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I've Been Waiting To Meet You

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“Maybe I wanted some sort of acknowledgement because I was so young. “ Olivia almost regretted coming to see him. She’d needed the closure but his arrogance and ignorance were sickening in the face of their past.

“Well, you're not gonna get it.”

“I can see that.” Olivia reached into her pocket for her phone, keeping it out of view while he continued to drink. She used his distraction to send a quick text to Fin and a second one to Elliot after a moment’s thought. “Maybe we should leave the past in the past.”

“Oh, come on.” Burton slammed his glass on the table. “Where... where you going? Oh, that's it? We're done?”

“I don’t think there’s anything left to say.” Olivia turned to head toward the door. She was halfway there when something solid cracked her in the back of the head. It took all of her strength not to drop to her knees. “Shit.”

“Olivia.” Burton managed to get a hold of her arm, dragging her back toward him. “I just want to talk.”

“Talking?” She shoved at him.

They struggled in the middle of his room. Olivia managed to bring her knee up into his groin. He fell away from her, allowing her to put space between them.

The room was spinning. Her head ached. Blood or alcohol, maybe both, were dripping down her back.


Making it out of the room was a monumental task. Olivia managed to get the door open and stumbled into the hall. She scrambled for her phone while trying to stay upright.

Both Elliot and Fin had replied to her. They’d told her to get out of the room. They’d meet her at the hotel. Great minds thought alike.

Elliot had been the closest, apparently on the job with Bell. He’d been within a five-minute drive of the hotel. Fin was a little further away. He’d called in a 10-13 for her.

Pre-emptive, or maybe not in hindsight.

By the time Olivia made it to the elevator, her head was spinning. She pressed the button repeatedly. She regretted not having her weapon on her.


She blinked up in surprise to find Elliot stepping off the elevator. “El?”

“Who the hell are you?” Burton had stalked her down the hall. He came up short when Elliot blocked his path.

“I could ask the same.” Elliot glanced between the two of them. “So, who’s this asshole?”

Olivia held a hand to the back of her head and glared up at the two men. “Burton Lowe. Meet the man I once called my soulmate. The man who groomed me when I was sixteen years old.”

“The man who….” Elliot turned slowly from Olivia toward Burton. “Is he now? And he’s not been arrested because?”

“He’s managed to get very lucky with the statute of limitations and being a sketchy predator without breaking any actual laws.” Olivia realized her mistake a second too late. Elliot stalked forward and had Burton by the throat up against the wall. “El. El.

“I’m busy.” Elliot leaned in closer to Burton. “I’ve been waiting twenty-something years to meet this prick.”

Olivia pushed herself up to her feet. She swayed a little but managed to stay standing. Fin appeared out of the elevator a second later. He immediately went to her side; she was surprised to see Nick with him. They must’ve been out together. “Stop him before he kills Burton, Fin.”

“I mean, do we have to?” Fin didn’t seem in a hurry to move from her side.

“You want to do the paperwork?”

“Nah. Fine.” Fin left her with Nick and went over to pull Elliot away. “C’mon, man. None of us wants to deal with the shit ton of paperwork that choking him out will require. Let’s just arrest the scumbag.”

Olivia leaned against Nick for support. “You were right about him. I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry. I can’t imagine how painful this is.” Nick glanced toward them. “Why don’t you rest here? Fin needs help.”

Leaning against the wall and closing her eyes, Olivia tried to breathe through the pain in her head. She definitely had at least a mild concussion. She opened her eyes at the sound of scuffling.

Olivia wasn’t surprised to see Fin and Nick struggling to convince Elliot to let go of Burton. “El? I need you.”

Elliot slowly released Burton, shoving him into Fin’s arms. He strode over to her. His hand came up to gently assess her injuries. “You all right?”

“Not really. Should probably get my head checked out.” Olivia leaned into the hand resting against her cheek. "I feel like a damn fool."

“I’ve got you, Liv.” He slipped his arm around her and helped her into the elevator. “I’ve got you. Let's get you to the hospital and then home.”