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Adam Parrish Loves (Ronan Lynch In) Body Paint

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"Yes, Gansey." Adam replied, exasperated.

Gansey clearly wanted to say something; he'd addressed Adam almost ten times now, but always chickened out.

His irritation must be prominent in his voice, because Gansey started to get on point. Finally.

"I...I'm worried about Ronan." He said.

Adam frowned, "Why? Is he drinking again? Doing drugs? Fighting with Declan?"

"No no, nothing like that. Well, if he is then I haven't caught him. But it's just...he's been going away. At night, usually."

"Going where?" Adam asked, worry leaking in his voice.

Ronan usually raced with Kavinsky, paying no heed to anyone's concerns about that, but usually not at night.

"I don't know." Gansey flopped miserably on Adam's crappy bed. It creaked loudly and Adam cringed lightly.

Adam sighed, "It might not be something bad, Gansey."

"What if it is, though?" Gansey countered.

"Well then, what do you want to do? We can't just follow him-"

At the guilty look on Gansey's face Adam's eyes widened. "Were you about to do that?"

"No! I mean...maybe. I don't know." Gansey shrugged.

"Why don't you just ask him? Ronan never lies." Adam suggested.

"I can't. He's going to be mad and won't answer." Gansey said.

Adam had spent enough time with Ronan to know that much was true.

"You do realise he'll be more mad if you follow him to wherever he's going?" Adam said dryly.

Gansey sighed, "I know but we'll be careful, Adam. He won't see us. If he's not doing anything...dangerous,  we'll leave him be."

Adam shook his head, he absolutely did not want to get involved in this, worried as he was about Ronan, this really wasn't the right way.

But then Gansey pulled out his puppy-dog eyes and, come on, even Blue wasn't immune to them.


"Okay, he leaves in a few minutes." Gansey said.

Adam sighed with a roll of his eyes. He really didn't like this. They were at Monmouth, in Gansey's room staring at Ronan's closed door.

What if he's dating someone? Adam's mind suddenly materialized the thought out of nowhere. Adam's stomach felt heavy at the thought.

He repeated the question to Gansey, who furrowed his eyebrows with a shrug and said, "Good for him then, isn't it?"

Adam couldn't agree on that but if Ronan was happy...then well, Adam knew he had no luck anyway but that didn't mean it hurt any less.

You don't even know if it's true. Adam comforted himself.

Ronan's door suddenly opened, revealing Ronan in fitting black jeans and a very revealing tank top. He was wearing his piercings today, the many in his ears and one in his septum that did things to Adam.

"I'm going out for a while." Ronan said, playing with his keys. He walked out the door without any other word or backward glance.

"Come on." Gansey said.

They tiptoed lightly, watching Ronan near his BMW. Adam kept watch, making sure Ronan didn't turn around and see Gansey sitting in his Camaro.

As soon as the BMW took off, Adam sat in the Camaro that appeared beside him and they tailed Ronan's car from a safe distance.

At a particularly dark street, they lost track of Ronan.

"Where did he go?!" Gansey shouted desperately.

"Maybe we should go straight first, see if there's a place he might be." Adam suggested.

They found nothing apart from an abandoned park.

"Let's go right, then." Adam said when they went back to the point they had lost Ronan.

They went right, and after driving for about five minutes, a very bright and loud building greeted them.

"Is that a club?" Adam asked at the same time Gansey exclaimed, "Is that a gay club?"

Adam loomed at the board bearing the name of the place and determined that yes, it was indeed, a gay club.

They had all suspected Ronan was gay. He never showed any interest in girls, and even though Ronan never really came out and said it, Adam was sure he knew what they suspected.

"Are you sure he's in here?" Gansey asked.

"I don't know. Should we check?"

"We've come this far. Let's go in and see." Gansey said, already halfway out of the car.

Adam had no choice but to get out as well.

