muscles of Ava's stomach, Sara dug into Ava's pussy with two fingers. They both moaned loudly at the sensation, Sara loving the abundance of lube that allowed her entrance and Ava feeling overwhelmed with the surprise of being filled by her wife. For a few moments Sara remained still, letting Ava get used to the new sensation; as Ava lifted her hips looking for more, Sara began a back-and-forth rhythm, making her fingers erect inside Ava.

The taller blonde felt almost overstimulated after two incredible orgasms, but she couldn't think straight to notice what Sara was doing. Sara's plan was very simple; Ava had tortured her for what felt like hours always keeping her on edge, so Sara planned to torture Ava just as much, but unlike her, Sara had dared herself to take as many orgasms from her wife as possible.

Licking the side of Ava's body as her fingers dig deep into Ava's pussy, feeling her wife's sensitive walls trembling and contracting around her fingers, Sara listened to each of Ava's moans reverently, noticing how her sounds became more breathless as she stimulated her body in the most delicious way, her fingers in a ravishing, unsteady rhythm, increasing and decreasing the intensity of her penetrations, and Ava felt that any moment she was sure to combust. Ava was too far gone, calling her wife's name like a prayer, her body tensing and contracting, her murmurs muffled as the taller blonde buries her face in one of the bed's pillows.

Abandoning the skin on Ava's stomach and quivering muscles, Lance devotes himself to watching the way Ava surrendered to her touch, noting the way Ava's fingers turned white from the force of her fists gripping the sheets beneath her body, watching the way the veins in Ava's neck leapt and marred her skin as Ava's body arches away from the bed and her head lolls, being violently thrown back in sheer ecstasy, her neck stretching and tensing along with her body while Ava moans loudly as she comes intensely in her wife's fingers.

Ava couldn't even tell how it happened, but all she knew at the time was that she was floating. For a minute, Ava was sure she knew what it felt like to let go of gravity, her body no longer pinning her to that bed. And then she was falling and falling and falling and all Ava could do was moan, her moans hoarse and long, scratching at her vocal chords.

Sara continued to penetrate Ava, slowly slowing her pace. When Ava's legs stopped shaking and a sigh escaped her lips, Lance withdrew her fingers and brought them to her mouth, wiping them away, moaning at the taste of her woman and closing her eyes as a new wave of desire hit her like lightning.

"Fuck Sara, come up here!" Ava demanded in a scratchy, broken voice, her breath ragged with desire as she saw her woman moan softly with the fingers that had made her fly minutes ago into her mouth. Sara opened her eyes and had to take a deep breath as she shivered at the intensity of Ava's gaze beneath her. She came back face to face with her wife and kissed her with abandon, giving herself body and soul to that being.

"Fuck, Sara! That was…" Ava started to speak as she broke the kiss, but her speech was interrupted when Sara pinched the tip of one of her breasts, once again sending an intense wave of desire straight to her core. A moan cut off her sentence and Ava closed her eyes feeling her tired body revive, her fatigued body was clearly still trying to surrender completely to Sara who with a single touch, had the power to restart her lust, as if Ava's body were an extension of Sara's and whatever Sara wanted, her body would give her. "Sara…"

"You look so beautiful coming to me, love. So stunning… I can't keep my hands off you, baby." Sara whispered in her ear as they brought their bodies together again, her words being spoken against the skin of Ava's throat, the vibration filling Ava's body with sinful energy.

"Sara…" Called Ava once more in a voice strangled with desire.

"I'm gonna make you come for me one more time, okay baby?" Sara promised, nibbling on her neck. "You are so beautiful, baby." Sara declared kissing her collarbone, her hands massaging her breasts. Sara settled herself on Ava's lap once more and leaning against Ava's chest, trailed her kisses down Ava's stomach. The taller woman spread her trembling thighs to accommodate Sara between them. Lance came face to face with her pussy, staring at her swollen red lips that were smeared with cum, salivating. "So wonderful, baby." Sara muttered to Ava's pussy, her tone filled with desire.

"Oh my God, Sara…" sighed Ava feeling Sara's breath find her sensitive lips. Her hips jumped, searching for Sara's mouth in reflex, and Sara gave her exactly what she was looking for. “Fuck!" The word grazed her throat as Ava locked her jaw in reflex to the pressure of Sara's hot, wet mouth on her swollen clit, her hands coming to rest in Sara's hair, pressing her face against her core.

