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the demon emperor

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Chapter 1
Lucy Heartfilia’s New Life.
Sitting in front of Bora was a blonde, brown-eyed girl. Her long golden strands, some held up in a side ponytail, made her warm eyes stand out, resembling two orbs of molten chocolate.

The soft sway of the yacht did nothing but draw more attention to her physique. Her crimson dress already gave off a few hints of milky shoulders. The plunging, nonexistent neckline and tightness of the dress accented her impressive cleavage, while the side slit promised long legs and soft thighs.

“So you said you can get me into Fairy tail,” said the blonde, relaxing on the leather couch opposite her host. Bora nodded with a calm smile, twisting the cork out of the green glass bottle in his hand. He then used Telekinesis to make the liquid of the brown alcohol float out into the air.

“Impressed with my magic?” he asked her, and she nodded in return. Yes, she was lying, but if it got her off this boat sooner, then whatever. She opened her mouth and let the floating brown sphere inside, tasting the (surprisingly good) vintage. As soon as she swallowed it, her eyes began to feel heavy and, barely able to keep them open, she fell asleep.

Still smiling, Bora brought her down to the brig and put her with the other girls. Hours passed and she woke up along with the others. Standing behind a row of iron bars, hands triumphantly on his hips, was Bora. He smiled an evil smile at Lucy in particular.

“Welcome to your new life, slave.”

Lucy's eyes flared with anger and disgust.

“I'm no one’s slave!” she spat. He smirked and threw her a bowl of slop to eat, some kind of green muck, like avocado porridge. Fully coming around, she felt cold metal encircling her neck and looked down.

It couldn't be. She couldn't really…

A slave collar was on her neck. She didn’t touch it. It was black and round and had a loop in front of it, no doubt to fit a chain. So, she was locked in a cage with a magic-cancelling collar around her neck, sailing to who knew where on a slave ship. With no Celestial keys, and nothing to do for her situation, she laid down to rest a while.

An hour passed without sleep and she got hungry. With nothing else to eat, and no idea when more food might come, she had no choice but to… Yuck.

“This is disgusting," she said to herself, but slop was better than nothing. As she drank water out of a bowl, which had appeared since she laid down, she looked around at other girls in the cages, who were just as sad and scared as she was. She put on a brave face, but only through sheer force of defiance.

I won’t be a slave. I will be free, just watch. Hours passed. She went to sleep until the next day. This time, she was given no food; she growled in a rebellious tone and Bora smirked.

“You'll sell for a pretty penny, Lucy. A hot commodity like you is rare, even rarer that you're a wizard.”

And so it went. A few weeks later, Lucy was starved. No food for her, only water. She could barely sit up; she was so weak.

Bora came to her cage, smiled, gave her the slop, and she ate it like she was a dog.


Three more months and Lucy found herself in the country of Bosco. As Bora's crew unloaded the ship, Bora himself came down and gave her one last bowl of slop before tossing her a small pile of garb. Knowing better than to refuse, Lucy ate her "food" with as much dignity as she could maintain, then picked up one of the articles tossed at her feet.

"Delicious, isn't it?" Bora grinned. "You can barely even taste the drug."

Lucy gagged and almost began dry-heaving.

"Oh, don't worry your pretty blonde head about it," Bora said snidely. "I promise, you won't feel it until the market. I wouldn't want to carry you."

His wicked eyes ogled her body. " much a pleasure as it might be. Now hurry up and get dressed."

Growling but refusing to cry, Lucy was made to change into a pink belly dancer outfit with flowers on it, and to put her hair in pigtails. She was adorned with golden arm bands, matching golden thigh bands, light green bows in her hair, and light green bracelets.

As she came off the ship, she noticed Bosco was run-down, poor-looking. The ships were filthy and nothing but desert extended past the edges of the docks. Lucy felt the rough sand hit her exposed skin. She tried to shield her l and stomach and face, but even the wind had it out for her. It seemed like this country brought her nothing but problems.

People leered at her near-naked body. She blushed, angrily glaring back at them all. They had a hungry and lustful look in their eyes, murmuring about how much they wanted to screw her. If things were different, if she was on a beach instead of a cargo dock, she might've enjoyed the comments. Here, though, she was just another commodity.

In line with other girls, chained to each other at the slave collar , they went walking as the slavers moved them down the street. Lucy noticed they were going to a cleaner part of the city, more fancy and excessive-looking, with people in expensive thawbs and dresses, like the one she used to wear.

They stopped at an auction house called The Help Trader. Inside, Lucy smelled sweet smells in the air, mixtures of perfume, shampoo and bodywash. She looks around to see red curtains over the windows and several round, red beds spread throughout the room. Scantily-clad girls of all shapes and sizes, some looking far too into what they were doing, showed off their goodies for the gathered customers, while an auctioneer beside each bed took the bids. The more sensible girls, who shied away from the crowd and tried to cover their scantily-clad bodies, still couldn’t escape. The chains on their collars attached to a loop on the frames of their beds; they couldn’t escape without dragging the bed behind them.