They entered, after showing their IDs. Inside, Adam was hit with a strong smell of sweat and alchohol, making him flinch lightly. The lighting was a bit dark, a disco ball rotating on the ceiling. A rock song was blaring on the speaker.

"Should we part and look for him?" Gansey shouted.

Adam nodded and shouted back, "Try not to get caught."

Gansey turned around with a salute and Adam went to the opposite side of the dance floor.

After searching for almost fifteen minutes, discreetly keeping his face down, Adam saw a shaved head among the crowd of bodies pressed together.

Following the lead, Adam walked to get a better view and stopped dead in his tracks.

Because Ronan was there and he was looking beautiful.

His eyes were closed, his arms in the air. He was leaning back slightly, rolling his body along with the music.

The tank-top he had been wearing before was nowhere to be seen, his chiseled chest on full display. And on his naked torso, stretched a wide display of artfully painted phoenix. It glowed in the dark, the orange, yellow and gold sparkling impressively as little rays of light bounced off of them.

Adam started walking, trying to get a better view but at that exact moment Ronan opened his eyes and, as if sensing his presence, looked straight at Adam.

Shit. Shit, Shit, Shit. Adam was so fucking screwed. He had been so busy staring at Ronan that he hadn't remember to stay hidden. And he thought Gansey would give them away.

Adam turned and tried to flee out the exit as quickly as he could.

Passing through sweaty bodies, he was just a step away when a hand gripped his arm tightly.

The person pressed their body into Adam, warmth radiating from them. Adam tried to pull away but the hand was too tight.

Then a mouth hovered near his ear, breath fanning hotly over it. With a shiver Adam was about to kick the guy in the balls, not that he had any idea how, but how difficult could it be really?

The guy spoke them and Adam practically melted.

"What are you doing here, Parrish?" Ronan's voice was breathy and Adam became all too aware of how close his naked chest was pressing to Adam's thin cotton tee.

Adam shivered again and he didn't know what to say.

"Can we talk outside?" Adam asked.

He felt Ronan pull back from him and he started walking to the exit, Adam following.

They reached the parking lot, Ronan leaning on the Camaro with his arms crossed on his chest.

"What are you doing here? Is Gansey here too?" Ronan repeated.

"Yes. He's probably inside." 

"Why?" Ronan said. Adam stared at him, trying to determine if he was drunk. He couldn't decide so he just asked. 

Ronan shrugged in reply, "Not drunk enough to let you get away with this. Did you both follow me?"

"Look Ronan, this was all Gansey's idea, I swear. He was the one worried about you. I mean I was too but he wanted to follow you and I tried to stop him but you know how Gans is. And we were just going to see if you were safe and then we'd come back but then I saw you and you were..."

"Jesus, Parrish. Breathe." Ronan smirked.
Adam pinked slightly and looked away. His gaze strayed towards the phoenix on Ronan's chest.

"Who made that?" He asked softly, unconciously reaching his fingers to brush against one of the wings. Ronan froze in front of him and Adam realized what he had done, immediately retreating his hand and stepping back. A gold speck of paint was on his fingers.

"I-I'm sorry." Adam whispered, looking at some spot beyond Ronan's shoulder.

"Don't be." Ronan whispered stepping closer.

Adam looked up then, at Ronan's now emotionless face, at the intensity in his eyes.

"Ronan." Adam whispered desperately, the name a plea on his lips. What he was pleading for, Adam did not know but Ronan did. Of course he did.

"Were you worried about me?" Ronan asked, his face inching closer. Adam did not move, did not pull back.

"Of course. I...I care about you, Ronan." Adam admitted, a little nervous, a little scared, his accent slipping through. He watched as emotion sparked in Ronan's eyes.

"I care about you too, Adam." Ronan said, his eyes softening.

The way Ronan spoke his name, Adam could feel it's vibrations right in his chest.

"Ronan, please." He pleaded.

And then, as Ronan closed the distance between them, Adam realized just how deep he had fallen for Ronan Lynch.