Sara seemed to try to say something without removing her mouth from Ava's pussy and the hum vibrated through Ava's body making her moan, her body filled with intense sensations. Ava called Sara's name, but the blonde was too distracted by the flavors of Ava's pussy, losing herself in her liquid like a thirsty woman in the middle of a desert, using Ava's pussy as her source of life.

Sharpe then forgot what she was going to say and was completely lost in the movements of Sara's lips, the way she spent minutes lightly sucking on her clitoris, then stretching her soft tongue and caressing her wet entrance, collecting and swallowing all that thick liquid. She moaned and moaned, her hips moving as if it had a life of its own. Sara's movements were precise; no teasing, Sara was a woman on a mission.

Feeling her thoughts clouding over, Ava grabbed one of the pillows thrown around her and covered her face, moaning freely against the pillow. Sara was cupping her breasts, her mouth devouring Ava's pussy like there was no tomorrow. Ava began to feel that tightness in her stomach again, her orgasm right there, within reach. Her hips slowly moved in time with Sara's tongue in her core, the caress of her breasts making her body vibrate, sweat pooling between her breasts, trickling down the sides of her chest, wetting the sheets and her back. Searching over the precipice, Ava clung to the pillow with both arms, her previously accelerated breathing becoming muffled, her lungs begging for air, the pillow on her face bringing a feeling of suffocation. The choking sensation on the pillow impacted Ava's entire body, her clit feeling the impact, throbbing even more, swelling even more. An image of Sara choking her with one of her palms squeezing her neck flashed through her mind and Ava moaned loudly, rubbing herself against her wife's mouth even more, her appetite renewed.

The movements of Ava's body beneath Sara were so sensual… it was as if Ava was dancing in Sara's mouth, using her for her pleasure. Seeing her woman so surrendered attracted her so much that Lance began to feel affected by the eroticism of her movements, her muffled moans were wanton and Sara felt them like phantom touches on her drenched and swollen clit. For long minutes they continued this dance, each touch a step in the climb to the edge of the cliff, both walking to the peak, trying to keep up with each other, completely enveloped in each other, completely surrendered to the pleasure, completely lost in each other's bodies.

Ava felt the bed shift and she lowered her pillow to peek at what Sara was doing; she gulped at the sight of her wife with her ass in the air, kneeling between her open legs, her hips bouncing back and forth in the air. Ava could almost picture Sara's pussy contracting around nothing, trembling and dripping, wanting to be filled as deeply as possible, until Sara could barely breathe from the pressure inside her. Distracted by the movements of Sara's waist, the older blonde was once again caught off guard, gasping and struggling to remember her lungs how to draw air inside. Sara, sweet and seductive Sara, had penetrated her channel with her soft, wet tongue. Sara’s tongue was drenched in Ava's liquid that mixed with her saliva; the lower tongue massaged her walls firmly and softly; her velvet touch was divine. Sara made her feel like a feast for the gods that the ex-assassin loved to feast on. Ava moaned muffled, her teeth locking on the pillow still in her arms as Sara continued to lick the walls behind her clit, her nose touching her swollen pearl, making Ava roll her eyes in pleasure.

Ava's thighs began to tremble, their sway reaching her entire body. The cliff was right there, right there. Sara withdrew her tongue from inside Ava and sucked once, twice on her clit and Ava was falling and falling for the fifth consecutive time in the past few hours. The orgasm tore erotic moans from her throat, moans that Sara felt so lost and so affected by that her foggy brain didn't even allow Ava to finish reaching the earth.

The captain of the Legends brought both of her hands that had once rested on her wife's breasts, and as she continued to lick and penetrate the older woman's pussy, Sara placed her hands on the back of Ava's thighs and pushed them up, changing the angle. Ava's thighs almost met Ava's breasts and the cry she wanted to let out was drowned out by a sob of pure pleasure as she felt Sara's tongue penetrating even deeper.

"Sara!" She called in a breathless whisper, catching her wife's wild gaze. The baby blue eyes were hazy, her pupils completely dilated, the blue fading. "Baby…" Ava began, but her throat was too dry and her voice scratchy from her moans.

"I'm so close baby. Please, I need you." Sara declared, her hips tensing and rolling in the air, her walls contracting deliciously inside her.

"Come here baby, I can…" But Ava was rudely interrupted by Sara's voice. Her tone was distracted and sex-laden, her husky voice filled with second and third intentions.

