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So Familiar

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After the battle of Endor Captain Rex found himself surrounded by Ewoks, watching the saviors of the battle from afar. They were gathered around a different bonfire. Ewoks dancing with the young brunette woman, as the blonde next to her watched with a large smile on his face. A smile much akin to another man he knew.

"He's the Jedi." A rebels whispers next to him.

"That's Leia Organa beside him." Hera answers as she bounces Jacen on her knee. He was never far from her. Unlike most parents and their children during this war. "We met her a few years ago." Her right leg slows down slightly as she brushes some hair from Jacen's face. "Before Kanan was gone."

"Is that right?" He didn't need to ask. If Hera was talking about it then it was true. Perhaps that was his way over there. "Should we go reacquaint yourself to her highness then?"

Hera gives Rex a thorough once over. He smiles politely under her scrutiny. Typically he wouldn't suggest speak around about this way, but he wanted to meet the heroes of this war. It's always better to have a reason to say hello then to simply interrupt their celebrations. The rebels weren't as stern about rank separation as the Jedi order used to be, but he was still learning what was polite and rude with this group. So many things have changed.

Not that smile though. It was as soft as Obi-wan's, as large as Anakin's, and as toothy as Ahsoka's. No wonder they were all able to win this war. With a boy like him taking the lead their was no way they could lose. The universe wouldn't let it happen twice.

"Aren't you a little old for hero worship, Captain?" Hera moves Jacen to her hip as she stands. The boy pouted. In defeat he lays his head against her shoulder. Rex wasn't sure if that kind of calmness came more from his father or his mother. Maybe it was a trait that was all uniquely him. Lucky boy.

"Physically yes, but mentally." Rex taps the scar from his chip and winks. "You're never too old to meet your heroes. Those four over there just saved the galaxy."

"I'm sure the wookie would be willing to talk to you if no one else was. Seems like most of the rebels have been avoiding him out of fear." Hera frowns slightly at the thought before running a hand through Jacen's dark green hair.

"The wookies are good people. Fierce warriors. They helped a lot during the clone wars. Not shocked to see one here." Rex crosses his arms over his chest. Princess Organa and the Jedi were dancing together now. Their feet were making quick work of circling around the growing flames of the bonfire. An older man next to the wookie watches the pair with a looked that begged everyone to believe that he didn't care.

"I am." Hera covers Jacen's one open ear. "After what the empire did to their people." She lowers her hand and frowns. But the empire is gone now. All thanks to those rebel leaders right there.

Hera takes the lead walking over. Captain Rex falls easily in line behind her. Just two steps behind and a little to her right. A formation no one recognizes here, but his training refuses to let him break it. There was no danger here. The local fauna were far away from the festivities. A benefit of the sheer number of the celebrations. Even if they gathered amongst the edges of this space, that would still be far away from this central influence of the event. Their enemies were defeated, and being round up. Even the bugs seemed wary of coming to close. Still Rex is ready. His hand may not be on his blaster, but it was never far off form it either. Not since he got back into another war.

The Jedi notices them first. He attempts to give a nod-like gesture with his head, but is pulled away by Princess Organa. She spins him faster now. Her own feet steady, as she easily adapts to the new pace she's set. Years of living with Bail has clearly given her plenty of lessons in balance and footwork. The older man next to the wookie waves them over. Rex looks to Hera, who only shrugs before moving past the frenzied pair.

"Nothing's stopping those two now." The man announces the moment they were close enough.

"If ever there was reason to celebrate," Hera adjusts a now, sleeping Jacen, to her other hip. His head lolls away, tapping against Rex's arm. Carefully he nudges the toddlers head back towards Hera.

"You have a kid with you?" The other man sounds surprised. Clearly he didn't know about Hera. Of course not everyone would, but it's surprising to still meet people not dressed like generals who still didn't know about the ghost.

"Where I go, my son goes. Where my son can not go, Chopper takes care of him." Hera doesn't even bother glancing at the man now. Her gaze holds on Leia's waiting for a chance to speak. The man however leaned forward and looked past her towards Rex himself.

"You chopper?"

Rex lets out a full laugh at that. The wookie next to the dark hair main voices something. Which wookie langauge was that? It wasn't Xaczik. Too much emphasis on the growls. Probably Shyriiwook then. Whatever the wookie ahd said was lost on him. The human by his side was now looking Rex over. A look of disbelief fills his eyes. If only Rex had kept up on his other tongues during his retirement. He wouldn't be able to hold up a conversation, but perhaps he could've at least discerned the reason for the stranger's disbelieving eyes.

"Chewie here says you're a clone." Honestly he should've guessed it.