A light blue carpet was rolled out in the center of the room, where Lucy and her fellow captives were towed. They were led to a small table with a vase full of roses on top. Lucy didn’t like the quiet conversation Bora had with the portly, bearded man who sat behind it, especially with how many times Bora gestured at her. After a minute, the bearded man nodded, smiling, and Lucy was forcefully pulled out of the slave line.

Lucy was taken to a different room in the back, a private room, where few people waited on her. She then felt the drugs kick in that Bora gave her before landfall. She began to feel weary, like more chains were weighing down her body. Standing was no problem; it was as if she was sleepwalking while awake, unable to coordinate her body beyond simple balance.

A balding, well-dressed man who walked up, fat and bold, began to grope Lucy’s breasts. He wore vanilla pants and a suit with a tie on. Whatever far-off land he came from, Lucy was fairly sure she never wanted to go there.

“Stop,” she said, then felt a hand on her butt. That same hand fingered her vagina, to see if she was a virgin. Pleasure ran through Lucy; she bit her lips not to moan. What the hell kind of drug had Bora given her? How many drugs had Bora given her?

Then he left, moving on to the next girl, while other people moved in to do the same. In her increasingly hazy state of mind, Lucy glimpsed a flash of pink. Where was she? Why couldn't she focus? Why was her body not responding? A loud voice, filled with entitlement and authority grasped her mind's eye; what little focus she could gather decided it belonged to the pink flash, one that was getting closer. Was it fire? Was it going to hurt her?

"That's a good one you got us this time, punk," said a young man's voice. "Can't say I saw a blondie this nice before."

Lucy felt a squeezing pressure on her chest, which sent more pleasure to her body. Lucy’s nipples got hard at the pink blur's heated touch. As the blur's hand roamed Lucy's bust, he massaged her boobs in a circular motion, rubbing her nipples with his thumbs. Lucy moaned as those thumbs lightly pushed her nipples in, rolling them around. She heard a chuckle.

The blur's hand glided down her boobs and stomach to her hips. Lucy had to stop herself from mewling an objection. In her mind, she repeated the mantra, I'm better than this. I'm better than this. I'm be-

The blur stopped at Lucy’s cilt and rubbed it, two fingers exciting her pussy. She gasped and bit her lip, making it bleed a little, and blushed furiously. This wasn't just the drugs, this was fantasy, the kind of thing she did to herself while imagining a hunky guy, exactly like she did to herself.

The blur then traced Lucy’s pussy lips with his finger, going in a circular motion, teasing her. Lucy’s arousal skyrocketed, anticipating what came next, what she'd do to herself after working herself up. She couldn't help it. Throughout all the teasing and the dampening effects of the drugs, she'd become lost in this dream-like state. She wanted the blur's hand. She wanted more. She'd feel ashamed of herself later, but right now, she wanted more.

The blur then stopped. She stiffened, her sense returning to herself. Her body was almost ready to cum.

"Oh, she's fantastic. How much are you running for her?" A face materialized in front of Lucy and it took real effort to comprehend its features: the sharp teeth, the cold black eyes, and the hair...

So that's what's pink.

Lucy woke up in another large cell, this time on a bed. Her body was weak and her head felt like it was full of mud. Woozily, she tried to sit up, the crimson blanket sliding off her curves to reveal she was still in that belly dancer's outfit. The fact it still fit meant she hadn't been out for long; the fact it was still on meant no one had stripped her, or at least she hoped so...

Still hazy, she looked around and noticed a redhead with the same color eyes as her. “Miss, where am I?”

The woman turned around with a stern look on her face, her arms crossed beneath her bust. She was wearing the same clothes as Lucy, and was about Lucy's height. Beneath the parted line of her blood-red hair, the woman frowned at Lucy. Normally this wouldn't mean much, but this was someone whose smooth, feminine body concealed thick muscles beneath. Not a vein popped, not a sinew stretched in her legs or arms. Her figure was flawless, like someone had sculpted her from marble. Yet, a dark, scary aura surrounded her. She had the curvy but powerful build of a war goddess, and her flawless, heart-shaped face did not look pleased.

“This is The Alvarez Empire. I am Erza Belserion," she said in a monotone but dark, cold and stern voice.

Lucy looked around and noticed it was a dark room, cold and drafty, with only a handful of candles to light the stone walls. She pulled the covers over herself, shivering.

Erza laughed at the girl. "This is how the culture is, in the empire."

Another woman came down. She was young and petite with snow white hair and blue eyes, wearing a blue bra with pink flowers on it and wearing a loincloth.