"I need you now, Ava." She said simply before turning her face back to exactly the same place as before. Her tongue licked and circled her clit causing Ava's hips to spasm and her lips to open in a perfect "o". Continuing, Sara's hot tongue traced her entrance, this time collecting her release and moving straight toward Ava's anus.

"Fuck Sara! Oh my God! Sara! Oh, fuck!" Ava muttered, her hands reaching for something to hold on to, feeling that the mere touch of Sara's tongue in her anus would make her fly. Ava grabbed her own legs, opening even more access to Sara's mouth. The ex-assassin felt her body vibrate and moaned feeling her walls contract. Sara went on to literally make out with the outer skin of Ava’s anus, her lips and tongue on the sensitive skin in a kiss so enveloping, so wet and hot that Ava felt the cliff coming faster and faster as she flew there, the walk from before erased. Her next orgasm was building quickly like a ball of fire in her stomach, the delicious sting spreading through her legs, affecting her breathing; every cell in her body reviving as the fire swept through each one of them.

Ava Sharpe at that point was no longer the woman who had once been in control of her body. At that moment, with her wife making out with her most intimate spot and moaning as if she could feel her own licks on her body, alongside Ava… Well, Ava Sharpe was just a sweaty mess, hoarse and surrendered.

"Fuck!!" She screamed feeling another orgasm hit her. This time, the orgasm came ripping her body in two, like a current of fire consuming her body. Her feet twitch, her thighs trembling violently. Ava lengthened that single word into a moan, hearing the bed shift, it’s wooden feet scraping the floor with the force of Sara's movements that rocked Ava's body up and down. Sara felt wild as she felt her own orgasm hit her, a long, intense orgasm, coming with Ava. Lance then doubled her efforts on the other woman's pussy, feeling her orgasm being driven by the sounds of her wife. Sara used Ava's thighs to rub her face against Ava's pussy, her nose pressing into Ava's clit making her moan and sob in pleasure. Sara moaned wildly against Ava's pussy, expressing her pleasure and smothering them in her lower lips, sending vibrations throughout Ava's body, helping to drive her climax.

Slowing her movements to a complete stop, Sara felt her body tense, a few delicious spasms shivering through her, until her breathing calmed reasonably. Pulling away from Ava's core, Sara turned her attention to the flushed, sweaty body of the woman in front of her. The taller blonde had her legs deposited back on the mattress with the delicacy and affection of her wife. Sharpe moaned at the movement, her muscles throbbing in her skin.

"You…?" Ava asked breathlessly.

"Oh yes, you are so beautiful, so sexy…" Sara admired, her gaze brimming with love and reverence. "I can't believe you're mine, Aves." Sara said placing her body over the trembling one of the woman beneath her. "You're so perfect, how did I get so lucky?" Sara rambles, her lips sliding against Ava's lips, capturing them in a lazy kiss. Sharpe moaned as she felt the weight of Sara's body on her own.

"Baby, that was… wow." Ava said, her mind still hazy, her body trembling at the feel of sweat trickling down her skin.

"We're not done yet babe." Sara declares simply, rolling her wet center in Ava's lap, her liquid soaking the top of her groin. Ava moaned slightly in agony, she didn't know if she was able to come again.

"Babe, you now. I don't think…"

"You can do it, love." Sara declared hopefully and optimistically, her palms already caressing Ava's breasts, her fingers like the touch of clouds on her skin. Probably Ava was still recovering from the last 3 orgasms… in fact, she lost count of how many there were. Was it four or five? "Babe…" Sara caught her attention again by kissing her cheek lightly, spreading little kisses up to her ear, whispering in her ear. "Touch yourself for me baby?" she asked, her words naughty charged with lust.

"God, Sara!" moaned Ava, gripping Sara's shoulders, her nails nearly piercing her skin as she felt the shudder that possessed her body at the sensuality on her wife’s voice. Before she could say anything, Sara was whispering in her ear again, intensifying her sensations, filling her skin with goose bumps.

"I want to see you come one more time, love. I'm so lucky, you're the most beautiful woman in the world and you're even more charming when you come for me." Sara said as if those words were nothing, practically trying to convince Ava to let Sara fuck her again. Ava moaned again, her hips coming alive. "And I want you to feel that. You need to understand how good it feels to touch you." Sara licked all over her ear erotically and Ava closed her eyes tightly, trying to control the spasms in her pussy that vibrated with Sara's words.

Ava couldn't speak, the words getting lost in her throat. She concentrated on her breathing as she stared into Sara's blue eyes, yearning for her for a moment, breathing the same air as Sara. Ava followed silently as Sara took one of her hands that still gripped her shoulders, bringing Ava's fingers to her lips, kissing her fingers all the while looking into Ava's gray eyes.