"Uh, Chewie there is correct." Rex admits turning his own attention back to the Jedi. Finally the pair seemed to be slowing down. The Jedi was clearly losing his energy and footing far faster then the princess.

"Chewbacca. I'm Han." Chewbacca? Where had Rex heard that name before? Was it Ahsoka or Obi-wan?

"I'm general Hera Syndulla. This is Captain Rex formerly of the Republic, and a good friend to the rebel cause.." At least Hera was taking care of introductions. Rex leans against the housing and relaxes. Closing his eye he could feel the cool night air fighting past the fire's heat. Both forces clashing along different parts of his skin. "We wanted to speak to Princess Organa. She met me a few years ago when I had a Jedi and a padawan on my ship."

"You knew that crazy old man too?"

"Crazy old man?" There was no way he was talking about Kanan. So there were still other Jedi alive. 

"Yeah that Ben Kenobi guy."

His heart stops. Usually that in and of itself was enough to raise concern, but that's not what catches his attention. The world seems to freeze in place around him. It was done turning. Just as it had been the few moments after he and Ahsoka had finished burying his brothers. Rex hears a name he never expected to cross his lips again. "Kenobi?"

"You knew him?" Hera asks, her tone a lot softer then it had been when she was talking to the other man. Concern sweetens her voice. A no nonsense leader with a compassionate heart of gold. How does he keep ending up with the best sort of leaders.

"You know one Jedi you're bound to meet the rest." Han continues, sounding grumpier by the minute. "And they all seem to have a death wish. Ben died to Darth Vader. Then you have Luke there ready to face both leaders of the empire on his own. Crazy guy made it out somehow."

"Sounds like an amazing story." Hera comments shifting Jacen to her other side. Her newly free hand curls around his shoulders. So he's been alive this whole time? Obi-wan was alive! Darth Vader ended him. At least that means Cody hadn't done it. The 212th hadn't ended their general.

"Yeah but Leia wants to hear it first." Rex looks up to see him gesture to the dancing pair. "They're twins. Never even knew each other till Luke and some crazy old kook named Ben joined the war. They dragged me into it too. Now look where we are, on Endor, celebrating the Empire's defeat." 

"I think you've had too much to drink."

"Or not enough," Han adds with a short laugh. That was enough to catch the twins' eyes. The pair turn to look at their friend, and blink in surprise at their guests. Leia's face shifts from annoyance to a knowing smirk.

"Hera Syndulla." Leia practically pushes her brother away, before crossing her arms over her chest. "I see you have one of your kids with you. Where's the rest?"

Hera smiles politely. Rex notices the sad way her eyes grew a little darker. "Ezra's missing. He made sure to take Admiral Thrawn somewhere, where he could never hurt anyone else again. Sabine's on Lothal. Zeb and Kallus are celebrating somewhere around here."

"I heard about Kanan. I'm sorry Hera."

"Yes well it seems you went and found another Jedi." Finally Leia looks back at her brother. Blushing from suddenly being brought into a conversation, the young man looks down at his robotic hand.

"Luke Skywalker. My twin brother. Apparently he senses some of the force within me as well."

"Skywalker. A good name." Rex interjects. He uncrosses his arms to place them behind his back. Standing a little taller, the old clone smiles wider. He didn't miss the way Luke's eyes widen. "I once worked under a general with that name. Anakin Skywalker."

"You did?" Luke's smile was back down. His redden face began returning to it's natural hue.

"Who's your friend Hera?"

Coughing to clear his throat, Rex brings his hands forward. Offering one to Leia, he announces, "=Rex, former Captain of the 501st squadron, and the 332nd at the end of the clone wars." Leia shakes his hand. Her eyes flash with knowledge. Perhaps she hadn't heard of him exactly, but she knew of clones. Of that war. Bail wouldn't have left her in the dark of it all. Up close she looks uncannily like Anakin, just with Padme's hair. She even had her father's complexion and eyes. Though her demeanor was all Padme. A leader who knows how to keep people from walking all over her.

"Captain Rex. It's an honor to meet you."

"Former captain." Luke on the other hand had his father's hair, and his eyes. His hair was a bit straighter then Anakin's had been, almost like it was in that photo Obi-wan had shown him and Ahsoka. He was quieter, smaller in presence. Actually this kid really comes off more like Obi-wan then his own father. Somethings carry down, even outside of blood. Anakin would've brought that out of him, if the two ever had the chance to meet. Ahsoka still might if he gets the chance to tell her. "I served directly under General Anakin Skywalker, alongside his padawan Commander Ahsoka, and often times with General Obi-wan Kenobi." Rex laughs as Luke takes his hand and squeezes it tightly.

"Who I heard you knew of as Ben." The two of them would have a lot to talk about. Who knows, maybe if his sister is interested there'll be two for this old man's storytime.