“Hi! Name's Lisanna." The girl was carrying a large serving tray, with two silver platters balanced on it. "Here's your lunch: turkey with gravy and a salad. Master's taken a liking to you, Lucy."

Lucy's mounting appetite went stone dead when she heard that last word. “How do you know my name?!”

“Oh, Master told us," said Lisanna with a smile. Lucy got the food and ate it.

“Not bad, better than the muck I had on the ship,” Lucy said. Despite her not seeming to care, she ate so fast that she choked and drank wine to wash it down.

"We need to get you healthy again,” said Lisanna. “You hadn’t been eating right on that slave ship, but you’re still positively gorgeous. Once you’ve had enough food in you, I’ll bet you’ll be the sexiest girl in the castle! Master won’t be able to resist you.”

Lucy swallowed, though her mouth was empty. She took the compliment, but it was hard to hide her fear, after all she’d been through.

Lisanna kept smiling. “Don’t worry. Master’s firm and strict sometimes, but he cares for all of us. You won’t find better treatment anywhere in the Empire, and those hands…” The white crop of hair swayed as Lisanna put her hands on her cheeks. “Oooh, Master’s hands… What he can do with them… What he does do… You’ll never get enough of him!”

In that moment, Lucy saw herself in Lisanna, her future self, if she didn’t find a way to escape. Looking down at herself, Lucy reminded herself that this was her bombshell body, not some spoiled monarch’s. If she was truly irresistible, then maybe she could use that to her advantage.

Putting on her best smile and finishing off her wine, Lucy said, “I got lucky, didn’t I?”

Lisanna giggled. “Trust me, Lucy, you have no idea how lucky you’re going to get.”

Lisanna then left, taking the now-empty plate and cup with her. Elsewhere in the castle was a luxurious office. Two shelves of books and a wooden desk made out of maple pine sat atop white tiled floors with a ruby red and yellow family crest in the middle and yellow trimming edges. Seated behind the desk, in an ornate chair carved from treated oak, was the lord of the castle. His name was Natsu Dragneel, known to the citizens of the empire as The Demon Emperor. Across from him was a girl of 18 years, endowed with beauty and power. She had long blue hair in pigtails and cold black eyes, wearing a red tank top. Her name was Wendy Dragneel, the younger sister of Natsu and Natsu’s older brother, Zeref.

Her white skirt shifted as she uncrossed and recrossed her legs. “So brother, what are you going to do with the new slave?”

Natsu smirked. "Break her, first. Speaking of, how are your slaves?”

“Carla's doing fine. I got her permanently stuck as a human," she said coldly. A slim woman with white hair, white cat ears and a furry tail walked in, wearing a blue bra and blue skirt to show off her slender legs and smooth thighs.

“I got the room clean, Mistress, and the tea and finger sandwiches you asked for.” She handed a tray to Wendy, a silver plate of goodies balanced by an ornate golden teapot. Wendy wolfed it all down.

Natsu smiled and thought about how to break his blonde bombshell. Using mental games on her, obviously, but which ones?

He got his work done and went to go see Lucy. He was in the dark as he entered the dungeon, keeping his piercing eyes and strong body a surprise. “How are you, my beauty?”

Lucy gave a look of defiance as she said, "Go take a shit.”

He showed all sixteen of his forward teeth in a smirk at Lucy. Seeing a fanged mouth hover in the dark made her shake in fear.

“You will be mine Lucy,” he said. He then opened the cell, took her to the center of the room, and shackled her hands above her head. He had a hot branding iron appear in his hand by his magic, and put the brand on her back.

It sizzled and she yelled in pain as her eyes got wide. The pain felt like two hundred pounds of heavy metal on her back. The dragneel symbol was a shield with three crenellated towers with a round bottom and flame in the middle. She could feel the shape of it through the pain, until blacked out.

She woke up an hour later in her cell again. She began to hear a voice. She aw a girl who had blue hair and hazel eyes, wearing the same clothes as Lucy as she stopped at her cell. She was shorter than Lucy and her boobs, while big, paled in comparison to Lucy’s.

She handed Lucy a book to read. It was medium size with lightning on the cover and dark gray all around it. ”Hi! Here’s the book you wanted. My name is Mey Darkness. If you want anything else, I can help.“

Lucy smiled at the book, though she couldn't remember asking for one. sShe got on her bed and began reading. It got better the more she went on. She was getting to a good part when her book vanished.

“What? Where's the book? Where did Mey go?!” She saw Mey was gone and only a minute had passed,.

Back in Natsu’s office was a girl cross-legged on the floor. She opened her eyes and got up. The office was dark with light lacrima out.

“Great job, Mey,” said Natsu. He then kissed her. She kissed him back as he lifted her up and laid her out across his desk, his hands starting their tour of her mature body...


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