"Your fingers are so long, they fill me so good baby." Sara stated against her fingers. Choking on her own saliva, Ava stared intently at Sara bringing her index and middle fingers into her mouth, circling them with her red, swollen lips. Ava moaned, her body on fire at the feel of her wife's sinful, talented tongue circling her fingers, wetting them with her saliva.

"Hmm" Sara moaned, her head tilting toward Ava's hand, engulfing the entire length of her wife's long fingers.

"Oh my God." Breathed Ava, completely mesmerized by the scene before her. Releasing Sharpe's fingers with a slight pop, Sara stared into Ava's half-open eyes, driving Ava's palm across Ava's stomach, their hands reaching together for Ava's smeared core.

"Touch yourself for me baby." Sara asked again, her serious, sexy expression all it took for Ava to move her index and middle fingers, now wet with Sara's saliva that soon mixed with her liquid that was running – definitely soaking the sheets – down her trembling thighs. At the first touch, a delicate and curious touch, Ava moaned through her teeth, her eyes closing as she felt so many sensations at once.

"Fuck, babe!" babbled Ava.

"Do you feel Ava? Feel how soft you are?" Sara whispered against her skin, her nose sliding down her neck. "Can you feel how wet you are for me baby?" She continued as Ava circled her sensitive clit, Sara's hand gripping her wrist keeping her hand at her core. Ava's body trembled with each new circle. "God, you're so hot and wet, Ava. Can you feel it, love?"

"Yes, Sara, God!" Ava replied, her words groggy with pleasure. She moaned long at the small kisses Sara spread across her chest, across her stomach, getting closer and closer to her center, always murmuring praises against Ava's skin; murmuring how beautiful Ava was, how much Ava made her happy, how much she loved being inside Ava, how sensual Ava's body was, how much she loved every detail of who Ava is; her murmurs speeding up the taller blonde's heart, affecting her. Panting and sensitive, faster than ever, Ava began to feel her orgasm coming, as intense as the others maybe even more intense.

"Come for me babe." asked Sara. Staring into Ava's half-open eyes, Sara nibbled on her hip and it was too much for the blonde's body, which was overloaded with emotions and sensations. Ava moaned and moaned some more, her legs losing strength, her body shaking, her eyes closing and her muscles rocking her body in spasms of pleasure.

"Oh my God, Sara! Oh Sara, Sara!" Ava was shouting her name incoherently, babbling incomprehensible words. As she felt Sara's hands touch her groin in a sweet, light touch, despair gripped Ava; her body was too overwhelmed, her orgasm still hitting her and rocking her body and she could see points of light behind her eyelids as she closed her eyes. With distress, Ava cried out the words she knew would stop Sara's touch. "Core competency! Core competency!"

In the same second, Sara pulled away, her eyes taking in her wife's expression, afraid she had hurt her. Spotting the look of pure satisfaction on Ava's face, Sara understands what she needs. Quickly, the captain of the Legends brushed away any fabric that touched Ava's sensitive skin, allowing her body, completely sprawled on the bed, to feel the air from the room hit her flushed, hot skin, slowly cooling it, and consequently calming her body. Sara patiently waited for Ava's breathing to return to normal, her eyes fluttering open, blinking slowly and with difficulty, her energy-revitalizing sleep wanting to pull her into a nap.

"Sara?" Sharpe called, her arm thrown across her stomach as she tried to move, but she had no strength to move more than a flick of one of her wrists. Laughing, Sara walked over and placed herself beside Ava's body, putting her head on the taller's chest, listening to her heartbeat, which was still racing. "You… and was… but I… God?" Ava said incoherently, a little groggily, her eyelids fluttering open lazily.

"I think you're still a little high, love." She laughed. "Although I'm a goddess, anyway. So yeah… I'm right here, my wife." Sara teased, her playful tone making Ava giggle and then sigh, kissing Sara's forehead against her chest.

"Give me a few minutes, this isn't over." Ava declared softly, using her last strength to hug her wife, indulging in a nap for a few minutes, maybe half an hour, to restore her energy. At that moment, she still didn't know that Zari would later complain about how loud they are and how noisy they would still be that day. But she promised herself she would make Sara scream as much as she did. She promised to balance the account of orgasms between them, however, only later. Ava closes her eyes and falls into a dreamless sleep, content and safe in her wife's arms.