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where you go (i'll follow)

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The last thing Peggy remembered was going into the portal. 

But the last sound she heard was Steve yelling her name, footsteps, and she wasn’t alone. Even with the monster dead, she wasn’t alone. 

And when the portal opened once more, it was as if she stepped into a whole new world. 

Yet she wasn’t alone. 

Sword in one hand and shield in the other, she took in the scene, Steve rushing in to stand by her side. 

“Peggy? Where are we?” Steve asked, blue eyes wide, taking in the two strangers in front of them- a tall bald black man with a patch over one eye and another slightly shorter white one who had broad shoulders with sandy brown hair and curious eyes. 

Despite it all, he looked unafraid and ready to face the challenge head on. It was one of the things she loved about him. 

“Sir? That’s Captain Carter,” the shorter one said. 

So they knew who she was. 

But who were they

Answers she would receive soon enough. 

Apparently where they were was New York City … 70 years in the future. 

The duo that was already there introduced themselves as Nick Fury and Clint Barton, both members of an organization called S.H.I.E.L.D, the former the director. They explained the acronym once but in her opinion, it felt that whoever had chosen the name really just wanted to spell out the word ‘shield’. 

“I have a lot of questions,” Steve murmured. 

“You’re not the only one,” Barton replied. 

Getting them to move to a different location was a matter of trust that Peggy didn’t extend easily but her desire for knowledge beat out her willingness to go just anywhere. It helped that Steve was with her. 

She made it clear that separating them wasn’t an option. 

Thankfully they saw reason and conceded, because she was very willing to fight them on it and it likely showed. 

They got the answers that only led to her having more questions, and more answers. No, they didn’t know what triggered the portal and unfortunately, they could not reopen it. 

“So we’re just … stuck here,” Steve said, eyes darting between the three of them. 

“For now, it looks like it,” Nick Fury informed them, tone frank. "We've been studying the portal for some time now- we're not sure how you opened it and we don't know if we can do it again. At least not any time soon."


And she understood immediately the underlying sadness in his voice -  home was long gone and she too thought of all the people that they had left behind. 

Bucky. Howard. The Commandos. 

70 years was a long time- likely, they wouldn’t even be around anymore, and that alone was quite a grim thought, one that she knew she couldn't afford to dwell on at the moment. 

She had stepped into the portal to sacrifice herself, expecting death, not … this . A whole new world that she didn’t understand at all. Not yet. A part of Peggy was selfishly grateful that she had Steve but also felt guilty that he had gotten dragged there too. 

What would they do now?

“You need to go through evaluations,” Nick Fury said, his voice leaving no room for arguments. “And afterwards, we have a lot to go over.” 

“Like big screen TVS and wifi!” Barton threw in and Fury shot him an exasperated look. “What? Maybe they’ll want a cronut.” That word meant nothing to her, but he was happy enough to keep talking, unbothered by her lack of a reaction. “Man, I can’t wait to tell Nat about this! And Coulson- he is going to want Cap over here to sign his cards for sure.”

While Fury’s attention was on Barton temporarily, Peggy exchanged long looks with Steve. ‘What are we going to go’ was what she hoped she was portrayed on her face and he seemed to get it. 

“Looks like we’re stepping into our next big adventure,” Steve told her softly, a wry smile on his face and a determined look in his eyes. His expression held empathy, but there wasn’t any regret, which steadied her. 


And an adventure was an understatement. The amount of information that was thrown at them over the next few hours, even in a slow manner was overwhelming, to say the least. It wasn’t surprising to see how far humanity had advanced but it ranged from the incredible (tiny phones with all sorts of access to information, at the tip of their fingers!) to infuriating (“We’re still at war?” Steve had raged. “We can figure out how to watch movies in our cars but not bring about peace?”). She couldn’t say she disagreed. 

But he definitely put off an agent … or five. Not that he cared, too busy raging about the price of healthcare and the like. He may be not as physically imposing as she was, but everyone around her would soon realize that he was a force to be reckoned with. And she was proud of him. 

From what she could tell, they had only gotten a tiny glimpse of what was around them, but at the very least they were physically cleared and the psych evaluations were booked as well. 

By the time they were settled into S.H.I.E.L.D housing after a hearty meal (food was mediocre but then again, she had certainly tasted worse), it was late. They were given proper amenities to make do for the moment and to say that Peggy almost preferred the costume was an understatement; she also lost the sword but fought and gotten to keep the shield. 

Peggy surveyed the small accommodations- a desk with a chair against one wall and a single bed accompanied by a nightstand on the other and wandered toward the chair. She glanced toward the back wall, knowing Steve was right next door. They hadn’t had a moment to themselves since the portal opened and it was more than a little frustrating. Heading to the door, she vowed to change that. 

As she swung it open, reminding herself not to break it with her strength just because she was irritated, she was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by Steve already on the other side, one hand raised, ready to knock. 

“Well, hello there,” she said, lips curving into a smile. 

“Hey neighbor,” Steve said sheepishly, shoving his hands into the pockets of his pants. “Just thought I would stop by.” 

