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Mark sat with his bag of chips watching as Addison and Meredith engaged in yet another petty argument. He found it funny, their bickering. They fought about anything and everything, even the most inconsequential things. Ever since Derek had left things were like this. They fought and bickered amongst themselves but the moment anyone said something bad about the other they would fight that person tooth and nail. 


He sat there long after his bag of chips was gone and soon someone else joined him. Cristina Yang with her tired of life looking expression sat next to him offering some of her own chips. This had also become a thing now. If her blonde and his redhead were fighting they would sit together and just watch the show.


“What is it about this time?” Cristina asked as she plucked a chip in her mouth.


“They’re going to a conference together.” Mark began and she snapped her head to look at him with her brows knitted together. “I don’t get it either. But you two are attendings now. Maybe Richard wanted to send a general attending as well.” He shrugged and continued. “Anyway, they’ll be driving to Portland. So they’re taking one car...”


“Let me guess. They both want to drive.” Cristina sighed and shook her head. 


“Yep.” He chuckled and then they started listening to the bickering. 


“Just because you’re older and have driven longer than me doesn’t make you better than me.” Meredith was saying. 


“On top of it all you want to call me old?” Addison snapped. “I’m not getting in that hideous Jeep.”


“I didn’t mean to call you old, Addison.” Meredith rolled her eyes. “You’re the furthest thing from old. And my Jeep isn’t hideous. You just don’t like it ‘cause it’s not fancy like your BMW. Not everyone needs a car like that.” 


“My car is more comfortable.” Addison frowned, tapping her foot.


“Are you going to let me drive it?” Meredith crossed her arms in front of her chest.


“Of course not.” Addison said quickly. 


“Because you don’t trust me.” Meredith said. 


“Yes… no. I trust you. I trust you to scratch my car.” Addison replied. 


“I’m not a kid, Addison. I can drive us.” Meredith fumed. 


They continued back and forth for a while, throwing arguments that made no sense. Mark chuckled a few times and expected glares however the two were so engrossed in their bickering they never noticed. 


“Psst.” He directed towards Cristina. “Gay. Am I right?” He whispered and chuckled. 


Cristina looked at him a while and he thought she may have been offended or something. That was until she smirked and sat up.


“You know what?” She began softly. “GAAYYYYY!” Her shout had both Addison and Meredith looking at the two of them.


Mark was shocked by her yelling and her switch back to cool, calm, and collected as she sat back in the chair and plopped another chip in her mouth. He looked back at Addison and Meredith and after recovering he shrugged, grabbed some chips Cristina was offering and flashed his usual shit eating grin.


“What?” Meredith asked.


“Why would you yell that?” Addison asked in turn. 


“Gay and blind.” Cristina said nonchalantly and he chuckled as he saw both Addison and Meredith stiffen. “Just kiss already. This is getting old.” She added and then sent him into a fit of laughter because both Addison and Meredith went as red as a cherry.


“We d-don’t…” Meredith stuttered.


“We never… I mean… I don’t… umm…” Addison stammered along.


“You do.” Mark smirked. 


“Hiding it is making it worse, Mer.” Cristina said as she stood. “I have surgery. Bye.”


“See ya, Yang.” Mark waved and got up making his way to the elevator. 


He looked back to find Addison and Meredith staring at each other still unable to speak and still blushing but with little smiles on their faces. “Sucks. We probably won’t have fights to watch after this.” He said to himself before he got in the elevator.