“If you are looking to borrow a cup of sugar, I may not be able to be much assistance,” she teased. 

He grinned and her heart fluttered, despite herself. “I’ll take the company,” he said. 

She moved so he could come inside, and gestured to the bed, which he promptly sat on. Peggy took the seat next to him. Not quite how she expected them to share a bed but alas.

“What a day,” Peggy said, breaking the brief silence. 

“Yeah, I mean, wow … it’s just”- he ran a hand through his hair- “not what you expect, to say the least.” 

“Are you planning to join them?” she asked. It was clear that SHIELD was gearing up to hire them, should they pass the remaining evaluations and Peggy was still weighing her options. Not that there were many, but she wasn’t afraid of making her way in this new world. She was ready to figure it out. 

“I might,” Steve replied, eyebrows furrowing. “Could be the safest bet. I mean, Fury seems like he’s hiding a bunch, but otherwise, he is pretty trustworthy and Howard was partially responsible for starting this place …”

“Imagine if he saw us now,” Peggy said wistfully. “He must’ve loved all the advancements in technology. I wonder how much he saw in his lifetime or was directly responsible for …”

“Knowing Howard, plenty,” Steve said, his expression mirroring her’s. “Do you know he has a son? Older than us even …”

“I can’t quite imagine Howard as a father,” Peggy said thoughtfully. “Or the woman who was able to pull him from his work long enough to settle down.”

“Tony- that’s his name- seems to have gotten a mixed reaction around here,” Steve informed her. 

“Howard was quite eccentric in his own right,” Peggy reminded him. “It would be astonishing should his son grow up anything less.” 

Steve chuckled. “Fair enough.” 

“To answer your earlier question, I might stay after all,” Peggy said. “They have plenty of resources and it would be a suitable way to get adjusted. As you said, we can contribute to continuing Howard’s legacy.” 

“And we can just, I don’t know, jump out a window if it doesn’t work out,” Steve joked. Seeing her raising an eyebrow, he shook his head. “Last resort.” 

“‘We’?” Peggy asked, dwelling on the word, the casual way it was said affecting her more than she would admit out loud. 

“We got here together, and we’re leaving together,” Steve said, in a matter of fact tone. “If … that’s okay with you. I wouldn’t want to be where you aren’t anyway.” 

“That’s more than okay with me,” Peggy stated, and their eyes met, Peggy unable to stop herself from leaning forward, and Steve closed the distance, their lips meeting in a gentle kiss. 

She brought him closer, not wanting to hurt him, and his hands entangled in her hair, deepening the kiss. Moments later when they parted, they were both smiling. 

“Yes, I think it’s definitely more than okay.” 

“I should probably head out,” he said reluctantly standing up. 

She caught his hand. “Or you could … stay.” They both blushed at the implications. “Just to sleep. I know it’s rather cramped ...” But she didn’t want him to leave just yet. 

“I think we’ll manage,” Steve assured her. 

And manage they did. It wasn’t how she planned to get him in bed, but it was better than nothing. 

They weren’t even noticed, both up and ready by the time that they were looked for. 

Peggy was able to meet the aforementioned Natasha through Clint, who turned out to be formidable woman and sussed out Peggy, Steve, and their relationship immediately, and even Phil Couslon, who was Nick Fury's right hand man, someone that radiated competence but somehow seemed slightly overwhelmed by her. 

“I was a big fan, Captain Carter,” he said, when they shook hands. “Still am. I’m hoping, if it’s not too much to ask, that you can sign my trading cards at some point …”

“I would be delighted,” she responded, drawing a wide eyed look and a nod, and when she relayed the encounter to Steve, he seemed pleased. 

“He has good taste.” 

“Steve …”

“He does. Anyone who knows how to appreciate you is good in my books.” 

“You’re biased,” she said, unable to hide the fondness from her voice.

“Doesn’t mean I’m not right,” he countered. 

And she couldn’t bring herself to argue with him over it. 

The adjustment process took time, but there were bits and pieces she liked- she enjoyed sparring with Natasha Romanov, who was known as the Black Widow, and she definitely liked when Steve stopped by during her training. His blatant admiration was definitely a boost to her ego, and she had been caught off guard once or twice, much to her embarrassment distracted by his presence. 

“You two work well together,” Natasha observed, after one of their many sessions. “They should pair you up.” 

“Like you and Barton?” Peggy asked. 

“Yes, Clint and I also work well together, but we’re friends,” Natasha agreed. “You’re a little more than that.”

“You don’t think we’ll be a distraction to each other?” Peggy wondered. It was a point that had come up in conversations- they weren’t close to being able to be allowed on the field but a concern had been expressed. 

“You have enough experience to counter it,” Natasha said, “It is easier than training you with someone new. Something tells me you’ll fight to be together regardless.”

“You’re a smart woman.”

“I’m a good observer.” 

“Only way to stay alive.”

They exchanged smiles and Peggy realized that maybe, just maybe, she found a friend too. 

And she had Steve, which was the most important. 

Wherever he was, she would be too. 

The future may not be so bad after all.